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Taking my re|||||||||sponsibilities seriously

May 30th 2012 10:41 pm
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I did some of that typing with my very own paw!

When mum types up my diary I always supervise and sometimes join in typing some parts, I turn on the capital letters and other helpful things. Mum says she would be much quicker if I told her what I wanted to say and then had a nice sleep or a run in the garden but then she might get it wrong. She reckons no-one can actually read what I type but that's the stupid laptops fault as the keys are too small.

So, rest assured, no matter what I am doing as soon as she gets the laptop out I come and sit by her and help. Sometimes she tries to type it up while I am outdoors but like most cats I have a feel for these things and come back in.

So rest assured I am close by and everything my mum says is personally approved by me.

The garden has been free of random cats and people with laundry. Mum did see Aysha yesterday and says it looks like where she was spayed is healing nicely. Soon the fur will grow back and it will be like it never happened. She reckons Aysha looked very wellfcd so hopefully she is settling to her new life. Mum hasn't seen the neighbours in a while for a proper update.


Strange man in my garden

May 29th 2012 10:30 pm
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Yesterday when my mum was at work a man we have never seen before was in our garden. Unfortunately we were shut in so I couldn't go and ask him what he thought he was doing. He went away after a while.

When my mum came home I meant to tell her but forgot in the excitement of supper. When she opened the back door though she said, "oh" and then "they weren't there when I went to work." The man had pegged all his laundry on mum's washing line.

So she went to the flat upstairs and sure enough there was a new man and mum tried to explain that this is my garden and their's is the one beside it. His English wasn't great so she doesn't know if he got it but later he did come and take all the laundry away again.

Now she knows how I feel when strange cats come in my garden! Except nice ones of course although we haven't seen the tabby one since the weekend. I hope he comes again soon.


Drinking water

May 28th 2012 10:40 pm
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In this hot weather it is extremely important for cats and their people to drink plenty of water. We have a big water bowl that is filled with fresh every day and I drink a lot of that - and Josie drinks some. She tops this up with water drunk straight from the tap if mum will turn it on for her. She says it is delicious and fresh but the whole awkward head angle thing puts me off. Josie also drinks from mum's glass if she can and this is what I thought I would try.

Mum has a big glass and was already half way through so I lowered my head right in. Achoo! The sides of the glass on my whiskers made me sneeze right into the water. I dipped my head in three times amd three times it happened.

Then Josie came up and told me I wasn't doing it right. When the glass is half empty you have to dip a paw in and lick the water off and she showed me. It's not very efficient and she had to do it several times.

And mum then said as her water had been sneezed in and then had paws dunked in it she wasn't so sure she felt like drinking it herself any more so the plants got the rest.

I think I will stick to my own water bowl in future as it doesn't make me sneeze.


Tabby in my garden

May 27th 2012 10:37 pm
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On Friday evening we heard a mewing outdoors so as the man of the house I went to see what was happening. There was a tabby cat there and he said hello and asked if it would be alright if he enjoyed our garden awhile. Seeing as he asked nicely I said that would be fine. He looked so comfortable enjoying the shade of our largest bush that I went and sat with him companionably.

We stayed there until my mum called me in. She did say hello to him but he was scared and ran away although my mum is always kind to polite cats. He came back on Sunday and it was the same, he called me, I went out and we sat together.

He isn't the missing kitten as he is too big for that but he is fairly small and mum thinks he might be one of the kittens from the last litter the mum cat had. So far as we know two of them survived the cold winter and were taken in by a kind lady so if he is then he does have a home.

My mum has a real soft spot for tabby cats so she hopes he comes back and as he is friendly to me I hope he does too. (Josie was too shy to come out but I think she will if we see him again.)

Other than that top weekend. Very warm and sunny and lots of quality mum time.


Melty legs

May 24th 2012 10:32 pm
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It's funny how fast we've gone from wet and cold to sunny and warm and I like sunny and warm much better only it makes my legs melt. Normally I stand quite happily but when I am hot I like to lie down - I stretch myself out on the cool tiles in the kitchen and mum has to step around me. Or if I am outside I lie down just outside the kitchen door where the ground is cool.

Then when the evening comes Josie and I ping into life. We love having adventures outside in the mysterious dark. We pop back every now and then to check mum is OK and then one time she says, "bedtime now" but she's wrong. She goes to bed and because she locks the door we can't go back outside so we carry on the adventures indoors.

Last summer mostly I was too little to go outdoors but this year I intend to make the most of every minute!


Nearly caught out but I think I got away with it

May 23rd 2012 10:35 pm
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Like most cats Josie and I are active members of Neighbourhood Watch. We see it as an important part of our duties to spend time at the window looking out, keeping an eye on what is going on.

Then Josie made an interesting discovery. Behind a curtain there is another window in the spare room so sometimes we have a window each.

