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Meows, Bonks, Purrrs

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Playing is not tooo bad

November 14th 2011 3:41 pm
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I know I've said befur that I love toys 'cause when I moved inta my new home there were so many and I didn't has to share. And then I guess I figured the best kind there is would be the kind that's alive (aka Kitty P)-but I think I gotta change my mind! As part of Mom's homework and my "training" we gotta play at least twice a day, like a big play time, and then I get ta eat-I feel like I am a trick cat or something-must play to get treats-and if I don't then I don't get yum yums-but akshully I can get them even if i don't play long, as long as I am learning the value of playtime.

So-this weekend I had lotttttsa playtime!!! And I finally kinda understand the whole thing now, and I have been trying, fur the most part, to catch Da Bird (which is my favfurite) and I caughted it a buncha times! I think I am too smart fur my mom too, just 'cause I kinda figured out the game quick-ya knows? So like, I catched it, and then when I am on the floor chewing the feathers, I evfur so sneakily peek ovfur to Mom to see if she is heading towards the kitchen...evfur so carefully-and if she catches me, then she says we gots to play a little longer so I am more tired and so I want my yum yums I am trying to indulge her a bit, so she doesn't feel soooo bad, like she's doing the wrong thing.

I even decided that it's not as musssh fun to watch out fur Kitty under the door-I haven't attacked it once! I did, howevfur, watch it a little yestfurday-I was a little anxious to tell you tha truths-I meowed a lot when Mom left me alone, even though I haven't been doing that as mush lately. And when it comes to bed time-well I know I said it befur, and I will say it agains, there is no bettur play to sleep than with your head squished right into your mom's neck nook-with her chin ovfur your head and your face right in her skin. Unfurtunatly fur me, Mom has been keeping a towel nearby that is not as soft n smooths as Mom skin, just so she can has it in that neck nook spot to collect my love dribbles...'cause I likes to leave her puddles of love.

That's what's new fur me-I has been chewing up those feathers-and Mom ran outta the ones the doooooood gave us, 'cause I dug the extras out of the drawer to chews on when I wasn't playing. It's fun though! I hope this means I is staying fur good! We talks to the dooooood on Monday next week fur a follow-up, but Mom sent an email today with all the pawrogress from the last few days...we gots our own notebooks a'notes about us MOL! and he thinks our pawrogress sounds purrrfectly pawsitive and ta keep up the good work and the PATIENCE!!!



I gots an update

November 10th 2011 8:59 pm
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Mom talked to the dude today fur a little bit. He akshully called Mom right when she was trying to do my playtime with me. I was sorta playing, but really, was more interested in Kitty P, again. Mom put stuffs in front of the door again too to stops me and I tried to move it and I ackshully did move a box fulla stuffs with my strengths!

Ya know what the dude said?? To move the stuffs and fur her to ignore me!!! On the phone, he said to go sit down and see what I do, and aftur a few minutes, (probably not that long even though it felt like it) I stopped and then, again, he told MOm she's gotta play neutral. You know how my mom is-and now she feels bad-'cause she is trying soooo hard and is making mistakes she didn't even knows she was making, and it's hard fur her I guess, when she hear's Kitty hissing and stuffs and sees me acting like a Zombie Cat hungries fur brains.

Then he told Mom again, that she's gotta reteach me this new routine, 'cause she set up the bad one befur, even though she was trying to be good and was following all the stuffs she heard and read. I guess it's really true-if they is rules, throw them away!!! He even said that even if I only play with my toy fur like 5 minutes, I can eat-'cause we is gonna build on that time-the time that I realize if I plays, that is more interesting and yummy than if I just cry to be Zombie cat.

Mom even got me some new toys-but then the dude said to stick to the same one-but she gots new ones 'cause the one I did like was boring-but then again, it's also 'cause I was "trained" to play in the bedroom.

It's awwwl so confusing! But I guess we is all learning together. And he said again, that if Kitty is upset, she will get ovfur it-but that it's ok.

Such weird stuffs huh!? It awwwwl makes so mush sense though!


PS-aftur the phone call Mommy got me to play fur like 5 minutes and I caughted the feathers and started chewing, so guess what happened next....I GOT YUM YUMS!


play ideas!

November 8th 2011 6:39 pm
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I has a problem-Mom has all these kewl toys I like to play with in the bedroom-and when I furrrst moved in too. Now that I has playtime in the living room-I just don't wanna play! I would rather try to break my way back into the bedroom where Kitty P is...I just did it. I played fur a minute with Mom, then I decided that the fun wasn't with that at all and so I went to try and spy Kitty under the door-the dude that came the other day said I am not allowed no direct stares at all! But that's what I guess I'm trying to do... so then Mom put some stuff to block the space under the door (it's extra big, that space, fur some reason) and I went and tried to claw it away so I could stare, and then guess what-I heard a hiss 'cause Kitty was right there, on the other side of the door.

