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Josie can be naughty

September 20th 2012 10:33 pm
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Mum was sitting on the sofa last night and Josie was watching her. Then Josie said, "There's something under the throw I need" and she started nosing and clawing at the throw. Mum had no idea what it could be. Had a catnip mouse fallen down there? Had one of us dropped a treat and it had fallen behind?

Josie was so insistently pulling at the throw that mum stood up so Josie could reach.

Faster than you can wash a whisker Josie was on mum's vacant cushion, curled up looking like a cat that had been there for hours.

"Josie!" said mum. I think she had planned to still be sitting there.

Josie looked all round to see who mum was talking to. From the tone it couldn't be her as mum's tone wasn't friendly. Josie looked so sure that she had done nothing wrong that mum laughed and took the other end of the sofa. Score: Josie One, Mum nil.

Josie told me later that she wanted mum's cushion as she knew mum would have warmed up the seat nicely and we definitely have the autumnal chill.


Josie's stupid game

September 19th 2012 10:34 pm
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Mum was home all evening again last night so I was out, chasing dragons and bears. When I came in for my checks on the girls I found them playing Josie's favourite game.

Mum has a low table and she puts a pen on it and tells Josie very solumnly that she wants the pen left just where it is. Josie pretends to agree and walks away. Then she runs back, ambushes the pen from a surprise angle and knocks it to the ground. Then off she runs, chuckling to herself.

Mum pretends to be annoyed and puts the pen back. They can carry this on for hours.

To me the game would only be fun if mum really did want the pen left where it was but we know the difference and Josie only likes it because she can hear mum laughing too. Josie leaves the naughtiness to the expert which is me!

I only managed to catch leaves last night. I did forget to write at the weekend that I caught a real dragon only mum got it and let it go. And said it was a dragon-fly but that's a real type of dragon.

All the purring for Ricky worked and his cone is gone. The report is that he spent a busy evening giving a thorough wash to all those parts he couldn't reach before. His fur will grow back and he'll be good as new.


I am not coming in

September 18th 2012 10:43 pm
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When mum goes to work I have to go indoors. Mostly I am OK with that - mainly as she calls me in with the rustle of a cat treat bag. I usually manage to get double rations by looking at the first offering with a sigh of disappointment.

"If I'd known it was them I wouldn't have come!" then mum gives me others and I scoff both.

But yesterday I was back on the trail of that naughty squirrel. I knew I would catch him in a few more minutes and hardly heard my mum calling my name. Then I did hear - and so did Squirrel who vaulted over the shed and was lost to me - mum open the doors and come out.

She can move faster than you might imagine. I found that out before. So I dived under the nearest bush. Let's see mum get me now!!

She tried rustling the kitty treat bag but I'm not a kitten any more to be lured like that.

Then she cheated. She picked a very long strand of grass and wiggled it about. I had half an eye on her and half an eye on the grass. I only chased the grass when it was well out of her reach thinking I would beat her once again. Only she pulled the grass closer and closer to her and me, the mighty hunter eyes only for his prey, was sucked in and next thing I knew her arm was round my middle and in we went. Most undignified.

She thought I had forgiven her when I snuggled up against her warmth last night. She put out a hand to stroke me and I bit her. I would have bitten her again but she pulled all her hands under the duvet and muttered about me being an evil cat but she let me stay.

Ricky is back at the vet today to hopefully have his cone taken off. He'll be very happy for that.


Autumn or Fall?

September 17th 2012 10:35 pm
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It is definitely getting cooler here. I have been sleeping on the chair in my mum's room at night but last night I nestled right by her side and stayed there all night. She is beautifully cosy and she woke up a couple of times and gave me strokes so it was all snuggly.

And it is getting cold because it is Autumn. Only I learned something new yesterday. I had a letter from my paw pal Laura Belle and my mum read it to me and she talked about Fall.

"What's Fall?"

"It's what they call Autumn in America as it's when all the leaves fall from the trees."

I chuckled. "Those crazy Americans!"

Then I thought about it. Josie and I have been having lots of fun chasing the falled leaves as they blow about and we even have some favourites we've brought in and actually Fall does make sense.

"So why do we call it Autumn?"

"Actually I don't know. I'll look in my book."

So she did and the answer is that no-one really knows. They have thoughts but they don't know if they are right.

People are weird. Imagine not knowing what a word really means and saying it anyway. Every cat reading this knows exactly what "meow" means!


Happy days

September 16th 2012 10:48 pm
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Mum went out dancing on Friday evening and when she came home she was tired. She asked us if we would let her sleep and not wake her early as it would be Saturday and she wanted a lie-in. I had to point out that as she had been out all evening we still had bouncy and very non-sleepy feet. So we had a deal - she stayed up for half an hour to play and we would let her sleep in on Saturday morning.

It was a good plan and we kept our side of the bargain - only mum had forgotten to switch off her alarm clock so at six off it went. Excellent! We were well within our rights to start demanding breakfast!

Saturday was sunny all day so I was out hunting mostly and in the evening we were all cosy indoors.

On Sunday mum went to see Ricky.

"So he gets all that tuna fish and now he gets my mum as well?"

Mum said she was only visiting and we should feel sorry for him as he has to wear a cone. Josie wore a cone once and she says any cat in a cone deserves everything they like. I said I would not wear a cone; I would rip it off like I do my collar. Mum said she hopes we never have to test that one.

Anyway mum went and she says Ricky looks like the end of his tail will heal nicely. At the moment his tail is slightly odd as they shaved the last few inches but mum says you can see the fur is already growing back and you will hardly be able to tell when that happens. And they have a very solid looking doorstop over the offending door.

