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Meows, Bonks, Purrrs

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March 7th 2012 1:34 pm
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Today is s'posed to be my last, most lastest day in jail. I hope it's true. Tha painter dooooood who's s'posed to be fixing all the holes that the plumber dooooods made hadn't come like he was s'posed to Monday or Tuesday. He stopped by a couple times ovfur the weekend, but they didn't tell Mom that, and she wasn't home, even though the manager was s'posed to does the communicassshions fur evfurrything. So the dooooood showed up last night, like aftur 7 pm ta sees what holes needed fixing, and Mom gave him the key, even though it was all left out fur him the days befur, and I gots to meet him akshully and he was a nice old doooooood. He meowed at me too and it's always funny when hoooomans do that, 'cause they nevfur sound right and ta tells you tha troooofs, when us kitties meow back, it's us saying purrrlease stops the racket! MOL! But I got some nice chin scratchies so it was kewl!

Mom asked tha old dooooood if she could leave Kitty P out in tha living room, since she doesn't try ta escapes like I do, but he said no, it would be better if we was both in the bedroom, so in my jail I went this morning. Kitty hid again in the drawer in the dresser in the closet. He said he would open the door when he left, so Kitty could go frees at least. Then tonight I will get tha big room ta run in, even though I like hanging out in the beddieroom too ta sleeps with Mom when she doesnt sleeps on the couch.

So yeah, that's what's happening fur me still. I'm tryin ta be good. Kitty and I has been having staring contests again too, and she's getting braver and more scared at the same time, if that makes sense, but Mom is tryin!

I has to go check on my Valentine's Panda's page! I am thinking bout her pretty whiskers!


Last night I had a playdate with kitties

March 2nd 2012 10:32 am
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Yep. Last night Mom brought me to my Uncle Ben's house, who has two kitties named Boo and Cami. Boo looks just like me, cept she's got white fur boots and she's an orange girl! Cami looks like Harvey Two-Face Dent, 'cause she's got an orange face on one side and a darker multicolored on tha other MOL! They are over a year, but are teeny tiny compared to me. Ya see, Uncle Ben's kitties are furry fuuuriendly with other kitties, so we wanted ta sees how we would gets along, 'cause I has been in jail fur the last few days. Ya knows, Jails sounds a lot worse than it's been. Cause in tha jails I am all protected from all tha loud banging and voices that has been in the 'partment. And there was one good thing too! Kitty P ate like right in front'a me and I watched her and it was kewl!

So back to tha play date...well I came up with my Kitty Holster on and Uncle Ben met us outside his 'partment door and the kitties were in tha window, and Boo, tha orangie pawrincess, was in tha doorway and we sniffded noses right away. And that was a good sign we saids. And then Cami wanted ta spies on me, and so she did. And then aftur a few sniffins, Uncle Ben took tha leash and walked me insides.

I was just so curious, and tha kitties were too. There wasn't no hissies really, just a little one from Boo, 'cause Cami did it, but they was just watchin me and playin too, and I sniffed out tha place. And then I wents ta sit by them and just layed all calms and was such a good boy. It was likes at tha shelter again where there was other kitties with me. I was there fur about an hour,and evfurrything was really good and I was sitting right by Boo. And Cami was letting Mom brushin her and then me, and we were kewl... but then I guess I started ta show my aggresshions like I shows to Kitty P.

It was like Jekyll and Hyde, kittie-fied. I went ta Cami (I was wearin my kitty holster the whole time) and just stared and stared and stared. I was tryin ta figures out how come she was half orange and half other colors honestly! But then she gave me a warning hissie, like Kitty did, and I just made small steps closer, little by little. and she got more hissy, and she went ta bop me when I got too close and I had a kitty exploshhhiun! It's good I was holstered. It was funny too 'cause when I exloshunnned to Cami, Boo came running from under tha table ta defends her. Like Kitty defended Mom with tha stranger dude in our 'partment.

