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Still hot and sleepy

July 20th 2014 10:45 pm
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This is just how hot I was.

I came in on Saturday and found Josie curled up on my bed. Normally I just give her a look and she runs off. I looked at her and she sighed, too sleepy to move. I mewed but she just lay there and you know, I decided I couldn't even be bothered to fight. I just lay down beside the bed instead.

Mum said, "Why can't you always be so nice?"

I am always so nice. Keeping Josie in her place and being boss cat keeps everything running smoothly in the household and that is nice.

Mum is getting bitten. I suggested she have evil smelling stuff on the back of her neck like Josie and I do. Mum always says that's to stop us getting bitten. Mum says it isn't fleas but mozzies that are biting her but I reckon she just doesn't want the bad smelling stuff.

When it's not too hot it's been stormy. I've even been getting used to the sky being rumbly as it's happened so much. I don't mind getting wet as the grass seeds stick extra well to wet fur. Mum let the hoover eat my last lot so I've needed to rebuild my collection.


My deep sleep

July 17th 2014 10:25 pm
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It was so hot again yesterday I couldn't wait for mum to come home and let me out. I decided the best place to wait would be the window sill so I would see her the very second she walked up the path and not waste a moment of outdoors time.

So I waited and I waited and I waited and I falled asleep.

Next thing I knew my mum was stroking me and telling me the back door was open. How did I miss that happening? I didn't even hear her come in let alone open doors. I skedaddled as fast as my paws would take me to the blessed fresh air.

"Hello to you too," said my mum, somewhat sarcastically. Well, she wasn't the one shut in all day.

The sky is grumbling this morning and there's rain and flashes of light. Of course I am not afraid of that at all but I'm staying in to make sure Josie and mum don't get too scared. The strangest thing about the rain is how hungry it's made us. Neither of us have had much appetite lately but we had double breakfast this morning.


Josie and mum fell out

July 16th 2014 10:52 pm
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Mum still insists on us all sleeping indoors at night even though it's so hot. So I curl up on my chair and dream of being a lion, prowling the African plains.

Josie and mum meanwhile have a problem. Josie wants to snuggle with mum. It never gets too hot for that cat. Mum is much less keen on the whole warm, furry, purry hot-water bottle right now. She kept prodding Josie - "You're too hot," she grumbled, "Go somewhere else" so when mum sat up to prevent the snuggling thing Josie did - mum's pillow.

Josie does love a pillow, all soft and luxurious. She settled herself down with a contented purr. They should make people-beds out of what they make the pillows with as they are very soft and squidgy but it's only people heads that fit on a pillow and mum's head was now looking quite grumpy with Josie.

"As if it wasn't hard enough to sleep right now," she muttered, "Where does my head go?"

Josie extended a paw to indicate that mum could have a corner that she had thoughtfully spared. So mum did and it seemed to work out Ok for them.


Feeling hot, hot hot!

July 15th 2014 10:52 pm
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OK - not as hot as some of my friends get but it's hot for us. So hot it melted Catster yesterday and we couldn't get on it.

It wasn't a day to stay indoors and while mum was at work I found I could make the door work so I was able to chase frogs and enjoy what breeze there was and have a marvellous day in the garden.

Josie says mum came home and was all "Where's my boy?" and looking for me but Josie was pretty sure I would be back when I was hungry - and I was.

When it's hot at night my mum can't sleep so she got her special sleepy time music with the lady who tells her to breath and to go to sleep. (I know!! Cats would never need such a thing, we remember to breath and sleep all by ourselves but my mum apparently needs reminding.)

Anyway it worked and soon my mum was sleeping happily...until the voice pounded out "Meditation Two" and woke us all up. They haven't thought that one through.

Then my mum was all grumpy this morning because her milk had gone off and she had lumpy tea. I'm glad we drink water.


Black Cats Rock!!

July 13th 2014 10:34 pm
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On Saturday mum went away and came back very much like one who had been petting other cats. She explained that she had been to meet Alfie.

Alfie is a handsome black cat like me but like Josie he was homeless for a while. Lucky for him he has found a furever home with one of my mum's friends which is called Marie. Marie already has a large tabby cat, Ricky, but after a while Ricky has accepted his new house-mate.

So there is a larger, older, established cat and a new, smaller, younger, black cat.

"Who's boss cat?" I asked. "I bet it's small black cat. Go on, it is small black cat isn't it?"

And it is indeed the small black cat who is in charge. Go Small Black Cats everywhere!! We Rock!!!

