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A lovely surprise

July 2nd 2015 10:40 pm
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My mum picked up the post yesterday and said, "Ooooh! A package. Maybe a late birthday present." Then she looked at it and said, "Oh - it's for you two."

Letters for us can be bad as they are usually vet check ups but parcels for us are without exception good news.

"Open it then," I said.

So my mum did.

"You know that brand of kitty food you don't like?" she said.

Eight out of ten cats might but Josie and I are the two that don't.

"Yes," I said.

"They've re-done the recipe and have sent you a couple of sachets to see what you think. Would you like to try one for supper?"

So we did. And yes, we find the new recipe most acceptable.

"Now you have to buy more," I told my mum.

"It's more expensive than the brand you normally eat." she replied.

I drew myself up to my full height. "Nothing is too good for us felines. Besides I see a coupon in your hand that they sent."

So hopefully we'll be enjoying that again.



July 1st 2015 10:31 pm
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Yesterday was the hottest day so far this year.

My mum asked me if I would like ice in my water bowl.

"Lumpy water?"

"Yes," she said, "A friend at work said she puts ice in her cats' bowl and I wondered if I should do the same."

"You like ice in your drinks in the summer," I commented.

"Yes, I do."

"And what do we do with your ice?"

"Fish it out with your paws," mum remembered. Which is why she doesn't usually have it.

"Then yes please ice!" I enjoy the fishing.

"Actually no ice," said my mum. "I want you to have a cool drink. I don't want a soggy carpet."

She is so mean. And not very bright as her next sentence highlighted.

"Now remember, stay in the shade, come in if you get too hot, drink plenty of water..."

We are cats and perfectly capable of knowing what to do in the sunshine!! It's peoples that do silly stuff.


Our new curtains

June 30th 2015 10:36 pm
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I don't like them. That is I have nothing against them when they just hang there but my mum insists on pulling them across the windows when she goes to work. Something about keeping the flat cooler. How is a boy to sunbathe?

Luckily with some determined paw action and a little focus I can get them pulled back around my bed so I get toasted. Mum says please not to - that's not why she has them. But when did I ever listen to her?

The other crazy thing is that we're not sleeping outside at night. It would be much nicer but mum will have none of it. Peoples are very odd!!



June 29th 2015 10:31 pm
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One of my mum's favourite things at her work is Induction. She gets to meet all the new people who start and find out all about them. She did one yesterday and one of her first questions is always whether the person has pets. She said the lady yesterday said she has two pets.

"I bet they're cats," I said. They are often cats.

"No," said my mum, "She has a budgie and a frog. That's unusual."

"That is an incredible coincidence," I replied. "That is exactly what we have. Josie has a budgiegar with brightly coloured feathers and they fly and leap around together all happy and I have a pet frog called Bobby and I pat him with my paw and he bounces and we're all happy."

Mum looked at me blankly. "No you don't"

"No," I agreed bitterly, "No we do not. And why do we not, many would wonder. It's because every time we bring pets in you let them go. That's why."

"You're the pets," said my mum. "You don't get to have pets."

Life is so very unfair!!


Some good; some not so good

June 28th 2015 10:41 pm
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Good was all the sunshine. I love sleeping in a sunbeam getting all toasty warm. Bad was the rain on Sunday. Mum said make the most of it for we are going to get hot, hot, hot!! I love hot, hot, hot. Mum isn't so keen but actually she's the one without the furry coat so she should like it more.

Good was having the doors open on the sunny day. Bad was having that naughty tabby cat wander in. (Not Jasper from next door. he has better manners than that - the other tabby.) Mum says she accepts Josie isn't brave enough to see him off but could she see her way to making some kind of noise so that mum can see him off?

Not sure is that we have new curtains. Mum says she hopes that I won't climb them and she hopes they'll keep more of the heat out on the hot, hot, hot days. She is weird. I haven't tested them for claw capability yet but I will and I still don't get why anyone would not want the heat. If she drapes them in front of my bed I'll have to push them back.


