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Toby's Diary

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More Jasper

August 23rd 2015 10:33 pm
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Having been busy the last few weekends my mum was home a lot this weekend which was good. Some of it was so hot and we had everything open and that Jasper came calling.

I did my most impressive yodel of doom but he didn't seem to notice as he had found a ping pong ball and was batting that about everywhere. Then he went behind the sofa which my mum only realised when a tabby paw poked up behind her and waved.

When it was time for her to go to church she was worried in case he was still in our flat as he is an investigating kind of cat and does wander. But he wasn't.

It rained in the afternoon and I snuggled up next to my mum and fell asleep there feeling all warmedly and loved. Actually I had forgotten how good that feels. Mum says it's another sign of autumn. She gets more snuggles and she likes that.

Don't be thinking I'm soppy - she's warm and is good at tummy rubs and that is why I let her pet me thus,


First sign of autumn

August 20th 2015 10:43 pm
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This morning it happened at about five-thirty. A car drove past and as it was still dark its headlamps swept across the wall - pursued by a delighted Josie. It's too light in summer for that particular hobby.

She ran down to my mum and announced the news in a bright and cheerful meow. Then she sat on the bedside table purring, so happy as she's missed doing that.

My mum laughed and said she loves her crazy tortie. She's normally grumpy when you wake her but she thinks the whole headlamp thing is funny.

I am the only sane one here!


A new rule

August 19th 2015 10:46 pm
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Last night was a bit rainy outside. When it is damp outside the nicest possible place to be is cosy next to your mum inside, gently dozing and having the occasional stroke. And that's exactly where I was. All calm and tranquil, just beginning a dream about the biggest bag of treats ever when..

Ker-bam! The magic door went with a big bash and Josie shot through the kitchen, across the hall and into the bedroom.

I leapt up. What emergency was this that required my attention?

"Josie?" asked my mum. The tortie came bounding in.

"Isn't it marvelous just to be alive?" she asked no-one in particular. "Hi Toby. Isn't it brilliant to be a cat?" and she circuited the armchair at high speed to make her point.

"Has she been on the cat nip?" I asked.

My mum laughed. "Go on - chase her. That's what she wants."

So I did. But I want a new rule. We build up to these things gradually. No crashing in and startling people!


My mum forgot

August 18th 2015 10:44 pm
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I was looking at her. "Ahem!" I said.

She looked up from her book.


"Did you forget a certain day at the beginning of the week?"

She thought about it. "No-one's birthday. No-one's Gotcha Day. No-one due at the vet. No - I don't think I missed anything."

"So Black Cat Appreciation Day passed you by? I didn't feel specially appreciated".

She looked stricken. "I appreciate you every day," she said, feebly.

Josie pipped in that she doesn't see why black cats should get a special day anyway. Torties don't.

It's because us black cats are awesome!!

Oh - mum says it's because they often get left behind at shelters as people think they don't photo so well and some people think they can do magic.

I am extremely photogenic as are all my fellow black cats and we only do good magic - the vanishing treats kind of stuff. Heck with it - we should have every day for our appreciation Day.


Oldest cat

August 17th 2015 10:31 pm
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My mum was looking at the news and normally this does not make her smile but yesterday she did.

"Do you know how old the oldest cat in the world is?" she asked me.

"I forget. How old are you Josie?" I asked.

"Not Josie. She's really pretty young. The oldest cat is 26 and looks pretty good."

"26 human years or cat years?"

"Human years," my mum told me.

"Wow! That's older than you," I said.

She laughed. "I wish."

Which is weird because if we're happy the cat is enjoying such a long life we should be happy for peoples too.

Anyway mum says we must look after ourselves and keep 26 in our heads as how old she wants us to be. I am pretty sure plenty of treats and tummy rubs will help get me there.


Missed my mum

August 16th 2015 11:49 pm
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She went away for several weeks (oh - she says it was one night. It felt like several weeks!)

She came back yesterday evening, her bags smelling of strange cats. Most of her friends have cats of course.

Anyway I woke up in the night and realised there she was, in her bed, where she belongs so I went to tell her I love her. I began with a cheek stroke but when that didn't seem to be getting the message through I added the claws. Nothing says I love you like claws in the face!

And I purred and purred.

"Toby I need to sleep," she said.

"And I need my head scritched," I said. Because I did.

Cat versus human. There could only be one winner and scritch my head she did.

I am glad she is back.


Mum was bad again

August 13th 2015 10:37 pm
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It was rainy yesterday so I was contentedly by her side when the phone rang. It was her brofur, Uncle Charlie.

She talked and she talked but I did not hear her say my name or Josie's name or even the word 'cats'. It was all extremely boring.

So I bit her.

On the hand. Not hard, just a warning. Then I darted out of reach.

"Ow!" she said, then, "Toby just bit me."

At last the conversation had moved on to the most important aspects of her life. Sometimes she takes a lot of work.


Getting my own back

August 12th 2015 10:32 pm
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Yesterday morning after I told my mum what to say in my diary we had a lovely snuggle. I was in deep contented bliss, giving my mum kitty kisses, purring and having my tummy rubbed. Life just doesn't get any better until...

"I have to go to work now," said my mum, standing up.

Surely they did not need her like I needed her. So unfair! I decided she must pay for her neglect of me.

Normally when she comes home I am there to greet her but I stayed outdoors. I heard the front door go and resisted the temptation to run in. She opened the back door and called me. I stayed put. Let her suffer - I know she would have been stressing about me.

Hours I stayed out there teaching her a lesson about neglecting me. (Actually it was more like ten minutes but Toby's right. I was stressing!)

She was so happy when I finally came in. I expect she'll never go to work when I want her again!


Weird mum

August 11th 2015 10:37 pm
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This was last night. Luckily Josie was on hand to help.

My mum came home late last night, muttering about bad drivers who crash into each other and make everyone late. She was all grumpy and mean. It's still been quite warm although it was cloudy so she had the big door open.

Then it started raining and my mum went and stood by the open door and breathed deeply. "It's so peaceful," she told Josie, "Listening to the sound of the rain and breathing in that scent of fresh wet grass. Just what I needed to relax."

Josie didn't think it peaceful at all. She thought it wet. And mum should be sitting on the sofa scritching Josie's head, not standing by the door. And so she told my mum, repeatedly and insistently.

"Well - it was so peaceful before you started meowing," said my mum but not so grumpy as she had been. Maybe, weird as it may sound, the rain did help.I will never understand peoples.


Mum's dream

August 10th 2015 10:42 pm
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My mum said she had an odd dream last night. She was having a meal but someone at the table was eating really noisily and it was rather disgusting.

She woke up and the noise continued. She opened her eyes - ah - it was the sound of Josie enthusiastically lapping water that had got in her dream.

"Josie is ikky," I agreed. But mum says we are good cats as we drink plenty of water.

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