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Birthday & recent visitor

October 11th 2015 1:46 pm
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The first weekend of October my "sister" (daughter of former humom) dropped by and visited me.

Tomorrow I turn 5 years old! I'll be holding down the apartment while mom is hanging out with Taylor Swift in Fargo. She'll be leaving around 2 pm for the 2 hour trek & going to 1989 in screaming neon 80's style.

This year my gifts are the Kitty Shack (from tv), a pack of new toys, fresh batteries in the laser, cat grass and of course the usual Fancy Feast tuna. She's staying home all day today and charging up the camera for tomorrow night.

We'll catch up on all the catster birthday love & other things on Tuesday.


New litter box

August 20th 2015 6:32 pm
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After reading that the only automatic box that really keeps working is the expensive litter robot, mom decided to seek out the hooded sifting litter box by Van Ness identical to the non sifting version I'm already comfortable with. She happened to find it at Wal-mart today on the shelf for just under $25 and bought another box of light weight Fresh Step litter. This makes more sense to both of us instead of spending more on the sifting liners that I'm not so sure about.

When the liners are gone she'll put litter in it for me, replace the old box with it in the same spot and sift 2 - 3 times a week and dump the clumps in the litter genie for disposal. She'll clean up the other box with Dawn dish soap & water and will decide what to do with that one after the switch.

She also got me a 36 pack of canned Sheba food with a free pouch of treats included. She can't find canned Fancy Feast in anything bigger than 24 or 30 packs.

Mom is happier now that she can sift the litter instead of digging with the scoop.


Getting used to the liners

August 19th 2015 9:45 pm
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Mom has been online and there are plenty of helpful tips on getting us cats used to a litter box but not liners, so we're going to share what we're doing for me.

She originally tried putting them in the regular covered box after cleaning it and changing the air filter, but I didn't go in. Not wanting to face a vet bill, this is what we're doing now.

I have a spare litter tray so she removed the liners from the regular box & dumped the litter back in without, put the liners on the spare box with a little bit of litter so I can get used to burying it into them. I am front declawed so only concern are the back feet.

She will dump the litter onto the sifting liners from the covered box to clean it without scooping, then pour it back into the box until there are only a couple sifting liners left.

When there aren't many left she will try to put them back in the closed box after I'm more used to them. If I still won't go in she's giving up.

Instead of buying more liners she will invest in the sifting box exactly like the litter box I use all the time, and will make it as normal as possible so I will take to it better than the liners thus far. It has to fit through the skinny closet door frame.


It's clean!

August 18th 2015 4:23 pm
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Aside from the filthy litter box I really put mom to work with more throw up on the living room carpet.

She did her best at clean it out but with the rain & cool weather she stayed inside & went through a few litter box cleaning wipes. She got it almost clean except a few caked on spots so just put the liners over that. She also cleaned the hood to the box & replaced the air filter, and dumped the old litter in the trash to put in all fresh clumping Fresh Step litter in over the sifting liners which is the only change to the box I already had. The hood is back on it and now the stink is gone.

The box just fits through the tiny door frame so definitely can't get anything bigger in width.

On a future fair weather day (no rain, almost no wind) she'll take the box out & give it a good scrub with regular Dawn.

Now I don't have to meow at her to clean the box. She's hoping I'll get used to the liners since everything else is normal about it. She has yet to take 1 liner out that sifts it but will see if it's any better than scooping within a couple days after I make a couple deposits.


The litter box saga continues

August 17th 2015 8:34 am
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All of the ebay purchases have arrived, but 1 of them didn't put enough postage and now mom owes the postman 44 cents.

She's gonna get around to cleaning it and putting the sifting liners in tomorrow. Once it's clean she has replacement zeolite filters to help absorb odors since it's a hooded box. I have a back up litter tray to use while she's working on the dirty box so that will get scooped and then dumped into the lined box.

We're trying to improve the box I already have since she still needs expensive dental work done unless a root canal is needed then she loses another molar instead of the time, money & effort involved in fixing a broken down tooth.

The laundry basket is full again so she'll get laundry done today. This weekend she's going to get the last box unpacked and find more things to get rid of. She's still waiting to put Christmas stuff in storage, and it might not get in there until after the holidays at this snail slow rate.


Considering litter box options

August 12th 2015 4:35 pm
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Since my litter box is in a tiny dining room closet mom is having issues keeping up with the cleanliness. Before we buy a new box she just bought sifting liners on ebay (and a new filter for the top). When those get here she'll take the box outside and clean it up with plain Dawn soap & water since we now live steps away from the entry door.

She's planning to toss the used sifting liners into the litter genie. She's also going to look into the litter box cleaning wipes and hopes this is all we need to get by. An automatic powered box wouldn't work as well in the closet with power supply a few feet away. The door frame is 17 inches wide so it's a struggle to find something else to fit and save time cleaning up used litter.

We have a back up litter pan I can use while she cleans the enclosed (no door) box. She was looking at sifting litter boxes which would have reduced the scooping a lot but the reviews made her hold off for now.

Would've shopped on amazon but we aren't prime members. We found some decent buys on ebay with free shipping that will get here within the week. She got a 10 pack of the sifting liners to see if they work any better for her. She'll toss the used ones into the litter genie for quick disposal until it's down to the plain liner. If it works out she'll order more packs with more liners instead of another box that may not fit in the closet.

