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Josie went to the vet

January 4th 2015 10:35 pm
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Don't worry - she's fine. Mum not so much.

It began nicely enough with Josie scrambling onto mum's lap for a snuggle.

"What's that?" asked mum suddenly. "Your paw is bleeding. Let me look at it."

"it's fine, no need to look at it," said Josie firmly and something of a tussle ensued.

"Oh my goodness. Josie - you have a claw that's overgrown digging into your pad and it's pierced it. That must be so uncomfortable. Why didn't you say anything?"

"Nothing to say; nothing to see," said Josie firmly, tugging her paw back in, "and no need to go..."

"We're going to the vet" said my mum so she made an appointment and on Saturday morning off they went. I could hear Josie all the way there I think, protesting that her paw was fine and once you got used to the digging in it was really OK.

Apparently they got lucky - just one other cat in the waiting room and not a long wait. The vet snipped the offending claw and gave Josie some pain relief and antibiotics and less than five minutes all done.

"How did that cost so much?" my mum did wonder. We have insurance and it was over the excess so my mum did ring the insurers and will claim a bit back. So she is still in shock about the cost but Josie is totally back to normal. Her paw looks a little sore but is definitely on the mend. She hasn't been limping or anything.


Use of a purr

January 1st 2015 10:53 pm
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Josie woke bright and early this morning - ready to be awesome. She started bounding around and my mum said, "Josie - stop that. It's 5am."

And Josie purred.

"Don't think a purr somehow magically makes it alright," said my mum.

Josie purred some more.

And guess what! A purr does magically make everything alright. My mum chuckled and gave Josie a little head rub.

"Back to sleep Sweetie," she said.

Which wasn't Josie's plan. There was a lot more bounding about, general chatter and some more purring until my mum gave up and we had our breakfast.

But no person can be angry with a purring cat. They just cannot be. Good work Josie.


2015 so far

December 31st 2014 11:54 pm
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I went out last night for my last 2014 patrol - and came in pretty quick-smart. There were all bangs and sparks in the sky.

"I thought fireworks night was over," I complained to my mum. But apparently people like them for New Year too. I had forgotten that.

So we stayed in and played tag. I don't know why that makes my mum laugh but it does.

So far being happy in 2015 is going well. No work for my mum today so I've had two lots of cuddles and that's the best way to start a year. And Josie reckons she is being awesome so it's all good.


Happy New Year!

December 30th 2014 10:42 pm
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"Off you go to work then," I said to my mum. "I have lots to do today."

She gave me that look. "Exactly what do you have to do?"

"It's resolutions day. I'm going to write down how you can be a better people and Josie can be a better cat." This will take some time.

Josie laughed. "DO you remember when you told me to resolve not to be so shy?"

"Yes," said my mum.

"I did do that, didn't I?"

"And how!" Josie had wanted to get going at 5am today and there was quite a lot of discussion on the matter. Old Josie would never have bounced on my mum like that or kept mewing when my mum was trying to sleep.

Then my mum dropped the bombshell. "I'm not making any resolutions this year."

I was aghast. "How will you become better?"

"I am picking a word. Just one word for the year; aim to link everything to that. there's a whole website about it and I liked the simplicity. I think I can do that."

Oh. I considered this. "My word will be Happy!"

"My word will be Awesome," piped up Josie.

So we'll see how this turns out.

Meantime I wish everyone a very Happy New Year - may you all be awesome and happy!!


It's been cold

December 29th 2014 10:47 pm
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Not cold like some of you get it but cold for us.

My mum has two duvets - a thin one and a thicker one and she has buttoned them both together to make one ginormous cosy blanket. Josie saw her do this and had a good idea. Inside those layers had to be the warmest place in the world so in she scrambled.

"Button me in," she called, "and wake me in Springtime."

Mum sighed. "Cats don't hibernate."

Josie looked at her blankly.

"You like it now but you would regret it come dinner time," said my mum.

There was an unseemly tussle but apparently there is no negotiation on the whole cats and hibernation thing. Josie has had to settle for waiting for my mum to go to bed and nestling alongside her - and she was glad to be out at dinner-time. I quite liked the idea of all the food and attention for myself - to say nothing of getting all Josie's share of Sandy Claw's treats.


