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Not being scared

November 4th 2012 10:35 pm
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On Friday evening, pretty much as soon as it got dark, things started to go bang and flash in the sky. I ran under mum's bed.

I wasn't scared - I just wanted to check that it was safe under there in case mum and Josie were scared and wanted to hide there.

When I had been there long enough to be certain I went out to tell them. I found mum on the sofa and Josie curled up on the arm of the sofa. They looked surprisingly calm but I could see Josie had a paw out touching mum which is what she does when she is nervous.

"I am here now to look after you." I announced. "Budge over!"

And I scrambled up on the arm next to Josie. Mum said that we were in the perfect pose for our card so she ran to get her camera. Timing is everything in these situations and I'm proud to say that I got it just right. I waited until mum had the camera lined up and was just taking it so she has one and a half cats on her picture which won't do.

Later I came back and the three of us were all warmedly together and not scared of all the bangs and whizzes outdoors.

They happened again on Saturday and Sunday nights. I took over Josie's snug as the best place to be if my mum was busy.

Mum says today is November 5th which is what all the bangs have been leading up to so after today things should quieten down. Good!


Saving the day (or trying to anyway!)

November 2nd 2012 12:05 am
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Normally my mum is almost as bouncy and healthy as me but yesterday she had a bad head. A really bad head. She said there was nothing for it but to take some tablets and lie down a while.

This is so unusual I worried. What if she stayed lying down? Who would feed us? I knew the time had come to step up and show what I am really made of.

I went outside and caught a mouse. Yey! It would all be fine. I could provide for all of us. I hurried back, eager to show my mum.

She wasn't as grateful as I had expected. It was dead and ready for snacking on but she wouldn't let me bring it indoors.

"Just try a nibble," I suggested. "It might help your headache" but she held firm on insisting I leave it outdoors.

Her head did get better and she is back up and running but at least she knows if she ever needs me to I can catch our daily food.

Now she is better she reckons she has an idea for our Christmas card and just needs a photo of Josie and me together. This should be fun!


Skellingtons and ghosts!

November 1st 2012 12:36 am
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We heard them giggling in the porch as they plotted their evil and there was a big shout of "Happy Halloween" and Josie and I ran for our lives. Even mum was scared as she opened the door and there were skellingtons and ghosts standing there.

She said she wasn't scared. She was just pretending but I think she was. Luckily she knew exactly what to do. Josie had been wondering why there was a bucket full of chocolate bars on the hall table where she likes to sit but mum grabbed this and placated the scary beings with an offering of chocolate and they seemed happy with that and off they went.

"I wonder if we'll get any more" mum wondered.

But we didn't.

We had our treat though. Mum was making caramel chocolates and a key ingredient is cream and there was some left over. We are particularly partial to a drop of cream and she did not disappoint us. We were very happy cats.


My mum telling lies

October 31st 2012 12:29 am
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Yesterday my mum was out all day and she came home with my friend Dee. They had been shopping and coming home mum had suggested Dee come and say hello to us.

"You won't see Josie," she explained, "but Toby will be more sociable."

Sociable my paw! I had been stuck in all day. I wanted out and out I went. Josie says she heard mum apologise for that and decided to go and take a look. So my mum had now said two untrue things.

"This is her snug" said mum showing Dee where Josie has been snoozing. "I expect she'll go in it" but Josie was more interested in sniffing Dee's feet. So mum was wrong again.

She went to sort out some drinks for them both but gave Dee some treats to give Josie. "She loves these," said mum. Josie was quite getting in the spirit now of doing the opposite of what mum said so sniffed Dee's fingers politely and reluctantly crunched half the treat.

When I came in Josie whispered to me what she was doing and it was funny.

"Here's my boy" said mum. "He'll like a treat." I held off a bit but couldn't resist but did resist playing with my laser pointer even as mum was saying, "That's his favourite toy" and basically everything mum said about us we did the opposite.

"Have you just been telling me lies about your cats?" asked Dee. "No," said mum. "It's all true. Honest!" and I looked up at them both with my biggest most innocentist eyes.

Hah! That will teach my mum to go shopping all day instead of being with us!

Of course as soon as Dee had left we were munching up the treats, Josie was in her snug and we did all the things we normally do. I love being a cat!

Today is Halloween which is a special celebration of us black cats so I'm pretty excited about that.


Being stroked

October 30th 2012 12:35 am
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Mum was reading a magazine yesterday that came from our insurance company so is all about pets. Much better than the stuff she normally reads. She read a bit out to me.

"Did you know that after five minutes of being stroked a cat's blood pressure goes down?"

"It does feel good that's true."

But then she read that they reckpn you should not stroke a sleeping cat. I sighed. People aren't very bright sometimes.

"Where is my favourite place to sleep?" I asked.

"Mostly next to me." She got that one right.

"And what happens when I nestle next to you?"

"I stroke you."

This is true. If she doesn't she gets a firm reminder of just exactly what her hands are for - stroksies!

"So I know that sleeping next to you will result in strokes and I can choose to sleep anywhere I like so doesn't that make you think I might be happy to be stroked even if I'm asleep?"

She looked happier at that. "Maybe they asked Josie. She's less keen on the stroking while sleeping thing."

Josie has pretty much retreated to her snug and wants to be woken when it's Spring again. Mum says she can't spend the next six months there but Josie plans to try.

