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Caring cats

October 27th 2015 12:09 am
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The time came and the time went when my mum should have woken up. Josie was very worried that she might be late for work. Luckily she knew exactly what to do.

She gave some warning chirrups then started the bouncing, energetic leaping about the room, mostly on my mum. No-one would be at any risk of sleeping through that.

My mum certainly didn't.

"Josie," she muttered, "it's four-thirty in the morning."

But Josie was fairly sure that wasn't right and kept bounding around. Actually she looked like she was having so much fun I joined in.

I'll be honest I've seen my mum perkier and it turned out she was right about it being four-thirty. Josie had forgotten the clocks changed on Sunday.

The good news is that it didn't matter - my mum is still on holiday from work. We love her being home.


My mum went away

October 25th 2015 11:26 pm
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For one hundred years. Oh - she reckons it was just a few days. It certainly didn't feel like that.

I kept a tally of all the pets and kisses and snuggles I missed and have made sure I got each and every one when she got back. She didn't seem to mind.

Actually I got too many on Saturday evening. My mum had been with friends including Nahid and Troy (it was Troy that found Josie when she was a stray and Nahid who found my mum for Josie). They were sad as their old cat went to the Bridge about two weeks ago, despite everything the vets could do for him.

They are so sad they say they will never have a cat again. So my mum is sad for them as a catless house is plain wrong - and she reckons getting me was the best things she did to mend her broken heart after Henry went. She is right, of course. No-one could be sad watching me play or having purry, dribbly nose-rubs.

She is also sad for a cat in a shelter who would love a home, especially one like theirs.

So she came home and gave Josie and me special hugs to cheer herself up. Neither of us actually like those hugs so much but I let her when I'm feeling mellow. I could tell she needed me.


A fun thing to do

October 15th 2015 10:34 pm
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A special autumn favourite!

I went out and chose a very special leaf - I needed a large one, with red and green and some brown. It took a while but I found the perfect one. Sort of maybe frog sized and coloured. Totally coincidentally of course.

Then I took it to my mum.

She did that excited dance when she stands up and yelps. Then she sat down suddenly.

"It's only a leaf, thank goodness for that," she said.

"Thank Toby for that, actually," I corrected her, "and Gotcha!!"

"You did," she had to agree.

An excellent result from very little effort, leaves being much easier to catch than frogs.


Now it's cold...

October 14th 2015 10:45 pm
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Outdoors is off limits to Josie. She put her head outside on Tuesday, felt the chill and announced that she will stay indoors now until Spring warms the air. So it's down to me to defend the neighbourhood. Luckily I'm good at that.

The thing with Josie staying in all the time is that she still wants to run around, play hide and seek and generally adventure. 24/7. She keeps waking my mum up in the night, pretending she just wants a snuggle but then launching in to full-blown active mode and my mum isn't so happy about that.

Yesterday evening my mum had made me a tunnel under the rug and I was quietly enjoying exploring that when I felt a paw tap my tail. It's hard to turn around in a tunnel but I managed it, whacky paw back and the chase was on.

Josie is definitely reveling in her naughty tortie side!

My mum has been having puter problems which is why I am a bit intermittent at the moment. Hopefully she will get them fixed soon.


International Toby Appreciation Day

October 12th 2015 10:31 pm
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A highlight on my calendar and coming soon.


Then my mum looked at her computer. "Oh I see."

For many of her favourite pages feature pictures of me, often looking particularly scary.

"That's not you, you know. It's just black cats in general. For Halloween."

"Torties don't get a special day," I pointed out. My mum could not deny this while muttering something about every day with us being special.

"Some people think black cats can do magic," she said. "My life would look rather different if you could."

I can of course. I make my mum laugh when she's sad and tired. I fixed her broken heart when I arrived and I can make treats vanish. I can do all the important magic.


Working on mum's training

October 8th 2015 10:25 pm
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I came running into the sitting room last night and found my mum sitting on the sofa, eating her supper.

I jumped up on to the arm of the sofa.

"Hello Toby," she said, and scritched my ear.

I jumped down again. "You have to come quickly, there's an emergency happening."

"Ive fed you," she said.

Oh dear, it was going to be one of those conversations. I looked at her, pleading with her to understand.

"Follow me. I need you in the kitchen."