She hasn't cleaned the box in a while due to the move and the other stuff that took up too much time last month so she's gonna do it now, or when all the items get here from the ebay sellers.


Settled in

August 11th 2015 4:55 pm
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It's been a while since we've had time to sit and update everyone. We moved to our new apartment just over a couple months ago and with 1 box left to unpack we definitely feel more at home now.

We discovered that even though I'm indoors only I'm still scared of lawn mowers. Mom thinks the same may be true for snow blowers so I guess we'll find out this winter.

Mom upgraded her Windows 8.1 computers & tablet to Windows 10 and updated the security settings.

She had a very busy July going to 3 concerts and being a bridesmaid in her brother's wedding. She's still trying to get the Whip/nae-nae out of her head.

The only thing we're hissing mad about at our new place is the locked entry doors 24/7 so UPS, pizza deliveries and anyone else in an official company truck delivering anything who doesn't have a key has to knock and she has to let them in if nobody else is here. She has the key for when she goes out so she can get in. Our inside door locks by deadbolt only (and chain too at night).

My litter box is in a tiny closet in the dining room so I have privacy, but it's not easy for mom to get in there to scoop or set up an automatic litter box with a plug-in power source feet away. She's looking at a sifting litter box similar to what I already have. She'll still have to pull it out from the back of the closet but hopes the sifter will help and can continue using the litter genie.

The dumpster & recycling are outside at the alley behind our building. An easy, short walk in summer but will have to trudge through the snow & ice all winter to take out the trash.

The fair is back in town just getting going but there's no fireworks on the agenda. Mom and I have been cuddling on the couch because we can.


New home

June 7th 2015 9:37 am
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Mom and I are settling into our new apartment. We started sleeping here this past Weds but I didn't get here 'til after 10 pm and kept mom awake most of the night. There are still many boxes yet to unpack. She'll let me keep 1 to myself but the rest are going out to the dump. The ssscats were placed on the counter right away and my cat gym is set up next to the living room window. I have my own private litter closet in the dining room (it's just big enough for that purpose) and my food station is set up just off the kitchen in a corner nook of the dining room.

The cable guy came in the first 24 hours so we're all hooked up. Mom's bathroom is in her bedroom. It has a mini closet above the toilet so she filled it up and put spray cleaning stuff up high. I managed to open the closet door so much that she put the folding table in front of it with the hand weights in front of that to keep me out. She had to get a new desk for her desktop computer and put that in the bedroom. Instead of a bigger bed she decided just to keep the daybed she already had and brought everything we have here.

The kitchen table, chairs & couch are new to us but right now the table is covered with boxes. She's working on a plan to keep me off with foil, bubble wrap, tape etc. It's not a brand new table & chairs but doesn't want me on it either.

She's waiting for her storage locker to be ready for the Christmas tree & seasonal decor. Once the unpacking is all done she'll put out the regular decorations & get posters up on the walls.

She got the key last Monday and has been moving stuff over 'til Friday so it took almost a week to get everything with multiple car loads. After everything was here she and her mom went back to clean up the old place. There was a lot of my hair everywhere! She was ordered to take it easy for 2 weeks last year after gallbladder removal surgery (but needed more recovery time) and for at least 3 days after the tooth removed just over a week ago.

Still recovering from the tooth removal this move was not easy for her and she's quite exhausted from all of the work so will be taking a break from big, heavy things and putting small, light things on shelves for a few days. There are 2 new sets of shelves, 1 for toys when the nephew comes to visit and little pink ones.


Paperwork about me is done now

April 30th 2015 8:14 pm
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Mom's therapist called and let us know that she completed the paperwork and faxed it back to the new property management so now I should be cleared to move right in. If they need my vet records mom has them (scan & e-mail) or can get the contact info from the papers to provide them.

Mom is trying to hide boxes from me! Since we have just about a month 'til moving day she's gonna start packing this weekend and pack as much and often as possible the next few weeks. She's excited to get out of here. She knows I'm going to freak out once I get on the elevator and we cross the train tracks (it usually means I'm going to the vet! MMMMMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWW!) but will have me in my Thundershirt and try to set things up similar to how it is here before I'm let loose. My soft carrier is under the small table in the living room so she'll do that and set up my cat tree by the living room window again.

Moving out of here won't be the worst thing with the rolling carts for boxes and stuff to move furniture, plus the 2 elevators that make it easier. The new home is right in the front door to the right on the ground level (nothing below us but basement, 1 person above and next to us, 1 person across the "hall" from us) so even though there isn't anything to help move once there it should be simple to get everything moved in.


Unfinished paperwork

April 29th 2015 12:03 pm
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Mom and I are hissing mad that the doctor has yet to fill out the paperwork and return it to the management of our new home. Until that happens I am not welcome to live there. Mom tried to call today to set it right but the doc wasn't in today so hopefully tomorrow that can be resolved. We still have a little over a month before the move so the sooner it's done & turned in the sooner we can breathe a sigh of relief.

Mom already turned in the 30 day move out notice but had to put the 6th of June for vacate day since the current person there now doesn't know when she can move to her house yet. She's starting to get boxes & stuff together and start packing soon. She went through her closet & dresser & found some stuff she doesn't really use anymore so hopes to get rid of it soon.

The air conditioner is uncovered now at our current place. It feels so much better in here with the weather warming up.

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