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A day in the life of a troublemaker

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Love Bug Tag and vaccine update

August 9th 2011 9:15 pm
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Tagged by Darian *Little Man*. Thanks for tagging us! ♥

1. Meow! Are you a noisy kitty or a quiet kitty?
I cry for Mom when she leaves and I have always cried for attention. But otherwise I am fairly quiet. Mom doesn't hear me meow until she leaves the room. I don't purr as much as I used to but I do every now and then.

2. Litterbox! Cover your business or let some other kitty cover?
Yes, always. Moppie doesn't do a good enough job so I have to cover his too.

3. Happy! Favorite Daily Routine?
Playing with Moppie. Sniffing Mom's Nose!

4. Hiss! Least Favorite Routine?

5. Ding-Dong! What do you think about visitors to your house?
I love people!

6. Friends! Do you like other animals?
Yes. Moppie is my bestest buddie efur, but Stewie is okay too.

If you haven't played yet, consider yourself tagged!!

Moppie and I went in last week Sunday for our vaccinations! We got our vaccines done this time! It went well, we really didn't notice anything. They just said we were done and sent us on our way.

I'm not sure if Mom is imagining it but she says my eyes look a little red. She says I seem fine otherwise. If its true we would assume it's from the vaccine.

Mom noticed that I am not as cuddly as I used to be. Although I do always come up to her and say hi. I climb up to her and touch my nose to her. It is my way of communicating that I love her and miss her when she isn't around. When mom tries to pet me all I want to do is play, and because I like to use my teeth Mom usually stops petting me for a while.

Moppie and I still play like there is no tomorrow. Mom says we sound like a stampede in her room!

We're getting older though! We almost look like adults now but in a small kitten body! It's such a wonder growing up, and even better with a best friend at your side!

Oh and how could I forget! Mom has us covered with trupanion and we just got our tags in the mail! We both have our fashionable trupanion tags on now! We'll try post some new pictures in the next day or two.


Look! Oh, look at that, no THERE!!!

July 28th 2011 9:04 pm
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Oh my Cat! I found out that things on the computer screen MOVE!! Look at that thing, it is moving, oh and that is flashing. WHOA what just happened? Where did that go? WHERE DID CATSTER GO? Oh good, it is still there. MOL, at least it was Moppie's diary I kept refreshing the page on.

I like laying on the keyboard, it is comfy, both Moppie and I both do. But this makes being on the keyboard more exciting. And to add to it Mom joins in and is like, "where did it go? What did you do? NOT THE CAPS LOCK AGAIN!!! UGGHHH BLADE!" There is so much excitement of walking across the keyboard, you never know what will happen.

Mom bought cat grass... that's fun to.


Vet but no Vaccines

July 25th 2011 5:52 pm
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We went to the vet yesterday, everything went well. They loved us!! Mom said the clinic was very nice, and she was impressed. She went in to talk to the doctor about the us and vaccines, but as soon as she mentioned having another kitten in the house that was sick he right away said we should wait for vaccines. He said if we caught the cold or whatever the foster kitten has and we got the vaccines we could be immunocompromised and it would be harder for us to fight the cold.

So no vaccines for us yet! We have an appointment again for next sunday, if we are still healthy we will go ahead with the vaccines.

Mom says I was very good, but Moppie was a little squirmy. He isn't as outgoing with people as I am so that would probably explain why. I thinks he was skeerd cause he didn't want to get any skeery vaccines...

So for now we get to keep having fun with no bad V-E-T experiences. Mom went out to buy an air conditioner because she didn't have one yet. Our first hot day that actually felt like summer was yesterday, but it is cloudy again today. Hopefully the weather stays good, Mom says she loves warm weather.

Mom's thinking of getting us some tags, there were some at the vet and she thinks they are cute. She isn't sure if they would be to big for us little kittens even though they are kitty sized. Hoping they won't get in the way of us rough housing and running around.

Enjoying life,


Vaccinations tomorrow!

July 23rd 2011 12:27 pm
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Mom made an appointment for Moppie and I to get our vaccinations tomorrow! I'm not sure what they are but Mom is excited about it. She says she gets to show us cute kittens off at the vet, MOL. They will look us over and see how we are doing too.

