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December 7th 2012 8:51 pm
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We had pretty snow showers all day today so we watched it on & off. We only got a little coating right now. Tomorrow we have a storm that might dump up to 8 inches of snow. Mom and I are stocked up on food n stuff so we're ready to curl up on the recliner.

We added some new pictures of me to my page, hope you like them. The 3rd one down is the actual card we're sending off & giving out 50 times over! Don't worry about the candle, it's one of the 5 LED ones mom got.


Out of time out

December 4th 2012 12:27 pm
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Mom put newer batteries in the ssscat so it works again to keep me from going under the tree & getting in trouble. Once that was fixed I got out and had a fun little play session with mom followed by treats & catnip, so YAWWWWWWWWWWWWWNNNNNN it's time for my nap.

Someone is gonna come see why mom's internet is so slow. They've increased the speed for her current paid package.


I'm in trouble right now

December 4th 2012 11:03 am
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Mom found out the ssscat needs some new batteries since I got under the tree today. I was a little hyper playing with the crinkle balls and I'm lying in my crate right now shut in with nothing fun to do. Mom is gonna buy some rechargeable ssscat batteries tomorrow and borrow some today from her mom.

She wants to get some important stuff done so she's hoping she can go downstairs and find a quiet enough spot, maybe the wood table in the community room although they play bingo on the other side she can wear ear buds & listen to music. If the Wi Fi gives her fast enough speed she can put videos on youtube.


Festive photos

December 1st 2012 7:44 pm
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If you look at my page now you'll see a lot of festive photos. Mom made it to the memorial for the cat lady neighbor (and the cats are mentioned by name in the obituary - Penny, Norman & Sweetie), skipped out on the supper there & came home to eat here and take some fun festive photos with me.

She's entered enough coke rewards to earn a $20 discount for cards from Shutterfly and had to get a minimum of 50 for the discount. We put the photo of us, the one of just me and she picked a nice one of Kenny Chesney smiling at her from last year's show for a little photo collage card. She's gonna try to send some out and dig out last year's leftover cards to give away as well. If we have any spare cards left we'll post a diary entry for our catster furriends to submit their address to get a card from us. She's got some forever stamps and will get more.

She's still waiting on her Swift & Chesney merch orders to arrive and now the cards as well. She's helping to keep the local post office open.


Cat lady neighbor pt 2

December 1st 2012 10:49 am
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The memorial service is tonight so mom is trying to arrange a ride there & back so she won't have to walk out in the cold as it's getting dark. It's at the church practically across the road from her aunt's house so she can walk there when it's done to get the ride home.

Mom and her exchanged many cat stories when they bumped into each other around the building. Her cat saved her life when a fire destroyed her house earlier this year. She lost like everything but her and her cat were alive. She patted the lady on the cheek and that woke her up in time to get out. We think that kitty is a hero and we're happy to hear one of the family is looking after the cat in her absence.

Tomorrow mom and I are going to dress up and try to take some holiday photos but today mom just wants to go and say good bye to a cat lady friend.


OMC I got crinkle balls!

November 29th 2012 1:11 pm
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Our petco order just arrived. I'm happy to share the news that mom got me a pack of 10 crinkle balls! I'm pretty excited but she's only given me 2 so far and the rest are in my stocking. I don't care because I've been playing with the 2 early ones. Mom loves how much I love them and since I lost the one I brought with me she got me a whole new pack.

The litter genie also arrived - she got that for the both of us. It's sitting near my litter box in our bathroom and she'll start using it today.


RIP Cat lady neighbor

November 28th 2012 2:51 pm
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Mom just found out that one of our elder cat lady neighbors passed away a few days ago. The cat had saved her life when her house caught on fire earlier this year and she was fortunate to find a place for the 2 of them to live. I never met the lady or the cat but when mom saw her they often talked about us fur babies. She lived a floor down from ours but she was a kind old lady. She even offered to give mom food for me that her cat didn't want but I had so much already so she gave it to someone else.

We're not sure what's going to happen to her cat but with the strict 1 pet per apartment rule it can't live with us. Hopefully someone in the family will take the cat like my mom did for me when my former owner could no longer take care of me. The service is this Saturday at a local church so if she can get there mom will go.


The tree is done

November 27th 2012 12:30 pm
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Mom just decorated the tree while I stayed in the bathroom so I wouldn't get in the way. She thinks it turned out pretty well for putting only safe things on it.

I have a little collar and hat I can wear but I'm more used to a collar so she'll have to bribe me into the hat. She giggled as I tried getting the little poof at the end of it and pulled it off my head. We'll try again tomorrow and do a little holiday photo shoot so we can caption it "We fish you a Meowy Christmas" and put that on as my purrofile photo.



November 26th 2012 6:20 pm
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I can't believe how many times I've been a DDP lately! Mom was pretty busy today but managed to get a little Cyber Monday shopping done. She's got things coming from petco.com and the merch stores for Kenny Chesney & Taylor Swift (mainly calendars for the coming year). I think there might be a gift for me coming from Petco to go in my stocking!

She's already gotta buy some concert tickets this Furiday to go see Kenny again and is waiting for the announcement of Taylor's tickets going on sale for her planned show and back up shows. We sure do miss each other when she goes, but I'm glad she can get out and have fun. We reconcile when she arrives home.

The tree is standing with only the string of lights on it right now. Her mom stopped by with the clear fishing line and forgot to swing by her son's for a hook so the tree won't be able to fall if I get past the ssscat. She also dropped off a box of those red velvet ribbon decorations.

Mom is determined to make the tree as awesome as possible with totally safe things on it (other than the lights). She expects to have the tree totally done mid-week. She has a lot of mini ornaments but will be taking them to give & take to let someone else have them who has a little tiny tree.


Let there be light

November 25th 2012 12:07 pm
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I hung out in the bathroom while mom worked the lights onto the tree. She can't get that image of that poor cat in the Griswald Christmas movie out of her head, so prevent that from happening to me she used zip ties to secure the lights from the plug (taped into the surge strip now) halfway up the tree before wrapping them into the branches.

She also worked with her lighted gold star topper, got rid of the slack (zip tied that wire up) and put that plug from the light string at the top so I wouldn't be able to access that. She turned them on and it works. She loves the 200 multi lights up the tree with the gold lighted star on top. She couldn't use the paper roll tube after all because the first lights start within 2 inches of the plug. She set out her new LED tea lights she got yesterday and will have 1 inside a ceramic building with open windows.

She went through the rest of her decorations she hasn't put out yet and put some in a bag for her brother to take to his house. He will be coming sometime to secure the tree to the wall so she can add safe ornaments to the tree safely. It won't be like last year when she hooked ornaments everywhere on the tree, but she'll manage to make it look good with ornaments I can't harm and won't harm me and no hooks. She'll put the tree skirt on once it's secure but not ornamented yet.

We're just waiting for the sun to go down so we can turn down the lights and enjoy the beautiful holiday lights, well after she washes the dishes.

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