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March 15th 2015 11:41 pm
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Mum had a quiet weekend so she said it was time for housework. I have mixed feelings about this. I like the feather duster and Josie and I enjoy chasing that around. I like when my mum moves furniture and finds toys we had forgotten we had lost. I do not like the hoover and I do not like her being noisy when I'm trying to sleep. And I do not like her cleaning our paw prints off everywhere.

The kitchen you realise will lose its decoration fast but when we've gone to the trouble of saving mud as we walk about and distributing them in every room - well, that should be respected. It wasn't. The good news is that it's raining today so we can be doing some replacement work. When it's stopped raining I mean. Josie and I have both had a look and don't fancy outdoors for now.

And please can you be purring for my mum's friend's cat which is called Chaos. He is not living up to his name, not playing, not eating - even tuna fish which is his favourite. So far all his tests have come back negative so they don't know what is wrong so he has to keep going back. He is only four so Josie and I are purring for him to be better.


A pensive mum

March 11th 2015 11:39 pm
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My mum was a bit sad yesterday. She still misses Henry and yesterday was his Bridge Day. And a friend of hers at work has a cat who is very unwell but they don't know why and he's had loads of tests but they can't work it out. Mum was talking to her just before she came home. She sat next to me and sighed.

"Why do we put ourselves through it?"

She rubbed my head. I purred. I was about to come out with an amazingly well thought through philosophical statement about love and life and the nature of eternity when Josie bounded in.

Failing entirely to pick up on the mood she did a quick circuit of the room and ran out. We heard sniggering and she ran back in and started pouncing on invisible mice.

Mum and I watched her in bemusement, then a smile started on mum's face.

"You are completely crazy," she said to Josie. Josie pursued one of her invisible mice around the back of the armchair and came out triumphant; imaginary mice being so much easier to catch than the real things.

"I think that's why," mum commented. "We're all completely crazy!"

"In a good way," I added. "In a very good way."


March 10th 2015 11:31 pm
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We were all still tired yesterday evening. We cheered up no end when we saw that we all got hugs from KiWiKatt. Then my mum announced it was to be a chilled evening.

She kicked back on the sofa, Josie curled upon her lap and I nestled beside her and she put a drama on TV to watch. But there was not a single cat in this drama, just a stupid dog, so pretty soon all three of us were fast asleep.

Then the phone rang. My mum isn't great with phones at the best of times. There was a blank moment when we all tried to register what had woken us. There was a further moment when we all pondered whether to do anything about it.

Mum concluded that yes, she would, and there was a scramble of cats and mum to the phone. Which she picked up and dropped. She grabbed it and as the ansaphone started to talk my mum was pointlessly saying, "Hello, hello" into the handset.

She gave up. Phone back and we all resumed our places on the sofa. I love cosy nights and am less keen on phones.


There was an argument

March 9th 2015 11:42 pm
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Not a me and Josie spat where she has been sleeping where I want to sleep. Those are over in moments. Not a me and mum argument where she says crazy things like "It's rude to bop the nose of someone while they are reading their book" and I point out it is rude to be reading a book when a cat requires your attention. Those are pretty calm affairs.

No, this was a late night people argument in one of the other flats.

On and on it went. I couldn't sleep through it and neither could my mum so I went over to her for a cuddle. I felt better when she reassured me and petted me and she felt better when I purred.

Then I did something I've seen Josie do but don't do myself. I curled up to go back to sleep perched on my mum. It feels warm and safe and mum breathes nicely rocking you gently so when you're a bit upset by peoples shouting at each other it feels like a good place to be.

They went on hours but eventually wore themselves out and I went back to sleep on my chair. When the clock went of this morning I didn't get up. "No breakfast for me this morning," I said, "I have sleep to catch up on." My mum sighed and said she wished she could too but she has to work.


Is Spring finally here?

March 8th 2015 11:29 pm
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On Saturday my mum said "What a gorgeous day!" and she hung laundry in the garden for the first time this year.

We came out with her. "This is great, isn't it Cats?" she said, "you can go out and do wild cat stuff."

We came in with her and curled up in our favourite spots, quite exhausted by our adventures.

"That was less than five minutes!" mum exclaimed. "I can't believe you two."