Yesterday after mum had gone to work I decided to vestigate the new window. I think that the curtain needs to come down and there's a candlestick in the way. I was just working on these issues when I saw my mum walking up. I jumped down very fast so she wouldn't see me. I never expected to see her home so early. Maybe her boss saw the lovely day and sent her home to play with us.

Turns out she did see me in the window and what exactly had I been doing with my paws raised again and again? I looked innocent and assured her that I had just been having some little stretches. Luckily she wasn't home for the day and had to go away again fast so didn't have too much time to question me.

I think summer has finally come and it has been warm and sunny - at last!


Suspicious of my mum

May 22nd 2012 10:27 pm
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Yesterday was warm and sunny. My mum said, "Excellent news Cats! I shall have all the doors and windows open and you can roam freely."

I wasn't so sure about this. "And what will you be doing while we're doing that?"

"Nothing. The usual."

I suspected she just wanted us out of the way so she could do exciting and fun things without us so I stayed in. Mum says she doesn't understand cats. On Monday when we couldn't go out that's where we wanted to be more than anything but yesterday when we could go out we didn't want to. She claims to have lived with cats for years but we can still keep her guessing and I'm proud of that.


Grumpy with my mum

May 21st 2012 10:32 pm
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When a cat who is a Daily Diary Pick and has been referred to as Toby the Great by his vet wants to go out and explore the night - well, he should be allowed to. But mum says that we are in at night cats and that isn't about to change. I even sent Josie to ask and mum said no to her too.

It has rained for about a hundred years now and we really need to run outdoors when it is dry and yesterday it was. Mum was out in the evening and we had so much bounce by the time she came home.

Also I didn't like my supper. Mum says she's seen me enjoy it before but I think she's mistaken. We don't get a choice, we just get told there are biscuits if we're hungry.

Sometimes my mum doesn't love me at all! (She reckons she does and keeping me safe at night is part of that.)

She said that all day she was checking the animal shelter website to see if the kittens had arrived safely but their pictures aren't on there yet. So far as we know they have gone but they probably let them settle down a bit first before taking their pictures.


Another busy weekend

May 20th 2012 10:43 pm
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On Saturday my mum was helping out. Pual had gone to fetch Cheryl and Victoria back from holiday so mum went to feed the kittens. She said first time they looked so very scared and she felt sorry for them but when she went back with lunch they were less scared and she could see they had been playing with their ball as it was in one of their bowls.

She also gave the grown up cats their breakfast. She said Smudge was a bit funny with her. When he was a homeless stray he used to beat us up so mum would shout at him but now he is a contented home boy (and neutered) he is a much nicer cat and mum doesn't have to shout at him any more - but he remembered and thought she might. She didn't.

Mother cat is home from her operation and has a name now which is Aysha. She was tested for FIV while she was away as she has been around but the good news is that she doesn't have it. And today the kittens go to the animal shelter and hopefully soon to a furever home.

On Sunday my friend Alison came to see me. She brought some treats and a new toy for us. I think she should come more often. She also had the most interesting smelling shoes I have ever smelled. I kept going back to sniff them all over again and I told Josie and she came and sniffed them and agreed and Alison promised my mum that her feet are clean and she had no idea what we were smelling. Pity the poor humans with their not very good senses of smell!

They were making bath bombs which is a lot of stirring powders and not much for cats to join in with.

Then Glyn came and the verdict is that I have grown into a very large and impressive cat. (Mum asks if I'm really sure that's what was said but I am!) and Josie is a bit more brave than she was so it's all good.


Mum stole my toys

May 17th 2012 10:45 pm
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She looked all ready to go to work but then she began scooping up my balls in a tub. Excellent. I concluded that she had decided to give work a miss and stay home and play with me instead. But instead she took the balls with her.

She said she wanted to throw them in a box in a training session and explain about objective setting. "What's an objective?" "Something you have to do" People really make me laugh. Why would you need telling what to do? If it feels right, you do it!

When the balls came home at the end of the day there was one missing - and it was one of my favourite foam balls. Mum gave it away! She said it has gone to two lovely cats. Someone asked her where she had got it as her cats had an old one so loved it is all battered and yukky but she couldn't find a replacement. Mum told her but then said we have plenty and handed it over. We do have more it is true but I hope mum doesn't make a habit of giving them away.

There is also kitten news. The two kittens in the pen have been given lots of lovely food including chicken and fish and are learning that people can be OK. On Monday they are off to the animal shelter where they should have no trouble finding a furever home as they look very cute.

Today their mum is off to be spayed. It has to be done as otherwise there will be a whole load more kittens to worry about. Our mum did worry about the missing kitten but Paul has taken advice on this and they say as he is weaned he will be OK for 24 hours and then his mum will be back. They still hope to find him so he can be got used to people and given a proper home too.

I think my mum was hoping that as he has been given food here before he might remember that and come back. We'll all be keeping our eyes open.

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