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Mum went away

September 30th 2012 10:34 pm
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She just put some stuff in a bag and off she went. Luckily people from next door came to feed us but I still wasn't happy.

She came home on Sunday and I was all ready to sulk but she had brought home a catnip cigar. I go crazy for catnip. It's my one vice.

Last night I slept snuggled up really close to her so I could know she hadn't gone away again. The funny thing when I do that is - even asleep she seems to know not to roll on me so she only moves in one direction. When she moves away I move with her so I can still be nestled.

So we gradually move closer and closer to the edge of the bed through the night and she wakes up clinging on to a few inches, just about not falling off, with me close to her and the whole of the rest of the bed all empty.

I have given her lots of purrs and headrubs and dribble so she'll never want to go away again and she said she did miss me. She said she missed Josie too but I bet she missed me the most.


If you're going to barf...

September 27th 2012 10:32 pm
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Josie really impressed me this morning. Feeling her tummy churning she did not waste the moment.

Up she jumped to the mantelpiece and pondered where would be the best place to lean. Ah yes- that would do it as she noticed mum's cardigan draped over the back of a chair. Mum came in way too late to do anything about it and there was the contents of Josie's tummy all down the back of the cardigan.

Josie swears it was an accident and she didn't realise how bad she felt until it was too late but what makes the whole thing more funny is that as mum was scrambling around to get to work and everything she didn't check the wash instructions and now the cardigan is somewhat smaller than it was.

I was enjoying seeing Josie in trouble but then mum said if I didn't steal her food she might not feel she has to eat so fast and would hold on to it. It is true I am eating extra at the moment as I need to build my winter tummy to keep me warm. Mum says there's plenty for both of us but why take the chance?


Being stressed

September 26th 2012 10:39 pm
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When mum came home from work yesterday she picked me up for a cuddle.

"Toby," she said. "I've had a hectic strssed day and I need a cuddle."

I did not wish to be cuddled and I said so. "I had a hectic strssed day too. Put me down!"

She did put me back on the floor but wanted to know just how I had managed to get hectic and stressed.

"You didn't rub my tummy when I first rolled over this morning and I had to ask several times for breakfast and that's stressful - and I have a busy daily schedule of naps, Josie training and looking out of the window to do while you're out."

She didn't look as convinced by this explanation as I had hoped and it seemed a good idea to take a stroll outdoors just then.

When I came back in I could hear something odd- birdsong indoors. Right - I would get those feathery monsters if they thought they could invade my territory. But I couldn't find them and mum admitted she had put on her plinky plonk relaxy CD and it has birdsong on it. That might have relaxed her but it didn't do anything for my nerves.

Hopefully we'll all have a more calm day today.


Winter Games

September 25th 2012 10:34 pm
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The evenings are becoming dark and cold outdoors but indoors is warm and light and there are no scary things unless you count my mum singing. The only thing wrong is that it isn't as big as outdoors.

In the garden I run and run but yesterday I ran and ran inside and ran out of floor and had to go up the curtains.

Mum looked at me hanging up there and sighed.

"Is it toy box time?"

I scrambled down as fast as I could. I love toybox time.

Mum admitted she thought I had grown out of it but it's only that I've been chasing frogs and dragons outdoors. I had forgotten the simple pleasures of chasing toy mice and balls around the place. I had a brilliant time except when mum talked on the phone and I had to climb up her leg to get her attention.

I was sad because my summer was going away but I think we're going to be alright after all!


My evil twin

September 24th 2012 10:37 pm
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I wandered in the sitting room to chat with my mum yesterday. She looked up at me and then said, "it's funny - in some lights your eyes look a golden brown and in some almost green."

"What colour are they today?"


I am never one to miss an opportunity.

"You know how I am a perfect sweetie pie cat who never does anything wrong except sometimes?"

"Hm" was all she would commit to.

I explained, "The golden eyed cat is my evil twin. I am always good but he sneaks in and steals Josie's food and knocks your toys off shelves."

"I prefer to call them ornaments and I think I would have noticed if we had an extra cat."

But I'm fairly sure I have sewn seeds of doubt in her mind and shall blame the twin for everything from now on.

It rained so very much yesterday and mum's car did not do well in its check up. Apparently the best way for mum to cope with this gloom was to watch a funny film and to eat cake and we were curled up, one on either side of her and she said that made her feel much happier. I must have been good green eyed Toby!


The rain is back

September 23rd 2012 11:23 pm
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Saturday was one of my happiest days ever. The sun shone all day and mum was home so I could run around in the garden and chase things and then I got sleepy and came in and mum rubbed my tummy for a while and reminded me what a handsome boy I am and then I slept and dreamed of all the adventures I had enjoyed.

I wished every day could be a sunny Saturday and mum said she knew what I meant but maybe we wouldn't enjoy it so much if it was.

Because Sunday it rained and rained. I did go out but it's not nearly so much fun when your fur gets damp.

And it's raining today. The only good part is mum says she isn't going to work.

"How come?"