So then we went home and that was what happened. It was a weird sishuashion-And Mom is a little discouraged...maybe I need to be an only cat if I go from so calms to crazies from nothin. It was also a strange thing ta do too, having the play date, but I was in a room full'a cats at the shelter and we had no cages, so she knew I was usedta thems.

I'm worried. What if this nevfur works. Kitty is Mom's special baby girl, but I'm her lovemonster boy. We has to wait a whole month fur Jackson ta come back, but what if his third visit doesn't halps. Kitty and I haven't interacted with each other in front'a him. But like how I was last night, was kinda how I was when Mom brought me home. Kitty and I was sniffins each other, sleeping by each other and eating stuffs, and she was calm and kewl and she hissed when I gots too close and I stayed back, but then I switched ta crazies and caught her by surprise when her tail was wavin and she was eating yum yums.

meowwwwww. I'm confoooooosed.


I am being held CAPTIVE! Halps!!!

February 27th 2012 11:01 am
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I am so not sure what the meow my Mom is doing ta me todays. I fears I am gonna be prisoner fur days!!!! We has some pawroblem with our 'partment and the water, and finally they decided they will fix it...and told Mom it would take ALLLL WEEEK AND TWO DAYS NEXT WEEK!!!

Since our sishuashion is not the best one, a'course Mom panicked like a mouse. What was she gonna do with Kitty and me, since we had to both be put in the bedroom, away from the rest of the place while the dudes do their work. And a'course Mom can't take off works, 'cause someone else took off all week.

I thought I was gonna stays with my Uncle Ben and his kitties, since Mom just cat sat them last week-not at our house like she did a long time ago, but she visited them a lot. But she's scurrrred I will be strong and jumps on them, and they are adults, but um petite kittehs. Plus, Uncle Ben works really late so it would be hard to get me ovfur there at a normal hour, and what if there was a pawroblem.

Then, I thought I was gonna stays at Kitty P's new hoooooman crush dude's house, and stay in a beddie room there fur the week...there's a very old doggie there though who's very sad 'cause her Mommy went on vacations, so Mom is skepticals about me being there too, 'cause I might cry being in a room all I GOT JAILED IN A GIANT CRATE FUR A DOGGIE!!!!! A DOGGIE!!!!!

I was so confoooooosed today. Mom built thing thing last night and gave me yum yums in it, the dry kind too, which I'm not s'posed ta get...just ta get me insides. Then, when it was my turn ta be in the beddie room, she brought that big ol'thing in there and set it up. I gots a litter box (a big one at least!) a scratch mat, a donut bed, a blankie, toys, a water bowl and even some yum yums that I'm not s'posed ta has again, and a calming collar sachet! And I is covered by a big ol'blankie, so Kitty doesn't screeeech at the sight'a me.

Oh...I guess I should mentions that...all has been going good and Kitty checks me out, and eats in fronta me, and then when Mom was doing what tha doooooooood Jackson said-ta walks me into the 'partment with Kitty in the room, I went a little bonkers and tried ta get ta Kitty. It took Mom lots a strengths ta get me under controls, even though I was on tha Kitty Holster-I was still pullin Mom. So it's like Kitty is scurrrred alls over again. Jackson's coming back too but not till the end of March, and honestly, aftur all this time, is it gonna halps?

So, that's what is happening. I am in tha prison. It's tha biggest one Mom found at the store-so big they had ta halps her carry it. And it's almost as long as tha beddie. but I know she's scurrrred what if I get out somehow. And Kitty saw me in there and hissed and ran, but she couldn't go nowheres 'cause the construction dudes is gonna be outside the room, so she just hung out on the window perch. Who knows? Maybe kitty jail will help Kitty to not freak out and me to not freak out at her, like some furrriends suggested befur-'cause even though we has the screen door up all tha time, Kitty can still find spots where I can't see her thru the door.

What can I do furrriends?? Ya thinks Mom will let me outta jails?!




February 9th 2012 11:35 am
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Oh my catniss!!! Can you believes it?! A beautifurrr fur wants me, ME, to be her Valentine! Her name is Panda, and she is my buddy, Blizzard's sisfur! I hopes you are ok with this, Catfather!

