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A Carolina Kitten in New York

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Bad Kitten Days

January 24th 2012 7:52 am
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This morning I:

1) got into the bedroom. Ran under the bed and played happily and cutely for awhile. Then attacked Delilah the foster and then leapt up on the bed and did the ninja cat thing and attacked Natalie.

2) Smacky pawed mommy with claws out when she went to get me.

3) Jumped on Smokies neck and bit him hard.

4) Jumped on Bella and wrassled her.


Mommy made me stay in there even when she was taking a shower. She told me I was a BAD KITTEN.

When I came out....mommy tried to play with me, but I was running all around up and over the back of the sofa, over my brothers, grabbed at Bella again...

and got put back in the bathroom.

Mom put me in for 10 minutes, sprayed some feliway around, put down a box for me to pla in...

She wants to know if anyone has any ideas on how to help me to calm down, or find an outlet that isn't so hard on my fur sibs? She does spend time playing with m e in the morning.


The Bad Kitten


In trouble again-Mom thinks I'm trying to take over!

January 20th 2012 6:59 am
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This morning I got another time out. Mom was mad. See she was in the bedroom, and heard me in the living room. When she came in I was on top of Bella, and Mom didn't know if I was trying to play with her, being a brat, or just exhibiting dominant behavior!
Mom sprayed me with the water sprayer and yelled at me. She chased me up the cat tree with it and shook her finger at me. When I did the same thing later I got put in the bathroom for 15 minutes and got told what a bad kitten I was.

I really am in trouble...she let me out again, but didn't talk to me for the rest of the morning.

Whats a kitten to do?

CK Angelface Ryder Knowles


At'll teach 'em! Deliberately scaring the Folks!

January 18th 2012 11:07 am
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Last night I was in a mood to show them just what I could do. So I went to the top of the Cat tree...and I jumped up....and grabbed the door lintel, 2 feet up over the hall!

Mommy almost screamed and was too scared to move! She didn't scream cause she was afraid I'd fall!

Daddy was stunned.

Mommy was trying to say something to Daddy...trying to get Daddy to DO SOMETHING! Cause I made her legs freeze in place!


I showed 'em!

I din't fall...nope. I let go and turned midair and leapt back onto the cat tree!

Now, Mr. Blizzard the CatFather, do you want me as an Assistant?


In Disgrace and I am constipated...that time of year?

January 16th 2012 8:13 am
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i'm in the doghouse today! Er...can't say Cat House, huh? Anyway, I'm in trouble. But thats my middle name, so dad says.

This morning Mommy went to pet me. I was on the back of the couch. She should know better because that is my bad kitten place though I look so cute there. Anyway, she had hot coffee in her hand and I turned and scratched and grabbed her and she spilt the coffee all over herself and the sofa....which luckily was covered with blankies for Bella...who was safely on the other side.
I got yelled at by Dad.
I was very naughty today.
Part of it was that I was having a hard time pooping. I actually was trying to go in the box but that didn't go...and so I dropped pieces of poop in the living room. They were hard. No wonder I was in such a mood!

Mommy is gonna try the pumpkin in the food, but I'm funny about vegtably stuff, and usually toss out the peas and carrots in other foods.

In trouble again,
CK Angelface Ryder Knowles


A letter to Blizzard, the Cat Father

January 9th 2012 2:07 pm
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Dear Mr. Blizzard the Cat Father,

Daddy said I should write to you. You see, he says this week I am showing him that I am showing him that I am well onto a career path that I should speak with you about. He thinks I would make a good 'Mechanic'.

He said you will know what this is, and it does not have anything to do with fixing cars.

You see, Daddy thinks that I am good at being very sneaky, and am a 'stealth attack kitty'.

In the morning, Daddy takes coffee with Bella. Well, he takes his coffee and sits by her, while Bella lays there, sometimes eating, sometimes not. Sometimes he pets her and falls back to sleep.

