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Josie's game

September 4th 2014 10:20 pm
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Mum was ready to sleep but Josie wasn't so she decided to have a bit of fun at mum's expense. While my mum was brushing her teeth Josie was with her in the bathroom, determinedly trying to reach the inaccessible gap behind the loo.

"There's something there and I have to reach it," she was muttering, trying to get at it from each side.

"Is there?" asked my mum nervously. (Actually through the frothy blue toothpaste it was more like 'Shish wear'?) She hadn't seen either of us bring anything in but that's no guarantee that we haven't.

"It's late. I can't deal with it now, whatever it might be," she added, once all the ablutions were complete and Josie was still excitedly pawing into the dark hidey-hole.

Mum went to bed and was reading her book so I joined her, purring loudly to drown out whatever Josie was up to. When Josie joined us she had a cobweb draped on her head so she had got close to it - whatever it was. Innocent toy or unfortunate creature?

I know of course but I'm enjoying watching mum fret about the possibilities so I'm not saying.


Signs summer is going

September 3rd 2014 10:36 pm
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I let my mum sleep in this morning but we were all woken by a thud, scrabble, scrabble, scrabble.

That was Josie chasing lights as they ran across the wall. She hears the car coming, jumps up on the drawers and waits and then, when the headlights shine across the room, she pounces. In the summer it's light by the time the cars come so she's delighted to revive that game.

But it means we must be coming to autumn. Sighs!

One good thing is that mum is back in her big fluffy dressing gown. The little cotton one isn't nearly so good for paddy paws so I like that.

And we known it's cooler because Josie has been sleeping on mum's lap - it was too hot for both of them before.

I am making the absolute most of being outside while it is still warm enough. I don't want to waste a single drop of sunshine.


Rise and Shine!

September 2nd 2014 10:37 pm
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I needed a stroke so I woke my mum with a gentle meow and tapped her face gently so she would get the idea.

"I am trying to sleep," she said.

"And I am trying to get strokes. Do keep up!" I replied.

She did stroke me - few can resist my fuzzy face but "many people shut their cats out of the bedroom at night so they can sleep," she said darkly.

I considered this option but, never a fan of the closed door, I rejected it.

"No thank you. I like to be able to see you when I wake up," I said.

That went down well, I got extra rubs and I rumbled my purrs in appreciation.

"And I like to see you too. I was just wondering if we could be doing this a bit later. I thought the light was waking you two but it's getting darker in the mornings and you're still at the 5.30am wake up call."

I like my early mornings with mum before she starts dashing about and muttering about being ready for work so whilst I said everything that she seemed to expect I don't plan on stopping the snuggles any time soon. I'm pretty sure she won't shut us out!


It was in our way

September 1st 2014 10:38 pm
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When we wake up the sun is shining in the bedroom window and it wends its way across the sky to warm up the sitting room in the afternoon. So to enjoy it the most we like to share the bedroom window sill in the morning and move through to the pouffe etc in the sitting room later in the day.

Trouble is that mum will insist on putting stuff on the window sill and there's not really room for both of us and the stuff. Josie was complaining about this yesterday.

"Mum will be grumpy if you throw it off," I commented.

Josie considered this. Then inspiration struck. "I'll do it at night, while she's asleep, then she won't realise."

Excellent idea Josie. So last night that's what she did. When all was peaceful and still and mum safely off dreaming (hopefully of us) Josie crept noiselessly to the window sill, one swipe of the paw and the job was done.

You wouldn't believe how much noise an ornament makes falling off a window sill, behind a bed.

Mum sat up, "What the heck was that?"

It took her a while to get back to sleep. We are keeping out of her way this morning


People are very odd

August 31st 2014 10:41 pm
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Mum was home most of the weekend which was great. I like knowing she's around for when I need my tummy rubbing. Indeed I was enjoying just such attentions when she said she had to go and then said something else.

I shook my ears. "I'm so sorry - I didn't catch what you said. It sounded as if you said Alison is going to have a bucket of iced water thrown over her and you're filming it. Obviously it wasn't that!" I had a chuckle at the notion.

"It was," said my mum.

There are three obvious flaws with the sentence. One: Alison is lovely, never turns up without some sort of treat for me and Josie. Why would someone throw water at her? Two: Why would my mum not be going to rescue her rather than stand idly by while this terrible thing happens? Three: What kind of an optimist would trust my mum with anything technological?

But my mum was adamant that there really is a thing called the Ice Bucket Challenge and off she went. She came back some time later and confirmed that iced water had been poured over Alison.

"And did you manage the filming part OK?" I asked, fearing that I knew the answer.

There was a shame-faced pause. "The red light was flashing - I really thought I was filming. I don't know what I did wrong." And then, "I did offer to film it again but surpringly enough Alison wasn't that keen to repeat the experience."

My mum has a good head-scratching technique that makes me purr and is pretty nifty with a sachet of cat food but never, never, never trust her with technology!!


My white patch

August 28th 2014 10:17 pm
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I came in yesterday and my mum said, "I'm sure you didn't have a white patch on your back when you went out."

I twisted round to see it and sure enough, a new splodge of white. Awesome!