We have been doing super well! Our daily routine is eat, play, sleep, eat, play, sleep. I think we planned our schedule out very well. We love when Mom is around so we can cuddle with her and gets pets, everything is funner when she is around! She digs all the toys out that we have lost under the bed and we get to start playing all over again! It's like getting new toys every day! Stewie loves to play with us too, he always comes to the floor with us and wags his tail so that we can chase it, and he also walks around so we can chase and bite his feet too. He is such a good sport, MOL.

The foster kitty is still not able to join us. He is finished his round of antibiotics on monday, so hopefully he will be better then and not decide to catch something else too! Mom says after we get our vaccinations maybe but she said she will talk to the doctor first.

All in all things are going well. Enjoying our naps and lovin time with mommy!


Loves my brofur Moppie!

July 13th 2011 7:10 pm
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Efury thing is well, I's loving the company of my brofur Moppie! We have so much fun together. We eat together, play together, run together, fight together, poop together, and sleep together! He is just about the best thing that has efur happened to me! Apart from Mom taking me in of course, MOL!

I still love Mom like no other! I always come to her for pets and sometimes to play fight too! I hasn't quite learnt not to bite yet, Mom was hoping Moppie would teach me that. I love sleeping on Mom's lap and just being super duper close to her. Whenever she is gone Moppie and I wait at the door for her, and when she comes in we dart out the door! OOOOO, there is more to the world then just Mom's room! When Mom tries to leave the room we dart out too. Mom always mutters to us picks us up and puts us as far away from the door as she can so that she can get out, MOL. We may be a handful as we keep growing up.

Moppie and I are chasing all the Bed mice in mom's bed. They are most active when Mom crawls into bed. We therefor need to get them out before they get Mom!!! Efury night we have a bed mice attacking session and then once they quite down we'll fall asleep on Mom's bed (with one eye open in case any bed mice come back!).

Mom has gotten lots of pictures of us sleeping and quite but she said our zoomies are too fast for her camera! We look like zoomies in her camera, MOL. We'll get Mom to help us post them soon but she's been super busy.

Stewie has had a cone on a lot this week. Mom says his anal gland ruptured, and that she should have gotten them expressed before something bad happened. Stewie says it hurts. He is on meds to make the infection go away, but Mom is thinking he may be allergic to them. She is keeping a close eye on him just in case.

Please purr for the Foster kitten. Mom has taken him away from us and put him in the hallway because she doesn't want us to get sick too. We want him better so he can come join us. He has been sick for too long. Purrrr Foster kitty, hope you feel better soon.


Thank you!!! OMC they got one too?

July 1st 2011 1:04 am
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I want to thank all of you who helped me celebrate my DOTD yesterday. I had such a great day with my fellow kitty furiend! We played all day long and when we didn't play we slept either in our bed or in Mom's drawer. You all are the greatest furiends ever, you made our day yesterday and last week when we got COTD too. And of course all the time otherwise too, you guys are just so Pawesome! I love you all.

So this is my thank you diary. I wanted to send all of you a share the love prezzie but it got taken off Catster, and I just don't have enough zelies to give you all prezies. I would but I know I don't have enough for you all and that wouldn't be fair...

This is going to be a long thank you, just to warn you ;)

First of all a BIG thank you to My unkie Milo and Rory, Tundra, Manytoes, & Lynzee for making me those amazing DOTD pictures. I love them lots. I put them up on my page, go see their amazing work!

Thank you to all who left prezzies on my page for my DOTD, you guys are awesome!

Ollie, Boo, Maizie and family
Tony, My kitty God Mom Anna, Maizie and Family
Sleeper and Samhain
Da Tabbies
Nadia and Gump
Riley and Skippy
Finney, Lacy, and family
Napoleon and Colarado
Presley and Paris
My BFF Cheveyo
Milo, Smokey, Joe, and Timmy
Luke, Tully, Sammy, and Natasha
Chef Rooster and family
Tink Moneypenny

Thank you to all who left concats comment on my diary!! I love reading the comments you all leave! I feel so loved!

