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Henry's Birthday

February 14th 2012 10:32 pm
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It was Henry's Birthday yesterday. He popped down from the Bridge wearing his party hat and Josie and I joined in some lively games of tag and hide and seek. Mum, of course, couldn't see him and she was sad but watching us bounce around so much made her smile.

When he had to go he told us to keep a special eye on her so we both cuddled up very snugly last night. When I'm cuddling I like to go really close to mum's face so she can feel my purr; Josie reckons it's better to perch on mum so that her breathing rocks you to sleep.

Either way my mum could not have doubted she was surrounded by kitty love last night.


Happy Valentines Day

February 13th 2012 9:57 pm
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I was very excited and woke my mum up extra early to tell her that I love her. She wasn't very responsive at first but I am a peristent boy.

As it is Valentine's Day I have some happy love news to report. On Sunday Josie and I were very good and we shared the arm of mum's sofa. There is room if we both curl up neatly so we did and we both fell asleep.

When I woke up Josie was giving my head a licking. That's the part that is hardest to wash and she had found a bit I had missed. Mum said, "That's lovely you giving your brother a kiss" but I thought it was lovely of me to let her.

Actually it felt quite nice and proves that Josie loves me really. So we are all loved up here and send hugs to all our Catster friends.


Stil brrrrrrrrrr!

February 12th 2012 10:24 pm
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Mum once read that you can tell the temperature by the length of a sleeping cat. When we are hot we stretch out as far as we can but at the moment we are sleeping in tight little balls, paws over our noses to keep as warm as can be.

I kept finding Josie hogging the bed by the radiator and had to keep moving her on. Mum reckons there's enough room to share but I don't do the "share" thing.

So mum said she felt sorry for Josie and that she had an idea. In her bedroom there is the chair that she kicked. If she swivelled that around then the comfy bit would face the radiator and we could have a comfy toasty sleepy place each.

Sounded good so we came to help. Josie rode on the chair while mum pushed and I walked all round and checked the position. Mum kept stopping and looking at me so I could give her the nod if she was doing it right and when she said, "Get out of the way Toby" she really meant to say thank you.

So now we have the cat bed pouffe and a soft cushion on a substantial armchair both lined up to get maximum benefit from a radiator.

Naturally we still fight over the pouffe and despite both having jumped up on the chair to test it neither of us have any intention of sleeping there. (Mum is trying to work out how to pretend she doesn't want us to as that normally seems to work!)

Anyway a cat who was a Pick of the Day not once but twice last week should be allowed to sleep exactly where he likes! Catster Diary Lady obviously thinks so!!


Under the throw - at last

February 9th 2012 10:18 pm
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One of our favourite pieces of furniture is our big bed that lives by the radiator in winter and the window in summer. Mum says it's not a cat bed, it's a pouffe, but we sleep on it therefore it is our bed.

On this bed is a throw all pattened with paw prints so people know it is ours. I have seen Josie sniggle herself under this and always wanted to do the same but I never quite worked out her secret.

Last night I cracked it. You have to start from the edge (I had been trying to get through the middle.) I got myself all snug and cosy under and drifted off to sleep.

Then I heard my mum say, "This will not end happily" and I heard a ker-thunk as Josie landed next to me. There was some very gentle movement as she sniffed the throw than she patted me, and patted some more. I sneaked out a paw and grabbed her foot and that made the patting stop.

Mum asked if I can see how patting is kinder than the full body leap that I do when I see Josie under the throw. Yes it is kinder - but I'm not the kind one!

It snowed again yesterday. I went out in it but it was so cold and wet I very quickly came back in again and we have been purring for all the kitties that don't have warm homes to go to.


Where was Josie?

February 8th 2012 10:33 pm
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We are getting used to being in during the day. It is very cold out there anyway so better to be warm at home. Mum comes back and we have supper and maybe I have a run outside and very maybe Josie comes too and then we are happy for the evening.

Mum is coming to like it too as when she opens the door she knows she will find us both safely there. Except yesterday in she came and she looked at me and then looked all round.

"Where is your sister?"

"What sister?"

"Tortie cat, white paws, pretty face"

"That sister. No idea."

Mum knew Josie had to be indoors but why hadn't she come to say hello and have her supper?

Mum looked everywhere before realising. That cat had run outside when mum opened the door to come in. We often do that as other cats leave scents in our porch and we have to check them. But mum hadn't seen her so poor Josie was freezing outside until mum opened the door again and she came running in. I would have called out if I had been shut outside but Josie only meows about once a month. She saves her meow for special occasions.

Anyway yesterday was very special as I was a Diary Pick of the Day. Hoorah!!


Waking up our mum

February 7th 2012 10:36 pm
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At the moment we are loving our radiators. They give off a gentle stream of warm and keep us cats happy. But they don't work all the time, they go cold in the day and over night.

