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The life of a service animal

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Ok I forgive her

February 27th 2013 3:33 pm
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she is sick today - she curled up on the couch and hugged me and I knew I had to give her lovies again.

She went to take a nap tho and HE was on the bed. At first I didn't go to the bed. She called me. I gave in and slept on her head and purred her to sleep

She is happy now

so - where's my mouse?


I'm mad

February 25th 2013 7:05 pm
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ok - Mommy is sad about it - but I don't care I'm a cat named after a God afterall I can do what I want!

Two kittys in like two weeks and now a red tail will be here tomorrow (i goes in a cage I am not allowed to sit on - even tho one side is warm!)

I don't wanna lay with her b/c Noel is in the room - I won't cuddle with her either. Mommy is sad

well she shoulda thought of that

***kitty pout***

but she did give me a chicken nugget! - she said no mouse b/c they are $2.50 each!


Mommy is home again

February 23rd 2013 11:08 pm
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and that Colombian Red Tail thing will be here Tuesday.
They have this long cage thing set up and told me not to lay on it.

Get this - they even have mice in the freezer and they are not for me! They bought mice and they are not for me!! HOW DARE THEY!

that is so not fair!

Oh well I am just glad Mommy is home. She better not leave again.


Annoyed meow

February 21st 2013 12:01 pm
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Mommy went to hospital bc her doctor said to yesterday. She should be home tomorrow but I am in a bad mood. Male human is letting the other cats in the room. It is MY room Who said they can go in there.

Mommy misses me. I heard her crying in pain even tho she is not here. I heard male human tell mommy I am being bad

Mommy needs to be home now

Oh. Did I mention they are getting something called Colombian red tail. Not sure what that is but it better not be a cat or dogf


I don't know what to do about Mommy

February 19th 2013 10:49 am
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there are times her tummy hurts - she spends 1-2 hours SCREAMING into her pillow curled up in a ball, rolling on the bed - whimpering. She wont go back to the hospital. she is out of her pain medicine (the ER can't give it b/c it is strong stuff - I heard Daddy say) - she see's the human vet on Thursday (she better come home!)

She has to have a picture of her belly done on Monday and depending on that - the doctor is gonna put her to sleep and put a needle in her belly and take a piece of her pancreas out.

Is mommy gonna die? her inside is failing. She is really sick inside and the doctors don't know it. She should not hurt this bad. She hurts every single day ALL THE TIME

Mommy needs to be ok she has to be ok. For the little human, for the big human, and the other human that is waiting for her


Well this new kitty is interesting

February 17th 2013 3:28 pm
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He hides all day, unless he comes out to use the potty/eat and drink. He did jump on the bed last night and layed with mommy and daddy - but he doesn't say out of hiding long.

He's bigger than me. Ok he's HUGE and fluffy. His fur is rough. All the other kitties here have soft food- as do I. Wonder if it is because he was outside for while and the Miami weather got to him. Maybe after a while it will soften up.

The lady who delivered Noel and the lady who took Noel said the Miami Dade shelter he is in is one of the WORST shelters in AMERICA

Well I know he's gonna be happy for life! All of us are!


Noel will be here on Saturday!!

February 13th 2013 4:45 pm
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Mommy is creating his catster page! look at him! he kinda looks like me but w/ long hair and white whiskers!

The place that is bringing him to us is even paying the adoption fee! The reason why is b/c a while ago an elderly cat was supposed to be adopted in the Miami-Dade Kill Shelter but the cat was MURDERED before it was adopted (the application for adoption was already in!) so the group started something where they collect money for elderly cats to be adopted - and they are paying for Noel AND helping him get here

The nice lady is adopting him tomorrow!

My mommy is so good!


another cat! ok two!

February 12th 2013 7:07 pm
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Mommy just rescued a cat that showed up at our door! she's about 6 months old and they think she's gonna have BABIES!


He's coming from Miami! Someone dumped a black cat off at a shelter who is 16! Mommy is working with a Kitty Underground Railroad to get the kitty here.

A SIXTEEN YEAR OLD KITTY! that is mean. Ms Pouncer was 13 when she died. Who would throw a 16 year old away.

Mommy is nice. This kitty is named Noel

I'm still the boss tho.

I'll let you know if I get him


I have my whiskers in a twist!

February 10th 2013 8:33 pm
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The humans had to debug the house so on Saturday my 3 buddies and I went to a strange new place. I was so mad that when Mommy took a shower I stole her engagement ring and hid it til Sunday morning. (she takes her rings off b/c they will fall off)

Then I had to sit in a carrier w/ Isis on her lap as she rolled back home. (the other two left before me)

When we got home OMG ALL THE DEAD BUGS and an awful smell! (they fixed that)

My water was full of dead bugs and yucky stuff.

I am not very happy right now. I am glad to be home - but things are a mess! All the fur the people use is in the living room b/c it all needs to be cleaned.

Those humans! I coulda killed the bugs if they let me! (Mommy screamed when she found out there was 4 spider nests in her box spring)

This house came with Roaches and it got soooooooooooooo bad! If I had a can of soft catfood for every bug there was I could live for over 1000 years!


Vacation Plans

February 4th 2013 10:52 pm
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I'm going on a vacation! Yeah, people say I live in vacation wonderland (near Disney) but UGH who cares! I can't eat the mouse so why do I wanna go!

BUT little human James has been really wanting to see Washington DC and Mommy has a very close friend who lives there



wonder if I'll get to go around DC with Mommy in my service animal vest she's buying. It'll be so much fun if I do! (but she'll bring the carrier for when I get scared)

But don't worry I'll make sure I don't run into the white house - tho it WOULD be fun *MOL*

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