Turns out cars and cats have more than two letters in common - they also have an annual check up only rather than a letter from the vet they have to have theirs by law and no letter. Last week Mum was chatting with a friend who said they had nearly forgotten theirs. Mum laughed and said she forgot hers last year. In fact about this time last year. In fact now she came to think about it exactly this time last year! She had forgotten again.

She couldn't get a Saturday one so it's going today. This is good news for us cats as we get a bonus mum day and because mum says she had meant to book Josie's annual check and shots but that will have to wait for next payday so Josie gets a reprieve. Josie says she is feeling unusually healthy and in no need of any vet visit but mum says she will have to go in a couple of weeks to keep her feeling that way.


Josie can be naughty

September 20th 2012 10:33 pm
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Mum was sitting on the sofa last night and Josie was watching her. Then Josie said, "There's something under the throw I need" and she started nosing and clawing at the throw. Mum had no idea what it could be. Had a catnip mouse fallen down there? Had one of us dropped a treat and it had fallen behind?

Josie was so insistently pulling at the throw that mum stood up so Josie could reach.

Faster than you can wash a whisker Josie was on mum's vacant cushion, curled up looking like a cat that had been there for hours.

"Josie!" said mum. I think she had planned to still be sitting there.

Josie looked all round to see who mum was talking to. From the tone it couldn't be her as mum's tone wasn't friendly. Josie looked so sure that she had done nothing wrong that mum laughed and took the other end of the sofa. Score: Josie One, Mum nil.

Josie told me later that she wanted mum's cushion as she knew mum would have warmed up the seat nicely and we definitely have the autumnal chill.


Josie's stupid game

September 19th 2012 10:34 pm
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Mum was home all evening again last night so I was out, chasing dragons and bears. When I came in for my checks on the girls I found them playing Josie's favourite game.

Mum has a low table and she puts a pen on it and tells Josie very solumnly that she wants the pen left just where it is. Josie pretends to agree and walks away. Then she runs back, ambushes the pen from a surprise angle and knocks it to the ground. Then off she runs, chuckling to herself.

Mum pretends to be annoyed and puts the pen back. They can carry this on for hours.

To me the game would only be fun if mum really did want the pen left where it was but we know the difference and Josie only likes it because she can hear mum laughing too. Josie leaves the naughtiness to the expert which is me!

I only managed to catch leaves last night. I did forget to write at the weekend that I caught a real dragon only mum got it and let it go. And said it was a dragon-fly but that's a real type of dragon.

All the purring for Ricky worked and his cone is gone. The report is that he spent a busy evening giving a thorough wash to all those parts he couldn't reach before. His fur will grow back and he'll be good as new.


I am not coming in

September 18th 2012 10:43 pm
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When mum goes to work I have to go indoors. Mostly I am OK with that - mainly as she calls me in with the rustle of a cat treat bag. I usually manage to get double rations by looking at the first offering with a sigh of disappointment.

"If I'd known it was them I wouldn't have come!" then mum gives me others and I scoff both.

But yesterday I was back on the trail of that naughty squirrel. I knew I would catch him in a few more minutes and hardly heard my mum calling my name. Then I did hear - and so did Squirrel who vaulted over the shed and was lost to me - mum open the doors and come out.

She can move faster than you might imagine. I found that out before. So I dived under the nearest bush. Let's see mum get me now!!

She tried rustling the kitty treat bag but I'm not a kitten any more to be lured like that.

Then she cheated. She picked a very long strand of grass and wiggled it about. I had half an eye on her and half an eye on the grass. I only chased the grass when it was well out of her reach thinking I would beat her once again. Only she pulled the grass closer and closer to her and me, the mighty hunter eyes only for his prey, was sucked in and next thing I knew her arm was round my middle and in we went. Most undignified.

She thought I had forgiven her when I snuggled up against her warmth last night. She put out a hand to stroke me and I bit her. I would have bitten her again but she pulled all her hands under the duvet and muttered about me being an evil cat but she let me stay.

Ricky is back at the vet today to hopefully have his cone taken off. He'll be very happy for that.


Autumn or Fall?

September 17th 2012 10:35 pm
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It is definitely getting cooler here. I have been sleeping on the chair in my mum's room at night but last night I nestled right by her side and stayed there all night. She is beautifully cosy and she woke up a couple of times and gave me strokes so it was all snuggly.

And it is getting cold because it is Autumn. Only I learned something new yesterday. I had a letter from my paw pal Laura Belle and my mum read it to me and she talked about Fall.

"What's Fall?"

"It's what they call Autumn in America as it's when all the leaves fall from the trees."

I chuckled. "Those crazy Americans!"

Then I thought about it. Josie and I have been having lots of fun chasing the falled leaves as they blow about and we even have some favourites we've brought in and actually Fall does make sense.

"So why do we call it Autumn?"

"Actually I don't know. I'll look in my book."

So she did and the answer is that no-one really knows. They have thoughts but they don't know if they are right.

People are weird. Imagine not knowing what a word really means and saying it anyway. Every cat reading this knows exactly what "meow" means!

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