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The life of a service animal

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well Mommy is sick

May 7th 2013 11:45 am
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and she's gonna have months and months of therapy - possibly even a NEEDLE in her neck!

bad store

but I'll take care of her the days she hurts bad - I sleep on the part of her back that hurts the purring makes it feel good for her. Better than any massaging she can get! Probably b/c it comes from me.

She wants to get my license soon so in case she does need surgery I can go to the hospital with her. Because if she needs neck or back surgery I wanna be with her!

OH Mommy got a new pic of us today! She says she's not pretty b/c she is overweight. I think she's the purritest mommy ever!

I could not have chosen a better mommy!


Wow! Diary pick and Mommy's dr appt got cancelled!

May 1st 2013 10:56 am
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I feel special :) b/c I have to be locked up for a while (Daddy is working on the computer) I get some tuna today :) Mommy loves me. and I'm spoiled rotten!

I know she doesn't feel good - but she loves it when I lay on her back and purr right now. She said it's better than the massage she gets at the doctors office - as long as I don't jump on her.

Mommy's back hurts today - but she's ok - she said she won't go to the hospital.


Mommy said she is not allowed to pick me up anymore

April 28th 2013 8:30 pm
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technically she is not allowed to hold any of the cats - except Poof and Oreo. But I am the heaviest kitty. They weighed me today and I'm 14lbs! But they said I am not fat - I am solid muscle!

I'm Mommy's Big Black Panther. Her big protector. She was in a lot of pain today so she spent most of the day in bed and I layed on her back purring I got mad when the male human came in. She is my human not his.

She has to go to a Chiropractor tomorrow - she said she's gonna need me b/c she'll probably hurt. She hates pain. I hate when she's in pain.

what more can I do but cuddle and purr.


One goes out and one comes in

April 27th 2013 9:32 pm
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YUP that's my life

Yes, it is sad the old man died. I knew his time here was short - it's why I didn't make friends with him. I'm sad the little guy did tho. He's more hurt than the big people are.

But yesterday - the humans went to the food store. Yes, they brought back human food and a KITTEN! yes a kitten.

There was a sign that said free kittens. The little human boy had been bugging to get one for a week. The adults said no. Well last night on their way back, across the street from the sign they hear a pathetic and scared meow. Mommy wheeled into the grass and the big human went close to the woods. He picked up a tiny black and white baby boy. Mommy thinks about 5 weeks. He still has milk teeth but eats hard food.VERY friendly and soft. not at all feral. They think the people with the free kittens couldn't get rid of him so they just tossed him.

Well Oreo is ours now. His page will be up soon. He sleeps in our room til he's bigger - guess I gotta deal with that. But he is kinda cute. Maybe I'll take him under my wing


Mommy needs furry prayers PLEASE

April 19th 2013 4:46 pm
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Yesterday, she the big human and the little human went on a walk, to get the little human a treat (Mommy used her walker - shes getting better at walking now - since the bad shot mad her legs not work) They went to a gas station to get him a frozen drink but she had to go potty

well the floor was wet in the potty stall and her walker slipped and so did she! and she landed flat on her back! head and all! she got some nerve damage in her neck! Today she hurts so bad it's not funny. She's crying a lot.

Monday she is seeing a man called a lawyer. - the gas station lawyer tried to get a recorded statement but she wouldn't do it! she called them dummies for trying to trick her.

Even if I walk on Mommy it hurts so much. :( - she said all it is, not that sever but has set her at home PT back 5 months! - she can barely walk today!


Mommy is sad

April 16th 2013 12:31 pm
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Her human baby turn 10 - her daddy's birthday passed (he died before I was born) - but I've seen him here, Pouncer's birthday passed. She fell down the stairs outside and bruised her ribs BAD VERY BAD and got a concussion. Noel died

and one night I couldn't go near her b/c of a test at the hospital (she was radioactive!!)

what do I do to help her! April is a bad month for her


Daddy got a cute photo of mommy and me

March 25th 2013 3:21 pm
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but she doesn't wanna post it on here b/c she's afraid you guys will get mad. She was eating VANILLA frosting and I started licking the spoon. Daddy had a camera by him and took a photo - she didn't let me have much - just a little. She knows I love vanilla stuff

she is licking the frosting on one end of the spoon and I am on the other end of the spoon. She'll post it if you guys don't yell at her!



March 23rd 2013 8:56 pm
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but she bopped me!


she was taking it out of the fridge to thaw for Nimue - the red tail for tomorrow and I tried to grab it!! Mommy got mad at me! She says she loves me but not for $3 a mouse! - that Nimue needs it more than I do!


I still love her tho


I love my mommy

March 16th 2013 7:30 pm
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She loves it when she goes "Zeusie, Mommy time" and I run to my bedroom and paw at the door. We snuggle in bed. I'm ok with that other black thing even tho he bit her. He better not do it again tho! OR ELSE!

I don't mind that red tail thing either. It's not bad! I like to sit on its cage. it's nice and warm all the time! - When she takes it out it tickles my nose with it's tongue. I still don't like the face it gets a mouse but at least it's only once a week. I saw her feed it once and wow that thing is fast! I'd be scared to be near it when it's hungry! In one second it took the mouse off the white thing mommy had and it curled up in a ball. It opened its mouth bigger than it normally is to swallow it! It didn't chew it up!

Mommy told me that one day, it will eat rats and BUNNIES - whatever a bunny is. and that won't be the only one. We are getting another one in the fall so they can breed them in a few years.

*sigh* I'm a cat who lives with weird kitties, a mean old man, and some long thing that eats mice. (who is gonna get bigger)


I smell a MOUSE

March 4th 2013 7:48 am
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Yup she feed that red tail thing a MOUSE today! she warmed it up and everything!

then she dropped it! - we all tried to get it but Luna and I got a light bop and a NO

she said NO to me!!

Then she put that mouse inside the cage with the red tail and the red tail ate it up!

I've seen that thing - it's weird looking. No fur, wraps around mommy's wrist and stays in a warm place!

Maybe if I butter up to mommy more she'll buy me a mouse

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