Ti nk Moneypenny
Da Tabbies
My Unkie Milo

An d because I missed thanking you from my COTD two weeks ago I will thank you here too! (I told you it would be a long diary ;))

A Belated thanks to Teddy Bearz, Unkie Milo, Tundra, Zach and Zoe for making me pawesome COTD pictures! They are up on my page too. I love them!!!

A Belated thanks for the COTD prezzies

Alley Cat Angel, Callie, Little Boy, Booboo
Miss Mittens and Kaci Sunshine
Tony, My Kitty God Mom, and Sammy
Zach and Zoe
Sleeper and Samhain
Da Tabbies
Nadia and Gump
Riley and Skippy
Finney, Lacy, and family
Java, Princess, Tinker, and Gidget
Romeo and Lola
Napoleon and Colorado
Silvester and Twilight
Presley and Paris
My BFF Cheveyo
Bastet, Pretty girl and family
Bubby, Aria, Bitta, and Mikey
Lady, Baby, and Sammie
Athena (In memory)
Gali Ann Bush
Sterling Mithril, Ceylon, Natalie
♥Sam&hearts, Mr-D, Raza
Platelicker, Raincloud and family
Luke, Tully, Sammy, and Natasha
Rex, Bugsy, and Simba
Friskie, Homer, Kibbles, Francis, and Yoda
Chef Rooster and Family
Tabby Little
Blade - My Guardian Angel ♥
Milo, Smokey, Joe, and Timmy
Teddy Bearz and Unkie Milo

And another Belated thanks to those who left comments on my COTD diary!

Teddy Bearz
Da Tabbies
Pump kin

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST!! Thanks to all those commenting on my photos and to all the new furiends I have made though out my celebrating!

Whew!! I told you it would be a long Diary! I feel so loved by all of you and I can't thank you enough!

I hope I didn't miss anyone, I am sorry if I did, please pmail me if I missed you!

And. The celebration is not over! Can you believe that Simon and Tony are DOTD today!! AND, yes AND The foster kitten is a DDP!!! That is two kittens from out family in one day! I definitely don't know how we deserved this, but I can say we are enjoying every minute of it over here. Its all celebrations here!

First Stewie got DDP like a month ago, I got COTD a week and a half ago, and DOTD yesterday (technically the day before yesterday) and Now this!! Wow! I think catster must love us!?

Thanks for celebrating with us. We are thinking that all this celebration is deserves a pawtry. Our first Pawrty!! What do you guys think? I will have to plan a date because Mom's always busy but it does sound like fun!


We just checked out who else was picked today and found out our BFF Zach and our Furiend Tia Sydibil are also DDP today. Concats to you too!


OH, How could I forget!! HAPPY CANADA DAY!!!!
Thank you Unkie Milo for making my Canada day Picture!


OMC!!! Now I am Diary of the Day!!!

June 29th 2011 3:57 am
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Oh my, two such great honors in such a short amount of time! I was just COTD on the 18th and now I am Diary of the day too! I'm not sure what I did to deserve this honor but I think it is because of all of you!

On this special day I want to thank my Unkie Milo and my Kitty God Mom Anna for making my amazing page!! Thanks for helping me with my badges, my music and my pawesome page ;)

I was still meaning to send out thanks for my COTD but haven't gotten a chance yet, now with my DOTD I'm hoping I don't loose track... If I do I am sorry, know that I had a pawesome day thanks to each and every one of you! I meant also to introduce all the new furiends I met but found out that they all disappeared afterwards. There was one fur family in particular I wanted to introduce, they are new to catster. I need to look over all the prezzies I got last time and try figure out who it was, If it was you please pmail me and let me know because I want you to meet my furiends too!

Another kitten came to Mom's clinic. She has decided to foster him too. What, you say my mom is crazy? Ya... Probably. She just says, what's one more kitten? She said I needed a play buddie right now!! And now guess what I've got?! I've got the bestest play buddie in the world!! The other kitten Mom is fostering will just have to join us once he feels better. This new foster kitten is super nice and playful, but he doesn't seem to like Mom too much. Maybe he'll warm up to her soon.

I am looking forward to the day. I'm sure Mom will spoil me with lots of lovin's. And of course now I'll have another fur to play with all day! I won't be lonely any time soon!

