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A Changed Cat

December 29th 2013 10:34 pm
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We had unexpected visitors yesterday which was Paul and Cheryl from next door. They were worried about me and wanted to know if I am OK.

Mum said I am fine and nothing has happened in my life that would upset me. I still beat up Josie, climb the curtains and enjoy a tummy rub of the morning. However it is true - I used to enjoy chatting to my friends from next door when they came to feed me on those occasions when my mum abandoned me but over Christmas I left Josie to do the sociable bit.

Mum said I did get less confident when Smudge was beating me up but we haven't seen him in months - since it went cold he has been glued to his fireside.

They came in and Paul picked me up but I'm not even always keen for my mum to do that so I made my views known and he let me go.

Josie and I have done a bit of a character swap. She's being more brave than she was and goes outdoors more; I stay home in the warm and snuggle with my mum. But I'm still Top Cat. I ate Josie's breakfast this morning (it was with gravy and everyone knows licking the gravy off the chunks is the best bit. I left her the chunks.)


Sussed the gift

December 27th 2013 12:29 am
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It was rather unChristmassy of her but once we had all our presents open our mum just grabbed Big Bag bag and off she went abandoning us on Christmas Day. She came back last night.

We were happy to see her in our own individual ways. Josie wanted to sit on her lap and I wanted her to entertain me with laser pointer and Da Bird. Luckily she can do both although Josie found it hard to sleep with all that going on.

I was also keen to demonstrate how I have learned to enjoy my new present. I jump in and around and I tear at the paper with a claw and it's a brilliant present.

"That's the box it came in," said my mum.


"Have you been anywhere near the actual present?"

Not as such.

Anyway we have a lovely present from mum's work today. They closed the office as a bonus Christmas Day and mum is home to make it up to us that she ever left. I intend to make the most of this. Mum intends to get us using our new thing. No contest!


Merry Christmas Everyone

December 24th 2013 11:27 pm
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We have a new thing which is for us to rub against only we haven't yet and we have lots of treats only mum says we can't eat them all right now and we have lots of new toys and some delicious special food.

I've been snuggling with my mum so much I've been dribbling and so far I am loving Christmas!!

And I've had so many wonderful gifts from my amazing Catster friends. Thank you all so very much. I'm purring fit to burst. I hope you can hear me.

Wishing everyone lots of love and fun today!!


It was a dark and stormy night

December 23rd 2013 10:32 pm
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Mum said she was very happy to be home from work as it was extremely wet and windy and not nice for driving. We were happy she was home as our tummies were empty and not nice at all.

Then after supper Josie said she would like to go in the garden.

"I don't think you would," said my mum but she opened the little door for Josie and Josie stuck her head out. Not only did she not want to go out in that wind and rain she couldn't believe mum had let her put her head in it. Brrggh!

So cosy night in for all of us. Mum settled herself down and patted her lap. "Come on Josie," she called, "Come and be cosy lap cat." But Josie does not perform to order so lurked on the warm pipe in the hall instead.

Then much later Josie decided it was lap time and scrambled on mum's lap whilst I knew it was play time and started climbing the curtains and my mum wanted to know how we so accurately know when she is about to try and go to bed.

I also tried to vestigate our presents under the tree but every time I did that mum grabbed her camera and I didn't want my picture taken like that so I left them. One more day! Just one more day and they'll all be ours!!


Excited about Christmas

December 22nd 2013 10:39 pm
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On Saturday morning my mum was up bright and early tidying and cleaning as she said a friend was coming.

"A friend who likes cats?" I asked.

"So much so when I suggested we meet half-way as she has quite a long drive to do she said she wanted to meet the pair of you," said my mum.

"I like her already."

Mum was all happy as she hadn't seen this friend in months and there was a knock on the door. Mum flung it open with a loud and cheerful "Hiiyyaaa!" - and the postman looked at her funny. People aren't usually quite that pleased to see him.

Mum was a bit embarrassed but he was handing over a large parcel so she couldn't be worried for long.

"It's from Uncle Bill" she said, opening it. She pulled out a large wrapped present. "Oooooh! What can it be?"

She examined it excitedly, then read the tag. A disappointed tone. "Oh - it's you and Josie."

Excellent. Mum delved back in the package and found the undeniably smaller gift that is for her. We love Uncle Bill.

I was very taken with mum's friend as well when she arrived as she gave me lots of strokes and told me how handsome I am which I know but never mind being told. Josie did join us but didn't want to be stroked.

It's really not long until Christmas now. We are getting very excited and I'm not sure how much longer we're going to be able to resist all those presents under the tree. And I include my mum in that statement!!


Double Dinner

December 19th 2013 10:38 pm
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Yesterday was our normal routine. Mum home from work, open the front door, pop out for a quick sniff round then back in for dinner.