I am so excited! I just sent her a heart, I hope she likes it. She sent me a smoochie. *sigh* I nevfur thought a pretty furrr would wanna be my Valentine, 'cause my own sisfur thinks I'm a stinker, but Mom says I am still the best little's 'cause I nevfur move MOL! I just smoosh my face reallll close to Mom's and then I sleep away MOL!

this is her page!!!

In other mews, I also has been doing pretty good, though the last couple of days I have been meowing a lot and getting really fussy with my mom. I am just so hungry!!! But I'm gettin bigger and stuffs-and I eat my wet stuffs twice a day-but how can I convince my mom that it's not enuffs?

Oooh! And I went fur an exciting walk the other day too! I spied the stray kitty outside that Mom likes ta love on (who's owner is still a stinky butt and Kitkat is still scurrred to be picked up) Kitkat and I watched each other, but I didn't try ta chase him at all...not like I do with Kitty anyways. And I also met a little loud doggie. He was barkin at me a lot until he saws that I was a kitty and then he was curious and wanted to be furrriends. I just watched him and looked at Mom and stayed still. The doggies mom asked Mom if I go potty outside too, but she said I has a litter box at home.

I hope I go on my walk today! It's been a couple of days 'cause last night Mom had class and tha night befure it was all drizzlie out and she didn't think I would wanna get awl wets...but I stood by tha door and mewed and mewed to let her know I wouldn't mind, but it didn't works.

Ah, well-we also has our screen door up now fur a few weeks. I still get so excited when I see Kitty, and then when I jumps at the screen she hides. Will it evfur work out, that's what I wonders.

I gotta go thinks about Panda now! She is so purrrrty =)


As tha world turns, evfurrything still re-meows tha same

January 30th 2012 4:48 pm
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It feels like furevfur since I wrote in my Diary,even though it wasn't too too longs ago. As I catch up on all my furrriends diaries, it makes me remembers how much can happen in tha blinks of an eye, slow blink or fast. Even me-I had a whole nuther lifes a while back, and things have changed so much, but still, I wonder how and why it has changed, and why I lives in my new house. And why when I was with all other kits at the shelter do I still get too excited when I sees my sisfur at home.

I thinks about the time and how whenevfur I need those extra special cuddles, Mom is always there to let me lay on her chest so we can breathe together and put each other to sleep and to peace. Why do I droool, but only when I'm getting those special cuddles? Sometimes it feels too easy to be a cat, and sometimes tha most simplest things seem so confooooosing to me.

Why do furrriends have to go to the Bridge too? Sometimes I wonder if I would be there now if I didn't go to the shelters and into my multiple homes-I was a "stray" when I furst got to tha shelter, and the next time I was toooo much fur allergies, so they says. I guess I am one of tha lucky ones though-'cause if my Angel brofur didn't go to the Bridge, I might not even has a home at all right now.

I guess I just has a lot on my mind today. I read about my furrriend Merlin, who went to the Bridge, and I wonder why him-and why the other animals who hurted him get nothin...I know that sounds so bad-we animals has instincts and just like I thought Kitty P was a toy, maybe that's what happened to Merlin. But it's just not fair sometimes when these things, un-explainable things that hurt us and out pawrents happen.

Mom read this story once about Orphan Angel kitties and just thinkin abouts it makes her get the weepies, 'cause there are so many kitties who has no furmilies, and so many that do has them, but might be better off with none at all. Who is there fur them when they go to the Bridge-and when the lonely humans go ta Heaven-who is there ta greets them? Does they have heart baskets overflowin with love when they get there? And when I go to the Bridge, or Mom goes to Heaven, will we meet there again or will I go to the other furmilies, 'cause it's obvious someone loved me least that's what Mom says. But I need so much love too-maybe I needed too much fur those other furmilies.

Well, I don't mean this to be a sad sounding diary. I just has a lot on my mind right now. I think I'm nervous 'cause Mom was saying something about getting my fur trimmed at a grooomers or something, or at least getting my fluffy pants trimmed 'cause I gots the poopies a'ickiness again. Maybe it's just 'cause I'm orange and they says orange boys are specials. hmmmm...maybe that's it.