Mum has been passing on all your purrs but she showed Ricky's mum and dad so they could read all your comments for themselves. They were happy to see them and they looked at some of my friend's pages and commented on what a great site Catster is.

They said Ricky and his brofur Arthur should have their own page and I will let you know if that happens.


Crazy Cat Josie

September 13th 2012 10:36 pm
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Yesterday we did wonder if Josie had caught the mad cat virus. She was even bouncier than me. It was brilliant. I love having a sisfur when she is as fun as that. She was batting me with a paw and darting around and we played tag until our eyes got sleepy. It's very annoying when your paws still want to party but your eyes want a rest. You think you'll just close them for a second..and then a longer second and next thing you know mum is saying it's bedtime. I did twack her ankle to prove I wasn't really tired but my heart wasn't in it.

Mum suspects she knows the real reason for Josie's high spirits. She found the biggest furball ever on the kitchen floor. So big she wasn't sure what it was at first. Josie must have felt so good to get that out.

I asked how mum knew it wasn't me and mum said because I like to be brushed and she's never known me with a furball but Josie hates the brush; even the most gentle stroke with a kitten brush.

Mum told Ricky's mum of all the lovely messages my friends have sent him and she is thankful for all his purrs. I think a bit impressed that I can draw on international support! The purrs are all working as he saw the vet for a check and the stitches are healing well.


Being Homely Cats

September 12th 2012 10:37 pm
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Mum came home last night and immediately started taking all her coats out of the cupboard in the hall. Josie reckoned she was going to make it into a home for us; I wondered if she had caught the mad virus after all. Either way we wanted to stay home and see what happened next.

What that was was a man coming in and he noodled around in the cupboard which is odd as mum's guests don't normally go in there.

"I see what it is," he said. "That's good. Is it cheap and easy to fix?" asked my mum.

Turns out we have had no hot water since Sunday and he had come to fix the boiler. Happily he could mend it - he even made the radiators warm up. We rather took to him; Josie even went so far as to investigate his bags but said there was noting to eat in them.

After he had gone we were ready to run outdoors - but it was raining so we came back in quick sharp and mum had to entertain us. It was all very cosy.

Mum also updated us on Ricky. She said he is a sad boy so his mum is working from home to keep him company and tempting him with morsels of tuna fish. I tried to look sad too as I like mum at home and tuna fish but just then Josie bounded past calling out, "You can't catch me!" so I had to chase her and mum said we both look very happy - which is how she likes things.


Worrying news

September 11th 2012 10:33 pm
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There's been something on my mind all week and in the end I had to ask my mum.

In the news they had said that cats carry a virus thing that can make their humans go mad. I was very worried that mum might not want Josie and me any more.

Mum laughed at me. "I think it's too late for that, don't you?" she said.

Well that was a relief. I don't talk about it much but I have had my suspicions for a while that my mum isn't quite normal in the head department.

When I said that she looked hurt. "I meant I've been hanging around cats so long I've either got it or am immune. I am entirely sane."

It seemed best to pretend to agree with her.

Turns out she read about this virus thing in Scientific American Mind some time ago so was slightly bewildered when the British press found out about it last week.

I did ask about Ricky once we had that out of the way. All the purrs are helping and he is making a good recovery, just taking a while to get used to his cone.


Purrs requested for a cautionary tail

September 10th 2012 10:39 pm
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My mum came home yesterday and asked Josie and me to purr for a cat called Ricky. Poor Ricky had an accident at the weekend.

Like us they had all their doors and windows open for the sunny day and were enjoying the breeze that got up later on. Unlike us they don't have something by every door to stop it slamming. You'll see where this is going.

Poor Ricky has lost the last two inches of his tail as the wind grabbed the door just as he was going through and slammed on him. He went straight to the emergency vet who kept him in and operated and he came home yesterday. It was a very clean break and he is expected to be fine but your purrs would be appreciated.

And remind your mums and dads that even inside doors can get shut suddenly by the wind when you don't expect it. My mum says Ricky will be all better long before his mum gets over feeling guilty about it.

We are all fine except I am grumpy with my mum. A Cat so honoured to be a Diary Pick of the Day should be allowed to eat from all household dishes but she saw me about to jump on Josies's and pushed me away. Lucky for me Josie saw sense and left the rest of her food for when mum wasn't looking. I have her well-trained.


Bird hunting

September 9th 2012 10:35 pm
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It was all sunny and warm at the weekend. Us cats love the sunny and warm but it does keep the frogs in the dampness of their ponds so I turned my attention to the birds.

The trouble with birds, and the reason I've never caught one, is that they fly high. How to reach them? Then I had a clever idea.

We have a big bush in our garden. My mum has been chopping at it but only as high as she can reach and some of the spikes stretch right up and the birds gather on these branches to have a chat about this and that, believing themselves to be safe from the likes of me.

So if I could stealthily climb those branches I would grab one of those birds and be home with my meal before any of the others knew what was going on.

Where the plan went wrong - apparently I weigh rather more than the average bird. The lower branches were fine but when I got higher, in tantalisingly close proximity to my prey, the branches wobbled and the birds flew away. Actually they made so much noise my mum came out to see what was going on. It took her a while to spot me through the leaves.

So I did not catch anything except flying leaves at the weekend. I still get a kick out of running in enthusaistically with a large leaf in my mouth, to watch mum run for the frog catching kit only to realise she has been fooled again!

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