But mum called me and gave me a thorough brush. I do love a thorough brush and was purring away and didn't realise what she was doing until it was too late.

"All gone," she said cheerfully.

"Where's my new marking?" I demanded to know. But mum had brsuhed it all away.

I had better not let her anywhere near my other white - I have the one on my chest which I think makes me look quite distingushed and a secret one on my tummy that not many people know about. I don't want them brushed away.

Josie is the same as she was yesterday - which is sometimes sitting with both paws down and sometimes holding one up a little but she is still happy in herself and on the mend so so date with Dracula for her.


Josie paw update

August 27th 2014 10:47 pm
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Mum came home yesterday and grabbed Josie's leg and ran her hands up and down it, much to Josie's surprise. I can't say either of them looked like they enjoyed the experience.

Then mum said, "Cool."

"Yeah, Cool!" I said, joining in politely.

"No, I mean it's not hot," explained my mum. One of the vet nurses had said maybe Josie was bitten and that mum should check for infection. One clue would be if her paw got hot. Josie hadn't wanted to play yesterday morning and mum said after that possibility that Josie had an infection and an abcess developing was in her head she was desperate to get back and check.

"Although not desperate enough to come and do it," I pointed out.

Mum said her boss was commenting that my mum hasn't had any emergency leave in August, pretty much the first month this year that's happened, and then they both looked at the calendar and realised there is still August left to go. A lot of good will has been used up this year and mum doesn't want to push it!

Amyway Josie's leg is fine and she didn't mind mum feeling it all which mum thought was a good sign and Josie played very energetically last night - just in case not playing could herald a vet visit - and we've seen her sitting with both paws on the ground so it looks like her paw is finally recovering.

Hoorah! Frankly it's time I got a bit of the attention.


Paw still sore

August 26th 2014 10:42 pm
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The vet nurses said that it does seem that Josie has a soft-tissue injury. I always knew she was soft!!

They said to keep her indoors to rest it. Josie looked at the rain which poured pretty much all day yesterday and agreed to that one. She really hates rain.

I don't mind it so much. When I'm in the thrill of the hunt I don't notice and then I go indoors and mum says, "Toby - you're drenched. I'm not stroking that soggy coat." So I have to give her the old big eyes treatment until she relents and dries me off.

The vet nurses also said if Josie is unhappy at all then to the vet she must go. Josie put on her brightest face and trotted happily across the kitchen. "See!" she said, "All good. No vet." It was a shame that she forgot that she had her paw lifted pathetically as she spoke - but the trot was a good, solid, all four paws one.

Mum thinks Josie is a little better today - she should be, she's been practising looking well. The only time a cat will agree that going to the vet is a good idea is when they are so unwell they have no idea what they are saying!


Josie has a limp

August 25th 2014 10:41 pm
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I came in yesterday evening and mum said I am to be kind to Josie as she has a sore paw.

"That's so unfair," I exclaimed. "She's stupid enough to hurt her paw and I have to suffer."

"I don't think that being kind to your sisfur is exactly suffering," said my mum.

"Will she go to the vet again?" I asked, hopefully.

Mum said they'll go if it gets worse or if it doesn't get better soon. It's not broken as Josie can walk on it and it's not bleeding and mum can't see why it is sore. Josie definitely still has her usual appetite and wants to play and be petted and all her normal stuff so mum is going to check in with the vet nurses at her work and see what they think.

Mum says Josie is to stay in todsy but I don't suppose Josie will notice the difference. It's decidedly damp outside. That never stops me but Josie doesn't like it. That makes it all the more mysterious that she's managed to hurt herself as yesterday rained all day long so in Josie stayed.


Good news from the vet

August 25th 2014 12:18 am
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It was Josie that had to go, not me. Hoorah!

Mum says surely the good news is that Josie had her check up and she's all healthy. She's a little lighter than she was last time they weighed her which mum thinks is all that running around she's been doing and they are happy with her.

Which is more than Josie was with them!

She did meet a puppy called Teddy who is smaller than her and was even more scared as he reckoned he had just seen the largest dog in the world walk through the waiting room. They got to see that dog leave and Josie reckons he was more horse-sized than dog-sized. No wonder little Teddy was huddled in his mum's arms.

On their way out Josie did have a quick chat with Dracula - he is the rather handsome black cat who lives at our vets. Josie had seen him put an inquisitive and very lively Springer Spaniel in his place and she wanted to know the secret.

"You just have to show them who's boss," explained Dracula, as mum let him through the door. "A bit of whacky paw works wonders." It must be strange having so many other animals in your home but he is used to it.

Anyway Josie was extremely pleased to be away from all those other animals and safely home and the basket is gone away.

There was some sad news on Sunday from our neighbours. Smudge has gone to the Bridge. He became unwell quite suddenly and they did everything they could but he had unexpected heart problems. We don't really know his past - he just arrived in the areas and next door took him on. He and I never got on well enough to chat about the old days - but at least he had a forever home for his last years and he was very much loved.

Mum thought I would be pleased as he did bully me but I know how much he will be missed by Leo and Jasper so I am sorry for their loss.

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