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New tags on the way!!

April 17th 2012 2:57 am
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Mom is ordering us some awesome new tags! We'll post some pictures up when we get them :). They are pretty awesome and we are excited to get them! Mom's been meaning to get us some for a while, she has the pet insurance tags on us but they don't have our name or phone number on it so she wants to get ones that do. We've passed the test for keeping our collars on for long periods of time, mol. So hopefully if we ever get out that we will be so interested in other things that it won't even cross our minds to try get them off. Although if we do get snagged on something then we're at a loss. Mom still is meaning to get our microchips done, but might just wait till our yearly vaccines just to get it all over and done with.

Anyone order from dogtagart.com? if so what is your opinion of the vleash thing? and do you have the free version or paid?

We are doing well here. Moppie just wrote in his diary about our bunny investigation. Mol, Mom's bunnies don't stand a chance!! We'll find our way into their area soon enough!

Moppie is getting a little chubby, although I on the other hand am at a very good weight. (which is weird since I hog the food a lot)

Sorry if we've missed anything big lately. Mom is off work for a few days so we'll try catch up best as we can! Concats to anyone wining DDP, DOTD, and DOTW awards, and for any gotcha days, and birthdays we''ve missed.

Lots of purrs and headbonks


Mol, I broke Mom's Toe!

April 5th 2012 6:30 pm
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You know how we all secretly try trip our pawrents going down the stairs?! Well last night I succeeded!! I ran down the stairs at top speed and right near the bottom I got her. Anyways my goal was to make her have to stay home with us forever but she's still insisting that she will go to work. I hope she decides to stay home cause the more she stays home the more attention we get! On the sad note she doesn't want us to chase the bed mice anymore, but I'm sure we'll sneak some good pounces in.

On the toilet training note, we haven't gotten anywhere yet. Sorry for those wanting updates. Mom's been busy lately so we haven't gotten anywhere with it yet.

Otherwise things are going well here. We get zoomies all the time, its super fun running around the house at top speed. Stewie is having a little too much fun chasing me though :P.

On another note, please send big purrs to Sweetie. Her dad found a few lumps on her and we're all purring that she'll be okay. Ps, Sweetie is one of Panda's kittens, and she was also my valentine for Valentines this year.

Sweetie, We're Purring for you!!!! ♥ We won't let anything happen to you!


All fun and games!

February 25th 2012 2:08 am
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24 hour zoomies!! Yes that pretty much sums it up, Mol. Moppie and I love playing together, running back and fourth through the house, upstairs and downstairs, etc. But someone else joins in on the fun too, can you guess who?


Mol, he likes playing with me most, I guess I'm easy to pick on and he knows my weaknesses. As anyone who meets me knows that I highly value my food and toys! I won't let Moppie steel them! (If I can prevent it that is, he can be sneaky). But I never growled at Stewie before because he never posed as a threat, turns out Mom always calls him away from the food telling him its not his. Turns out he has a new thing for cat toys! He gets jealous watching us play so he comes and steels our toys!

Here I thought I was the king of the household! Stewie steels my favorite toys and then taunts me with them! I try get it back but when I do Stewie will chase me around the world to get it back. I honestly think his idea of fun is taunting me and chasing me just because. Anyways this is our new 'game', and to be honest I do enjoy it most of the time. I do hide sometimes, and its funny cause Stewie gets all worked up cause he can't get to me MOL he has found his way under the couch on many occasions, I'm pretty sure he thinks he is a cat!

In other news Mom has decided to try toilet train us, just for the fun of it. She went out and got this toilet training kit from the store today and already has it set up. She plopped on there hoping we'd see it as a litterbox. Why does she think we'll just hop on there and do our business? We already have our own litterbox thank you very much! Has anyone else toilet trained? Or have their pawrents try to train them? Mom said something about saving money in the long run, not having to buy litter.


My Valentine!!

February 11th 2012 12:33 am
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I have the sweetest valentine I could ever imagine! She is 2 months younger then me, she's a Torti, and so cute.

My valentine is... Sweetie♥!!! I am such a lucky cat! Sweetie, we are going to have an awesome valentines day ♥!

In other news, it has been a while since we've been here on catster so we have grown a lot since a lot of you have last seen us. We both got neutered in the first hour of 2012, MOL. We thought that was pretty cool. Unfortunately the tattoo gun wasn't working properly so we still haven't gotten any cool pictures drawn in our ears, although they had to test it out so they drew a 7 in my ear, a lucky number? I think so!