Our awesome Christmas

December 29th 2014 1:50 am
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Mum says that poor Sandy Claws must be losing his touch. She's fairly sure we haven't been good cats but she's wrong. We have the piles of treats and catnip toys to prove it. We have been really good. Rather meanly most of our treats have been put in a drawer - I would have liked one from each bag to start with but they are being rationed.

We also got a food maze. Mum put Dreamies in and the idea (I think) is that we knock them through the maze. I've had a couple of go's but I get bored easily. Josie's been nowhere near it. Why would we go to all that trouble when there's food in our bowl?

We also got a snuggle blanket. Mum says it has a thermal lining so will keep us toasty-warm. Unfortunately it also has a very noisy crinkle so we haven't been on it yet except to sniff.

Our actual favouritist thing was having some turkey. We don't often get meat like that and it makes my hunter ancestry emerge. I like to pretend it's still alive and I pounce and attack and carry it around. Mum said she thinks there's more turkey spread around than in my tummy but I ate plenty and then had to sleep for hours.

All in all a perfect Christmas!!


Happy Christmas - and a happy story

December 24th 2014 10:45 pm
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I wish all of my Catster friends a very Happy Christmas and hope that you get lots of lovely presents and mostly lots of love with your people as that is what us cats need more than anything!

Your people have you so they already have all they need but my mum wishes them all a wonderful Christmas too.

And my mum had a happy story from her work. On Monday a lady rang to insure her cat. They started to take his details but the lady said that they already had them. Turns out six months ago he had gone missing. After some weeks the lady cancelled his insurance as she didn't think she would ever see him again.

At the weekend - in he strolled. In perfect health and no explanation of where he has been but she could not have asked for a better Christmas present. He's obviously been looked after somewhere but realised there is no place like home at Christmas.

The story made my mum smile and us purr.

Now I'm off to see what Sandy Claws has left for me.


Christmas Eve at last

December 23rd 2014 10:35 pm
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Mum came home yesterday and squiggled herself comfy on the sofa and Josie climbed on her lap and squiggled herself comfy there and a few minutes later both were happily asleep.

Whne she woke up my mum said she knows she is lucky to have so many fun things to do but she was very happy just to have an evening in - since she was ill there's been a party, a pantomime, dancing, a carol service and a get together and very little opportunity for Josie to enjoy mum's lap.

When she has been home she's been writing cards and wrapping presents. I love Christmas but it's probably a good thing that it's only once a year.

And we're nearly at that day. Maybe we could persaude my mum to go continental and start opening presents tonight!! I can't wait to see what she's got for us and to see all the treats from our friends. Purrs.


Christmas Presents

December 22nd 2014 10:33 pm
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I didn't want the treats my mum was offering me. "Can we open some of our Christmas ones?" I asked.

"What makes you think you're getting any treats?"

"We always get treats from our wonderful friends," I said. Besides which we've already had a good sniff round the tree. You can get that pet shop smell at twenty paces.

My mum is complaining that we have more presents than her. She does have some that are already opened that have a certain theme. A calendar - with cats on. A book - about cats.

And from our lovely neighbours - a fridge magnet which they said made them think of her instantly. It says, "Crazy Cat Lady".

Crazy cat ladies are my favourite sorts of peoples and my mum is our very own crazy cat lady and we love her just like that. Even though we weren't allowed to open any of our presents.

But it's Christmas Eve Eve today, Christmas Eve tomorrow ..not long to wait!! Purrs.


Josie back on the naughty list

December 21st 2014 10:30 pm
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My mum had just the one question.

"Why are my Christmas cards all on the floor?"

We looked and there they were, scattered colourfully. "They were in my way," said Josie, helpfully.

My mum picked them up and arranged them neatly on the mantlepiece again.

"Please leave them be," she said.

It took Josie less than an hour to find them inconvenient again. We were playing tag and she leapt up there. She didn't only move the ones immediately in her way, a few paw swipes and the whole lot were on the floor again.

"Josie!!" said my mum. "You used to be so good. What happened?"

Just a snigger by way of response.

I hope Sandy Claws was watching and gives me Josie's presents.

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