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Hello, Is my mic on?

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Report card time again....this time I'm hiding!!!!

February 10th 2012 1:27 pm
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Mom said this report card isn't as good as the last one. Seems I've developed a stubborn streak. Mom said I have to learn my boundaries and she says No means No. Whats the fun in that?

Playing nicely with others B

Wrestling A

Sleeping through the night A

Litter box use A+

Greeting visitors A

Begging for food D

Exploring B

Loving Mom and Dad A

Loving on Grandma and Grandpa C

Walking on leash A

Knows No D

Cleanliness D (shreds papers, TP, PT and newspapers, scatters toys all over living room almost daily)

Extra notes:
Gris is still not being nice when Grandma wants to hold him. He has also started hissing at Zoe whens she gets to close. He doesn't swat at her just hisses (learned behavior from her, I'm sure. When he first came here she didn't mind him being around till he got close then she would hiss at him. Time will take care of that) Still knocking things of tables. He also loves to try eating every plant that comes in the door.

Overall, he's fitting right into his name. AKA- nice guy with a stubborn streak and a niche for being a smart butt. I love him for this!!!


We have new pics...see how big I am!

March 2nd 2012 5:45 pm
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When mariette visited two weekends ago she about how a cow over me. She said I'm growing daily! She also said I'm looking more a more like my Dad. Turns out he's a huge kitty. She guesses I'll be almost Maine Coon size!

The other night I had mentioned that I was as big as Zach now. Several kits couldn't believe it. Mom had taken some pics last weekend of me and Zach in the window and some more of all three of us today. So keep an eye out. New pics on the way!

the 3 little piggies waiting for the market to come to them

PS- after a surprise storm today Diamond spent hours stuck under the bed. But there was good news waiting her....she was DDP today! Yeah!!!


Just wanted to say hey

March 12th 2012 6:14 pm
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I was thanking.....I haven't done a diary in a while.


Get this! WShile I was looking for a cool Hey pic or blinkie I got a rosette from my boy Novi and a note from a little birdie. You know what????? I won toys from River!!!! Yipppeeeeee! I love toys!!!

Thanks River and Mom.

And special thanks to Novi for sending me a congrats preezie. You didn't have too but thanks. The three amigos rides again!!!


A kittens-r-us tag game!!!!

March 14th 2012 5:42 pm
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I was chatting with Fearless last night and me and her came up with the greatest idea!

Lets do a tag game where you tell three of your fondest kitten moments.

See, Fearless is getting ear mite treatments right now. I was telling her I had ear mites when I came to live with Mommie. I did tell her I didn't mind the treatments cause Mommie Chris would come in and i would be soooooo excited to see her! Remember I was just a little thing that was taking away from my sissy and mom and i was scared. Plus i had these two big cats that when they would smell me under the door they would cuss and hiss.

Ahhhhh memories!

That would be my first fond memory.
2) when i learned how to get food anytime I want! mom has a plastic food container and I learned if I turn it over the lid will come off and i can eat. Yummy. (that was till Mom started keeping the food in the bag, in the container. Now it's more difficult :(

3) Seeing mom after my surgery. I was so happy to see her!

Oh and when Zach finally played with me for the first time. I loved that! Can't leave that memory out.

Okay it's your turn. I pick Fearless and Novi to go next.

If you want to play...please do so.


Great News!!!!

April 22nd 2012 12:04 pm
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After months of waiting the time has come......I have a picture of my real Dad. Mariette said had would run off ever time she would get near him to take a picture. She says he must owe a lot of kitty support. Mom says that's the price you pay for playing. MOL.

His name is Baby Mu and he is a barn cat at one of the neighboring farms. Actually, it's a family members farm of the people who own Mom and Sis. They are old school and have several male kits that aren't fixed there. I know...why do they get to keep their grapes. I asked Mom that myself before getting mine snipped.

Mom is going to make a family tree pic for my page. She says it's not often we have pics of our families and should be celebrated. She'll try to post the family tree pic today.