Not fairs!

January 18th 2012 3:11 pm
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Mom is not playing fairs with me at all. It's making me feels sooo confooooosed! Ya know how I have been going on some walks lately? Well, Mom is s'posed to take me out evfurry day, but is she doing it??? NO! She says it's 'cause it's cold or I keep crying fur yum yums and she doesnt want me to keep crying ('cause the last time I had the yum yums was hours and hours earlier!)and starving...and ya know, she is just plain old lazy!

Why is tha humans so lazy like that? It makes me meowin mad!

Plus, since I am supposed to be in the living room now during the daytimes, after I get my yum yums at night, I get put in the stinking bedroom all by myselfs and sometimes Mommy doesn't even come in to sleeps, and she falls asleeps on the couch! How unfair is that!? Sure, I has the gates up and she finally found a screen door that will akshully fit in the 'partment hallway doorway, but why can't I just be free?

I'm such a furrrrustrated cat! On the good side, Mom has been giving me lots of brushings and stuff 'cause she says the cat hair is outta controls! It's just my way ta shows I am here and not to be furgotten about!

Meowing and not happy,


It's Mews Years already

January 10th 2012 9:22 am
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Furrrrs! It's 2012! Just in case ya missed tha Mew Year MOL! Ya knows what that means right?? more pawwwties 'cause my birthday is coming up soon! It's in April, at least that's what the people at the shelter said. I am gonna be a whole 5 yrs old in a few months-but ya know, my dooooood furrriend thinks that maybe I am younger than they thinks, but since Mommy got my toofies cleaned, he couldn't looks at them and guess. We has a pichsure of thems though befur and aftur, but ah wells!

I had a good Christmas and Mew Year-Mommy was home a lot with us 'cause she didn't has to works, so that was nice. I also got prezzies from my Secret Santa too, which was pawwwwsome! And Grandmaw sent us some stuffs too, like a few new Da Bird attachements! I already ssheeewed up tha feathers ta bits! I also has been taking walks outside in tha natures! It's been kewl but one day I gots a little furrrightened by this dooooood joggin on tha sidewalks, so I ran and Mommy ran with me-'cause I pulled her MOL! I gots this thing though called a Kitty Holster and it's like a life jacket contrapshion fur kitties.

All things are ok fur tha mostest part though. I has been freed from tha beddie room during tha days so I can has tha mental stimulashions I need 'cause according to tha dooooooood, I am a typical special orangie troublemakin boy MOL! I guess orange kitties are troublesome or something. Haha! I guess it's true though 'cause even when Mommy wants ta plays with me, I wanna see what tha noisies outside are insteads, plus I been jumpin on tha counter too when she's gettin my yum yums ready fur dinner, and I nevfur did that befur. But I am just hungry.

so awwwwwwls cool I guess-Mommy nevfur wants me ta paws about pawrogress anymores 'cause she feels like it jinxes, but maybe since we saids that then it won't this time MOL!

Anyways, I gots stuff ta get into and troubles ta makes!


no prezzies??!

December 8th 2011 2:53 pm
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I has something ta asks-'cause I is in a catnipfoooooshion, without tha Nip! Isn't Christmassssy time fur prezzies?! I has a Secret Santa! (I'm tryin ta be good I swears, I just can't halps it!) But Mommy said something like, "Harrison, you've gotten so many new toys these last few weeks that you don't need any more presents!"


Ok, so I knowed that this may happens, but I wants ta has prezzies!!!! Since I nevfur whispered ta Mom my secret past lifes, how does she knows that this isn't my furrrst Chrisssstmassy evfur?! It's true that I has gotten A LOT more toys recently, but that was doctor's orders MOL!

So this is how I feels!...

I bopped my paw on Kitty's head....and Kitty HISSED at me!!!
I spits some pukes next ta Mommy's bed....and Kitty HISSED at me!!!
I stoled tha treats from Mommy's room!
Poooped stinkies so bad I cleared tha room!
Jumped on tha shelf, down it went, kabooom!

