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A brand new life

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Angel kitten and angel moma together furever.

January 21st 2012 11:41 am
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I have been chatting often with Angel Kitten Alfie mom since her baby kitten Alfie and my moma Ivey left for bridge real close together, we thought it would be nice if moma kitty angel and kitten angel are together. We like to think they are together at the rainbowbridge taking care of each other so I have posted a picture of them together here on Moma Ivey's page. My friend Alfie suggested moma Ivey might be a good mom for him once she got settled in at the bridge and I think that is an excellent ideal and so did little Alfie's mom.
I love you little Alfie and moma Ivey.


Amazing Grace

January 19th 2012 8:22 pm
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Amazing grace how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me, I once was blind but now I see, was lost but now I am found, twas grace that taught my heart to fear and grace my fears relieved...when we've been there ten thousand years we've no less grace to sing God's praise, bright shining as the sun.

This is the song my mom sang while my husband and I buried sweet moma Ivey. I have always loved it and the words always touch my heart. My girl was saved and her fears were relieved when she came to live with us, she was blind to what the love of a family was like and then she experienced it. Now she is bright shining as the sun with all the angels. I know I will see her again, I trust that all my babies will be there waiting in heaven for me and one day we will be reunited. Her frail tired body has been laid to rest on the family farm, behind the well shed near the old sycamore tree, with skids kitty, and alley. Her "daddy" built her a little kitty casket so she had a proper burial, I am so thankful she was not alone on the streets when it was time for her to fly.

Love you and I miss you my sweet little moma Ivey kitty.
Mom and Dad


missing Ivey

January 17th 2012 10:12 pm
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Some days are harder than others, and some days I feel like I am healing. Then on a night like tonight it feels like the hurt is all brand. Grief is a strange thing.
Today my sister ask "how are you?" I feel like I am getting better and then I have night like tonight and the tears will not seem to stop flowing.
Kitties are amazing, I was just thinking that if Ivey were here she would not let me be alone in my sadness, (there were not kitties with me)callie had just left me and now little boy has just joined me. It is like he knows I need some comfort.
So incredible how such a small creature that I knew for such a short time can hurt my heart so when she is gone.
She went through so much and yet she loved people so unconditionally.
I miss you little moma.


Bitter sweet memories

January 13th 2012 10:15 pm
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Thanks catster for making my moma Ivey kitty a DDP. Thanks also to every kitty that stopped by with loving care, and understanding words. IT really helps to share this time with kitty moms and dads that know how tough this is. Thank you for all the pretty pictures, and pawmails.

Today when I got the email that my Ivey kitty was a DDP it put me in mind of her first ever diary honor it was DOTD and she had only been off the streets and in her new home for a few weeks and she was so happy even though she was still segregated from the family she knew mom would be in to care for her and love on was such a happy time. I find my self thinking and longing for the past days when she was here...guess that is one of the ways I come to terms with the loss. I wish you could have known her she was just so sweet even after all bad, painful and scary stuff she had been through in this life.
Fly painfree and beautiful with the angels my sweet Moma Ivey Kitty.
One day I know I "speak" for her again right now it just seems to hard. I know this will get better.


the empty places

January 11th 2012 8:29 pm
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The hurt is so intense at times it feels like Monday night all over again. Then there are times I can move through it and it is more manageable. I feel like this is so different than when I had to let Skids and Alley go to the bridge, I hurt but it was that look in their eyes that confirmed for me what the vets had said I knew it was time to let go with my Ivey girl the last time I saw her eyes she was lovin life and she so adored me.
There are empty places all over the house now even though there are 5 kitties here, her places are empty. As I lay on the bed tonight, TIny and Calie are here MoeMoe is under the bed and the spot on the end of the bed were my girl liked to stay is empty. Just now as I talked to Calie, I looked for Ivey to come from, the end of the bed up to my shoulder, cause she was always right in my face when I talked, or on my feet if I was standing.
I am so grateful to everyone for your love and support there are many pawrents that are grieving at this very time just like I am and yet you were here to offer comfort in your time of grief.
Thank you Tink for starting the candle and for you prayers and the candle you lite on Monday. I want to eventually thank everyone, for now please know how much I appreciate you all.


