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Being Brilliant

October 11th 2012 10:31 pm
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Mum came home early yesterday which I was all happy about until she said it was because she was off to a training event. She has been to so many of those you would think she would be really clever by now but she still needs us cats to keep her in line.

"What's this one about?" I wanted to know.

"Unleashing my inner brilliance."

I had to laugh. "What makes you so sure you have any to unleash?"

"Everyone has."

"Even Josie?"

And mum mave me that look where I know it's best to be all wide-eyed and inncoent so she rubs my ear and tells me I'm cute and forgets what I just said.

I was quite excited to see what a brilliant mum would look like but she came back looking much the same. A bit tired if anything but she said it was good and lots to think about. And then I saw brilliance in its purest form. She had picked up some new cat treats from one of the shops she had passed.

Brilliant mum for remembering how much we like treats, especially new ones. Brilliant shop for selling something so delicious. Brilliant us for appreciating them so much!


Cats' Amazing Hearing

October 10th 2012 10:36 pm
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In the summer I liked to run outside straight after my breakfast but now it's dark I prefer to wait until my mum has had her breakfast and it's more light. Mum says that I am a cat and can see in the dark but I notice she doesn't go pottering about in the garden in the dark either.

The downside is that when mum goes to work I am still not ready to come in so cannot hear her calling - of course.

But yesterday I had a falling out with mum. I had to steal Josie's breakfast three times as it was very delicious and mum got grumpy. When I go out I can still hear everything so even though I was at the far end of the garden I could hear mum sympathising with Josie about her mean brother and I didn't care. Then I heard my mum ask Josie if she would like something to cheer her up and my ears got very interested. When I heard the opening of the chicken tub I was at the back door demanding to be let in. I love chicken and wanted my share. And Josie's.

Mum wanted to know how I could hear her talk very quietly and sneak something out of the fridge but I can't hear her call me or rustle treats or shake biscuit boxes when she actually wants me.

All I can say is that us cats have pretty amazing hearing!


Cool Jazz Cat

October 9th 2012 10:41 pm
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My friend Dee has been to America. She went last year and loved everything there so much she had to go again this year and she loved everything again. And she brought back presents for my mum. Oh yes - praline and fridge magnets and pictures are presents but when I bring her worms and frogs and leaves she isn't nearly so excited.

One picture came from New Orleans and it is a cat playing the clarinet. Mum said at last she knew where my soul lay - she can just see me as a cool jazz playing cat with Josie as the sultry singer.

I was nestled next to her imagining myself in the clubs with my band and my mind happily drfted.

There is a table next to the sofa where mum keeps her cup of tea, TV remote, my brush and other things she might need. I noticed some handcream sort of behind a glass of water and a notepad and as my mind wandered I wondered if I could reach out and touch it without moving my body.

I stretched out my paw and tapped it. I could reach it. Could I pull it towards me? I never did find out - apparently flipping your paw around near a glass of water is "foolish". No sense of adventure, my mum!


Soggy paws

October 8th 2012 10:32 pm
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I was in the garden yesterday despite the fact that the weekend's sunshine has gone and it had rained all day. When I came indoors I could smell straight away that mum had topped up the biscuit bowl so I went there and tucked in. When I looked up mum was looking at me funny.

"What's wrong with your paws?"

"Nothing. They're fine." I walked towards her. "Oh that." I was shaking each paw as I took a step.

Mum was worried and picked me up to examine them. They were rather wet and had picked up bits of leaves and stuff from outside. Nothing to worry about and nothing more important than fresh biscuits.

I gave them a good wash and they no longer need shaking. My mum worries too much.


Happy Weekend

October 7th 2012 10:42 pm
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It was sunny all weekend and mum said those magical words, "I am home all weekend." Yey!! So I did lots of running around outdoors. I heard that Leo from next door has been bringing home froglets and I haven't caught one in a while. I don't want to be outdone by a kitten who hasn't even had his first birthday yet!

Josie reckoned mum looked tired as she's had some busy days so whenever Josie saw mum sitting down she scrambled on mum's lap so mum couldn't go anywhere. Actually I think Josie was right as more than once I came in to find them both asleep like that.

Other than that mum did some card making and I helped. I like choosing shiny things for mum to stick on the front but she rarely takes the ones I choose and isn't as grateful as you would think and often pushed my paw away.

Talking of paws - I think food often tastes better if I hook it with my paw and eat it outside the bowl. Josie never does that and mum says she would prefer it if I didn't but somehow the flavour is better that way. I'm not sure why.


Mum is the sneakiest

October 4th 2012 10:49 pm
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Yesterday I did go out in the end, while my mum was sorting out the bins. It was lighter and warmer by then and I didn't want to come in.

I heard her call me and then I waited. What would she do today? Would there be tempting treats? Favourite toys? What? I could hardly wait to find out.

But wait I did. And wait. And wait some more. What was she doing in there? I had to find out. I came running in - and mum quickly closed my door and off she went. I think that was what she had been hoping would happen after all.

But I did forgive her yesterday evening. We were all on the sofa. I curled up in a cosy ball nestled against her side and Josie settled on mum's lap purring away and mum was watching something that was making her laugh and I don't think you would have found a happier home anywhere last night. I love cosy!