Mum dished up and placed two bowls on the floor. I looked around. Two Bowls; One Cat. Result!! I ate from one then the other then back again and no being told off or having to push Josie out of the way. This was nearly as good as the whole eating cream thing.

Then mum walked in the kitchen.

"Where's the Poppet?" she asked, looking all round.

I would have replied but I was busy making the most of her absence.

Mum opened the front door again and went out and seconds later Josie ran in. While they've been decorating upstairs they have brought things out and stacked them in the drive and Josie had been investigating.

"So it's not just to annoy Josie that you eat from two bowls," mum commented. "What would happen if I put three out?"

We should definitely find out!


We can help with that one!!

December 18th 2013 10:40 pm
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My mum was making her supper when she noticed something at the back of the fridge. A small pot. A small pot of cream. She peeled back the lid and looked in.

"Hm," she said. "There's a tiny bit left from the weekend."

She sniffed it. "It's Ok but does need finishing up."

Now I am as fond of cream as the next cat but Josie really goes crazy for it. She was winding round my mum's feet saying very clearly that she would be extremely happy to help with the finishing up.

But selfishly mum decided she would whip it up and make later on make a big mug of hot chocolate and have the cream on top.

Now there wasn't very much so mum used a little bowl and a tiny whisk and sat on the sofa while she whipped. This was too much for poor Josie - the cream so nearly in reach. Every time she thought she was there my mum moved the bowl out of reach - to the left, to the right, up high, down low. Surely she would not torture Josie so and not give her any..

Eventually it was whipped. It did take a while with all that moving about. Mum made the cocoa, spooned the cream on top and then - yey! a little bit for me and a little bit for Josie. It was heavenly. And thus we helped mum finish it all up. There wasn't a drop left. In fact there was hardly any pattern left on Josie's saucer as she licked it so thoroughly to get all the cream.

We were an extremely contented pair of cats last night - and mum seemed pretty happy with hers too. Mmmm!


Josie lap cat

December 17th 2013 10:36 pm
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What Josie likes is a flat comfy lap but she'll work with what's available. Yesterday my mum was writing cards and had her feet up on the sofa so her legs were sloping.

Josie was there before mum had a chance to move and carefully settled her limbs so she was sort of wedged in place and gave a great sigh.

Mum rubbed her head. "Are you comfy there Poppet?"

"Oh yes," replied Josie.

"Then please can you tell your tail?"

For all of Josie was relaxed but her tail was swishing grumpily. Our tails are usually pretty good indicators of what's really going on for us.

This went on for awhile and mum decided to try and move her legs so the whole of Josie could be happy but Josie doesn't like mum moving around when she's on her lap so she went off in a huff.

Mum says cats are weird but what's with the whole not making a proper lap in the first place. I don't like a lap but mum knows Josie does!


We can't wait for Christmas

December 16th 2013 10:36 pm
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I was just having a good sniff of our presents. There's no rule that says you can't sniff to guess. I noticed a small flap of torn paper on one of them. A-ha! How would it be if this small scrap got a little bit bigger - with a tiny bit of encouragement from me?

Claws and teeth are ideal for this kind of job and I set to work pulling at the paper. I would be in the parcel in no time.

"Toby!" said my mum. "You have to wait until Christmas. Honestly! Cats have no concept of self-restraint."

That is what her words said. She took the parcel from me, rather meanly.

"Anyway it's one for me."

And, having said all that she had just said, I couldn't help but notice that she took a sneaky peek through where I had been working at the paper. It seems mums aren't so hot on the whole self-restraint thing either!

Eight days to go and all this being good stuff is really hard.


Dinner Guests

December 15th 2013 10:45 pm
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We had friends visiting for dinner on Saturday. We knew something was up because my mum started housework first thing and she doesn't normally do that. Josie and I got very tired supervising everything because mum was changing things around.

When she laid the table I jumped up on it to check she was putting the cutlery right.

"Do that when my friends come," said my mum, "Everyone likes to see a cat on the dining table." At least I think that's what she said, there might have been some don'ts and nots in there too but I hate to be negative!

When people started arriving mum was putting nibblies out in bowls - checking them off as she did so - "Christmas tree shaped tortilla chips. Nutty things. Salsa dip."

My friend Dee was watching me. "Toby looks like he's expecting something."

I was. Surely a bowl would appear with fishy crunchy things for Toby. But it didn't.

Then I remembered my instructions and jumped up on the table to show how well it had been laid. Mum was saying, "I have no idea what he's doing there. He knows he's not allowed" but I know no such thing.

Later they played a game and Josie joined in. Mum won't play board games with us because she says we cheat. We don't. It's just sometimes the dice rolls wrong and you have to pat it about a few times to get the right number so Josie was helpfully doing that.

We like having dinner guests as they always admire us and also the next day my mum was really tired so we had lots of happy sleepy times all together on the sofa. This is a good day!

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