But now I just don't wanna play at all. Mom did the old switcharoo and now I am back in the bedroom, with my dinner, bored.

I love Da Bird, I love the Cat Dancer, I love the Cat Chaser-so why don't I loves them now. Mom thought at first it was because I was too busy 'sploring the living room again-but then I got obsessed with Kitty. hmmmm.

all alones in the bedroom,


my Caturday Saturday

November 6th 2011 12:47 pm
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Yesterday was a very interesing day, yep. That dude came by, his name was Jackson, and he gives very good chin scratches. I think the funniest part of the visit was when he came into the bedroom to meet me and when Mom sat down next to me, I, in my Harrison lovfur boy way, wrapped my paws around Mom's neck and jumped up so she could catch my legs and I could walks around in my Harrison Hug, my signature lovfur boy move. And he ackshully said to Mom, "are you kidding me!?!" I guess he, like most people, didn't ackshully believes I gave hugs to my mom!!! Ya gots to see it to believes it I guess.

He was a kool dude though and I like him even more 'cause he told Mom that he didn't think I had a pawroblem at all in this house! He said that I just am a troublemaker (pshhht!) but that's normal 'cause I am a boy who's only in my 4's and because I need to run around and play and play, and it's not my fault that I look at Kitty as a toy, like, 'cause she squeeeels and runs and is fluffies and pees too. Even though the pee isn't fun when it gets on me. but I guess that's part'a the experience. But anyways, I am happy 'cause he said I neeeeeeed time in the living room again and Kitty will have to learn to like the bedroom, even fur 15 min only at a time.

He also said that I don't need to eat that yucky prescription food anymore, 'cause it stinks (literally it's smelly too!) and I should only eat the wet stuffs, which Angel Alex's mom told us too, and we knew, but since sometimes I don't eat my wet stuffs, Mom always still gave me some kibble yum yums.

I still don't get to play with my sisfur yet, fur like a month he said, but it's just to make sure she feels safe again, and if that's what it takes, then I am ok with it. He said he knows exactly what my room at the shelter looks like and I am not territorial if I was able to live in that room fur so long. I even got some new Da Bird feathers! But honestly, I am so excited to be back in the living room that I don't really wanna play with them just yet.

He's a kewl dude and he's gonna come back and visit me in a month to check the sishuashions and then we can decide if this is gonna works out. It's gonna be soooo hard if it doesn't, but he told Mom she cannot feel guilty about it 'cause she is trying so hard. And ya know, the library is open if furrriends need to borrow books! Some of the stuffs Mom was reading in the books is good, but he made lottttsa corrections from where the books said to make hidey holes-none of that he said! I wish I coulda seen Mom's face when he took all the boxes away and put 'em in a pile and said thou art trash! MOL! MOL!

I wish I could remember more right now, but it was such a blurrr. I am just happy that he said there's so much hope fur us and even though I jumped on Kitty one too many times (again 'cause I thought she was my toy!) that it wasn't all that bad! so I will keep ya posted on our pawrogress, but I am sooooo happy! Yay!!!! And I has to say a special thank mew to Monster's mommy 'cause she 'specially said that this dude was pawsome and we had to gives it a try. Thanks Monster and Mommy!!!!

Keeping my tail in the air of happiness and hope,


it's an obsesssshion!

November 4th 2011 11:49 am
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I can't helps it! I cannot! I am obsessed with my sisfur!!! It's like, no matter what, I am obsessed with looking at her and seeing what she is doing and trying to reach her!!! I wanna be free to the 'partment and free to go to her, and free to stare at her. What does it mean? I was fixed so my fruitcup doesn't gots the grapes, and I have been round lots of kitties at one time.
Mom put me in the bathroom last night and you know what I did-I got obsessed!!! I was in her arms and the second we passed the doorway into the living room, my ears and head perked up 'cause I knew Kitty had to be in there somewhere, and I had to see her. But no. I wasn't allowed. Mom lets her see me when it's dinner time but mostly I am too interested in what's fur dinner to watch her, but if I hear the pitter patter of her pawsies outside the door, in my obsesssshion, I run to it and reach my own pawsies under the doorway. I haven't heard her hiss, so she must not be mad at me, I just hafffff to see her!!!!!!!!!!
Like she wrote in her diary, we are having a visitor tomorrow to help. He was ackshully at Kittenpaloooza when I got adopted by my mom, but not at my location, but he is familiar with my shelter, so hopefully he has options and suggestions too about how cats work together at the shelter, in addition to his recommendations. I hope he can help!