Now, if Daddy is just sitting there, sometimes his leg moves.When it does....well...I can't help it. I rush out and grab it like it's a scratching post. I hang on. To which daddy lets out a yell and says something that sounds like you little custard!' I don't know how I'm a custard, but there you go...daddy is strange. Well, lately, he's scolded me and given me a smart slap on my bottom. Well, I don't like that, see? So I will turn around and give him a SMACKY PAW and sometimes even a bite!!! But I start to walk off looking appropriately chastened first...then run back and go 'SLAP! SLAP! BITE!!!' to which he usually says I'm Custard again and sometimes puts me in the bathroom, that is, if mommy isn't around becuase Mommy always goes 'Oh, honey, he's just a kitten! Isn't it cute the way he plays!!!' That is until I bite mommys toes. Then she's like "CK!!!NO!!!"
And then my tail goes back and forth, back and forth....and I go SMACKY PAW STEALTHY SNEAKY SMACK!!!!
And then, usually, do get put in the bathroom.

Mommy and Daddy say I have two personalities. When they are in the bathroom, I like to creep in and go 'meeewwwww' in my little sweet kitten voice and sit on their laps and cuddle.

But business is business, cuddling is cuddling. There is a time to be a Bad Kitten. And there is time to be a Good Kitten.

So, Daddy thinks I should come and work for you. I don't know....I mean, would I hand out Mouseheads?

You're really BIG, too, maybe that would scare me...but...probably not. I don't scare easy.

Respectfully Yours Mr. Blizzard,

Looking foward to your reply,

CK ANGEL FACE Ryder Knowles


I gots a COLD!!!! I am not happy! I had to go see Big Vet- last night!

December 29th 2011 8:18 am
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Well, boy, I really scared mommy!
She came home last night and I greeted her at the door with my brothers.
Well, she came in and gave Bella her pepcid and got our food dishes ready.
She dished up the food, but noticed I had gone to the top of the cat tree where I looked down at her. She said 'CK, CK, what you doing up there?" But I just looked at her.
She put down the food dishes and thats when she saw the little pools of throw up. I had thrown up in the hall and 3 times in the bathroom, once in the bathtub.
She didn't know it was me, but figured it probably was, because I didn't come down to eat at all. I just huddled on myself.
She waited a bit and I came down and I guess the smell of the food made me sick cause I heaved up some yellow stuff then went into my little house.
After a bit of this, Mommy called Daddy and told him. She told Daddy that she was worried because I threw up three times and she believed I was running a fever.
Well, then, guess what?
I got put in the carrier!
I got taken to BIG VET!

Before she comes in nicelady comes in. She talks nice to me, but I'm watching her. Last time I was in a place like this, I was supposed to be tutored but don't remember learning anything, just feeling like there was something different after ward, but not being able to figure it out, except I was sore in an area I had never been before...or have been since. This lady asks alot of questions, and then sticks this thing up where nothing has been stuck before!!! HEY!!!!!! Wait, I don't know you that well!!!!!
Then she is talking to mommy about how I am and I weigh in at almost 8lbs...I don't look so big, just long. I still have a small head but daddy says I resemble a meerkat, kinda, the way i'm so long. I batted at this string thing she had around her neck and she started laughing! She was like 'well, he's quite the little man! She asked daddy if my 'CK' stood for Calvin Klein'. I was like 'well, I only know of a Calvin who's mom makes Calvin Collars, but he's a famous dude gone to Rainbow and his mom calls the collars after him, but I am Carolina Kitty' but I only speak Cat and they don't and Mommy sort of gets this smug look and says 'Yes, well, he's handsome in his little tux, he could be Calvin Klein, and maybe that was a subconcious thing from Cee Cee' and I'm like 'yeah, whatever, mom'.
Then this nicelady says after she takes the little stick out from my back area that I'm a little 'high' and have a 'little fever!' Then she says 'I'll be right back with the doctor!'

So along comes Big Vet!

That woman is merciless. After prodding and poking me and pulling down my eyelid ('Oh, look at that!' says she 'He's got a URI there! His gums are red, too!) I get stuck with a needle in the back (OUCH!!!!) And then another one that feels funny, putting fluids in my neck!!!!! COME ON!!!!! I HATE THAT!!!!

They took me in the back room to do this!!! I kept yelling for Mommy to come and get me, but she didn't!!! Eventually, this vet tech lady brings me back to Mommy and Daddy. I Hit Daddy on his hand. Because HE BOUGHT ME THERE!!!!

