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Meows, Bonks, Purrrs

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poopies of horror!

October 3rd 2011 11:20 am
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I wrotes about it this weekend, but my poopies a'horrors is back! I'm so sick of taking dang medicines like, awwwwl the times! It's s'posed ta taste yummy too, but it is gross! I swear, I spit most of it out just ta show mom that she should just stops...but now, aftur Mom called the vet doc doc again, I gots to take this tummy antibiotic all ovfur again! My poopies were purrrfection on it, no pawroblems, and the day, ok 2 days, aftur I finished it, those poopies came back and I know it's not good. The vet doc doc suggested maybe an ultrasound too, but wants ta give me the medicines furst 'cause it's expensives.

Is this a mancat thing? 'Cause I hear Indiana had poopies a'deafffs and Newman's got a poopie thing, but Kitty Pryde is purrrfect...I don't get it! Mom did buy some canned pumpkin fur me last night though-I gets ta try it tonight-I hope I like it! I'm gonna go check out my good furrriend, Angel Alex's website out too right now, in case my mom is missing anything important fur me!



DIary Pick and Poooooopies

October 1st 2011 6:36 pm
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Oh man! I can't believe it but I am another Diary Pick today! I didn;t even find out from Catster, my angel furrriend Buddie and his furmily send me a pawmail! What a happy day!

On another note, I has some poopie problems again today...I finished my antibiotic the other day and when I was taking it, my poopies were all good and solid and not runny with the icky bloods but now it started again! We called the vet doc doc but when she finally called back they were closed and Mommy missed the call! So we have to try her again. But, I am still eating and stuffs, so at least I gots an appetite.

aaah....I gots ta take a nappie!


Pooops a plenties!

September 23rd 2011 4:23 pm
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Guess what! Evfur since I been taking the medicines fur my tummy that I got last week, I has been having the best poopies MOL! Like, real dude poops like I should, not tha mushy stuffs that stinks a'something awfuls! I guess there really is something ta that stuff, medicines I mean.

In other news, Mom has been getting me this yummmmmmmy wet food called Nature's Variety-She tried it befur, but Indy and Kitty weren't too crazy about it, but oh man! I loves it! I gobbles it up and then poopies it out MOL! And it's not all on my fluffy pants either!!! (which means Mom hasn't tried to trim that stuff!)

I'm so happy it's the weekend-this means I get more time with Mom and maybe more time with Kitty!

Purrrs and Bonks!


Arrrrrr... me Poopie tests are back from me beauty, me sassy- lass, me vet doc arrrrr!

September 19th 2011 4:46 pm
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Arrrr, me poopie tests arrrrre back n'they be clear ya see! I got nothin ta fears with the parasities! But the vet doc doc did suggests ter me Mom that she's gotta moniter me porthole of poopies furrrr awhiles and make sures there's nothing wrong with me dungbie, until I's finish me medurrrcines.

So there ya has it-I might has me som'er the allergies, the little lassy vet doc doc says, so iffin me poopies get all mushies and gots the stuffs'o terror in it again, aftur the medicine, then we gots ta look at me allergies-I sneezed a lot yesturrrday as a matter of fact-but t'was only frum the 'Nip I so obliglingly inhaled and gots all ovfur me nosie!

Me plan o'actions fur the evenings is ta parley with me sweet little lass of a sisfur, and hopes she can belay the transgressshions I made at her in the beginning arrrrrr! Are all little lass's as feisty as this one? Ahoy! But I like her fightin spirit!

Arrrghhhh Poopies!


still making the ladies swoon!

September 17th 2011 9:48 am
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I had my vet doc doc appointment this morning and it went ok. It was a new doc doc this time and she was so nice! Plus I gots to see the ladies who were there fur my dental and they still are madly in loves with me! And the tech lady told me how handsome I am and I look just like a Harrison! And the doc doc, Dr, Coates, gave me so much love! I've gained some more weight too-must be all the yum yums hehe!

