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Toby's Diary

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We got chicken

April 27th 2015 10:40 pm
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For my Gotcha Day. I was enjoying my delicious piece when I noticed Josie chomping away too.

"Hey!", I said, "It's not her Gotcha Day."

"I think she deserves something for putting up with you all this time," said my mum.

I thought not. I walked over, gave Josie the look and she surrendered her piece to me.

"It's OK Poppet," said my mum to Josie, "Have his original piece. It's larger anyway."

"Is it by crikey!" I rushed back as Josie started eating. She had enough of the toing and froing so grabbed it and ran off with me in hot pursuit, morsels of chicken shredding as we bickered.

"And this is why you don't get chicken very often,"said my mum. Rather meanly I thought.

Anyway I now have a mouse for her thanks to Mietzi and it's a special mosie as it didn't make her scream. And also thanks to Ashlynne for my rosette (Yes - peoples need to adopt pets. It's not good for peoples to live without animals!) and to Grace and Mac and family for my hugs!


My Gotcha Day

April 26th 2015 10:31 pm
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Yes - Saturday marked four years since I arrived here.

"And you've loved every minute, haven't you?" I told my mum.

"Mostly yes," she replied.


"I didn't like the mouse or the birds," she said but I think she's only trying to make me feel better because I haven't caught any yet so far this year. Don't worry. I will!

Then she dressed up nicely and I thought it was good of her to make the effort but off she went. I supposed she had gone to buy me something as a treat. But she didn't come back for ages and ages.

Apparently she went out celebrating with some people friends and forgot all about me. Hmph! Thank goodness for my wonderful Catster friends who sent me presents to mark the occasion. Thank you to you all.


Only herself to blame

April 22nd 2015 10:45 pm
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Mums should stay home in the evenings and entertain their kitties.

Yesterday my mum went out all evening pretty much. When she came in she wanted to go straight to bed. Josie and I wanted to play tag. So everyone did what they wanted to do.

Turns out two cats having a marvelous chase around the flat and mum sleeping are incompatible activities.

"Couldn't you have done this while I was out?" grumbled my mum.

No - we slept while she was out. Added to the sleep we had all day that left us pretty much exploding with happy energy. We had to burn it off somehow. You know those brilliant chases where you both end up with big fluffy tails in the excitement? It was one of those.

Mum is grumpy this morning as she reckons she needed more sleep and less cat bouncing last night.

"Will you stay home tonight?" I asked.

She said she will. Excellent. Our plan worked!!


Josie is not normal

April 21st 2015 10:27 pm
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I was on my bed snoozing yesterday, no sunbeam as it was later in the evening, but I was pretty contented just the same. I was woken by my mum. "What are you doing, you peculiar creature?"

"Just sleepin......oh - I see." She was talking to Josie. Of course she was. There is nothing peculiar about me!

"I want to see what's under the cushions," explained Josie as she burrowed.

Mum helpfully lifted them so Josie could squiggle under.

"There's nothing, just sofa," said my mum.

"And what's under the sofa?" asked Josie, continuing her burrowing.

"That can't be good for the sofa and you won't be able to dig through," said my mum watching Josie in bemusement.

"But I must try," responded that crazy tortie, redoubling her efforts.

Mum looked at me as if this was some cat thing that I could explain but I have no idea what goes on in Josie's head so I just sighed and buried my head in my paws.

Eventually Josie wore herself out and fell asleep in a heap of cushion and throw that she had disturbed in her diggings. So we probably never will find out what's inside the sofa!


Definition of Happy

April 20th 2015 10:29 pm
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Yesterday evening I had a run in the garden in the sunshine so I had happy legs. Then I came in and ate some biscuits so I had a happy tummy. Then I found my mum and we had a snuggle so I had a happy heart.

Then I curled up on my bed which was all toasty warm in the sun and dozed off. Every now and then I would wake up and have a luxurious stretch.

"You look pretty contented there," said my mum.

I would say I was the definition of Happy right then!

And this is just the start of summer. Lots more happy days to go!!