You know when they are about to get warm again as you hear a gentle wumph from the cupboard in the hall. It is pretty quiet and I don't think my mum always hears it so I wake her up to tell her the good news. Then I tell her about my interesting dreams. Then I tell her anything I forget to tell her the night before. Then I wonder if it might not be time for breakfast.

Sometimes she pretends to still be asleep but a meow directly in the ear or a carefully used paw soon stops that.

Mum reckons the warm is coming on earlier while we have this cold snap so that's quite a lot of chatting each morning. So much so last night she said she would have an early night to catch up on her sleep and I promised not to wake her early.

So we were all quiet, I was asleep by mum's legs, Josie was cuddled up with mum under the duvet and it was peaceful and still when there was a loud cry from outside. It went on a few times and all our hearts were racing. Josie hid and mum went to the window.

It was a bad fox calling out for its friends when all sensible animals were trying to sleep. My mum banged on the window and it ran away. But she had been worried that some poor creature was in trouble and she took a long time to get back to sleep so I think we're all going to have an early night again tonight. Luckily us cats like early nights.


Mum's poorly paw

February 6th 2012 10:38 pm
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On Friday morning mum jumped out of bed, ran to the bedroom chair and kicked it hard. I thought that's got to have hurt and she said a very loud Ow. Maybe she should smack it next time it is naughty.

She reckons she was on her way out of the bedroom and accidentally kicked it but I can't see how she could do that so I think it must have said something bad to her that she didn't like to repeat.

Anyway ever since then she has been walking funny, non-kicking foot steps as confidently as ever; kicking foot moves much more gingerly and there aren't many shoes she can wear.

The good part for us is that of course you don't need two working feet to flip toys around or throw balls and point a laser and her strokey hands are as good as ever - and she can't go to her dance class so we are getting lots of quality time!

She is going to work - she reckons she can do stairs but only at a hop which she is bored of explaining to people so she's been riding around in the lift. I never saw a lift but they sound pretty cool. Imagine going in a box, watching the door close and then seeing something different when the door opens.

We still have snow but it is gone very mushy so not nearly as much fun as it was.


Finally I saw snow

February 5th 2012 10:40 pm
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I was beginning to think that it didn't exist; just a story to frighten kittens with. "If you aren't good kitties then cold white stuff will fall from the sky and bury your garden."

On Saturday evening mum told us it was snowing but we were just too cosy and warm to care but on Sunday morning I saw it and I couldn't wait to get out in it. It feels very funny under your paws and it is cold so you have to keep moving but drippy bits kept falling off branches and I chased them and mum threw snowballs for me and I officially LOVE snow! Mum filmed me a little too so that's on my page.

My day just got better as we came in and I cuddled up with her feeling all loved having my tummy rubbed and mum said she had nowhere to go so we all had a lovely day together.

It's still there this morning but mum has to go to work and she says she's leaving the magic door locked as she doesn't want to be fretting about me getting stuck outside. I have lost all faith in my collar and the door and now when I want to get in I scrabble increasingly frantically at the door with my paws until she takes pity on me.

She did ask why I don't use the head push that always worked so well in the past but I'm not sure she would like to bang her head against a door that might not open.


What would happen if..?

February 3rd 2012 12:06 am
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Mum always said I should keep my collar on as what would happen if I went outside when she wasn't home and couldn't get back indoors again. We now know the answer to that question.

That is exactly what happened yesterday. I took my collar off and trotted out but when I wanted to go back inside the door wouldn't open. It was really cold outside and there are scary cats out there and mum was miles away at work.

The good news is that I made such a rumpus trying to get in that Paul from next door heard me and came round and rescued me so all mum's worrying was for nothing after all. The bad news is that later I went out again and Paul didn't hear me that time and I had to wait for mum to come back.

It was dark and cold and I have never been so happy to be nestled up on my own sofa next to my own mum.


Where was my mum?

February 1st 2012 10:38 pm
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When the front door opened yesterday I thought it was my mum but it wasn't. It was Paul from next door but he had people with him that I do not know so Josie and I hid. We thought maybe they were on a kitty napping expedition.

They looked for us but only in the kitchen and only in one cupboard. They took out all mum's cooking stuff and tins and the bowl of vegetables but as they didn't find us there they gave up and went away.

Mum came home much later and she was very confused to find her kitchen all messed up so she gave us our supper and then went to find out what had happened.

She reckons they weren't looking for us at all. Upstairs have had no electricity since Sunday and turns out there is a fuse box in our flat for theirs, hidden behind all the tins and because Paul has keys he let them in. I don't believe this story and still think we were wise to hide but mum says she thinks it is true.

And anyway why wasn't she home to make sure everyone left without a cat? She reckons she had to work late again but has promised she won't do that again in a hurry so I think inside she is worried that they might come back and snaffle one of us.

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