Well, the gist of it is that I have what's called a URI! No big surprise there. Why? Because RUFFY HAD ONE THREE WEEKS AGO AND I GOT IT FROM HIM!!!!

She doesn't know why I was upchucking or feeling sick.

Mommy thinks it's because Daddy gave us some beef short rib meat the other night and it was way too rich. Ruffy and Smokie an' the Bub or Bella wouldn't eat it. Just me and Natalie ate it!

And this morning, Natalie is not feeling good!!!!

But I got pills to take (yuck!) and medicine for my eye! She was going to give me something for my vomiting, but then told mommy it might be better it 'worked itself out' and 'he gets whatever it is out of his system.'

Thanks Ruffy, Brother of mine! You're a real pal!

I amused Mommy. When I came home I went around to everyone to say hello, make sure that everything was as I had left it, then sauntered up to the top of the cat tree, came down, looked a little sick to my tummy but didn't upchuck, then went determindly to my little bed. Mommy said that I remind her of her when shes not feeling well, just checking in on everyone and then going off to bed.

Mommy also remarked to Daddy how smart I was. I didn't even try to eat or drink, and I went straight to my bed.

This morning I am semi back to myself. I halfheartedly grab Smokie around the neck and am back to what Daddy terms 'bothering people' (cat people, I guess). But I am resting a little more. I ate breakfast and kept it down. I played a little.

Oh, you know what? Last night when I wasn't feeling good, Ruffy licked my ear. He came over and groomed me. And I went and sat up against Smokie and he put his tail over mine like he was comforting me.

My brothers are nice.

Mommy said that when I was upchucking, Bella sat very serenly in her spot, and ate so well....savoring each bite like 'oh, this isn't BOTHERING YOU, IS IT?'

Sisters can be mean!

Anyway, I got me medicine and took it like a good boy. Now I'm off for a nap til Mommy and Daddy come home!

I was a good boy, even if I did smack dad and say 'yowowowowow' to Dad this mroning from atop the cat tree, cause I was mad at him for last night.

Still, I did sit on his lap earlier.

Gotta baby myself here....

CK (Calvin Klein Carolina Kitty?) Angel Ryder Knowles


Mommy makes me a free cat toy!

December 28th 2011 6:57 am
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This morning daddy told mommy that I attacked his knee and hurt him. Mommy reminded Daddy that he has to play with me in the morning, because I am very hyper in the morning. Mommy played with da bird with me and the Bub for awhile, but saw I was getting bored. Then she had an idea.
She had gotten some jammies in a shirt box. She took the box, and cut quarter sixed holes in the box, on the top and on the sides. She then took my jingle ball toy and put it in the box. She taped up the sides and put it on the floor.
Well! I went at it! I played and played! Only thing is I tore up that box, got the toy out 3 times! Mommy laughed and said next time she would get a sturdier box! But this was so much fun!
Sadly, I can't play with it any more. You know why?



But I hope I get more box toys! I had fun!


Who is Santa Paws? Cat Kringle? Santa Claws? What happens- on Catmas? Can anyone tell me?

December 16th 2011 8:26 am
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Hey everyone!
CK here!
I wanna know what happens on Dec 25?! I mean, who is Santa Paws?
Is he another cat? Is he gonna come and play with me?
Smokie said that I am playing too rough lately! He said that I need to learn some manners!
The other day I broke in the room with Natalie! She growled and growled and hissed! I didn't do nothing to her and she was growling and making faces at me. Then Daddy came in and she started to meow at him when she saw him.
I only wanted to be her friend! Daddy says she'd eat me and I better be careful!
Yesterday I was running around playin! Daddy had come home early for 6:30pm. I was running around and then heard him in the bathroom...and he was sitting in the big white hollow thing but it was filled with water.
He started to snore...and it was so funny. So I went in and sat on the side of the big white oval and started to smack him with my paw! Hehehe!!! He was startled and my paw was wet, so I had to shake it out!!!! And then wash it!
I almost fell in, but I have such good balance!

Smokie says I'm going to get coal in my stocking for Catmus. Is coal good to play with?

Can any other kits tell me what it's all about?

CK Angel Ryder Knowles


What do you mean you wanna sleep! It's morning!