So, at the doc doc, I'm embarrased to says, that they took my tempuratures, but I stayed still, and unfurtunatly, there was some of the red stuffs from my poopies on the thermometer. But since I seem so healthy and look good, she said not to worry yet, but she said I may has something called inflammatory bowel disease, which is lucky in a way fur me only 'cause my very good furriends Finney and Lacey's angel sisfur and Mommy are like angels fur kitties with that stuffs. So fur right now though, until my poopie tests come back again, I am not changing my food and I gots an antibiotic whch might help if I had parasites and imflammashions. It tastes yummy like cream! I got special soap too fur my chin acne-this doc doc said that might be better fur mainenance fur it. And guess what! Since I been taking that medicine to help me relax, it's helping too because fur the furst time I did not do my meows a'desperashions in the car or in my carrier. They even said next time I can walk in myself to the doc doc if I'm wearing my harness and leash.

So I guess I gotta wait fur Monday to come to get my results, but it's ok-Monday we are waiting fur lots of news! My mommy is waiting fur the 100% confirmations too that she is gonna be on tv in a commercial! So my california furrriends will sees her on tv MOL! Isn't that kewl! So even though I LOVES the weekend fur cuddles and loves, Monday is gonna be a pawsitive day full a'answers!

Oh! And my auntie Raven stayed ovfur last night too hanging out with us and I gots ta sleep on her on the couchie and give her cuddles and drools a'love! That's what Mom calls my dribbles now! Drools and puddles a'love, since I leave dribble puddles on her heart when we cuddle MOL!


Oh! Ps! I gots the kewlest pirate rosette from some kit called anonymous! Thanks Matey! I is gonna try my hardest ta grumbles like a Pirate!


vet doc doc...again

September 16th 2011 10:45 am
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I feel like my second new home is this vet doc doc's office. They are so nice to me there, but I don't want to have to always be going, you know? But I has a tummy problem and so I have to go...I wonder what they are gonna do to me!!!
Ok, so I gots to go to the litter box, all us cats do! And well, my poopies is just so mushies (I fear Mom might come and try to trim my floof!!!) and then Mom noticed something else-like some red stuffs, and of course she got worried right away! No kitty should be having poopies with the red stuff, that's what she said. So now I gotta go back to the doc doc. I tried to hypnotize her with my dreamy eyes and stare, but she still made the appointment anyway!

Wish me luck!


I gots a talkin to

September 13th 2011 8:57 am
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Mom and I had a very serious discussion last night while we had our cuddle time. I did my best to listen, even though I was totally loving the nuzzles and the tummy rubs and the chin scratches! Mom told me I has to be very patient with Kitty Pryde because she is a shy and delicate girl. See, even though I had it so touch, what with being in and out of homes and furmilies and all, I can adapt pretty good, just 'cause I have always had to to survives. Well, Kitty only had Mom and Kitty was so young when Mom rescued her that she didn't really have all the kitten experiences that other kitties with their brofurs and sisfurs have, since she came from the streets. So sometimes she can get a little scared and needs time to trust, 'specially since I scared her that time I jumped on her.

I'm gonna do my bestest! I has been taking this medicines too to help me relax a little and it's working a little bit so far-I am not crying through the night so much-only when it's time fur Mom to wake up 'cause that's also time fur my breakfast MOL! And when we has the gate up, I sit and watch and am calm-Kitty actually came up to the gate to check me out but when I turned my head she ran-girls are silly, I swear!

So that's what's new fur me-I had a tummy ache yesterday and the day befur so my poopies has been all mush mush, but Mom got this new food to try-I guess I just don't like the Befur Grains stuffs, but the good store by me has samples and I am trying the California naturals one and that has no grains too-and then Mom got one that has rice, as a tiny sample, just to see how I do.