Moma Ivey went to the bridge today

January 9th 2012 6:33 pm
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It's mom here using Ivey's diary.
Ivey was gone the bridge when I got home today, (tears are rolling and I hurt) My husband got home first and she was fine he loved her and fed her a little and they chatted, then he went upstairs to shower and lay down and Ivey was fine. Near as we can tell it was about an hour or so later I came home and she was gone. I saw her in the door way to the kitty room she was laid out flat (she never really laid like that) so I went over to her and spoke to her but I already knew cause she always meets me at the door first when I get home. This is so hard for me she had such a rough life and she deserved so much more she was so happy to have home and she had really finally began to fit in ok with the other kitties. They still kinda argued but no more real fights.
Good by my little moma kitty, I sure do miss you, and wish we cold have had more time.


feeling like a kitten

December 15th 2011 8:51 pm
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oh I am so amazed and happy with this life I now live. Mom got home last night and I followed her everywhere like I always do and then I just started running and chasing the things nobody but me can see. hehehhaha it really is fun and it makes mom smile she thinks I look a like a large kitten when I do this. I am just so furry happy to have my own furever home I wish every cat had this life.
Aww just last winter I was freezing in some 17 degree temps and now I sleep in my own bed in a climate controlled home.
I keep hearing there is a Santa Paws coming to town, not sure if ever even heard of him before. Mom said she is going to put up a little tree in the house this week-end, it's late but she said it will give us grown kittens less time to tear it down.


thankful and purring for the less forunate

November 23rd 2011 11:11 pm
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oh I have the most to be thankful for this year, I cannot even name it all! Let me name a few, a kitty bed of my own...ok it is to share, a bowl of food twice a day always lots of fresh water, luvin from mom and dad. Always shelter from the weather hot or cold outside it is always comfey in my very own furever home!
When mom thinks of where I was last year she shudders to think what I went through in the VERY cold wet weather. Many big purrs and prayers to all the kitties that are without furever homes (sad sigh) it hurts our heart to think of them.
Purring for Garfield and my boy they are two of the kitties still there in the colony, where the care givers fight mean hoomans every day just to feed the kitties.
Please spare a purr for the homeless kitties as you enjoy thanks giving with your families in your comfey furever homes.
God Bless all the kitties and their hoomans


Girls Just wanna Have Fun

November 11th 2011 6:35 pm
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I love my life! Oh the cats here are still wireded out about my pressence and sometimes I still harass one or two of them...we are cat MOL
So I run jump, pounce and play like a kitten maybe I missed by kitten hood IDK I roll on the floor belly up and "kill the shoestring daily" I must have had a home before I was on the streets because I love people and I do not fear them. Sometimes I still chase the kitties maybe it is play or maybe not I like to keep them all guessing. Tonight as Mom heard by bell rattle and my feet pound the floor she checked to see who I was harassing and I was chasing something she could not see then I flipped around and ran back to where she was standing and got some loving from her then I ran to attack the bed skirt. MOL this is a great life I have I do not care of those other kitties ever like me sometimes they hiss at me or raise a paw at me but I just look away and walk around....well unless I am chasing someone.Mom cannot figure out if I am playing with them or messing with them to run them off, all I know is I love my life. I am a little love bug kitty to mom it's almost I owe her my life and I know it.


sad mews for mom from my old colony

November 7th 2011 10:31 pm
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Mom found out today that "bul" was found dead out by the trash can in yard where my previous caregiver used to live. Mom talked to her today and she told mom that the current resident (the lady's son who pretty much hates cats) called to tell her he had found him by the trashcan. Mom as very saddened to hear the news she had wanted to take bul away from that life like she did for me but there was no where to take him too. He was a pretty yellow tom (on of two that were not TNR before the caregiver lost her job and was forced to move) with folded ears that made him look like a scottish fold. (?) I think he might have been Moe's daddy but you know it is hard for and ex street girl like me to keep up with who the daddy is for all the kids we are forced to have.
Life on the streets is not fun and mom is so glad she was finally able to save me from it.

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