Jasper from next door

April 19th 2015 10:34 pm
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He came into our garden. I don't know why he done that as he has a perfectly good garden of his own. Mum saw him and went out. Good, I thought, she'll sort him out.

"Hello Gorgeous," she said.

That was not exactly what I had in mind. Then he helped my mum doing some cutting back and I was grumpy because I like to help my mum in the garden. Josie went out and spoke to him but he was more interested in scooping up bits of twigs as they fell from the bush my mum was trimming.

"I think he's a good-natured cat and just wants to be friends," was mum's verdict. She has a terrible soft spot for tabbies.

I went out to chase him off but she may have something in that theory of hers. He ran under the tree but it was like when I chase Josie. There was no growling or yowling and he sat quite happily near both me and Josie for ages.

We will see how this one goes.


Being cautious

April 16th 2015 10:32 pm
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When my mum came home from work yesterday I had a hideous thought. What if she felt like flea-treating us again?

Josie innocently trotted through to the kitchen and I heard the normal sounds of dinner time but what if mum was concealing a flea treatment dose in one hand.

She called me. "Toby!" I froze. She came in to where I was on my bed. "Do you want any supper?"

Not if there's a danger of being treated again, no. I leapt up and ran behind a chair, out of reach.

"Oh Toby," said my mum sadly, "What's got into you?"

And she knows the answer to that question as she done it.

When she was far enough away I made a run for the back door pausing only long enough for her to hold it open. Ah ha! I had escaped into the sweet freedom of a warm evening.

I had an awesome time hunting but at some point I had to go home. I came in warily but mum and Josie were watching a detective show and I couldn't smell any treatment. Maybe it would be OK after all.

Mum says there won't be any more treatment for weeks but better safe than sorry I say.


Being nice to our mum

April 15th 2015 10:29 pm
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We think we must have upset her. She gave us our flea treatment last night. She would not have done that if she loved us.

Josie took this particularly badly and it took my mum a couple of gos because Josie wriggled free. My treatment pretty much stayed at the back of my neck but some of Josie's dribbled down

Despite the offensive smell and taste she naturally licked it off. I can't remember the last time I saw her look so miserable and it made her dribble. Not happy dribble like I do when mum and I are having a cuddle but sad dribble.

Mum looked at her and cried out, "What have I done?" What had she done indeed! But she checked the paper that gave with the treatment and while licking it wasn't a particularly good idea a little bit wouldn't cause Josie long-term harm and the dribble was to be expected.

Sure enough Josie is right as rain this morning.

But we're being extra nice to my mum in the hope that she will never do that to us again.


Unexpected Bonus

April 14th 2015 10:30 pm
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And they are always the best!

Normally I sleep pretty much through the night on my chair but occasionally I have a really interesting dream that I have to go and tell my mum about. That's what happened last night.

I jumped from my chair onto mum's bed. I could see her sleeping form under the duvet so I headed straight for that and walked along her. I like to do that - she's nicely soft to walk on and it helps wake her up and prepare her for our conversation.

As I neared the pillows there was a sudden move and Josie shot out from under the covers.

With a "What the heck was that?" she was gone to her haven under the bed. Excellent. I had no idea she was there but it was really funny to see her move like that.

Having her tortie suddenly flail about and flee made my mum wake up pretty well too so she was able to give me all the attention my story deserved.

It was brilliant. What is also brilliant is that summer is here. It's warm and sunny and gorgeous and I am off out now to enjoy it.


Josie caught a pigeon(nearly!)

April 13th 2015 10:28 pm
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He was strutting across our lawn, looking all plump and delicious. Josie saw him and knew that was her catch of the day.

The mighty hunter was poised, every muscle taut, every nerve alert, just waiting for the perfect moment to pounce on the unsuspecting pigeon.

But then..

"Are you going out or aren't you?" asked my mum. "I'm getting fed up of holding this flap open."

Nothing would interrupt Josie's laser-like focus. Mum looked where she was looking and saw the bird.

Mum banged on the window. "OY!" she called and the pigeon flew off.

Our mum is the worst hunter in the world. You will never catch a bird if you shout and bang. She simply does not learn. Sighs! So back to kitty food for me and Josie and the pigeon lived to fight another day.

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