Today is actually sunny if a bit cold.

We have also been purring for all the cats and their families in the path of Sandy Storm. It looks very frightening so we are purring for it to weaken soon and for everyone to be safe and for all the people who will be trying to get everything fixed.


Josie's teeth

October 29th 2012 12:19 am
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When Josie had her annual check up last year the vet said Josie was in good shape but had a FORL which is a feline orthodenty type something something and she needed that tooth out. Indeed he reckoned that this would be progressive and given how nervous Josie is at the vets they might as well take them all out.

Mum is all for saving us stress at the vets but ALL Josie's teeth?! Especially as Josie didn't seem to be in any pain. Us cats are, of course, experts at hiding pain as we really don't like vet treatment. So mum watched Josie when Josie didn't realise. She watched her crunch on her biscuits all happily and munch on treats. Mum rubbed Josie's mouth when Josie was relaxed and Josie did not go "ouch"; she purred and asked for more.

So one way and another mum never booked Josie in for that operation. And now we are one year on.

A different vet gave Josie her annual examination. Josie weighs the same as last year. Then the vet spent so long on heart and lungs mum thought there was a problem but the vet said it's all good and she likes to be thorough. So what would thorough vet say when she looked in Josie's mouth?

"There's some redness on her gums and some tartar build-up. She needs a scrape and polish."

"A scrape and polish?"

So not all her teeth out, just a really proper clean up. Which is much better although Josie says she isn't sure she wants even that but mum says she has to have it. So Josie spent most of her weekend in her snug so mum couldn't find her but mum says it definitely won't happen before her next pay day so Josie gets a reprieve (and to keep her teeth!)


Josie made me a snug

October 25th 2012 11:31 pm
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I don't want anyone thinking we missed my mum at all while she was gone. We just find it comfortable to be close to her when we can. Lots of Josie on mum's lap and me curled up next to them. Mum says she missed us so we let her enjoy being close to us.

But sometimes she has to get on with stuff. She was yesterday when I noticed Josie doing something. She was on the armchair nosing at the throw. She managed to squeeze herself under it and there she was in her own cosy snug. I knew as soon as I saw her do it that this was exactly where I wanted to be.

It took about four attempts as mum had watched her too and somehow knew what I had in mind so I found myself thwarted a few times but mum can't be wtaching me for ever. I took my moment, pushed my nose in and suggested Josie might be happier somewhere else. She took the hint and left and the snug was mine.

Us cats do like to be in a hidey hole that is soft and in this case pre-warmed by Josie and I had a lovely sleep there. I did let Josie have a sleep there later and I think now that autumn is here that could be our new favourite place. Mum says that's fine but she'll have to warm guests not to sit there without looking.


My mum went away but now she is back

October 24th 2012 11:05 pm
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So much for all our happy times while she was on holiday!

She came back yesterday afternoon and said she had really missed us and wanted the biggest cuddle but I said she should have thought about that before she abandoned us and wouldn't let her. Instead I went out hunting. That showed her!

Josie, as ever at these times, not cool. She ran up and down cheering because mum is home.

By bed time I thought that my mum had suffered enough so she got her snuggle and my rumbliest purrs and the three of us were snug and cosy and mum has promised she isn't going away again any time soon.


My mum's happy thing

October 18th 2012 10:33 pm
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Mum is very happy this morning. She didn't grumble when I woke her bright and early. She just petted me and I purred.

"You are happy today" I said.

"I am. Would you like to know why?"

"Did you buy the whole cat toy section of Pets at Home?"


"Did they bring out a new flavour of Dreamies?"

"No. At least I don't know that they have."

I could tell the notion perturbed her. She is pretty good at bringing us the new treats as they are put on sale.

"Is Josie leaving home?"


Anyway turns out Josie is staying here with us and the reason for mum's happy is that today she is at work and then she has two whole weeks of holiday. No alarm clock, no drive in the rush hour to work, no wearing suits...

"And you will be at our beck and call all day every day. No wonder you are so happy!"

She went a little bit quiet at that and said not necessarily every single day but she did promise us lots of days within that time.

Happy days are here again!!


A much happier evening

October 17th 2012 10:34 pm
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My mum was actually a little bit early home from work and she had a big box. I tried to get the lid off as it smelled very interesting but mum said it was just training stuff for her work inside.

Later I reckoned she owed me a massive game of laser pointer but she said she wasn't sure the curtains could really take me getting so over-excited again. Then she had an idea.

She went in the hall to fetch the box. She had to move Josie first. Josie thought the box was for sitting on but mum pointed out that we already have a cardboard box for sitting on in our hall and she wasn't that keen on having another.

She took the lid off and took all her stupid training stuff out and in I went. Then mum started throwing scrumplied pieces of paper from her magazine in to it. It was so much fun. I could see if I could bat them away, I could chase them round the box. It was sll so much fun I ended up jumping out of the box, round the room and up the curtains. Go Toby!

Josie and I asked if we could keep the box for ever. Mum wasn't sure that was what it was meant for and she said it will mean having a lot to carry somehow to work so we are to keep it for games and sittings.

After all I was a Daily Diary Pick and that surely meant I deserved a new toy. I was feeling pretty special about that and thank everyone for all my lovely messages and presents.

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