Yay, for Diary of the day! Thank you so much for choosing me!


The Great Escape!!

June 27th 2011 10:19 pm
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Mom says I am getting older and more playful by each and efury day! As you know Mom had made me a playpen area of my very own, the other day I decieded I wanted to go get mom cause she wasn't in the room, I was hungry and playful and there was no one to play with. I climbed the fence. I's been doing it efur since! It helps that Mom had stewie's cage on the other side so that I had something to land on once I got to that side, but I have been stuck in a situation where there was no where to go once I got to the very top, Mom has never been there when I have fallen but she has saved me a few times when I was at the top.

So the first time I got out was when Mom was at work. Mom didn't see me but remembered that that was the day I learn't to hide under her dresser so she called me to come out and when I didn't come she looked around the playpen thinking she missed me. Then I meowed, and she still didn't see me! I walked towards her and she finally saw me, I was sitting on her bed waiting for her. I think it was a very nice surprise, she said she couldn't believe it at first.

So that's when I started hanging out with Mom on the bed all the time. Of course she brought me up there once in a while before but now when she doesn't bring me up I can come when efur I want!

I's been learning to stalk and attack!! I first tried it out on Mom, usually I attack her foot but now that I am able to get into her bed I have found a new way to attack her! When she is sleeping or half asleep (or fully awake) I will stalk up to her and pounce on her face and sometimes bite her face too. Whoa, what a rush! I'm so good, she nefur expects me! (Mom: I watch him stalk up to me he just thinks it is a surprise for me). I do it whenefur I get the chance now, but she usually moves me away if I bite her...

Now I am using my new found skill on Stewie! It's lots of fun. Stewie will either walk away, pretend I'm not there or he'll snarl/snap at me. But I am on the upper hand because Mom defends me if Stewie tries to fight back, MOL. Stewie has been pretty good about it so far.

Mom is half deciding to take the playpen down, she's thinking I may hurt myself more with it there. And by half deciding I mean its open but still up. Plus if she still has it up and I'm there by myself I can't get back to the litterbox when I need to go. No accidents yet that Mom can find but she doesn't want any.

Been playing with the turbo scratcher and of course all the other toys laying around. I like the bell ones a lot but others are fun too. Anything is really a toy if you think about it. I played cat and mouse with mom and her blankets. That was fun, I sometimes pounce on the sheets for no apparent reason but to practice my attacking so I can get Stewie better next time.

Anyways, tonight will be the first night I will be free in Mom's room and she won't even be here. The other kitty is still not feeling well - check his diary for more details- so I am alone for the most part. Hope he is better soon!

Mom hopes I don't climb too high on her dressers/desk. She doesn't want me to get hurt. Doesn't she know kitten's have nine lives! I still have all of mine!

Blade ♥


Play with me!!

June 23rd 2011 3:21 am
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Mom says I'm growing up so fast. Just last week I wouldn't take a second look at a toy and now every time I pass one I'll swat at it. Mom put Simon and Tony's Turbo scratcher in with me and I've been pushing the ball around and the middle part is fun to paw at too! I've been using the litter box as if I've used it all my life, apart from dragging my but in the litter after I go... That’s just my way of doing it. I'm eating lots, Mom still is feeding me milk, I will not drink anything out of a bowl. But I will eat out of a bowl! I don't dunk my face in it as much as before but I still don't eat it as a normal kitten would, and once it spreads onto the sides of the bowl it's not edible anymore.

When Mom comes into the room I sometimes climb the walls of the play pen to try get to her faster. Although it doesn't usually work out too well and I end up falling to the ground. The room is not kitten proofed yet and neither is the house - Mom better get on that soon!! I've ditched the bed that Mom made for me in the bottom of the cat post and have taken over Stewies bed that Mom laid in the pen. It is so comfy and fun to attack too!!

