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Josie's fish

February 13th 2014 10:52 pm
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Mum was rootling in the freezer for something to eat when she said, "Oh - I had forgotten I had this." And out came a box. And in the box was some fish. Mum had bought it for Josie after her operation and Josie ate one but there was another one left.

Mum put it in the microwave and very soon a fishy smell spread. Josie's nose twitched and she ran into the kitchen in delight.

She knew the fish had to be for her as mum and I don't like fish to eat. (What can I say! I am a cat who chooses his own path!) So Josie was winding round mum's legs and mewing for her fish. Then, to my great amusement, mum forgot to give her any.

Poor Josie couldn't work out why mum would be so foolish - surely she could smell that delicious aroma so why was the fish not dished up in a bowl?

Mum said something about it being too hot but that was a risk Josie was prepared to take. Sadly not one my mum was prepared to take. I love seeing Josie suffer!!

Anyway in the end mum said it was cool enough and Josie loved it. I did run over as she looked so happy but I sniffed it and I really don't like it. This made Josie extra happy as it was all for her. I expect double rations next time it's meat for a treat!

Today is Henry's birthday so Josie and I are being extra kind to mum as that makes her sad. I have been doing a pretty impressive acrobatic display which made her smile. No-one can be sad for long with me around!!


New carpet but...

February 12th 2014 10:47 pm
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Mum moved everything out of the hall and bathroom yesterday and we enjoyed investigating everything in their new positions.

When the men came Josie ran into the bedroom to hide and I went behind the sofa. Now I was a bit brave and came out and had a look but they had a can of hissing stuff so I left them to it.

When everything was done Josie and I came to inspect. It is softer on our paws so we like that part.

"But do you see what's missing?" asked my mum.

We looked. Our tower? Check. Our fort? Check. Our bowls? Check. Nope. Nothing missing.

"The bathroom door is gone," said my mum. "The carpet is too thick for it to close so they took it off its hinges."

Josie and I never close the door so we hadn't noticed. And, as I helpfully pointed out, mum hardly ever closes it either.

"But I have people coming tonight. They usually want privacy in the bathroom," said my mum.

So they do. In the end my mum remembered that she had the curtain that is going to hang over the kitchen door but isn't put up yet so she rigged that over the bathroom door and everyone agreed to talk loudly if anyone went in there and it was all fine. But that's probably not a long term solution.

Mum sighed as this year hasn't been going so well one way and another but then we saw something that did make her smile. Catster is not going somehow!! Timo told us and we saw it was true and we danced our happy dance. Hoorah for Catster!! We had some good news!


Carpet Day Today

February 11th 2014 11:24 pm
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Yesterday my mum came back from the garage. She couldn't go to work as they needed a part so she sat down and said "Now what can I do? I expected to be at work."

I nudged an orange mousie towards her. I had lots of ideas for her day. But mum went on her laptop and was talking to Timo about my diary and we were thinking how awesome it is to have friends so far away that help each other out.

Then my mum had to go and fetch her car and it wasn't so expensive as it might have been so that was good news.

Then mum said she would do some sorting in the spare room. That's where things go when we don't use them but aren't quite ready to throw them out. Some of our toys are in there but I didn't want mum to throw them out in case I want them again. We helped for a while as it was fun but then it got boring so we went to sleep instead.

when we woke up we found more room to play in there so maybe clearing out isn't so boring after all!

And today mum will be home all day. Hoorah! And we're having new carpets. Hoorah!


Mum had a bad day

February 10th 2014 10:42 pm
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She came home from work all grumpy. Her car is only letting her use half the gears. She said she doesn't know why but it feels expensive. On the plus side she has the half she would have chosen as she does still have reverse. From our point of view that's not so bad. She's off to the garage this morning so we get her for an extra hour before she goes (and she did a big stock up on kitty food at the start of the month so we're OK even if they take all her money!)

Josie did feel sorry for mum though so when she felt a hairball needing barfing out she took herself off to the spare room so as not to upset my mum even more. She jumped up on the suitcase that sits on the bed in there and lent over - and mum had to clean suitcase, bedding and floor. Way to go Josie!!

Mum was feeling all sorry for herself so I gave her lots of purrs and headrubs so she would feel better and she logged on Catster and saw that Timo is going to have a go at backing up my pages and that there are people trying to back up all of Catster if they can and she thought of all the kind animal loving people out there and she felt better - so purrs out to all the Catster Cats and their families for cheering my mum up.


Helpful cats

February 9th 2014 10:42 pm
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At the weekend we were all having a cosy snooze when my mum got up and went in the hall and was doing interesting sounding things so Josie went to take a look.

"No," called out my mum, "No cats required." Then, "Stay away from there Josie," then "Oh no, no, no."

I was being good and staying away but Josie wasn't.

Then mum and Josie came in and mum closed the door.

"What was you doing?" I asked.

Mum explained that with the new carpets coming this week she thought she had better touch up the paint work where the water had got it and once she started she had to do all the skirting boards.

"Which are they?" They aren't something we talk about much.

"The ones at the bottom of the wall," explained my mum.

"Everything kitty height then?" I realised.