And Kitty Hissed at me!!!


I'm gettin NO NIP fur Christmasssss! Kitty and Mommy are mad! I'm gettin NO NIP fur Christmasssss! 'Cause I ain't been nuffffin but bad...

I Gotta be good!!!! I swears! I just want prezzzzzies!!!! I'm even trying not ta start chewin on the Chrisssstmasssy tree like some othfur fur I know, who I won't snitch on...but I can smells she was there!

*kitty sigh*

On a pawwwsitive note, I made a new furrriend! This dooooood, not tha paws in litter guy, anothfur one who used ta has a kitty too, came ovfur ta visit Mommy on tha day that shall remains nameless, that was tha day befur Tuesday as written in Kitty's diary, that I did nawwwwt jumps on her at awwwls, nor makes her peeees in her not so fluffy pants, and I decided ta cuddles on him and he let me MOL! I made sure ta drooools a big old spot on tha front of his shirt too. MOL!

What can I do fur Christmassssy? There's gotta be something that can be done fur me ta get pawresents???



Me a DDP!

November 29th 2011 10:18 am
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So coooool! I am a DDP today! What's even more cool too is that my furrriends at Calico Juntion are DDP's too and my buddy Nuk Anuk is Cat of the Week!!!! Paws up fur us all!

Things are okie dokie I thinks. We has a Christmas tree and it is beauuutiful. At furst when Mom put it up I was a little scurrred, but then I liked sittin in the bubblewrap and then in the box and then under the tree-I keeps sniffin it, but it doesn't smells like too much really, 'cept like Kitty Pryde's mouffff, 'cause she's been naughty and scheeeewed on the leaves once.

I've been getting lotttts of playtime and now I get ta be free in the living room some nights, while Kitty is in the room with Mom, and I hasn't cried about it one bit! Only when I is in the other room and they is outsides of it do I do that anymores really. And when I does, Mom says, "whattttsa matter Harrison? why ya cryin? it's ok, I'm right here!" and then I get kissies all ovfur my face and my paws and stuffs...and then I shakes my head like a doggie and I splatter Mom allllll ovfur with my dribbbbbbles MOL!
but....I still likes ta be a zombie cat with Kitty Pryde so that gets Mom frustrated, but she is trying ta ignores it...but I made Kitty his and spit fur the furst time in awhile 'cause she was checking me out and I was checkin her out under the door and the zombie arms came out and she ran! I can't helps it I guess. I dunnnnos.

ppsssst....and you wanna knows a secret? Kitty is starting ta takes a medicines now that the vet doc doc says is gonna helps her ta be confident and stuffs-and it's best by pills-gaaarossss! But Kitty is fallin fur tha trick! Mom has been wrapping tha baby pill in turkey (Kitty's favfurite) and putting it in tha pill pocket, which she nevfur fell for before, and then putting turkies on tha outsides, and she gobbles them up! I think I would too if I gots it that way! MOL!

Thank you to Tha Tabbies o'Trout town fur the pie on Thanksgiving!
Thank you to Alexander fur the turkey leg too!
And thanks to Tink fur the football (I gotta plays MOL!) and Buddie and his furmily fur the message!




November 19th 2011 11:14 am
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I guess kitties and hooooomans are alike more than we knows! Adult peoples and even adult kitties alll get acne! I had it soooooo bad when I furst came to live here, but it pawractically all went away but in the last couple'a days it's come back awfully! So bad that I scratched my chinny chin and I got a booboo! Kitty's isn't doing great either! So mom just got us a new fountain on the internets. We hopes it's good. There are steeel ones and ceramic ones and it was a tuff choice! We ended up getting the ceramic one'cause more stuff we found online said that one fur acne, but if it works out MOm thinks she might get another one fur another part of the 'partment, and she will get steel.

SO many kitties went to the bridge yesterday too-we are sending purrrrrrs out to Jaffa, Tigger and a kitty named Grub. But our furrriend Linus was found too-so it's been a long strange day.

Purrrs fur furrriends and their furmilies this weekend, more than others!

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