Well, I got the living room today too! Usually now, since the hottness came back, Mom took me outta the bathroom and kept me in the bedroom, but Kitty did not want to leave her window perch this morning, so Mom didn't make her. I feel like accomplished or somethings since I get the bigger space MOL!



stuff that's been happening

September 9th 2011 2:48 pm
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Happy Fuuurrrrriday! I am so happy fur the weekends, fur sure! It has been soooo hot the last few days that I has been laying right in front of the fan that Mom set up in my room and I have been slurping up the waters a whole lot! Also, since it's been hot, I got outta the bathroom time out and Mom let me hang out in the bedroom, since it gets so hot in the bathroom with the tiny window. Kitty is still the boss and gets to hang out in the best spots.
So guess what happened...Mom talked to the vet doc doc and she told Mom that she wants me to be on some medicine to help me calm down a little and not want to jump Kitty all the time when I sees her. Plus she said it would help my yeowling and crying that I do all thru the night. It tastes yucky and so I gotta lick my lips a lot once I take it-and it's a pill! Mom got those pill pockets but I am too smart to fall fur that one! So then she mixed it in liquid and stuffs. gross!
I hope it helps though! I love my house so much and my mom, so I know she's only doing what the doc doc thinks will help.
That's all fur now really!


DDP! And I am living in the bathroom

September 4th 2011 1:53 pm
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OMC! Wow! Thanks fur picking me as a DDP diary gal!
Thanks to Skippy and Riley fur the football!
Thanks to Tink fur the Red Adoption ribbon and Thanks to Hooch fur the blue ribbon!!!

It's kewl to be chosen! And on this special day I got moved back into the bathroom!!! Can you believes it!? Mom decided to harness and leash me again to get me to interact with Kitty from a controlled distance not thru the baby gates and I ran right to her and tried to break free from Mom. Kitty got upset fur sure and then gues what I did...I scratched my mom's arm all up! I feel so bad...She said it's ok and she is ok, but in the meantimes I got put away into my first room when I moved here. I think I may be stuck in here fur awhile 'cause Mom brought the cat tree in and my food in and some toys and the thing she plugs in to helps me relax. I don't think it's fair, but I guess moms will do what they want right?

Maybe aftur this, Kitty and I can be furrriends? I hope so!
Not much else is happening really akshully. I've been having lots a fun just checking things out outside the windows and playing a lot. I know Mom told me she ordered some kewl toys on the internets fur us, so I can't wait fur them to arrive!

I hope my furrriends are having a more fun and free day than me!



September 2nd 2011 9:58 am
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It's Furiday!!!! That means Mom's got a whole weekend to hang out with me and play and cuddle and stuff! I am getting totally into the whole routine of having a home of my own, besides the whole baby gate thing and all. I just can't helps but stare at Kitty P-I am just so curious about her! It got a little better yesterday though and this morning I feels like there was a breakthru-at least that's what I am gonna calls it!

A'course the gates were up, and Mom got up extra early 'cause she had a doc doc appt befur works, and so she was in the bathroom and aftur she took her human bath, Kitty went in to say good morning and there I was, right on the other side of the gate, just hanging out and Kitty stopped and looked right back at me and looked fur a good chunk'a times, and then went into the bedroom-and she didn't hiss or anything! I stared and stared though-maybe I am trying to use intimidashions on her, 'cause I just want to be accepted into the house fur good? I can't really explains it...maybe it is from eating all that chikin too? I don't knows!

Anyfur, so then Mom came out and we had a very good game of catch Da Bird and then I got breakfasts. I was more interested again in seeing if Kitty would eat hers furst, but she didn' was a mix a'chikin and I should half likes it MOL!. Then Mom got me into the bathroom with her and let Kitty loose and on her own she went into the living room, so I guess she is getting braver agains, and then I went into the bedroom fur the day. There's lots to do in here, fur shure, but I like being out too to chase all the sounds from window to window.

I don't know what the plans are fur the weekends yet. I hope something fun and I definitaly hope fur more games of Da Bird!


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