Who is sneakiest?

October 3rd 2012 10:40 pm
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Yesterday I was not ready to come indoors when my mum was ready to go to work so I remembered that she cannot see me under the Christmas Tree so I hid there.

She remembered that too and after I heard her calling I saw her lift up one of the big fronds and peer in.

"There you are. Come in now."

I squiggled closer to the trunk of the tree. I did not want to come in. She reached for me but her arm wasn't long enough. I am so sneaky!!

She vanished and came back a moment later. I heard the rustle of a treats bag.

"I have Chicken Dreamies. Mmmm! Would you like one?"

She wafted the open bag in my direction. Tempting, but no. Be firm Toby. I was not going in.

She selected a long piece of grass and wibbled it in my direction. I pounced on the end when it came near me but she has tried that one before. I remembered where that one ends and I let it slide out from under the tree without me following it.

She was starting to sound a bit grumpy and went away again. What would she try next? Who was the sneakiest?

I have to admit she nearly got me with her next attempt - the red dot. It splits into strands over the grass and I just had to chase it. I had even come out from my sanctuary when luckily we heard a load of people making a load of noise and I realised how close I was to being caught and ran back.

She sighed. "OK. I give up. I'm going indoors to read my book. Come on Josie - let's go and eat Dreamies." and off they went.

Victory! I had won. I was in the glorious outdoors and they were indoors. I started wondering what they were doing. Was Josie getting to chase my red dot? Was she eating all the Dreamies? I just had to know. I would run in real fast and check and then run out again.

It didn't quite work out like that. They looked all calm but when I ran my mum was up and sliding that door shut before you could say "Felix Special Mix" and she had grabbed her things and gone to work before I knew what was happening. And I got no Dreamies.

I need to be just a bit more sneaky next time.

That won't be today. I'm staying in this morning. It looks cold out there.


A most Mysterious Mystery

October 2nd 2012 10:37 pm
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My mum's first priority when she gets in from work is naturally our supper. Then she goes and changes out of her worky clothes.

So last night as normal she went to her bedroom and then she called out, "Cats?" so we went to see what was occurring as cats is us.

"What happened to the curtains?" she wanted to know. When she had gone to work they were hanging neatly, now one of the middle hooks had unhooked and there will need to be some sewing done on the top part.

"Sometimes a little whorl of gravity rises us and grabs things," I explained. "I didn't see that happen today but maybe it did while we were sleeping."

She looked at me in a way I could not like.

"Josie," she said. "Have you got anything better?"

Josie thought and then wondered aloud if we might, and she didn't want to scare anyone as she wasn't certain, but it could just be possible that we might have a poltergeist.

Mum sighed. "I suspect the cause to be rather more small, black and feline. I just want to know how you managed to dislodge a middle curtain-hook and simultaneously rip the stitching at the end."

It seemed safest to stick with my gravity grabbing story so mum will never know the answer to that particular mysterious mystery!


I don't like rain

October 1st 2012 10:40 pm
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We only go outdoors when mum is home on account of her being rather good at seeing off bad cats. Most mornings I have a run in the garden before mum goes to work just to check everything is OK out there and she calls me back in, usually rustling a bag of treats, when it's time for her to go.

Yesterday I was out when it started raining heavily. I took shelter under the Christmas Tree. We have an all year round one in our garden. Years ago mum was about to put one put for shredding when she noticed that despite much neglect over the festive season it was still alive. Anything that wanted to live that much should be given a chance so she planted it and it's lived happily in our garden ever since. It shows its gratitude for not being shredded by providing an all year round shelter for cats.

So there I was all dry and there was the gap between me and home all wet. I heard mum call but didn't know what to do.

She came out and was calling me.

"I'm here" I whimpered in my most piteous mew.

"Where?" I could hear her blundering about as she tried to see me. I was deeply hidden at the driest part.

I mewed again and then saw her face as she bent down to see me.

"Come here Toby"

"I can't."

I must have sounded serious as she looked quite worried. "Are you OK?"

"I don't want to get wet."

Happily for both of us she had a bag of treats in her hand and managed to tempt me closer to the edge and next thing I knew I was scooped up in a most undignified manner and we were running through the rain back home.

I think it was worth it. Home is the best place to be when it's wet and if I can't chase frogs I can always chase Josie.


Mum went away

September 30th 2012 10:34 pm
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She just put some stuff in a bag and off she went. Luckily people from next door came to feed us but I still wasn't happy.

She came home on Sunday and I was all ready to sulk but she had brought home a catnip cigar. I go crazy for catnip. It's my one vice.

Last night I slept snuggled up really close to her so I could know she hadn't gone away again. The funny thing when I do that is - even asleep she seems to know not to roll on me so she only moves in one direction. When she moves away I move with her so I can still be nestled.

So we gradually move closer and closer to the edge of the bed through the night and she wakes up clinging on to a few inches, just about not falling off, with me close to her and the whole of the rest of the bed all empty.

I have given her lots of purrs and headrubs and dribble so she'll never want to go away again and she said she did miss me. She said she missed Josie too but I bet she missed me the most.

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