Thanks to Tyson fur the Blue ribbon fur my DDP and to Buddie fur always sending me a concats and to Big Harry fur the picshure and Hooch fur the message!



Purrrrraying fur a miracle!

October 28th 2011 11:46 am
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So many kitties are having miraculous things happen fur them lately. There's Sweet Baby Angel, Adlai Grace, who even though she is an Angel at the Bridge, has become an Angel fur abused kitties and animals here on earth too-she's starting a revolushhhion! Then there's Jack, who finally got found at the airport, and even though he is not feeling so good and has lots of recovery, it's pawtastic that he was found and gets to see anothfur day.

Well, I am asking fur my own miracle right now. Would my dear furrriends purrrr with me? Mom finally got an appointment with the behaviorist! It's next Saturday morning-and I really need the purrrs that he can help Kitty Pryde and me to love each other, or at least like each other enuffs that we can live together with Mom, furevfur.

Ya see, my story is a secret-I nevfur want Mom to know what exactly happened to me that made me lose not one, but two homes (that she knows of!!!)-not all of it was bad, because well, I am such a good boy and someone took the time to leash/harness train me, but I also haven't had a furevfur home. And I'm almost 5! That's so sad. It's like my good friend Sparky-he was stuck in the shelter fur so long, alone, 'cause other furs scared him, and when his Angel brofur Ivan went to the bridge, his pawrents specifically went ta rescues the kitty who had been there tha longest. So he got his miracle, and his pawrents are great!

So-I'm just sayin, I can't go find a new mom. Mine is the best I can has. She lets me drool all ovfur her face and neck (even though she's blamin me fur the hooooman acnes she's gettin on her chin! Maybe she can use my medicines fur my feline acne MOL!)and she feeds me evfurry day and I don't has to share, and I even have been able to sleep with her in the beddie since last weekend, since Kitty doesn't want to! And so I don't even moves in my sleep, 'cept if she does then I go and cuddle realllllly close, 'cause I don't wants ta wake her and have her decide I need a new home.

So purrrlease, pawretty purrrrlease, purrrray that this dooooode, who's kewl enuffs to stick his hand in the litter box (hopefully not with my stinky poos MOL!), who's super intuitive and stuffs according to Monster's mom, purrrray that he can brings us a miracle!

Love always,

PS-I just has to say thank you fur all the nice things you sent about Indy. I am sad he is an Angel, but lucky 'cause he sent me to Mommy, so even though he had to leave, he brought me here. And that means so much to me! Bonks!


Dude-I want the Cat Forums, not Doggggie Forums on Catster!

October 26th 2011 12:36 pm
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Has this been happeing to my furrriends too today? Whenevfur I click on a forum title, it goes straight to the dogs! Not when I click on a specific post, only the actual forum topic. Not kewl!

I have been getting spoiled by affections lately, which means I have not been crying a lot at all, which means that I am not so stressed out. which HOPEFULLY means that I can meet my sisfur again soon. Mommy gives us each special time and even though Kitty doesn't want to play with her toys, 'cept in her own Kitty private time, I love playing!!! I carried around my cat dancer last night and Mom got a new Da Bird refill and I gots to chew on my Yeeeoowww Banana! I wish I knew where the Cigar was though-it seems to be hidden from me and Mom.

I also have been getting to sleep with Mom too-I hope my sisfur isn't upset, but she just doesn't want to sleeps in there so Mom isn't forcing her to, and so I guess Mom thought then that I could sleeps in there. And I sleeps like a rock. MOL! Mom still puts me in the bathroom too, when she wants Kitty to explores the scents, but she still stays away from the bedroom really. But she slept with a shirt that smelled all of me and was ok! That makes me happy. We also get the pink brush brushing too-which I has to admit, Kitty likes way more than me. I like brushings, but Kitty LOVES the pink brushy.

So that's what's been happening at my house lately. I still got some poopie stuffs. but I am still hungry hungry hungry! But Mom has been giving me foods at certain times and only leaving me a little kibble in-between! What a silly thing to do!

Tomorrow is an important day, Mom says. It's my Guardian Angel's Gotcha Day, which means the day he was gotted by Mom and brought home. I has a looooong way to go befur mine, but Mom always says we has to honor the Gotcha Day in some way, even if it's just to think about Indy. So I am planning something like giving her loves and trying not to droooooolies on her MOL!



the happenings at my house

October 12th 2011 9:37 pm
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Well, it's been a few days now since I moved into the bathroom and it's not as bad as I thought it would be I guess. Mom set it up so I gots one of the cat trees by the window so I can still watch the back alley like I do when I am in the dining room, only it's like, a window ovfur to the right from the dining room one. She also cleared out space in the secret spot under the sink that Kitty and I are not allowed to go into, but now there's soft pillowcases in there and even a cat bed! I got toys hanging around and feathers too that I can chew on, and my poopie butt box and my food-the think I miss mostest though, besides freedoms, if the water fountain-I loves that thing, but it's too big ta fit in the bathroom in a spot that won;t be in my way from my other stuffs.