Josie and mum

June 25th 2015 10:34 pm
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Not getting on so well at the moment actually.

Josie sees the sun come up and gets so excited that we have another day to be happy in that she wakes my mum up to share the good news. My mum's continued lack of enthusiasm for a 4.30am start deters Josie not a jot.

This morning, rebuffed yet again, Josie took to chasing her own tail to demonstrate just how much fun there is to be had at that time in the morning. Mum can't sleep through that going on next to her either.

I have such amazing days out in the sunshine I'm always tired at night. The only thing is that when I am out for hours Josie likes to pretend to be an only cat. She sleeps in my bed and then settles by my mum and tells her it's lovely to be just girls. When I come home she treats me like a stranger cat. It's not nice to get whacky-paw when you come in your own home.

Luckily my mum has me to show her how awesome cats really are. (Oh - she says given that I'm hardly indoors at the moment she's not sure that's true.)


All OK now

June 24th 2015 10:45 pm
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What happened on scary day was that my mum went to work and after she had gone the man came and stole our boiler. That's right - ripped the whole thing out. It was noisy and scary and I went out to escape.

When my mum came home she looked in the cupboard where it had been and said "Good" and then "I wonder how this one works." For he hadn't been stealing the old one apparently, he had been putting a new one in. So we have hot water again.

And our throws back.

My mum had moved them. She said it was a very long shot but she was afeared that we might be under one and he might sit down for a break and not realise that in this house you check for cats before sitting down.

So all's well that ends well. And yesterday I was going to go on Catster and say all about it and we couldn't connect but today we can and the sun in shining and life is all good again!!


A happy day

June 22nd 2015 10:15 pm
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Have I mentioned that I love summer?!

Yesterday I was having such a brilliant time hunting in the garden I didn't even hear my mum come home. I just heard her call me and went bounding in to see what she wanted.

"Suppertime," she said, placing my bowl of chunks on the floor. I sniffed it.

"No thanks," I said and went back out.

"Toby?" she started but I was gone.

I came back in later and headed for my catnip banana, just the thing to finish my day. Well, I never quite made it. Slightly embarrassingly I woke up to find myself lying on the rug, near the nip to be fair, but I had worn myself out and sleep got me before I got the nip.

"Is that better?" mum laughed. I managed some biscuits and to get to my proper bed before falling asleep again.

I expect today will be just as awesome.

Strangely Mum says I must be brave and look after Josie no matter what happens. I don't want stuff to happen and if it does it's every cat for themselves.


Under siege

June 21st 2015 10:40 pm
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There is a thing on our door, trying to get in.

I went outdoors this morning and everything was normal. Quick patrol to check my territory and back home for breakfast and there it was. On the door.

I stopped sharply and looked at it.

Luckily my mum was in the kitchen.

She saw me stop and looked for the cause.

"It's only a snail," she said. "Come on Toby."

Now I don't mind snails in their place but their place is not sliding across my door. It was pretty big close up and I was in no way minded to go near it. Mum opened my door for me and I hopped in quicksmart.

I am staying nestled to my mum so she doesn't get scared. I'm pretty sure it won't be able to get in but she might worry.

Up to then it had been a good weekend. Some sleeping; some games; some snuggles. My mum went to see Grandpa yesterday for Father's Day and had a good time.


My mum is trying to starve me

June 18th 2015 10:31 pm
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I came in yesterday evening.

"Where are my biscuits?" They live in a bowl on my fort in the hall.

"In the bedroom," said my mum. So they were. Why would she hide them like that? It's a mean trick to play on a hungry cat.

Turns out our boiler isn't working and my mum moved the fort so he could get at the cupboard where it lives. He did come and he did fix it but there were a lot of solemn faces and mutterings about lime-scale and how old the boiler is.

"We don't need a boiler," I reassured my mum.

"Not now we don't but come winter you'll be very glad of it," she reckoned.

"Let's just keep it summer," I said.

Apparently it doesn't work that way but I wish it did.

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