And mum said that this was indeed so - and Josie had just been proving that.

I stayed well away.

Where I was helpful was sitting with my mum while she had a go at backing up our pages. Point One - vital to get the number right - the first time she got a random dog! Point Two - something didn't go right and only Josie's diary saved right. Mum doesn't know if that is because it's really short but she's going to have to have another go for me and Henry only she got busy. She said on carpet day she'll have time for another attempt.


Rain, rain and more rain!

February 6th 2014 10:42 pm
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I can't quite seem to remember when it didn't rain. Mum seems to think it's funny to hold our door open and ask if we want to go out. We run over, all optmistic, poke our noses out and NO! We do not want to go out! Thank goodness for our home which is cosy.

It rained so hard in the night it woke me and I woke my mum and she leapt up, thinking the dripping was indoors it was so loud. Thankfully it wasn't.

Mum has been reading about cloning cats which got me excited.

"Where do I sign up?" I asked. Another Toby running around would be awesome. We could chase each other up the curtains and take it in turns to attack Josie and snuggle up together.

Josie buried her head in her paws and pleaded with my mum, "Do not clone him. One is bad enough."

Mum said she has no intention of cloning either of us which goes to show how selfish she is.

Our new carpet has arrived at the depot so mum just has to fix when they will come and fit it. I'll miss all the rugs and underlay but mum promises it will be softer underpaw. She can't wait!


Josie is a crazy cat

February 5th 2014 10:38 pm
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Mum thinks that ever since her operation she has been much more cheeky. Josie says that's not true and she didn't need her teeth out but I think they were bothering her and she is more cheeky.

There have been several instances of tail chasing in the last couple of weeks. Mum laughs when Josie does that. I stare - I can't decide if i'm jealous because she's obviously having a good time or bemused because - it's your own tail Josie!!

Then yesterday was a horrible night, all windy and rainy, and mum came in and she drew the curtains and made the room all cosy and then I could see her thinking, "And now I'll go and sit in my favourite seat." And I looked at Josie and could see her thinking exactly the same thing. And they looked at each other and realisation dawned.

The race was on, both running to be first to the sofa.

Josie won of course, four legs and some pretty impressive springy hind-quarters action and she was there, beginning to settle while my mum was still trying to get her two legs to go faster.

Mum said it wasn't fair as she couldn't make the same sort of jump but she should practice more and then she could. I should start chasing her like I chase Josie and then she would learn!!


I have forgotten something important

February 4th 2014 10:40 pm
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There is a cosy throw on our cat bed. Josie likes to snuggle herself underneath it where she is snug as a bug in a rug and all you can see is a big cat shaped lump and maybe a paw at the edge.

I would like to do this too and I know that I have done it ... but I can't remember how. I sit on it and I dig and dig but I just can't get through to that cosy den underneath.

I've asked Josie but she won't tell me. I asked mum and she said I have to go in from the side but that's crazy talk. I don't want to be at the side, I want to be in the middle. If only I could remember the way...

It was very windy and rainy here last night. We were extremely happy to be indoors where we're safe and warm.


A Happy Cat Story

February 3rd 2014 10:12 pm
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We heard some good news about a cat and like to share happy stories. It happened to a friend of a friend of my mum.

Eighteen months ago her beloved tortie went missing. They looked everywhere, put up posters, the lot. Time ticked by and they were resigned to never seeing her again.

Last week there was a phone call. The cat had walked into a bar, not actually that far away. A kindly bartender, recognising a kitty in need, gave her some food and was able to check her collar and get her name and telephone number and the rest is history.

Her owner didn't dare believe her cat was alive and well until she saw her with her own eyes but there she was - bedraggled and in need of feeding up but no worse than that.

The cat has remembered everything about her old home - where she likes best to sleep, where the food is kept etc. Unfortunately she has forgotten the existence of her brother and there have been some arguments but nothing too vicious and they'll settle down. Maybe he doesn't recognise her - she has a session at the local grooming parlour booked in to restore her fur as best as can be while good love and home life do their restorative work inside.

So much happiness for everyone involved as hope had well and truly been given up and appreciation for all the bartenders out there!! (My mum said that - I said - all the people who help a kitty in need.)


It Worked - Thank you Timo Katze!

February 2nd 2014 10:34 pm
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On Friday we all sat down and read the instructions and my mum followed them very carefully and then she pressed the final button to make it work - and seconds later.

"Did it work?" she wondered. "That was very fast."

So we had a look and there were our pages.

"Is it just connecting to the site?" mum pondered. "I didn't think it would be such an exact copy."

So she switched the net off and we could still look at the pages and mum did a big smile and said, "I think we did it!"

Timo Katze does good instructions.

Now we just need to find a new home for my blog.

Our other excitement was carpet man who did come. When I walked in my mum asked, "Are you alright with the cats?" which I thought was rather cheeky. The question should be were we alright with him.

He looked at what we had and mum was right - he had nothing quite such poor quality as we used to have in his bag so our new carpet will be all fluffy and lovely so that's good. It will be blue like our old one. We don't know when they will come to fit it yet. There's no rush - I haven't eaten all the black powder yet!

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