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Cherishing the moments

February 25th 2014 10:44 pm
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We were thinking about Ka-zar off at the Bridge and mum was feeling sad because she doesn't know just how much fun the cats have up there. Henry pops back every now and then - mostly to play chase with Josie and mum says what a crazy cat Josie is running around all by herself as she can't see him - and he tells us all the good times they have and all about the other Catster cats he's been hanging out with.

But mum needed some love so I was a good cat and let her rub my tummy for hours even though she was saying it was hard to eat her supper and give me all the attention I wanted at the same time. I'm sure it helped her though and I gave her kitty kisses and lots of love and she said she loves me too.

Josie saw all of this and wanted to share some love with mum too so she waited until she saw a good time when I was asleep. It would have been about three in the morning I think. Josie woke mum up and cuddled up with her and I could hear purring and mum wasn't grumpy like normal when we wake her.

So we are cherishing the moments with each other for now.

And it's still not my birthday. I'm not sure how that can be.


It's nearly time

February 24th 2014 10:33 pm
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The daffydills that my mum and I planted back in the autumn are all springing up, waving their happy yellow heads and brightening up the garden and I was thinking and wondering why they are so happy and then I remembered. Daffdills means Spring and Spring means .... I ran to wake my mum up.

"is it my birthday yet?"

Mum looked at me and then at the clock. "Toby - it's half past four in the morning."

Interesting information but not an answer. "And is it half past four in the morning of my birthday? Can I have presents?"

I got a headrub which wasn't quite what I was after but I purred politely.

"No," said my mum. "That's not until March. We're still in February."

"Can't we pretend?" I am ever hopeful.

Mum buried her head in her pillow, the way she does to make the process of my poking her face with a paw more interesting for me. "No," she muttered.

But it is soon and I'll be a really pretty much grown up cat - but I think I will still climb curtains. I think pretty much grown up cats can still do that.

But then when my mum got up and looked on Catster we had some very sad news as my Aussie mate Ka-zar has gone to the Bridge. I've known him since I was tiny and Josie a lot longer and have always loved to chat with him. He will be happy of course as it is warm and sunny at the Bridge and he has so many friends there but his mum will be very sad and we are sad for her.


Our busy weekend

February 23rd 2014 10:38 pm
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On Friday my mum came home and said, "I can put this off no longer. I'm sure Paul next door has a plane I can borrow" and out she popped. Lucky for her Paul guessed correctly that she would have no idea what to do with one so a while later the two of them were working on the door.

Now I am, of course, an extremely brave cat and happy to help with any jobs that need doing but Josie was scared by the noise and I thought it best if I satyed with her under mum's bed until everything was over. When Paul went back to his home for something (probably needed to get some advice from his cats on the hinges which they were struggling with a bit) we proved how brave we are by coming out and sniffing at the toolbox.

Anyway we now once more have a bathroom door that swings freely.

But the excitement wasn't over. On Saturday a man came and mum said, "Oh - I thought you weren't coming" and started taking things out of the kitchen and piling them up in the hall. I am used to her eccentricities but this was odd. Then he climbed up a ladder and started scraping the ceiling and once again I made sure Josie was OK under the bed. Turns out he is going to sort out where it leaked from upstairs and my mum was moving anything that might get broked. I'm glad that our bowls counted.

He just scraped it and left it though so maybe he'll come back another day. I hope mum remembers to keep our bowls safe the next time too.


Where's Josie? (She's here.)

February 20th 2014 10:35 pm
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When my mum comes home Josie and I like to run out to the porch and sniff what cats have been around but then we run back in quicksharp as it's cold and wet out there. As it was last night.

Mum grumbles about the running out but she leaves the door open for us while she sorts her coat and bag out and then she gives us our dinner and in we come. But she came back through from the bedroom yesterday, saw me but did not see Josie.

"Where is that cat?" she muttered, walking up to the door and peering out. "Josie!" she called. "Come here Poppet." But she did not see Josie.

The reason she did not see Josie was because Josie was already indoors and behind her. The more mum called and looked the more frantic Josie became. She strode about, she rubbed against things, she waved her tail - I'm here, I'm here.

What she did not do was meow or make any kind of sound that might have alerted my mum to the fact that the cat she sought was standing right behind her. Josie says she saves her meows for emergencies and apparently becoming invisible didn't qualify.

In the end mum turned around with an exasperated sigh and saw poor Josie being as much present in the hall as she could be. Mum seemed to think this was funny but Josie didn't and I didn't because all that calling and looking made my dinner late.


Mum loves the new carpet

February 19th 2014 10:42 pm
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How much we found out last night. Off we all went to bed and mum was sound asleep when I felt that old familier stodgy feeling. Hairball time. Hack! Ack! Arggh! Ack!

To my astonishment my mum came flying in saying, "Not on the new carpet!"

She had woken up and though she won't play if you wake her in the night or get up and top up your dinner bowl - for her new carpet, up she will get.

I was hurt. Of course I wasn't on the precious new carpet - and was feeling a lot better, thanks for asking.

Josie had been watching all of this with interest. What would have happened if it had been the new carpet? Only one way to find out. She gave it an hour or so making sure mum was sound asleep and then Hack! Ack!...making sure she was very much on the new carpet.

There was a strangled cry from the bedroom and mum emerged. "Really?" she enquired and yes, really.

The good news is that the carpet came up very nicely. The bed news is that mum is grumpy this morning. It's her fault for being precious about her carpet, not ours for doing what cats do.


Good coming from bad

February 18th 2014 10:39 pm
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Sunday was a happy Springy day but now we are back to rain, rain and more rain so we cannot play outdoors. Luckily we are very good at finding our own fun.