I personally thank he looks like Moppie or a long haired version of Ethan. But you definitely see where i get my long hair from.
My Dad, Baby Mu

I have news on my Sis too. Pip brought her first gift to the door Friday. It was a mousie, a real mousie. So she's earning her keep which is great to the man of the house. I'm sure she had a blast catching him! Mariette said she looked at the mousie and then looked up like where's my food. MOL, that sis of mine.


Letter from Mommie Amber

June 17th 2012 9:40 am
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From the desk of Mouse Hunter Extraordinary,

My baby boy Griswold....I hear you have became picky about your food lately. Turning up your nose at any food but your favorite. You need to remember your roots dear. There's nothing wrong with coming from a legacy of barn cats. Your sister and I are just happy that we have a home where there's shelter and food for our wanting. Your Dad being the local boy, the quintessential rolling stone type, gave you your sense of adventure too. You have survival blood running through those veins...remember that. Don't forget that and don't forget to count your blessings every time you see Mommie Chris. She has giving you a life that I can only dream, heat on cold nights, food at my beck and call, a family of cats to spend time with and a dog to protect me.

Also, please tell Zach I am so thankful that he has taken you under his wing and raised you to the great young man you are becoming.

Love you so much, my little man, stay in touch. AND QUIT BEING SUCH A SNOT! or I'll come and smacky paw you!

Love your Momma.


Zach told me what my bday gift is going to be.

July 2nd 2012 8:54 pm
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He was just reading me a bedtime story when there was a huge twist! It went from the prince riding through the forest in search of his love to him coming across some kids riding the plnk in a empty pool! That means skate boarding. Anyway, he talked about one kit being the coolest cause he was raised by one seriously cooerl cat. The brother was an international spy who got all the hunnies and was a semipro surfer in his spare time. He also dabbled in Street racing too. "Wow Zach! That dude sounds really cool! Who is he?" Zach gave me that smart hinny look and went on to talk about the prized plank the young kit was riding. It was a custom job from Tony Hawks shop. Now the shop was called the birdhouse and I didn't understand why. But Zach said he would show me the move it was named after when he got back from Cali. He said he would show me on my first board.

Oh golly gee whiz! My own board!!! Zach said every great surfer has mastered the basic skating skills. And it's my turn! He wants me to be able to show off my moves at the birthday party. I hope I learn fast. I don't want to embarrass myself like he did falling of the table.

Can you believe it! My own board! Mom wears my vans?


Bday party Sat and Sun

July 12th 2012 6:54 pm
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Come rain or there or be square. MOL!

PS- it's been an awesome two days (I have assumed Zach's tradition of stretching your bday out to a couple of days) Good food, Good naps, Good petting (when Zach isn't hogging Mom up)

What great gifts I've gotten too. I'll put out the thank you list at the party.

Woohoo I'm 1!


Geez late for my own party!

July 14th 2012 5:33 pm
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Okay I'll be quick about it so we get down to dancing....heehee.

Tell me if you know any of these dance moves?

and second...what would you wish for if you were me...and please be more creative than world peace. We all want that.

Thanks guys for all the gifts. I said I would do the thank yous tonight be we are already way behind schedule.

Let the party begin!

Oh have some cake and punch. Zach will be Djn tonight so get your Dancing shoes!


Grounded from playing and my tags

August 19th 2012 7:02 pm
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Mom is going to change my page tonight and my name....about time. Also I got in trouble for ratting on Zoe's pirate plan. Kinda gave Gumpy a heads up on his diary. Plus Mom goes back to work tomorrow after having a few days off.....she says uggghh!

Funny story, Mom left the middle drawer open on the Bombay Chest and I swear all of us has been in the drawer, behind the drawer sitting inside of the chest at least once in the last hour. Zoe even got stuck in there. she couldn't figure out how to climb back into the drawer to get out. She's such a girl. I even jumped in there to help but then I decided just to hiss and jump back out. She finally found her way out..I thank after taking a nap in there. MOL! She ended her fun with walking tight rope on the edge of the drawer itself. Now that looked like fun!

Soooo......My tag diary will be up Tuesday. To help you guys out I'm going ahead and tagging Miranda, Lucy, Spot, Novi and Monida.

PS- Monida weren't you the one that's Mom hide the Christmas Tree in the closet? Now you can talk about your unholy obsession with it again. MOL!

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