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Sharing the bed

June 14th 2012 10:47 pm
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I was woken by mum in the night.

"How do you do that?" she asked.


"I went to sleep on my own, all comfy and spread out. I've woken up with you right on the middle of the bed with the feathers from the duvet all in one lump under you and I'm trying to squeeze around you under empty duvet."

"It's a cat thing."


"The feathers love me. They like to be near me"

Josie was watching all this from her vantage point on one of the pillows. She has lately taken to sleeping on one so she can be close to mum but not get rolled on. She suspects mum is jealous. Josie can fit her whole body on one pillow and mum can only manage a head. Mum says she isn't jealous but why does Josie always go for the one closest to the bedside table? It's not like she has to reach out for the lamp/alarm clock etc.

Anyway Josie was quite interested to see how the whole duvet thing would play out. I was very comfy so not minded to move and we have my mum pretty well trained on that kind of thing. Mum sighed and tried to fit herself under the parts of the duvet I had left for her and we all tried to go back to sleep. Sadly mum's wigglings and squigglings got too much for me and I did have to move over in the end. She can be a little thoughtless like that.

This morning is still sunny so I have to go and run outdoors now,


Most Annoying cat award!

June 13th 2012 10:40 pm
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I am so happy that it still isn't raining. I do hope the rain has gone where it is needed. Yesterday I was outside a lot, chasing bugs and having a marvellous time. I do like to keep checking in on my mum though so she doesn't worry about me. But she said I am the most annoying cat as she had to keep getting up and letting me in. You would think she would be glad to.

Josie then had a go at the most annoying cat title. I heard her in the night saying to my mum that she didn't feel quite right so could she have a cuddle and that was fine but then the cause of her discomfort became clear.

"Ack, hack,eck,eck!" and more like that. And them out came a furball. Josie looked up. "You cannot believe how good it feels to get that out!" she said. "Celebrate!"

I didn't need asking twice and the games were on. We love to celebrate things by running as fast as we can and seeing if we can fly.

At one point mum asked if she could join in so I obligingly pounced on her toes. Then she wanted to know how I could mistake "Let me sleep" for "Let me play too". I'm sure I heard right that she wanted to play. Who wouldn't?

Don't worry about us. We'll catch up on our sleep today, we're forgiven mum for her harsh words and we think it's honours even on which of us is most annoying.


We're back

June 12th 2012 10:33 pm
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On Monday morning I went to help my mum with my diary and she just sat there and didn't get the computer out.

"No diary?"

"No diary"

"Is that because you're sad on account of all the rain and don't want to bring everyone down?"

But turns out we had no internet for a couple of days. Then yesterday mum was on the phone for nearly an hour saying "no" and Hm" and "How do I do that?" and then "The light is's's's on." and eventually bingo! - we are back in the land of the interweb.

I'll have to catch up with everybody's news. We have none except lots and lots of rain. But this morning not only do we have internet but we have sunshine so maybe everything is going to be OK after all!


Better safe than sorry

June 7th 2012 10:32 pm
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Once upon a time there was a mum and she started to feed her cats. She got out the bowls and she picked up the food but then something terrible happened. She completely forgot what she had started doing. She didn't feed her cats and they starved to death. The End.

Mum says she is pretty sure that never happened and Josie says our mum always finishes what she starts but I say better safe than sorry so as soon as mum picks up the bowl I start meowing to remind her that I am there and I am hungry. Josie just patiently waits but I don't dare take that risk. I meow and meow right up to the very moment my bowl is put in front of me. It always works; we always get our food.

It is really wet and windy here today so I haven't gone for my run. By rights mum should entertain me instead but she said stupid stuff about needing to eat her own breakfast. Some people are so selfish!


The corpse of my prey

June 6th 2012 10:35 pm
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I left it right in the middle of the kitchen floor where my mum couldn't miss it - and she didn't.

"Where did you get that?" she asked as she bent down to pick it up.

I never disclose my secrets but the mighty hunter has his ways. I found that little bird, stalked it, grabbed it and it will chirpy chirpy cheep cheep no more.

Mum thinks it is the little toy Easter chick that she got given with a bag of chocolate eggs back in April. At first she couldn't think where she might have left it but then she remembered. She tucked it on a shelf in the kitchen, thinking it was out of our reach. She has this crazy idea we might swallow stuff.

It is fluffy and actually from the kitchen sides (which of course I would never be naughty enough to climb up on to) you can stretch a paw and reach and hook with a claw. It was fun and best of all it didn't fly away like the outdoors birds always do. They are so mean. I only want to have some fun with them.