(Josie was just stomped off to her bed. She's just jealous! Mum's trying to say she loves us equally and there isn't a boss cat here but we all know that's not true.)


Another msyterious mystery

July 10th 2014 10:38 pm
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Mum came home last night and said, "What is that?" when she saw it on the floor - for she saw a strange cream coloured strandy thing lying there, all forlorn.

Then, "Oh" and then "Why?"

For she had noticed a cushion that has three cream coloured stranded tufts. It did used to have four, one on each corner, but now just the three.

Josie started to explain that the tuft had grown tired of its existence as mere ornament and wanted to strike out in its own so Josie giving it a little tug to free it was only an act of kindness.

Mum considered this. Then another thought struck her. "Did you eat any of it?"

Josie likes to munch on a piece of string if mum is foolish enough to leave any around which she doesn't mostly on account of being pretty sure it's not good for cats' tummies.

Mum started to move the strands but Josie hadn't thought of eating it but now the idea was there she wasn't letting it go lightly, Cat versus mum but it turns out hands are better at picking up threads than claws so mum won.

We now have a unique cushion unlike any of the others in the shop with it's trio of tufts. Cats are inspired home decorators along with being completely awesome!!


Happy cat Josie

July 9th 2014 10:39 pm
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Josies' top favourite game of all is when my mum gets one of those sticks with feathers on the end and wiggles it under the duvet and Josie pounces on it. She could play that all day.

Indeed she gets so excited she has to run in little circles between pounces just to stop the excitement bubbles lifting her off the bed. Actually sometimes they do and she runs off and mum doesn't understand. "I thought you were having fun."

And Josie runs back and leaps back on the bed. "I am," she cries, and then, "Don't you ever feel so happy you have to run in circles?"

Mum gave Josie a scratch on the head and smiled, "Actually I do. Feel that way, I mean, I rarely do the running part. It would surprise them at work."

And people think we are odd. Cats rarely give any thought to what others might think - if it feels good we do it.

It's good to be back on Catster. We couldn't get on yesterday and even though it was only a day we missed it.


Being a well-groomed boy

July 7th 2014 10:37 pm
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When it's all sunny and warm I love to roam and hunt. When I came in yesterday my mum laughed at me, "What's all that on your fur?" she asked, trying to brush it off.

Well, how embarrasing! I had picked up hundreds of grass seeds. No problem, cats' tongues are designed for this. Patiently I worked my way along my body, lick to seed, detach, spit seed on chair. By the end I was sitting in pretty much a ring of grass seeds and was once again my handsome black self.

Time to go back out.

My mum sighed as she scooped up the seeds, "Off to get more?" she asked.

That's never exactly the plan, it just happens. Nature's camouflage for us mighty hunters. The mousies never see us coming!


Mostly a happy weekend

July 6th 2014 10:26 pm
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My favourite part was snoozing in a sunbeam, doesn't it feel good to stretch out all warm and toasty?! And Josie liked it when mum came back from her church cream tea - and yes, there was some cream left over and yes, mum had brought some back and she let Josie have a couple of licks. I like cream but Josie is a particular cream freak so she was happy.

My least favourite part - you've guessed it - mum went to play with Jasper both days. She likes the way he squeaks when he jumps off chairs and she likes his dinky face and his rumbly purrs and she....

"We do not need a kitten," I told her firmly.

Much to my relief she agreed. "You two were just as cute and look what monsters you've turned in to. I couldn't handle another one."

Which was sort of good.

She is back off to the Fracture Clinic this morning but I think they'll be happy as she is doing hardly any of the "OW!" when she walks.


Loving the summer

July 3rd 2014 10:37 pm
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Yesterday was a wonderfully warm and sunny day, hoorah! I love to be out and about in the warm.

My mum is strange - she draws the curtains while she's out and mutters, "I'll never sleep tonight in this heat." The heat never stops us but mum kicks off her duvet and sighs a lot.

Indeed last night my mum woke and said, "It feels like I have a thick fur blanket on.....oh...hello Josie" and Josie purred for it was she, draped thoughtfully over mum, having noticed the lack of a cover on mum.

In the winter mum loves a Josie snuggle but it seems she is less welcome now it's warmer.

Josie had earlier seen my mum parking her car and was expecting her straight in when mum was distracted by a knocking on next door's window. Victoria was holding up little Jasper and there was much discussion of his general gorgeousness through the window while poor Josie waited sadly for her own admiration. There she was, sitting in her own window, looking, I am sure, very lovely but it's all kittens, kittens, kittens here at the moment.

Mum has promised not to get one but I don't like all this talk.

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