We need to build up to being outdoors in stages, no point in over-doing things. All that fresh air wears a cat out.


Being four so far

March 5th 2015 10:05 pm
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Pretty good actually. I like it.

Mum had Da Bird out for me last night. We've not played with that for a while and it was awesome. Josie slept through the whole thing.

"No wonder you wake up in the night all lively," my mum said to the curled up ball that was my tortie sisfur.

I've been known to wake my mum for love but I know better than to wake her for play. Josie doesn't care - any time is play time. I decided to teach her a lesson.

Turns out mum doesn't like to be woken up by Josie squealing either. She came stomping out of the bedroom all grumpy and turned the lights on.

I denied everything of course.

"I expect Josie was squealing because she had a bad dream," I said.

I'm pretty sure mum believed me. Us four year olds are pretty sharp thinkers!

And today I had a belated birthday gift from Meep and Bibi. I love belated gifts as they make your birthday last longer!! So thank you to them.


I am four

March 4th 2015 10:31 pm
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That's right! Pretty grown up and extra special. My mum says that four year old cats do not climb curtains. I am looking forward to proving her wrong of course.

I did get some birthday ham. I knew about that because Josie went suddenly scurrying off to the kitchen. She can hear a ham packet being opened faster than any cat I know.

"I'm not even sure why she's getting any," I commented when I belatedly realised the treat in store. "It's not her birthday."

But we did share and very good it was too. I love ham.

And I have beautiful birthday balloons thanks to Laura Belle and a delicious cup cake (which I;m not sharing with Josie!) from Marmelade and some shrimp from Mia and family and special hugs from Grace so I feel all wonderfully loved and happy.

Being three was pretty cool so I'm looking forward to seeing what being four brings.


Being grateful

March 3rd 2015 10:29 pm
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I was thinking about poor Alfie - he did have a home but his people didn't care that he was unwell and hungry. And even Josie had a bad start to life. I thought that my mum has many many faults but she always feeds us and she does take us to the vet when we're poorly and we get better and I just thought that I do love her really.

So I had to tell her and give her a hundred kitty kisses and headrubs and purr until my ribs hurt.

Apparently she would have preferred me to wait until morning - which I thought a bit ungrateful if I'm honest.

There were mutterings about needing sleep and 3am not being the time for love but it's always time for love and I had to tell her there and then. So I used a gentle paw to push her hands away from her face so I could keep going with the affection.

I'm sure she liked it really. She was just being modest.


My twin

March 1st 2015 10:33 pm
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Mum was out all day Saturday and when she came back I could smell him on her hands.

"You've been petting another cat," I commented.

"Alfie," she replied, not a trace of shame.

"What colour cat is Alfie?" I asked.

"Black, with white hairs on his chest," she told me.

"Like me!" A very handsome boy then. "How big is he?"

"Smaller than his house-mate but big on personality," mum said.

"Like me again!" It's like having a twin.

She then added. "Poor Alfie had a terrible start to life."

This is uncanny. I sighed. "Just like me"

She gave me that look. "In what way has your life been any less than perfect at any stage?"

"Sometimes I have to ask to be petted and you let our biscuit bowl get empty sometimes."

"When they first took responsibility for Alfie he had to spend a whole week in the hospital just to sort out his skin conditions. He still has a few bald patches. And he was severely underweight."

Gosh! That is sad. That did make me think maybe I am lucky with my mum. "Is he OK now?"

"Yes,my friends love him dearly and he'll never go without anything he needs again. He's the right weight now and they keep a close eye on his fur."

It's good to know that my twin has landed on his paws in a loving forever home.


Mum can be unfair

February 26th 2015 10:32 pm
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Josie woke up bright and early this morning and wanted to play. She came to me but I still had some sleeping to do so I said no. Then I heard her go and wake my mum up and see if she wanted to play. She didn't.

So what's a cat to do?

Josie very sensibly and thoughtfully decided to entertain herself with a game of chase the tail. This way and that she span to catch that elusive tail, darting and pouncing round, bothering no-one but herself.

But my mum complained anyway. She reckons it's hard to sleep when a cat is chasing her tail on your bed. Poor Josie can't win it would seem. If my mum had got up and got out Josie's toys when asked they would never have been in that situation.

So unfair on Josie!

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