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A brand new life

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I wann be a good kitty I really do

October 22nd 2011 8:00 pm
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I know moma loves me a lot and she saved me life! I purr so loud when she touches me and I purr while I eat kinda like a kitten. Just the other night Dad told mom that he had not seen me all evening (he gets home before mom)then he heard mom when she got home and stopped at the kitty enclosure to chat with the kitties that were hanging out, he said he could hear my little bell on my collar start to jingle and I ran downstairs to see moma, I love it when she comes home and I follow her every where, and my eyes shine with love for her. I think that is why I always make her upset with me cause Tiny wants to stay close to her and I do not like to share her with the others and that TIny is kinda a moma's baby. Someone told mom I chase the kitties cause it is a survival instinct to thin the colony so there is more food for me, but I do not care so much about the food, I just want more more time and those five cats take a big ole chunk of her time.
I wanna be good so she will not holler "NO IVEY" at me and then lock me in my room. Moma says I am getting better she just knows I will stop it one day.
Ivey cat out.


do I hate them or what?

September 24th 2011 7:44 pm
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Really I might just hate some of those cats in this house. That is what mom said she is tired. I try to be good and i love her so much. But her little Moemoe stays up high and looking scared everytime she lets me spend time out of my room. Then when Little boy comes running upstairs to see mom and I am there, he turns and runs fast the other way. He doesn't even give me a chance to chase him. MOm thought I was maybe playing with them but NO last week while mom was gone dad said he had to lock me back up cause i gave moemoe a bloody nose. Mom hates that moemoe is her very sweet gentle kitty and loves everyone. Tiny is caling my bluff but he is still scared and just tonight I popped him hard and fur flew. Mom and dad finally got this collar on me I been fighting it (it is just a breakaway with a bell)once I get used to wearing it then mom is going to put a calming collar on me. We tired rescue remedy for weeks but it did not help me. I am scared of callie and boo and I seem to do fine. IT just tiny moe and little boy I still chase after. hugh sigh from mom. Sometimes she wished she did not love me so much but it hurts her heart to see the others still so scared. She has mixed our scents and we share meals together and treat time together, nothing seems to be helping me adjust to them. So many kitties here on caster are doing so well in their new homes...what is wrong with me. Mom has NEVER had this much trouble helping kitties learn to get a long. Little boy even adjusted to boo better than this and he really tried to hurt her when he first got here.
please purr for me that this calming collar makes me a better house mate or sadly there might be and "adopt me" sign on my page.


do you know

September 7th 2011 11:24 pm
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what it is like to fight for your life for years and years and then find out there is a human that loves you so much they set you up in what must be heaven on earth. My mom did that for me some times she gets mad with me, she knows I love her so much! I follow her and talk to her and she tells me I am beautiful then she scolds me for chasing off the stranger cats here in my house. She wants me to be nice to them. Ok so Moe and I napped on the bed together with her tonight for a little while and moe tried to touch noses with me but I am not sure I am ready for that yet. So I still have to go in my own room when mom sleeps or goes away MOL little boy is scared of me, but mom doesn't like it.
I really got a good life mom, is amazed at the way I love and adore her not even boo and little boy treat her like I do.


very lonely!

September 4th 2011 11:58 pm
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I am all locked up in this room by myself cause moemoe is scared I will chase her and now mom and dad left for the week end. This is so lonely! The cat caregiver comes in here twice a day to feed and clean my litter box but then she is gone so fast. I miss life with the family.
Moma said she hated to leave us alone and she would have taken one or all of us but we all hate to travel,she said she will be home in two getups. so I think that means sometime today! Oh it's gonna be a long day here.
sad lonely sigh


Felv and FIv question

August 31st 2011 10:38 pm
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I got checked for FELV and FIV when I first came to live here and my test were negative oh and we are so glad, then mom waited several more weeks before she let me interact with the kitties here. All seems fine and I seem healthy. THen today we got a note from the vet that it is time for me to be screened for FELV and FIV what is that about I already been sharing all the bowls of water/ food and the litter boxes with the kitties here.
What is that about? Mom is going to do some reading on it and call the vet's office tomorrow. Just wondering if any cat has more knowledge than us.


does the wiggle wiggle mean play?

August 23rd 2011 8:49 pm
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Hi I really like it here in my new home and I can finally mingle un supervised. The thing is I like to wiggle wiggle my back side and then pounce on a cat, I really like to do this to Calie, she still hisses and growls at me often. I am just trying to play, but Calie and the others get so upset with me, so now mom is concerned that I am still agrvatating them. My ears are forward and I never growl or hiss, so I am just trying to play.
Don't you think so.
Hoping that when they have yet more time with me they will learn how I am and stop treating me like an outsider. Moe and tiny are still kinda scared of me, makes mom wonder if I still chase them if she is not home....