Turns out i'm a bit of a picky eater, Mom gives us both food I stick my nose up at it cause I want something else, mom gives in and goes to get something I like better, mol. I think I've got her trained pretty well ;).


Merry Christmas!!

December 25th 2011 10:32 pm
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Merry Christmas everyone!! We hope that everyone had an awesome day.

When Mom came home from work this morning, her brothers came over and celebrated Christmas with us. Mom gave us a new toy for Christmas! She also gave us a new bed... Now this bed isn't just any bed it is a cave bed!! Mom said we have to wait to use is because Grandma wants to be there to see it too, but we can't wait!

Mom slept most of the day and we got to cuddle up with her so she had the best Christmas ever.

Mom's working through the holidays so we don't have a lot of time here on catster, but we will be around. We didn't get to wish everyone a merry Christmas individually but we wanted to send out our best wishes to everyone during the holidays.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!!

Love and Sandpaper kisses,
Blade and Moppie


Its been a while!

November 9th 2011 3:06 am
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Its been a while since we've been on, just wanted you guys to know that we are still around. But haven't been on Catster in a while. We apoligize for missing any birthdays, gotcha days, partrys, or anyone being sick...

Halloween was great. We got to watch all the people passing our house out the front window! It was so fun! Such interesting costumes. Mom bought us cowboy hats for our costume but we won't keep it on long enough for any pictures, MOL. My Unkie Milo made me an awesome halloween page! Check it out if you haven't already. :) I'll keep it up for a while longer just cause it is so darn awesome, MOL.

Mom's been exhausted working 4 overnights a week. She is either working or sleeping, we miss having her around but I have Moppie around which I am greatful for.

Mom decieded to try out a new litter because she doesn't like the litter tracking around the room. Oh, what a big mistake!! This one said NO TRACKING in big letters on the bag, but it tracked all over the floor, and it was awful stuff... I believe it is the natures Miracle stuff... Anyways we are back to The worlds best litter. It tracks a bit and smells a bit, but its definitely worth it in comparasin.

Anyways we should get off the computer, Mom is at work and we really shouldn't be on without her permission. MOL!! ;) Hopefully Mom will let us on a bit more often.

BTW, are there many fleas around? We'd like to know what to avoid...

Oh, and before we forget. Mom asked us to ask you guys just to send a few purrs to Stewie our dog. He has a lump-ish thing on his paw, Mom is thinking it is an infection of some sort. She is treating it, and has a sock on his leg (MOL) so we are hoping it will get better soon and heal. But if it doesn't the doctors said we may want to send it for Biopsy. It isn't bothering him too much (well the sock is, MOL) but Mom wants it to go away!


Things couldn't be better!! and DDP!!

October 3rd 2011 9:01 am
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Ingen is found! All is now right with the world! This is such exciting news, we have been worrying about her! Mom wishes she could have helped more but living up here in Canada there is limited things we can do, but we purred like crazy!!

I am DDP today too!! Woohoo! Thanks diary girl for picking me as one of the diary picks today! We're gonna spend all day with Mom to celebrate!

Mom put new pictures up! Hehe, I'm getting big aren't I?! All the pictures are at the end of the photo album cause Mom doesn't have the time to renumber ALL my pictures to put them in the beginning, MOL.

We've found out that Catnip is some awesome stuff! Mom spreads some fresh catnip on our turbo scratcher every once in a while and we love it. The first time we had it Moppie jumped the fence that keeps us in Mom's room!! I always jump the fence (every chance I get) but Moppie never did! This was a big surprise to Mom! She didn't believe it at first, MOL.

Mom's talking about wanting to get us halloween costumes. We have a feeling that lots of cats will get the same one as Mom wants cause all petsmarts have it... We'll see though! She hasn't told us which one yet.

Oh and I can't forget to tell you how mean Mom was to me yesterday! Do you know what she did? She put a harness on me! I was trying to figure out what was going on, I couldn't get it off and I don't like moving with that thing on. Mom says I looked all hunched over. She thinks I'll change my mind when she brings me outside. I'm not sure about that, if outside is as cool as it looks I'd much prefer to be out loose!

I would love it if you would all add Merlin(previously foster kitten) and make them feel at home! We have more info and the link on the last diary. Thanks to all those who have already. You are awesome!

Now... Time to cuddle up with Mom!!!