December 4th 2011 7:17 am
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Hi Everyone! It's me-CK!

Well, this morning, you see, Daddy gets up at 4:30am and leaves a bit after 5. This morning, he played with me, but not as much as I like. See, I have what mommy calls the 'zoomies!'I love to race back and forth.
So this morning after Daddy left, mommy had hopes of going back to sleep.
Now, mommy, in the days before I came, used to take naps with the other cats in the living room on her days off in the morning when Daddy left.

But I mean, well, I wasn't sleepy!

So this morning mommy played with me for 45 mintues with the bird toy. Then, she had some toast and coffee and laid down. She told me 'be a good boy'.
She covered up with a blankie, and covered Bella up too.
So I waited, thinking she was gonna play some more. Then I climbed up on the back of the loveseat, and I saw Smokie was there! So I jumped on Smokie and I play bit him in the back of the neck. Smokie started to complain.
Mommy was like-'CK!!!! Stop it!!!"

"What you mean stop it, Mommy? I'm playin!!!!!"

and Mommy got up and got the squirt water bottle and squirted me and I got down and ran to the other side of the coffee table.

Then mommy lays down again, covers up again and everything is tooo quiet.

So I jump up again on the loveseat and I bite Smokie in the neck again. And he starts to complain and tries to swing around and swat me but you see I'm fast and he can't.

So mommy gets up agian and goes "CK!!!! I told you to stop it!!!"

And she squirts me...again!!!!!

And then I run off and she goes back onto the couch.

I waits a bit. It's quiet. The BUB jumps on the loveseat by Mommy's head. Mommy pets her.

I sneak around back on the other side, jump up, jump over Smokie, and come by mommy's head too. She has her hand tucked under the pillow.

I reach under the pillow and start pawing her fingers and trying to bite them! They look like prey!!!!

Mommy yells 'OUCH!" and tries to grab me to put me down but now I'm thinking she's PREY! So I bite her wrist and she grabs my scruff and yells "CK!!! NO!!!!!"

And puts me back on the floor.

And then she lays down again.

And I jump up on the other side of the loveseat, and up along the back, quietly, quietly....and then...and then....

I pounce on her hair because it's long and squiggly and it's THERE!!!!

And she yells "CK!!!!! NO!!!!"

And she picks me up by my scruff and tries to her her arms around me but she's prey now so i have to bite, bite bite!!!!!

And mommy picks me up and gives me a tap on my backside and carries me and puts me in the bathroom and closes the door and says 'TIME OUT!!!!"

And she leaves me there!!! By myself!!!!!1

And I meow and meow and meow for awhile. But she doesn't open the door.

Finally, when it seems a long time, but mommy says it was a half hour she comes back and lets me out.

Now mommy says she has a headache. And I wonder why. Because I feel just fine! I demanded my cuddle of her when she went back in the bathroom, and then went out to wrestle with the BUB. I can't figure out why Mommy is so tired all the time!!!

Aren't Sundays fun?!



Update on tutoring, and I send a power of the paw to- Tigger's family

November 19th 2011 3:26 am
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Hi everyone!

Well, that tutoring was not what I expected. I got there, and there were lots of other furs in carriers all around. Some were scared, some were curious, but we all were looking at each other, wondering what we'd be tutored in.

Well, I still can't figure it out. Some nice ladies came, took me into a scary room and put me on a scary metal table. Then they gave me a little poke with a sharp small stick...ouch!!!! and I fell asleep.

When I woke up a little they gave me another 2 sticks. Now I ahve my 'shots' whatever that is.

I was sore, but i'm feeling pretty good now, playing with my brother and all. I don't know quite what happened, but I never did get a diploma or nthing. Hmmm. Did anyone else?

Dad says I'm right back to myself.

Mommy is loving me and putting me on her lap whenever I want. Thats good!

Ruffy and Smokie were sad last night. I was trying to play with Ruffy, but he just grabbed me by the neck and groomed my ear.

'Enjoy every bit of life, little brother.' he said. I asked him what had happened and Smokie said that Tigger, and two other cats left for Rainbow Bridge. He said that Tigger was one of the bravest and best cats he knew.

I purred and looked up at a star in the sky.

Is that you, Tigger?

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