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Mum kicked me

May 8th 2014 10:38 pm
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She is so mean. She said I ran in the doorway very fast as she was walking out and I ran into her foot but why would I do a crazy thing like that? I am a cat and we don't make mistakes!

I did not like to be kicked so I ran off before mum could do it again. She came after me saying, "I am so sorry" repeatedly and even tried to lure me with treats but no way was I giving that right foot another chance.

As soon as I could I slipped past her and outside. Time to find a new mum; maybe move in with one of my Catster friends where people don't kick their poor defenceless cats.

Off I set on my big adventure. Or at least I would have only it started raining so I ran home again. Mum was safely sitting down and she did seem genuinely contrite. Hm. Maybe this time I would forgive her. To be fair I can't remember her doing that before and she can't help being so clumsy so we are friends again.

I said she better not do it again and she said she felt so guilty she was pretty sure she won't.


Come back here and love me!

May 7th 2014 10:48 pm
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One of my favouritist, happy times is when I've been outside adventuring and I've seen off all the dragons and all is safe and I am tired so I go indoors, stop for a few biscuits and then go in the sitting room and there is my mum on the sofa, all happy to see me.

I jump up next to her and have my adoration. Then I lie down and have my tummy rubs and then I gently slide off to sleep resting against her, all warmedly and I dream the contented dreams of the good cat.

That's what happened yesterday evening. It was so delightful but then I woke up, no longer quite as warm as I was. Mum was missing and I could hear her in the kitchen.

I ran in, "Come back!" I called. She peered in my bowl. "No, you have food already" she said.

"Come back in the sitting room and be cosy," I tried again. "Do you want to go out?" she asked, holding the door open.

She really isn't the sharpest claw on the paw. I sighed. "Come back here and love me!"

I ran a few paces in the right direction so she know and would follow. She picked up her tea and came back to the sofa and sat down. At last she got it! I rewarded her with some purrs and headrubs. Crikey! This training is taking longer than it should. We got there but she definitely needs work.


Whose water?

May 6th 2014 10:40 pm
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We have fresh water in a bowl of course but we also have our own water glass by mum's bed. She got fed up with us drinking hers. Ours is a wide glass that mum fills high up to make it easy and it has a picture of a happy cat on it so we know it's ours. Mum's is tall, thin and she doesn't fill it so full to make it less convenient for us.

Mostly that works really well but yesterday she freshened her own but not ours. Seemed to think yesterday's would do for us. Josie put her straight. She drank some of our water and then registered the more delicious smell coming from mum's glass. Tall, thin and not so full, not a problem. Paws make handy water dibbers, dip in, soak in the fur, up and lick. Repeat until satisfied.

Mum realised Josie was doing that and didn't seem so keen on her water after that.

We had a good day as mum surprised us by coming home early. She rushed around clearing stuff from the spare room and moving things and a man came. He was standing in the garden measuring our broken window. Mum offered him tea and he said he wasn't fixing the window that day, just measuring. So mum had moved all that stuff for nothing and had taken a half-day's holiday for two minutes of him being there. We didn't mind - it was sunny and mum had the big doors open so we could run in and out and we like mum being home.


Josie is now seven

May 5th 2014 10:31 pm
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My mum forgot. Again. Thank goodness for our Catster friends who remember our important days!!

Josie said she likes being seven. She reckons as she gets older she worries less about what others think and just goes for stuff. Mum looked at her "So now I have two of them." For I have never particularly worried about what others might think and always ask for what I want and now Josie is much more too.

We had a Bank Holiday here yesterday and mum doesn't want me to tell you what she did so I will. She glued her fingers together. I know! And we have to live with this level of stupidity. She was doing stuff with super glue but as she pointed the nozzle it was dripping out of the sides (maybe the Pound Shop wasn't the best place to buy something so potent).

When she realised she jumped up and ran to the bathroom to wash it off but stuff like that doesn't wash off of course so then she was on the puter looking for remedies and working her way through the list of suggestions.

I just dread to think what would happen to her if we weren't here to look after her.


Beginning to like my door

May 4th 2014 11:02 pm
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Mum was advancing on Josie with a big pair of scissors. Josie pleaded with her, "Not the fur!". We have seen my mum when she's tried to trim her own fringe and no cat wants to look like that.

Mum paused and considered. "We'll try this the gentle way." She got hold of Josie and eased the strap on her collar and then slid it off, Josie squirmign throughout. Mum had thought she might have to cut if off if Josie wouldn't stay still but mum has a surprisingly firm grip and Josie couldn't escape.

So now Josie is just wearing her fur. She had needed her collar and the magnet that hung from it for the old door but now she doesn't.

I am getting on better with the door. It closes softly but what I don't like is the way it clicks when I get close. Mum says that's just it recognising me but I wish it wouldn't. But I am beginning to appreciate the fact I can come in when I want to and not wait to be let in.


A horrid shock

May 1st 2014 10:37 pm
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Yesterday while my mum was out there was a big crash in our spare room.

When mum came home she was quite upset - someone had thrown a brick through our window. Luckily it didn't hit Josie or me but there were big shards of glass in our tray which could have been painful.

I was out when the police came but I wanted to talk to them about appropriate use of cat flaps so I waited for mum to let me in but she just sat and talked to them. I peered in lots of times but there was nothing for it - I steeled myself and in the new door I came, all by myself.

