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I got my sheep

March 19th 2013 11:39 pm
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Last night we had one of those brief moments when it wasn't too cold to go out and it wasn't raining so I was in the garden fending off dragons and mum was cooking her supper. I heard someone coming to the front door so I ran to be let in my door in case mum needed protecting from them.

But it was my friend Alison - and she had brought my sheep toy. Hoorah. Mum got everything on to cook and then took the tags off and started flipping him about. She looked like she was enjoying herself so much neither Josie nor I liked to interrupt.

"Come on Cats - join in," she pleaded but we preferred to spectate. There was some muttering about the foolish and unpredictable nature of cats and then she went and got her supper off the stove.

While she was eating it Josie and I went to vestigate the sheep. It has catnip in and smells pretty good and we started trying to make it dance about like it had been but it just lay there.

"Make it move," I demanded of my mum.

Seh sighed. "When I am finished eating," she said rather unhelpfully.

Anyway the story has a happy ending as mum did finish her supper and did make the sheep bounce about again and I got to chase it and Josie got to watch me chasing it (It is my birthday present after all!) So that was a pretty cool evening. The only bad thing is that Catster HQ still haven't sorted out my Catster Plus Subscription so I still can't load my new photos.


My empty bowl

March 18th 2013 11:40 pm
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Mondays are always a rush when my mum comes home from work as she has to feed us, feed herself, get changed and go to her dance class. That means neglected cats which is just wrong although we do our best to cope.

Last night a real emergency happened - my biscuit bowl was empty. "Mum," I called. She was washing up. "What?" she asked. "Mum," I called louder.

She looked and could plainly see one empty bowl and one hungry cat.

"In a minute," she said shaking her sudsy hands, "I'll just finish the dishes."

But I was so hungry. There were no biscuits left at all, not even crumbs. But I could smell where they had been. That delicious aroma of duck, turkey and vegetables hardened into tasty pellet form for my delight. Where there was scent there had to be flavour surely. I started licking the empty bowl. Mmm, jsut enough to tickle my taste buds.

Mum looked at me licking my empty bowl and said, "Toby - that is pathetic" but that was her fault.

Anyway she took pity on me and filled my bowl again and so we are friends again. And now it's Tuesday so no rush this evening (hopefully!)


Our new scratching post

March 17th 2013 11:39 pm
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Mum went shopping and came back with a box. "It was a good price," she said "so I thought it was worth a shot."

Then she opened the box. "Drat - self-assembly. I hate that." But with Josie's help she managed to put it together. I'm not sure she would have managed it without Josie to tap at the pieces she thought mum would need next and to test the robustness as mum went along.

"Ta Da" said mum when she was done. We both had a go in the box it had come in but neither of us were that keen to get near the new thing. "Look at the cat on the box - it looks really happy to be with its scratching post" she said encouragingly. But I pointed out that it was either an unusually small cat or a photoshop job and mum lookec closer and said she thinks photoshop.

Through the day mum made various attempts to get us near it but we were having none of it. Until last night that is. Mum dangled Da Bird on it and I couldn't resist. I climbed up. "Hey - this is OK." It is all soft and furry. I curled myself up and fitted perfectly so I had a snooze.

"You're meant to be sharpening your claws on it," said mum.

"And ruin such a comfy sleep spot? No way!"

So mum wondered aloud if all her money and hard work had just made me another place to sleep and I do have plenty of those. That's true but another one is always welcome.

She did take some photos so you could all see me but when she tried to load them on my page it said we couldn't as we have too many. If we wanted more we would have to upgrade to Catster Plus. But we are aleady Catster Plus kitties. So mum sent a message to Catster HQ and once that is sorted you can see our new snoozy spot.

Other than that it was a pretty perfect weekend. I like a rainy one as I can easily replace all the pawprints that mum spends much of her time removing and I like snuggles on the sofa while mum reads her book.


Just looking

March 14th 2013 11:38 pm
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All this cold has made me really appreciate my mum. She plays games with us and feeds us and loves us. It's important, of course, to show your love and appreciation back.