Flea treatment turned me white!

June 5th 2012 10:44 pm
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Yesterday was another happy day as mum was home all the day and we helped her do some clearing out and then she dusted and we love the feather duster more than any of her other toys.

But then it was flea treatment time. Mum was using a new brand as it's cheaper than the one the vets sold her. I didn't really notice it go on but later Josie said it smelled wrong and tried to lick it off. Mum stopped her as it isn't good in cats' tummies she said.

Then this morning mum noticed all white on my fur where it had gone on. She thought she had bleached me and it took a lot of tummy rubs to make me feel better about that I can tell you. Only all the wiggling about rubbed the white off so I am OK again and back to my normal colours in the normal places.

I reckon I would rather have fleas!!


Home with mum all day!

June 4th 2012 11:54 pm
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Mum wasn't at work and I love days when she stays home all day. She said she had a lot to do. Some of it was very dull - cleaning the oven is not a cat friendly activity. Some of it looked tremendous fun but we weren't allowed to join in - cats are such naturals for sewing but she won't let me near the needle. Some of it was brilliant - we all found long forgotten things under mum's bed although some of them needed a wash.

Then Josie and I settled down for a sleep and for a while shared the bed and mum took a photo so you have proof. Only I woke up and had a wash and I thought Josie needed a wash too so I started licking her only then I forgot and bit her and that didn't go down so well.

Mum also took a picture of me that didn't work so well. She tried to sneak up on me as she said I looked so cute but as she started to take the picture I realised and peered into the camera and it didn't come out how she planned.

And mum gets another Jubilee Celebration Day today. Hoorah!


Jubilee Weekend

June 3rd 2012 11:37 pm
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The Queen wanted the celebrations to be very British so arranged for it to rain and rain yesterday. That suited us as we like a cosy time indoors. Josie was on my mum's lap and I was next to them and we were happy as anything but then my mum said she had a party to go to which did not suit us. Lucky for mum it was an indoors party not a barbecue or street party and she said she had a lovely time. But today will be all about us cats!

She also saw Victoria yesterday who said that the kittens had been taken to a foster home to get used to people before they are adopted and that they have seen the missing tabby one but not close enough to catch and that Aysha is doing well but comes in the house a lot less now the kittens are gone. But at least she knows that there is food and shelter whenever she does need it. And we saw my tabby friend. He was under the tree keeping out of the rain. Funny to think only last week he and I sat under the very same tree to get some shade and keep cool. I decided not to go out and join him on account of wanting to stay dry.


My secret stash of toys

May 31st 2012 10:27 pm
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I made an amazing discovery last night. I had worn out both mum and Josie out but I still wanted to play so I did some exploring - and I was so glad that I did. I found a whole stack of toys at the back of a cupboard in mum's bedroom.

"Go to sleep Toby" mum said because I was rustling and wiggling but how could I with so many toys to look at?

I thought they were all new but Josie says they are our old toys. Mum read somewhere that if she hid some of them for a few months we would forget them and think they were new. The plan worked perfectly as I did think they were new - but she needs a better hiding place.

Mum reckons she is a bit tired this morning on account if me keeping her awake. But she is excited about going to work as they are having a big Jubilee Party today. I asked when we will be having our party and turns out what the Queen wants for her loyal subjects is an extra day at home with their cats to celebrate so no work for mum Monday and Tuesday next week which is pretty cool and surely means some quality play time!


Taking my re|||||||||sponsibilities seriously

May 30th 2012 10:41 pm
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I did some of that typing with my very own paw!

When mum types up my diary I always supervise and sometimes join in typing some parts, I turn on the capital letters and other helpful things. Mum says she would be much quicker if I told her what I wanted to say and then had a nice sleep or a run in the garden but then she might get it wrong. She reckons no-one can actually read what I type but that's the stupid laptops fault as the keys are too small.

So, rest assured, no matter what I am doing as soon as she gets the laptop out I come and sit by her and help. Sometimes she tries to type it up while I am outdoors but like most cats I have a feel for these things and come back in.

So rest assured I am close by and everything my mum says is personally approved by me.

The garden has been free of random cats and people with laundry. Mum did see Aysha yesterday and says it looks like where she was spayed is healing nicely. Soon the fur will grow back and it will be like it never happened. She reckons Aysha looked very wellfcd so hopefully she is settling to her new life. Mum hasn't seen the neighbours in a while for a proper update.

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