I ran up to one of the policemen and started to tell him how badly we are treated but he just stroked me and said I look like his cat, or at least his cat had looked like me before that cat got fat.

When they left mum had to clean up all the glass and it had gone everywhere and every time she thought she had it all she found more. Josie tried to help but cleaning up glass is apparently not a good job for cats to help with.

Then a man came and boarded up the window so we are snug again but it's been upsetting. We've been giving mum lots of purrs and snuggles to make her feel better again. And Josie and I have both now come in the new door all by ourselves so mum says that's a good thing. Maybe, but I still don't like it!


Life's mysteries

April 30th 2014 10:47 pm
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Mum came home yesterday and saw strips of wallpaper lying on the carpet.

"Toby," she asked, "how come there are strips of wallpaper lying on the carpet?"

I trotted over. "Oh, those."

"Yes, those."

She was still looking at me and it was clear an explanation was required.

"They just fell off the wall. I'm as surprised as you are," I said.

"With neat claw mark edging?"

I didn't like the way this was going. "Time to try the new door again?" I suggested to distract her.

Mum still had doubts about whether there is anything happening with the door so she had a look at the little book that came with it. "Oh" she said, "there's a light. I don't remember seeing a light. Do you Toby?"

I didn't. So we checked and sure enough when mum presses the M button a light should flash to let her know it's ready to remember our chips. But no light. So mum changed the batteries. Still no light. "Do not say, after all that, we have a faulty unit!" she sighed.

She watched the video on the cat flap website and it recommended testing everything like that before installing the flap which was excellent advice my mum really should have listened to earlier.

One last go, a fresh set of batteries of a top brand and "Hooray! A light!" then "Come here Toby and be learnt". Always obliging I went up and had a sniff, there was a click, off went the light and I am now officially known by the cat flap. Obviously I still won't go through it or anything like that. Josie's been remembered in the same way and now it's just a battle of wills.


Horrid door

April 29th 2014 10:34 pm
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Our old door smelled deliciously of Josie and me and was liberally decorated with the mud of a thousand adventures. Our new door is pristine white plastic and I don't like it. I'll jump out through it but not back in so mum doesn't know if it's picking up our chips or not.

Last night she said we could just stay out until we were brave enough to use it but there's no denying it, we have adorable faces, and we sat for hours looking in sadly and we broke her spirit in the end and she let us in.

Mum can't work out why we are so wary of it but it isn't her that has to jump through it. She reckons we will love it once we get used to it. We don't love it yet!


The New Door

April 28th 2014 10:45 pm
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At the weekend mum said "Right!" and she took our old door off and put the new one on with its new adaptor- only something wasn't right. There was still a gap.

"Hm," she said. "I'll need to take it off and put something in to lift it up." In with the screwdriver but then much muttering and twisting and .. "Uh Oh! What have I done?"

For the screw would not come out.

I was keen to try out the new door anyway so put my paws on it but the thing swung beneath my feet in an extremely unpleasant way so I don't think I like it.

On Sunday she asked Paul next door to help and he came and there was more muttering and twisting and quite what my mum had done no-one could work out but eventually the screw came out with pliers and mum put our old door back in.

Yesterday Paul came again and the two of them put the new door on - as mum said, there's four bits to hold in place on either side of a swinging door and a screwdriver and people just don't have enough hands. They had trouble with the replacement screws mum had bought.

"They are too long," Paul pointed out. "It's gone right through the casing." And it had, pointing out through the plastic. "You'll need to buy shorter ones."

Mum fetched the box it had come in, "Like these ones?" she asked, pulling out a little bag.

"Did you read the instructions?" asked Paul and mum had to admit that she had not.

Hopefully she's learned a valuable lesson.

So you'll be wondering how we're getting on with our new door. We've both been through it to program our chips in but I'm still wary of it as I think it's going to swing beneath my feet even though it hasn't and Josie still likes it held open for her so we don't actually know if it works yet.

Mum says maybe tonight when she has a bit more time she'll make us test it properly. I don't like the sound of that.

Yesterday we couldn't get into Catster, it had the wibbles again. I hope it doesn't happen again.


Hopefully our new door

April 24th 2014 10:36 pm
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Yesterday mum was doing some sorting out in the spare room when there was a knock on the door. "Excellent!" she said and hopped to open it. There was Paul from next door come around to check if we have our new door fitted yet.

(Oh - she says he was there to check she is Ok as her car hasn't moved all week. She is fine - she has been taking a few days off work to sew curtains to sofas and stuff.)

She said that she has ordered an extension piece for our door and it should be arriving that very day. Indeed she was hoping that the knock on the door would be that. So off Paul went and mum carried on.

The clearing out she was doing wasn't that much fun. Josie found the most intersting thing - two packets of carrot seeds that rustled when Josie rubbed against them. So she did. A lot. Mum laughed and told her she was crazy which is something I've been trying to say for a very long time.

All day my mum stayed in to wait for that delivery which was excellent as we like having her around. The delivery in the evening came just before mum went to her dance class and rather selfishly she didn't fit it then, said something about needing to get out of the flat and off she went.

But hopefully, hopefully we get our new door fitted today.

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