So mum went to bed last night and I gave her lots of snuggles and headrubs (and only dribbled a little bit). She works a bit like a slot machine. She says, "Toby - I must sleep" and the hand goes to rest by her side. I tap her with a paw and the tap produces more stroking, then stop, hand gone, paw tap and so on.

In the end though she looked very tired so I let her be. I was just looking at her all peaceful and sleepy. I watched and after a while her eyes opened again. "I can't sleep with you staring at me like that. I keep expecting the paw."

"I am only looking at you. I like to do that."

She closed her eyes again and I carried on looking. Eyes open again. "Toby - just go and do something like a normal cat."

I sighed. She likes to watch us sleep; I'm not sure why it's such a big deal for me to watch over her. (And another thing - why give us a delicious tuna fish dinner and then complain about my tuna breath?)

In the end I did go to my chair as she kept opening her eyes and looking at me and it wasn't very restful for either of us. Sometimes I think I will never understand people!


Perils of fat cats

March 13th 2013 11:43 pm
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It is still bitterly cold out so yesterday I had a happy evening indoors. We played with Da Bird until we were all tired out. Then I sat next to mum and Josie sat on the back of the sofa by mum's head and mum was watching something that was making her laugh and we were cosy as can be. I was also very happy as I was a Catster Pick of the Day which made me feel extra special. It was a perfect evening.

Then mum told us a story a friend had told her at work. They had been sitting enjoying just such a cosy evening earlier this week when they suddenly felt an icy cold rush of air. All the windows were shut - where could it be coming from?

When they went to look they found that their cat had been coming in through his flap but he' to say this nicely ...he likes his dinner and there is plenty of him to prove that fact. His ample girth had been too much for the little door and he had brought the whole thing in with him.

Don't worry - the cat had wriggled out. He was fine. They just found the door lying in the middle of the floor and a gap where it had been. And they were able to fix it which is good as cats hate draughts.

He is now on a diet.

I laughed as I am a slim thing and I keep Josie trim too by eating her food and chasing her around. I try and do the same for mum as she could stand to lose a few pounds (although she's never taken a door out to be fair) but she doesn't let me take her food.

The cat involved is a tabby boy and mum did say that she has known quite a few tabbies who just seemed to end up big and cuddly. I said "us black cats not so much" but mum reminded me that whilst my real mum was a petite black kitty my dad was a tabby of unknown size so she says not to take anything for granted.


Nellie the naughty puppy

March 12th 2013 11:44 pm
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Mum was telling us about one of her friend's dogs. This friend's mum works at a vet so like most vet people they get to live with a big selection of cats and dogs and the youngest is Nellie who is a Labrador.

They were having some painting done and the man put his brush down on the lid of the tin of paint and left it there. This was a big mistake.

Nellie was delighted to find her new toy and grabbed it in her teeth and ran all round with it. Their other Labrador apparently ended up looking more like a zebra with white painty stripes and - well - there's a whole lot more painting that needs doing now.

"I bet they were really cross with her" I commented but mum said that they know she is just a puppy really and she meant no harm.

"I bet you are glad you have cats instead," I added. Mum looked around at Josie's claw marks in the table, at the leaning off mantlepiece which hasn't quite fallen down yet, at the shreds in the curtains where I've climbed them, and then back at me.

"Those add a nice homely touch I always feel," I said. Mum laughed and rubbed my head (just behind my ears which is my favourite bit to get scratched) and said that pet owners have to accept a certain amount of destruction of their property. She looked around again. "Actually a lot of destruction. But luckily for you, we think you're worth it."

Lucky for her more like. I dread to think how she would be without us cats to keep an eye on her.


Stand Off

March 11th 2013 11:43 pm
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Normally Josie and I are very good at sharing my mum's affection. I like to start the day off with plenty of snuggles so mum rubs my tummy while I tell her what goes in my diary. Josie likes evening lap time while mum watches TV. Then when mum goes to bed Josie lies on her chest while mum reads but goes to her own bed when mum goes to sleep mostly. Then whichever of us gets to her first during the night if we both happen to wake up and feel like waking mum too.