On Monday night Mom took me to work because she was working a night shift, I met another kitten there. And at the end of the shift do you know what she did? She stuffed him into the cage with me!! What is he coming home with us? Yes? What! That is so furry exciting!! So it turns out we are fostering him, he is just a little older then I am. He is a long haired tabby cat with the cutest face. At mom's work there is a poster of a bunch of cats and he looks very similar to the Siberian cat. He was so hungry when he came in, Mom said when she picked him up he felt like skin and bones (and still does), his bum is all raw, nasty and infected looking... The doctor thinks maybe it has worms but he didn't really know. Mom is keeping an eye on it for a few days to see if it gets any better.

Unfortunately this kitten has to stay away from me for a while. Mom says that she doesn't want me to get sick. I say he needs to come cuddle with me and we'll sleep together on Stewie's bed. He is currently sitting sadly in one of the bunny cages Mom has (I know its not huge but we don't have a lot of room for him otherwise). Every time Stewie passes he'll hiss at him (I don't even know how to hiss yet!) and Mom put a toy mouse in the cage to give him something to do and he freaked out!! He jumped to the other side of the cage and started hissing at it. Then proceeded to sit as far away from it as he could, which just so happened to be in his food dish. Mom's been brushing him and trying to make him look nice... She is deworming him with a natural dewormer so hopefully he'll be good as new soon (the natural dewormer is called Diatomaceous Earth if your interested). He isn't using the litterbox much, but I wouldn't blame him, Mom put one of the bunnies corner litter boxes in there hoping he'd use it but it's just so awkward to sit in! She is going to borrow a small litterbox from work and hopefully he'll use that one.

Hopefully Mom will decide soon that he is healthy enough to come hang out with me! He looks so fluffy and cuddly I just can't wait. She may make an exception to take pictures of us together but she won't be letting us hang out very long...

Mom's been working tons, this week she is working 6 days but with her weird shifts it really feels like 7 (or more) days! Plus she is just getting over a cold so she hasn't been up to a lot lately, which while I'm thinking of it I forgot to write my thank you diary from My COTD day!! I promise I'll get it up soon, I'll just have to keep biting mom as a reminder for her to get it done!

Mom is at work right now so we are alone here in her room. She has told her mom to feed us, she'll call her mom to remind her at 4:30am. Mom was going to bring us to work but since we'll be taking up 2 cages she didn't want to run out of room for patients - plus we love it here at home!

It's Simon's birthday today!!! He is one of the clinic cats at Mom's work! It's his day in the spotlight today!

Is it time for food yet Mom? What there is still an hour left till feeding time? Pfft... alright.

Kitty kissies,

P.S. I'm going to help this kitty get his own 'adoptable' page set up later today. Pictures will then be up and you'll have to give in name suggestions again! You did such a good job last time that we wanted to ask again!


OMC I am Cat of The Day!!!!

June 18th 2011 2:11 am
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WOW! OMC!!! I am Cat Of the Day!!!!!! This is so furry exciting!!

Mom just got home from work and I wanted to check catster before we headed to bed and look at what we found! We are Cat of the Day! Woahoo!

We've already been getting bunches of prezzies and concatulations already. Thank you so much, I am looking forward to such an exciting day!!

Thank you to HQ for picking me!


Oh and before we head to bed, I suppose this would be a good time to announce: Mom's keeping me!!! Well she pretty much fell for me the first day she got me and had made the decision she'd be keeping me. But she must have forgot to tell everyone! How could she? MOL. I've now edited it from my profile and it is now catster official.

Yes. she was, is, and always will be my amazing meowmy! ♥



Thank you so much guys!!! Mom and I woke up to check our email and our email is exploding!!!!! We've got 110 messages all together including messages, furiend requests, comments, and prezzies! I feel so loved and I am having a pawsome day!!

Mom and I enjoyed going through all the messages we've gotten so far through her phone, so we've been enjoying reading them all as they've been coming in.

There is one in particular I'd like to answer though. ♥
Milo! Are you still out there? I Would LOVE for you to be my Unkie and I would LOVE to be your Nepher! MOL, this is so Pawsome!

Thank you everfur so Much!! This is such a special day! Mom is working in a few hours so I'm not sure how much time I'll have to be responding to all your wonderful comments but be sure I'll be reading them all day long though moms special phone messages ;).

I'll have to make a BIG thank you diary tomorrow ♥

Thanks again, I feel like the luckiest kitty in the world :)

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