So now my days is filled with watching out the window fur Mom to come home 'cause I can watch fur her car out the window, and I chew on my toys and I lay on the scratcher and I play. And I meow too a little. MOm came in there just before ta give me some loves and I did my best to be so irresistables to her by rollling round n round and showing her my bellies fur a tummy rub, and bonkin her like crazy.

She's hanging out with Kitty now, and I am happy fur that too because I understands now that I have to be nicer and stuffs. I wasn't so calm the furst day, but it's getting better...MOm said maybe in another week or somethings that we can start exchanging smells n stuffs again so I can smells Kitty again and she can smells me. I guess we gots ta see. I know she wants me to meet some dude who is like, pawsome with cats and stuff and can helps me to be better with Kitty, but now he is busy till like, Novembers!!! Mom is gonna see what else we can do fur now.

I guess that's all fur now. I guess I'll go watch outside fur some stuffs that might be going on.



things were beginning to look up

October 9th 2011 4:44 pm
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This is Harrison's mom here today-Harrison is in the bathroom right now and I have Kitty Pryde by me-very shook up.

I don't know how to handle this right now-It feels like it's been so long, but I know Harrison has only been with us since July. He's has some stuff going on lately, with his tummy issues, separation anxiety and getting along with Kitty. Kitty has her own things too-being nervous and scared and all that stuff with him. They've both been seeing the vet regulary to help and the vets office has been great. But today Harrison completely attacked Kitty again, totally unprovoked. She's been taking some medicine to help her the past couple of weeks, to build her confidence with him (she was peeing on herself from fear when he would get at her) and I know they say it can take up 8 weeks to work, but I've noticed a big change already-she's been ok eating by the gates by him, and looking at him and everything and not being upset. He's been taking medicine for over a month to help with his yeowling and anxiety and also to help him from being so intent to get to Kitty Pryde.

For the most part, the medicine was helping Harrison at night and when he is alone in another room-he's not crying all the time. But his intensity towards Kitty has not gone away. This is a long winded explanation but I fear they may just not be compatible and I'm not sure what to do.

Like I wrote before, he completely attacked her-I was going into the bedroom where she was laying on the bed totally calm and cool and he jumped over the baby gate (I had full hands and was trying to put it all back up at the same time) and he ran into the bedroom before I could close the door on him and jumped on the bed where she was and she didn't even hiss and he jumped on her and the whole thing started. I'm sure it was only about 15 seconds but seems forever, and she peed all over herself again and he would not relent-his collar even broke off (it's a breakaway anyway) and I grabbed him and he stopped and she was able to run off.

I know it's only been since July again, but I just don't know if I am fighting a battle here that is never going to be won. I can't even imagine bringing him back to the SPCA, but I can't let Kitty Pryde be the object of his, I don't even know what, anxiety?-everytime he catches sight of her. He was not like this in the beginning. Before the first incident when he jumped on her, she was letting him sleep near her (supervised by me of course) and in general, it was alright until that first incident. I did call the behaviorist-2 of them, one is way too expensive and the other is booked up till mid-month this month...I don't even know if that's even worth a try because I'm afraid this is a hopeless situation.

Maybe I feel worse right in this moment because it just happened but I just don't know what to do. I love him so much already but I love Kitty Pryde too and I'm so scared that I may have to let him go.

Thanks fur listening.



October 5th 2011 10:03 am
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Ok, akshully, I never have had the grumblies before in my lifes, as Mom knows it anyways. But it's my tummy that;s got the grummmblies! I am so hungry and Mom is just giving me this food that the vet doc doc wanted me to try. Mom usually doesn't agree with the food they sells at the doc doc, but aftur everything with my Guardian Angel Indy and the docs waiting things out and stuffs fur some of his stuffs, she is trying to be cooperative and knock things off tha list she says, of pawsibilities, that is giving me not so purrrfect poopies. But this food, the furst night I tried it and it was ok, but now I have been crying and crying fur foods. I am hungries!!!

Alsos, I must asks my furrriends-mancats here-when you has a sisfur, no matter what is happening and what toys Mom is trying ta play with you with, does you like, stare and run towards that sisfur no matter what else?! I know I wrote it before, but it's like I is possessed when it comes to my sisfur. The doc doc gave me medicines ta help with my anxiety and crying and stalking, and it did help with me crying all night (until I got HUNGRY!) but I still am determined ta run up to Kitty. Mom is nervous-she doesn't want to let me do it and let Kitty get too frightened. What do ya think?


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