I knew I could get up!

August 10th 2011 10:18 pm
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Now to get down.... Tonight I climbed to the top of the cat tree and took a little nap, when I woke up mom was going to help me down cause of the problem with my hip and stuff. I smackey pawed her when she reached for me, cause I wanna do it myself! So I climbed down and flopped over into the 2nd shelf and then oh wait smackey paw mom she still wants to help then I climbed /fell to the floor and ran off. See and mom thought I could not get down. I got this.
Did you check out my new pics?! I do not even look like a previous stray anymore. My eye still runs and my nose is stuffy most of the time. We think I might have allergies or sinus problems. Oh I do hope it gets better some days mom said it looks like I still do not feel well.


playtime! and life is so grand here.

August 1st 2011 11:19 pm
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I love to play must be where moe and tiny (yea even calie) got that from. If no one wants to play then that is ok tooo tonight after they stopped playing ( of course they were fussing at me evertime I caught the mouse they could not catch) I just played by myself chasing all kinds of stuff only I can see, it was making those kits crazy cause they could not figure out what I was after. happy sigh it was just some happy energy I was working off. Now I am played out and have a full tummy so I am very contented to lay here in the safety of my own home and chill. These little house cats do not know anything about fighting to survive. MOL I gotta laugh when they hiss and growl. I do give boo and little boy some respect it seems like they might have seen some of what I have seen, and maybe that is why the need to argue with them has not yet come up.
Life is grand here at the home front.
mom is kinda surprised how we seem to all be making the adjustments to each, paws crossed we all continue to get along even better each day.
Tiny be very afraid, MOL he is such a big moma's boy (not this moma's boy either)


hey! what is this place?

July 28th 2011 9:20 pm
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Is this really my furever home?! I am so excited, running jumping pouncing and loving this new life. Tonight mom let me out to roam, she has done that a few times to only small parts of the house tonight I had freedom to go ANYwhere! I found the great cat room OMC'S there are 2 big cat trees, wicker furniture you can scratch on it! lots of toys and tunnels and a tent! Oh yea I feel like a kitten and I played like one too, running through the tunnels chasing stuff only I can see MOL, although it was all by myself, the other cats still do not trust me and my daughter Calie well she is throwing a hissey fit! Dad told mom she is jealous of mom's time with me, so mom is working to let her know she is still very loved. Moe and tiny are kinda stand offish but no more hissing at the moment, little boy and boo are kinda like ummm another cat as long a I don't mess with them they just let me be. Can it really go this smooth? We shall see, I am pretty submissive, and dad thinks it might be because of whatever is wrong with my hip or back. I don't seem to wanna fight wonder if will always be this submissive around the others? Ok gotta go get that lil squeaky mouse! Night all.


Family Tag! Wanna play too!

July 28th 2011 10:04 am
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New game by AKA Pharaoh Princess! My friend
miranda asked me to play. So, here's my family:

1. Mom - she goes to work at an office doing accounting stuff (wonder what she counts?)and plays with us in the evening everyday they all get group playtime, then she comes to play with me too. She is the one that resuced us all! Mom is the one that has to do the "dity work" like scuffing us and clipping nails, cleaning gunk from our eyes, or stuff from under our tail ( if we miss it) and so sometimes she still get a really hard smackey paw from me, the others just let her do it and move on.

2. Dad - he is so good to us all but he plays like he doesn't like cats MOL he is the one that told mom I need to stay here with them mom was going to re-home me cause they already 5 cats, three of which are my kittens from my last litter. Dad alwasy helps with our litter boxes and feeding time. He spends time in my room with me on his days off and we are getting along so well, I love him for making sure I got my home here!! Mom and dad said it is about time to let me take my chances free roamiing the house with the others.

3. Callie, Tiny, Moe three of the kittens I gave birth to over 2 years ago Tiny looks like his dad cat and tries to be tough but he is really sweet. Callie is still kinda scared of me the new cat in her home but mom says she is a very loving kitty to people and cats. Tiny mighty moe her Meeoorrow is much louder than her bite, she wants to get to know me but she is kinda scared of my noisey breathing (stuffy nose sounds like little hisses)

4. Boo and Little boy two previous street kittes rescued by mom like me. Boo has some baggage from her days on death row but she has come as long way she loves mom and dad but still hisses at me a little. Little boy mom says he is a lover kitty, to humans but he tolerate other kitties ok however he does play rough!
Everyfur is welcome to play so please tell us about your family, you gotta love em.
Now I am tagging:
Orange Ruffy
and I am tagging my friend MoeMoe not the tiny might moe but

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