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I was good

March 1st 2016 10:04 pm
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Not everything was.

At 9am, when the call was due, I curled up, put my head down and prepared to be quiet.

At 9.05 mum said, "Why hasn't he rung?" and looked at her phone.

"Off! How can it be off? How have I been so foolish?"

She turned it on and was looking at it, trying to work out what was best to do when It switched itself off again. She turned it on. It turned itself off. Plenty of charge; just not in the mood it would seem.

Happily her interviewer understood when they made contact and they talked for ages and mum's phone has behaved perfectly ever since. It certainly chose its moment to go weird.

I was good while mum was on the phone. Josie was crazy and mum had to keep throwing toys for her. I think she may be having a second kitten-hood. Mum says she's a bit young for that but Josie was a full grown cat when I was just a kitten so she's really old I would think.


We must be quiet

February 29th 2016 10:37 pm
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This morning my mum has a telephone interview for a job she wants. She has told me that they want to hear her not me and I must be quiet when they phone.

I have lots of very valid opinions so cannot guarantee that. I think it will be Ok as long as I stay off my favourite topic - the many shortcomings of my mum!

Then my mum said if I'm not careful she'll shut me out while she talks but we both know that's not going to happen. Out is Ok but we are seeing rather too much of next door's cats lately and it's bad enough sharing with Josie. I don't like to share with them too.


Our weekend

February 28th 2016 10:13 pm
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It's all a bit different with mum not working. On Friday evening she looks at the phone and sighs and says 'Maybe next week will be the one." Then on Monday morning she's all revved up again. "This week - I'm determined."

We rather like having her around so are in no hurry for her to work again.

We mostly played indoors as we had all next door's three cats in our garden. That kitten of theirs is no respecter of boundaries. This is when I'm glad to have Josie as she is someone to play tag with. Even if she is a bit crazy.


Helping my mum

February 25th 2016 10:32 pm
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My mum has kept applying for jobs but she doesn't hear back very much.

Yesterday an agency phoned her about a job that she hadn't applied for and they were talking.

"Yes, I do this...and I do that... hm...the job doesn't sound like what I do. What's the salary?"

I have learned that word. The salary is how many kitty treats mum can buy so we want it to be lots. I piped up to suggest mum asked for lots and lots.

She carried on talking, ignoring me which was quite rude. I called out again.

"Yes, sorry, that's my cat," I heard her say as she walked away from me. I followed calling out my suggestions for how much she should be asking for.

Mum explained later that she isn't sure how helpful my meows are. I would think the best employers would say that my mum having cats proves how awesome she is and employ her right away.


An argument

February 24th 2016 10:30 pm
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I came in to find Josie and my mum arguing.

"No," said my mum firmly, "I am not wearing your bed. This is mine."

Josie studied mum's fleece closely and I had to agree that she had a point. Josie, that is. The garment in question was clearly labelled as Josie's, with some black, some white and some orange fur.

Josie wanted to sleep on her cosy furry bed. Mum wanted to wear her fleece.

Happily a solution was reached - mum lay down with her book, Josie curled up on her so she got fleece plus mum and life doesn't get much better than that for my tortie sisfur. There were lots of purrs.


My angel and my demon

February 23rd 2016 10:17 pm
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Yesterday was sunny so I went outside for a while. When I came back in I couldn't see Josie.

"Where is she?" I asked.

Mum smiled. "Where do you think?"

It was pretty cold so then I knew exactly where she was. Under the throw on the armchair in her den. I jumped up on the arm of the chair and sniffed the throw. Oh yes - definitely one tortie cat was sleeping under that throw.

Then my naughty demon wondered what it would be like if I jumped on her. She would have no idea what had happened - it would be very funny. But my good angel said not to and leave her be. They argued while I waited to see what I would do. Naughty looked like winning - I even got as far as lifting a paw to smack the lump that was Josie.

Then my angel got reinforcements. "Toby!" said my mum. Not a nice, happy, pleased to see you 'Toby' like sometimes. More a do what I think you're about to do and there'll be trouble kind of 'Toby'.

Angel Toby won, I left Josie sound asleep never knowing what nearly happened and I jumped up on the back of the chair for my snooze.

Mum says virtue is its own reward but I'm hoping for something a little more tangible next time she's in the treat aisle, something to encourage my angel for next time.


We love boxes

February 22nd 2016 10:39 pm
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And mum brought loads back yesterday. Awesome!! The best bit was when my mum got the first one emptied. Josie jumped in and I batted the flaps and mum came to see how we were making so much noise. So Josie jumped out and I chased her and then she chased me and mum laughed.

I asked if she was sad when she said goodbye to her colleagues. She said they helped her carry her boxes and bags to her car. One lad put a box down and suddenly gasped. Mum thought he had pulled a muscle with the weight of all the books and was very worried. Then he admitted the truth - as he bent his knees to put the box down there was an ominous ripping sound.

His trousers had split right where he didn't want them to split.

Mum said it's hard to stay serious and sad when everyone's laughing.

And now she is ours, all ours. No excuse not to play when we want to play, snuggle when we want to snuggle, it's all good!



February 21st 2016 10:22 pm
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On Friday my mum said, "Right - I'm off to work," and then she said, "I wonder when I'll get to say that again."

For she had one last training course to deliver so off she went.

Every time she comes back she brings boxes - of books and folders and papers.

"Where is everything going to go?" I asked, giving them a good sniff.

"You ask a good question," she said. "I have no idea but until I know what job I'll be doing I don't know what I'll need."

Luckily Josie and I like boxes. We do prefer them empty so have been pulling things out which is kind of fun in its own right. Anything that makes mum shout at you is inherently fun!

Today she goes back for the very last time to clear her desk. More things to sniff!


Missed my mum

February 18th 2016 10:36 pm
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It's funny how used we have got to having her around. When she was gone all day yesterday we did miss her.

When she came home I sat by her side and Josie sat on her lap and we were all content.

So content that Josie went for a stretch and re-roll and forgot where she was. Mum realised and grabbed for her but just too late. Josie rolled right on to the floor.

I haven't laughed as much in ages.


A discovery

February 17th 2016 10:09 pm
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Yesterday my mum worked on her job applications while Josie and I settled on the sofa and snoozed. Later mum wanted to sit down and read her book for a while but there actually wasn't room so she sat on the arm chair instead.

The seat of the arm chair is Josie's and the back in mine. Mum moved Josie's snuggle rug and folded it on the back.

It was still there some time later when I came to sit there. I rested my head on it, just to see how it was.

That was actually rather nice, sort of soft and gradually warmer and warmer. I wormed myself a bit more on it, better yet, then more, until all of me was on it. Wowser! Why did nobody tell me how awesome it is! You lie on it and it's soft and then it heats up. No wonder Josie loves it.

Mum said she bought a large one so we could share. "What is this word 'share'?" I asked and she smiled. She thought I was joking.

The phone didn't ring yesterday although my mum kept checking it. Today she is off on a workshop to make her CV betterer. I expect that will do the trick.

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