Well finally she got it, moved her tray to one side and got up. I ran ahead to show her the location of the emergency.

There was a silence as she took in the scene.

"So you got me to leave my hot food, abandon my sofa, follow you here because you want me to open your cat flap?"

"That's right." She's not the sharpest claw on the paw but she gets there in the end.

"The cat flap that is specifically designed so you can open it yourself?"

"Yes, that one," I was still poised, waiting for it to open.

"The one you go through many times on your own?"

"Still waiting..."

A heavy sigh. "I can't believe I'm doing this."

I could. The door was held open and at last I could escape to the wilderness beyond.

She's still a work in progress. That all took longer than it should have but a satisfactory result nonetheless.


October 7th 2015 10:43 pm
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Josie and I aren't allowed out of the front door so naturally it is an area of complete fascination for us. It's where upstairs have their bins and they smell most interesting to a cat with an inquiring mind.

What we generally do is ping out when my mum comes home and she has to call us back. Yesterday we were not minded to return.

"Come on, cats," she called, "Don't let the bugs in."

For as she stood there, door in hand, various winged insects were streaming past her, drawn to the light.

We trotted back but later realised our error. We should have let more in. Bugs in are awesome. All the joy of chasing them as they bobble about combined with the comfort of our own home. What could be better?

Oh - mum says it would be better if we caught a few more of the dratted things. Ambitious leaping we do well; the actual catching, not so much. But, cat rule number one, the thrill is in the hunt, not the catch!


The noisiest noise

October 6th 2015 10:43 pm
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Tuesday is mum's quiet night in and when it's wet and dark outside everyone likes a quiet night in. Like last night. Picture the scene if you will. My mum settled back, cup of tea in hand and happy TV programme on; Josie curled up by her side in a neat ball, me perched on the arm of the sofa enjoying the occasional caress. A scene of blissful domestic peace.

And then it started!!

A strange grinding, wheezing, groaning.

I looked at my mum in alarm.

"Have they bought a chain saw upstairs?", reviewing my opinion of them as quiet neighbours.

"No," said my mum. "Josie is snoring."

I looked across. Sure enough that cat was still contentedly asleep, oblivious to the volume of her breathing.

"Can you stop her?" I asked.

"I could but I think it's rather cute," said my mum.

Mums are weird. Josie did stop herself after a while, woke up reporting the strangest dreams. Josie is weird too.

After such a peaceful evening Josie and I were both pretty lively and had the best game of tag at about 4 this morning so I am going to let her stay despite the snoring. My mum isn't so sure about either of us at the moment!!


More than that

October 5th 2015 10:50 pm
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It's dark when we all get up now. Us cats don't mind of course, still happy to get out there and patrol our territory but my mum no longer draws the curtains and says "What a lovely day!" in the morning.

No, for my mum has another way to know what the weather is like.

I came back in this morning and she stroked me and instead of her usual greeting she felt my dry fur and said, "Ah good. Not raining this morning."

So we have my sparkling wit and wisdom, my rugged good looks (ignore Josie's snort there), my general awesomeness but all my mum sees is a handy weather checker.

I am so much more than this.

Josie suggested I dry myself off and trick mum next time it's raining but that would remove an opportunity to spread my paw prints so not an option. Everything looks better with my muddy paw prints on.


Everything is OK

October 4th 2015 10:31 pm
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My mum was a bit stressed late last week. She went off to work on Friday and an hour or so later was home again. I was delighted to see her back, concluding that she had been pining for us, but the reality was the car.

"The car has a massive problem with its brakes. I took it to the garage and it's going to be very expensive," she sat down on the sofa, sadly.

I jumped up next to her. "Will we able to eat?"

"We are stocked up on cat good and kitty litter and treats. You'll be fine," she assured me.

I squiggled myself beside her so she could rub my furry belly.

"So everything is OK then," I purred.

She smiled. "It's going to be a tight month but you're right. As long as we have each other then everything is going to be OK."

Proof, were it needed, that my fuzzy belly can help in any situation!

Talking of helping - the Catster Family are the awesomest! I love that we purr for each other when we're sick and laugh at each other's mischief and share the happy when we have the good times. Catster has been through a lot with the site and there are still fleas to sort out but I'm proud of all my friends who have stuck with it.

I just read Timo Katze's lovely words about my diary and I'm blushing. Thank you to Timo.

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