But mum is always a bit sad at this time of year as it's round about Henry's Bridge Day so we've both been giving her extra love (and this has nothing to do with the fact it's gone cold and she is very warm.)

Last night mum went to bed with her book and Josie and I both wanted her attention simultaneously. Mum said she really wanted to finish her book as someone else wants it at the library but obviously that was never going to happen.

We sat either side of mum glaring at each other. I do usually win such contests but Josie's resolve was firm. Reading time is Josie's time - normally.

The tension mounted. Mum put down her book. I put forward a tentative paw. Josie took one step towards me. I moved my other paw.

Mum said, "Please don't fight. That would not be restful."

While I was considering this request Josie made her move and quickly scrambled on mum's chest and tucked her paws underneath her showing that she hda no intention of being budged. Well - we know how to deal with that one. Whacky paw! I raised a paw but before I could swipe mum started stroking me.

Mmmmm. I gave her a purr so she carried on. Paw down. "That's good" So no reading for mum but Josie was happy enough with her warm mattress and I was getting my attention - and mum still has plenty of book to enjoy. Everyone's a winner!


Where's my sheep?

March 10th 2013 11:41 pm
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I had visitors at the weekend which were my friends Alison and Glyn. Josie didn't see them as mum let the hoover out of the cupboard before they came. We both hid while mum wrestled with it all around the flat. Then Josie likes to leave it a good few hours after just in case it comes back. I don't think it ever has and I am very brave.

I liked to see Alison but she had a terrible confession to make. She had bought me a new toy specially for my second birthday which is a sheep toy. But her cats had taken such a liking to it that they are keeping it. She has promised to buy me one of my own.

I was grumpy at first but it turns out that her cats are sad at the moment so need cheering up with a sheep. Minnie the cat has a thyroid problem so is on a special diet so the two cats have to be seperated at mealtimes - and neither like that.

We understood - when mum tried to feed Josie seperately so I wouldn't eat her food it was Josie who was most unhappy with the arrangement.

So I will get a sheep and I'm pretty sure my birthday doesn't end until I have all my gifts!

Other than that it was a good weekend. Mum's face is all normal again which pleases her. The cold has come back though. I pretty much thought we were through with winter but mum says it might even snow. Definitely an indoors day.


Mum's tomato face

March 7th 2013 10:38 pm
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When I woke in the morning I heard Josie grumbling. Her favourite place of all to be sleeping is perched on top of mum but she wasn't getting much sleep.

"Stop wriggling and sniggling," she demanded but mum just said she was very itchy. "Shall I check you for fleas?" offered Josie. That's what mum says if we are itchy.

When mum did get up she looked in the mirror. Her face and neck are all red.

"Did someone try and strangle you?" I asked.

She considered this. "I don't think so. I'm sure I would have rememebered something like that."

So she consulted her computer and it looks like an allergy.

"I bet it's that new night cream," she muttered. My mum buys the cheap stuff but a friend gave her some expensive stuff for Christmas and she's just started using it. That's my classy mum - allergic to quality!

"Maybe I'm getting allergic to cats" she suggested but that isn't funny.

"Will you go to work?" I wondered.

"I feel fine so I will. I just look funny. I'll sit in my corner and hope no-one looks at me too closely."

She is very tomato. They won't need to look close. She should grow fur on her face like us cats then she would be OK.


Being a patient cat

March 6th 2013 10:38 pm
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Yesterday we were playing with Da Bird. I was doing some amazing leaps and jumps like us two years olds do. Then mum said, "hang on a minute" but I did not want to hang on.

Then she explained. The cord that Da Bird flies from had got all tangled up and knotted and she wanted to untangle him so he could fly free. I sat down and waited.

I was very patient for ages and ages while she had the toy on her lap and pulled at the knots. But every time she tugged at the cord he fluttered enticingly and suddenly I could take no more. I pounced.

I forgot that funny rule mum has about no claws on her leg and she did make an interesting noise when some of my claws missed Da Bird and got her instead.

Anyway she says he is about three quarters untangled and that's good enough for me. And she says she'll finish it off when I am outdoors as she doesn't want another shock like getting pounced on by me!

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