My start on DDP Thank yous:

- Thank you Buddie...Always Loved - for the lovely message you left me!
- Thanks Sleeper and Samhain for the congrats on the DDP!
- Thanks Gleek for the conrats and sending friend requests to Merlin and family!
- Thanks Tate for the awesome pumpkin you left us! We love it! Maybe Mom will open it up and we can jump inside?!
- Thanks to the Bushfurs too for your congrats!


The Foster kitten has a new account!!

September 26th 2011 7:18 pm
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The foster kitten (now Merlin) has now been transferred to his new owner's account! Please make them feel welcome and befriend Merlin's two new cat brofurs. We are super happy to welcome them, and hope they love it here as much as we do!

On another note, if you haven't seen my video I attached on my last diary your welcome to watch it! It is of my all my kitten moments, it took a while for Mom to get around to editing it... Now it is up! We hope you all like/liked it.

We're doing great! Mom did end up putting the covered litterbox in our room. I'm breaking it in!! MOL. All those walls will be covered in my pawprint smudges! At first Mom wasn't very nice and didn't let us go in there!! We'd have to wait outside of it looking for a way to get in, Mom would come pick us up and push us through the front door and we'd go in. Well lets just say she gave on us finding our way in and removed the door! Finally I can go in peace! MOL. We don't mind it now, but there is still no door blocking our entrance.

Guess what Stewie did today? (Our doggy brofur) He started playing with OUR toys! And Mom let him! It is my favorite toy too, I left it on Mom's bed last night so I'd know where to find it and Mom threw it off the bed and Stewie went to play with it. MOL. Mom says he selectively likes playing with toys, only when he wants to. Anyways I tried taking the toy back, but gave up and let him play with it. He was bouncing all ofur the place!

Anyways Moppie and I are both doing well. Not too much new ofur here. Mom says we need to get vaccines soon again but she hasn't made the appointment yet.



September 23rd 2011 8:30 pm
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Mom has been video taping Moppie and I ever since she took us in. She recently got a video editor and finally has gotten a video together! This video is just of me from 2 weeks to 8 weeks. Moppie is not in it but Mom will make some with both of us sometime soon.

Video of Blade growing up!!

We hope you like it!!

Merlin's new owner has inspired Mom to Clicker train us! We haven't started yet, but she's going to look into it a bit more. it sounds like fun!


New toys and DDP!!

September 18th 2011 6:38 pm
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Mom went to the store and got us some new toys!! She said I was hogging the other one and it wasn't fair for Moppie. So she got 2 of each so that we have our own, that is fair right? Well I'm not quite so sure... I am playin with my new toy and he is playing with his, I growl and walk over to him and smacky paw him for looking at me. He isn't allowed to look at my when I'm playin with my favorite toy!! That doesn't mean I don't love him, I do, there is no doubt about it, but it is MY toy!!

I am a DDP Today!! Thanks diary girl for picking our diary today! Thanks to all our furiends who are always awesome and and always here for us.

Thank you Simba, Rex, Max, Bugsy and family for the pirate flag!! I know it wasn't for the DDP but I wanted to send out our thanks to you!

Unkie Milo, thanks so much for the pirate flag you gave me! Love you Unkie Milo ♥

- Thanks Tate for the delicious cupcake!
- Thanks MILO, Smokey Joe, Sam, Timmy 'n Ziggy for the fancy blue ribbon.
- Thanks Sleeper and Samhain for the big red heart. Looking forward to pirate day too!
- Thanks Unkie Milo for the Awesome picture you made me! I will put it up ASAP. ♥
- Tink thanks for the delicious ice cream!

Thanks for all the comments, I love reading comments all of you leave us!

Its super cold here. It was good weather for so long in a row and it is back to rain rain rain... We don't mind since we don't go outside but Mom says it is cold and we agree that it isn't as warm as normal.

We're gonna hand our diary over to Mom, she has a question to ask your Moms...

Mom: Almighty, so I was hoping that this wasn't going to happen... At work ringworm has been going around with all the humans, and I really didn't think I was going to get it. But I think I may have...

So my question is do you guys have any experience with ringworm? Is there any way I can keep Blade and Moppie from getting it? Is it hard to get rid of on them if they get it? I am not super worried yet as it is only in the Beginning stages on me so they don't have it yet, but from my understanding it is very contagious. And since my kittens are always in my bedroom which is where I spend half my time I'm thinking the likelihood they'd get it would be fairly high... Please any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks ♥

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