Yesterday I was bored of everything in my toybox, bored of the mice, the balls, the feathers, bored of everything. Time for a new toy and as mum hadn't been to the pet shop I would find my own. And I did.

It was a great toy and I ran about with it and chased it and was actually eating it when mum noticed.

"What have you got there?" she asked suspiciously. She came and had a look. "Chipboard? Wherever did you find that?" Then she stole it. "That can't be good for your tummy."

She took it to the kitchen to throw away and noticed something. The bathroom door still isn't fixed so is lying on its side in the spare room. The bottom is damaged and I had broken a piece off for being my toy.

"Fantastic!" said my mum, only I don't think she meant it. "Now my cats are eating the door. That's all we need!"

Josie took against this as she hadn't been eating the door at all. She likes it not being there though because as my mum can't hang up her dressing gown on it she leaves her dressing gown on her bed and Josie likes to sleep on it. It's warm and soft and smells of mum. (Mum thinsk she doesn't smell but she does of love and happy and home.)

So one way and another mum is the only one who wants the door fixed. Josie and I have quickly found the good in what looked like a bad situation. Us cats are good at that.


A new word

February 17th 2014 10:44 pm
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Mum was watching a video on her computer yesterday that made her laugh.

"What are you chortling at?" I asked.

"These funny dogs," she replied. "They are all feeling guilty, look at their faces."

I considered this one.

"What is guilty?" I don't remember that word.

Mum looked at me. "It's when you've done something wrong and you feel bad about it."

"I think we can safely say there is no cat version of your video there then," I said. "Cats do not do things wrong. Every action of a cat is perfection."

Mum disagreed. "What about when you peed on the spare room bed at the weekend?"

"That was your fault. You know I don't like that brand of kitty litter yet you went ahead and bought it anyway. You should feel guilty."

To be fair to her she did look a little embarrassed. "But the shop that sells the litter that you like is miles away and the other shop so convenient."

As long as she finds it convenient to clean up after me that's up to her. But I could see from her face she doesn't so hopefully that's a valuable lesson learnt and we'll be back to the kitty litter in the green bags very soon. It is a subject I am very particular about.

So guilty is an interesting word for mums and dogs but I don't think us cats need concern ourselves with it.


The weather is my friend

February 16th 2014 10:38 pm
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Mum was a bit sad on Friday night as she was thinking of Henry. I sat mext to her and gave her lots of love and snuggles and Josie curled up on mum's lap so we were all cosy and snug. It was a really stormy night with the wind grabbing handfuls of rain and throwing them against our window and we were very contented all warm and together indoors.

We watched a whodunnit but not one of us could tell you who did dunnit as we all falled asleep before the end.

Saturday was windy but not so rainy. As I didn't like to go out the wind blew interesting leaves and things in the front door every time mum went in or out so I would have things to play with (until mum let the hoover eat them. She can be so mean!)

Sunday dawned crisp and clear and -oh the joy of it - it was Spring. I could go outside again. I had an interesting morning investigating all the blown down fences and then I lay on a warm patch and let the sun toast me all over as he likes to do.

Mum says she's pretty sure Spring isn't here and not everyone is quite so happy as me about all that wind and rain but it all worked out pretty well for this little cat.

Then I was a Diary Pick and felt very special indeed.


Josie's fish

February 13th 2014 10:52 pm
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Mum was rootling in the freezer for something to eat when she said, "Oh - I had forgotten I had this." And out came a box. And in the box was some fish. Mum had bought it for Josie after her operation and Josie ate one but there was another one left.

Mum put it in the microwave and very soon a fishy smell spread. Josie's nose twitched and she ran into the kitchen in delight.

She knew the fish had to be for her as mum and I don't like fish to eat. (What can I say! I am a cat who chooses his own path!) So Josie was winding round mum's legs and mewing for her fish. Then, to my great amusement, mum forgot to give her any.

Poor Josie couldn't work out why mum would be so foolish - surely she could smell that delicious aroma so why was the fish not dished up in a bowl?

Mum said something about it being too hot but that was a risk Josie was prepared to take. Sadly not one my mum was prepared to take. I love seeing Josie suffer!!

Anyway in the end mum said it was cool enough and Josie loved it. I did run over as she looked so happy but I sniffed it and I really don't like it. This made Josie extra happy as it was all for her. I expect double rations next time it's meat for a treat!

Today is Henry's birthday so Josie and I are being extra kind to mum as that makes her sad. I have been doing a pretty impressive acrobatic display which made her smile. No-one can be sad for long with me around!!


New carpet but...

February 12th 2014 10:47 pm
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Mum moved everything out of the hall and bathroom yesterday and we enjoyed investigating everything in their new positions.

When the men came Josie ran into the bedroom to hide and I went behind the sofa. Now I was a bit brave and came out and had a look but they had a can of hissing stuff so I left them to it.

When everything was done Josie and I came to inspect. It is softer on our paws so we like that part.

"But do you see what's missing?" asked my mum.

We looked. Our tower? Check. Our fort? Check. Our bowls? Check. Nope. Nothing missing.

"The bathroom door is gone," said my mum. "The carpet is too thick for it to close so they took it off its hinges."

Josie and I never close the door so we hadn't noticed. And, as I helpfully pointed out, mum hardly ever closes it either.

"But I have people coming tonight. They usually want privacy in the bathroom," said my mum.

So they do. In the end my mum remembered that she had the curtain that is going to hang over the kitchen door but isn't put up yet so she rigged that over the bathroom door and everyone agreed to talk loudly if anyone went in there and it was all fine. But that's probably not a long term solution.

Mum sighed as this year hasn't been going so well one way and another but then we saw something that did make her smile. Catster is not going somehow!! Timo told us and we saw it was true and we danced our happy dance. Hoorah for Catster!! We had some good news!

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