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Da Bird Toy-Pinatas for Cats and My House Kitty Training- Update

March 3rd 2012 11:32 pm
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I love my new Da Bird Toy!! It is a lot of fun for me and my mom! It is definitely the cat version of a pinata. Soon I'll need a replacement, because I've almost torn off all of the feathers. It was recommended to me by Angel QT's little sister, Tu Two; she's very smart! It is my favorite toy, and I have a big toy collection!

My House Kitty Training is moving along a bit slowly, but I'm making progress. This week, I've clamped onto my mom's thigh, bit her wrist a couple of times, and clawed her foot! I know it sounds bad, but I've actually improved quite a bit this week! MOL. I am much more gentle now when I grab her foot or hand, and I don't play like this very frequently at all.Mom thinks I know now that she doesn't like me playing like that. I'm also not getting so hyper when I want affection from my mom. That is what happened when I bit her wrist. I'm learning to be affectionate in gentle ways! Today, I didn't bite or scratch when I wanted my mom to cuddle me! A couple of days last week, I didn't play bite or scratch either. My mom was so proud of me! I'm very loving! I'm a lap kitten, and I will cuddle with my mom when she takes a nap.

I now have free run of the whole house, because I am so good about using my litter box! My mom is happy about that.

As for the dogs, I don't like my dog sisters too much. My favorite so far is Tinker Bell Forever, who used to be my Angel Brother Apollo's least favorite. I guess all cats have their preferences. :)Maybe I will change my mind.

Until next time!



Diary Pick!!

February 21st 2012 8:47 am
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Thank you, Catster for selecting me as one of the diary picks today!! I'm very honored!

It's difficult learning to be a house kitten. At this point I'm having a two steps forward two steps back experience. MOL. This morning, I tried climbing my human brother's leg, when he was getting dressed for school. However, last night, I sat in my mom's lap and purred and purred while she pet me. I didn't try to play bite or scratch once! So I'm catching on to things at my own pace!

Also, I found out today that ear cleanings aren't any better than collars. Let's see how the rest of today goes.


I Clawed My Granny!

February 19th 2012 11:59 am
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Yesterday my granny came for a visit. I was in a playful mood so I latched onto her foot to play!! My mom quickly detached me from granny's foot. I was only playing, but my mommy still felt badly. I've been doing really well not clawing or biting my mom, very well actually. So my mom is thinking now she has to work with me to not bite OTHER people not just my mom. We"ll see how the next few days go.

On another note, I hate collars. My mom had to buy three to find one I couldn't remove. The shelter said mom has to keep a collar with ID on it on me at all times.I know it's for safety reasons, but I hate it.


Kitten Shots!

February 15th 2012 10:14 pm
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Today I went to see the vet to get a couple of kitten shots. I liked the vet quite a bit! I didn't hide in my kennel; I was brave. I didn't want the vet to carry me, but I did like playing with him. He said I had a BIG personality! MOL!



February 11th 2012 8:41 am
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I just got adopted by my new family! I used to live out in the streets, but now I live in a house with a family. My mom is currently teaching me how to be a house kitty. So now I have to learn to go to the bathroom in a litterbox. I also have to learn to scratch on cat trees and scratching posts. Although yesterday I was using the carpet. Shhh... I also have to learn that fingers and feet are NOT toys to be bitten and scratched!! I love playing with fingers and feet and biting them, so that will be a difficult one. I've got a lot of work ahead of me, but my mom said we'll just work on things day by day.

I'll be charting my transformation from street kitty to house kitty here in my diary! This is going to be fun!!

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