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More kitty treats

January 28th 2015 10:54 pm
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Post is normally very dull - my mum picks it up and sighs - but yesterday we had a good letter.

"The insurers settled your claim Josie," said my mum, waving a cheque. "That's good." This was for when Josie had her ingrown claw.

I tried to see how much it was for. "How many bags of treats could you buy with that?" I asked.

Mum thought. "About seventeen."

Now the hard part - should we go for Dreamies, Felix, Sticks, Pockets....choices, choices!!

"Ah hem!" said my mum. "That's actually my money. I paid out and they took an awful lot more than seventeen bags worth off as excess."

I sighed. "Ok. Sixteen bags of treats and a chocolate bar for you."

"You still have Christmas treats left," she said.

"That's only because you are so mean at dispensing them," I replied, "and you still have Christmas chocolate."

So we haven't actually decided. Well - we have and mum just doesn't know it yet but she will.


Burrito cat

January 27th 2015 10:48 pm
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I had the snuggle rug yesterday and was enjoying its delightful warmth. I felt rather than heard Josie come up and glare at me and then she trotted off to complain to mum.

"The bed by the radiator is free," said my mum, "or you could cuddle up on these cushions here."

But the complaining continued until I heard my mum laugh, "Or I could wrap you up in the throw like a little burrito cat."

Mum made good her threat and there was the sound of much squiggling, wriggling and giggling and Josie started purring. Apparently being bundled up agrees with her.

"I do actually think you're getting more weird every day," said mum to Josie. At last she's noticed!

But when she had enough of being a burrito Josie settled herself on mum's lap and they both looked so content that I went and sat on the arm of the sofa next to them and we were cosy as can be. Winter nights can be rather enjoyable when you do them right.


Sometimes love is all you can do

January 26th 2015 10:45 pm
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My mum had a bad day yesterday. Firstly she had no breakfast. Happily we could still have ours. She said she was off for a fasting blood test.

"I would cheat and have a nibble while they weren't looking," I said.

"I know you would," she replied, "but that would defeat the purpose."

When she came back she was straight to the kettle. Deprive my mum of food if you will but never make her wait for a cup of tea.

But her sad day was not over for off she went out again to a funeral. When she came back she was very sad. I don't like to see her sad so I sat on the arm of the sofa next to her, cranked up my loudest rumble purrs and gave her nose rubs until she smiled again.

"I love you Toby," she said, snuggling me back. That's me - mender of broken hearts extrodinaire.

Today looks like being a normal off to the office day and I think she'll appreciate that after yesterday. Josie and I will be purring for everyone where that enormous storm is due to be today. It looks very scary.


The snuggle rug is now mine

January 25th 2015 10:38 pm
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I am really coming round to the snuggle rug. The amazing thing is that the longer you snooze the warmer it gets. Apparently that's what the crinkly lining is all about.

"There were two sizes of snuggle rug," said my mum, "and I bought the large one so that you can share."


"Josie snores," I said.

"No she doesn't."

"But she might start and I wouldn't be able to sleep for worrying about that," I replied.

I do still love my bed by the radiator (although stretching out to toast my tummy does not mean I want my tummy rubbed. That is for morning times only.) Josie can sleep on the sofa - except when I want to sleep there of course.


Josie in trouble again

January 22nd 2015 10:07 pm
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Another evening indoors. But one very good thing. Mum found the laser pointer where it had fallen to the bottom of the toy box. Yey! Josie and I chased that dot all round. I did the best chasing of course.

Then Josie wandered off in search of more fun.

"Is it?" I heard her ask, "Could it be?"

Then a crash and a thump. "Josie!"

What Josie thought she had seen and indeed had was her toy from Madison, the dangles on string. My mum had put it on top of some books on a high shelf. I don't know why she did such a foolish thing but the end result was inevitable.

Josie saw it and wanted it and stretched and stretched but couldn't reach so she jumped. A shelf of books isn't quite the solid base Josie was expecting and down they all fell. Nothing got broken and Josie hab a bit of a fright but is fine and my mum learnt a valuable lesson about where not to leave toys.


I still want a pet

January 21st 2015 10:40 pm
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I was happily snoozing last night when I heard a kitten meow. I immediately woke up. Post of smallest cat is already taken; we want no kittens round here.

To my relief I saw he was on the TV so I jumped down and went and sat beside my mum and we watched a programme all about pets together.

I want a hamster and a budgygar. They look awesome.

My mum said being my pet might not last too long if she got me one but it was Josie that killed my mouse not me.

I liked the show anyway and stayed awake for most of it, keenly watching all the different animals which made my mum smile. The cats were the best of course.


Bored of cold now

January 20th 2015 10:42 pm
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We want to play outdoors. But it's too cold. This morning I was woken by a kerflumph sound, a snigger and my mum saying, "It's not too late to send you back you know." More sniggering as Josie is pretty sure it is too late.

It's a pretty mischievous and bored cat who sees her mum deeply asleep and dreaming and decides to dive-bomb her from the chest of drawers. Mum definitely did not like being woken that way.

My scary moment was last night when strange furry things appeared on the radiator. I approached them very cautiously and gave them a sniff.

"That's my bed socks,"said my mum, "I put them there to warm through." Oh yes - and there were her pyjamas toasting too. If this cold carries on mum will be stealing Josie's snuggle rug. (At the moment Josie spends all her days either on mum's lap or on that rug - no wonder she gets bored at night.)


Mum's presentation

January 19th 2015 10:36 pm
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Instead of going to work yesterday my mum stayed home and told us what she does. Again and again. It was very dull.

"I'm practising my presentation that I'm doing at our parent company this afternoon," she explained. "I hope they don't all fall asleep like you two."

"Are there pictures of cats in your slides?" I asked.

"Two," she replied. "I always get cats in if I can."

"Then they will like it," I said firmly. "Enough telling us."

So off she went and came back late but she said they did like it and laughed in all the right places. I'm sure they liked the pictures of the cats the best.

"Was the two cats Josie and me?" I asked.

"Time for supper," she replied. And it was and I forgot to find out. I'm sure they were.


Keeping warm

January 18th 2015 10:56 pm
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We've not had snow except one little flurry but it has been pretty nippy round here and us cats do not like to be cold. Not one bit.

Josie had apparently abandoned her snuggle rug so I had a go. Actually I quite liked it. It is warm. But why was the throw underneath moving? Oh - Josie. She likes to go under things when she's cold. So we shared the chair - you just couldn't see that we were.

Mum moved my furry rug that I rejected but when I found it on the sofa I curled up on it and had a snooze. Mum sighed and said she will never understand cats

At night Josie has been glued to mum's side to keep them both warm. I could not be more ready for Spring!


Paw prints are good

January 14th 2015 10:47 pm
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I was in the garden patrolling when it came on raining. Time to go in. Simple enough you might think but I had a problem when I got to the kitchen door.

My mum was indoors washing the floor. Hm. If I came in then she would wash my beautiful paw prints right off. Was it better to stay outside and come in when she was done thus leaving my paw prints for longer?

"Come on in you crazy cat," said my mum when she noticed me hesitating. She settled things by holding the door open for me.

"You won't wash my prints off, will you?" I asked.

But she did. Can't she see how they enhance the surroundings? No appreciation of beauty that's her problem!

I had to make a special trip out later when it had stopped raining but was still muddy in order to replace them. The things I do for this household.

Mum says we are lucky it was just rain as there's been snow elsewhere in the UK. We have had wind though and a fence panel is down so we have bonus access to next door's garden. It's the side where no cats live so we like that.

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