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Christmas Presents

December 22nd 2014 10:33 pm
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I didn't want the treats my mum was offering me. "Can we open some of our Christmas ones?" I asked.

"What makes you think you're getting any treats?"

"We always get treats from our wonderful friends," I said. Besides which we've already had a good sniff round the tree. You can get that pet shop smell at twenty paces.

My mum is complaining that we have more presents than her. She does have some that are already opened that have a certain theme. A calendar - with cats on. A book - about cats.

And from our lovely neighbours - a fridge magnet which they said made them think of her instantly. It says, "Crazy Cat Lady".

Crazy cat ladies are my favourite sorts of peoples and my mum is our very own crazy cat lady and we love her just like that. Even though we weren't allowed to open any of our presents.

But it's Christmas Eve Eve today, Christmas Eve tomorrow ..not long to wait!! Purrs.


Josie back on the naughty list

December 21st 2014 10:30 pm
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My mum had just the one question.

"Why are my Christmas cards all on the floor?"

We looked and there they were, scattered colourfully. "They were in my way," said Josie, helpfully.

My mum picked them up and arranged them neatly on the mantlepiece again.

"Please leave them be," she said.

It took Josie less than an hour to find them inconvenient again. We were playing tag and she leapt up there. She didn't only move the ones immediately in her way, a few paw swipes and the whole lot were on the floor again.

"Josie!!" said my mum. "You used to be so good. What happened?"

Just a snigger by way of response.

I hope Sandy Claws was watching and gives me Josie's presents.


Josie is a good nurse

December 18th 2014 10:24 pm
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She stayed by my mum's side until my mum said, "I think I feel a bit better now."

Josie was so excited that she ran all around the flat for ages - she had been quiet and good for so long she had a lot of energy to burn off. My mum wanted some soup so she went to the shop - and also stocked up on kitty food.

That made me realise - what if she didn't get better and nobody bought us food? Who would give me my morning tummy rubs? I gave her extra headrubs and purrs this morning.

I hope Sandy Claws has been watching as this has to put us firmly on the Good Cat List. We didn't even complain when she forgot to give us our supper that first night. That's got to be worth a present or two!


My mum's not well

December 17th 2014 10:50 pm
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She surprised us by coming home from work at lunchtime yesterday. Josie and I had our usual morning of rigourous intellectual pursuits and just happened to be having a nap when she came in.

Josie is nursemaid in our house so mum lay back on the sofa and Josie snuggled up with her, purring for her to get better. Every now and then mum ran into the bathroom and made dreadful noises and would come back and slump on the sofa moaning and Josie would calmly snuggle and purr and I think it's working and mum is getting better.

I like having her home but she didn't want to play or anything and she forgot our supper so she might as well have been at work.


Josie's bed

December 16th 2014 10:41 pm
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My mum wants me to say that, of course, each night she lays the table and sits down formally to eat (which isn't actually true, is it mum?) but occasionally she has her supper on a tray on her lap. It's a special tray with a beanie-bag bottom.

Its other function is that of Josie deterrent. Mum slopes it up over her seat when she leaves the room to foil Josie's attempts to steal her seat. Last night she learnt a valuable lesson.

It must be left shiny side up. Beanie-bag side up is no good. No good at all. By the time she came back in Josie was very happily snuggled in the beans. She reckons they make a perfect bed, just a bit noisy when she turns over.

Mum sighed. "I cannot win." She lives with cats, so no, she can't.

Other than that Josie and I played a brilliant game of tag and later Josie gave me a little lick on the head. Sometimes I really like having a sisfur.


Sleepy kitties

December 15th 2014 10:43 pm
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Having vistors is fun but what with all the rushing around before and entertaining them and all the tidying up after it is tiring. (Mum is giving me her hard stare and wondering how much of all that exactly did I do. I am so unappreciated!)

Anyway my mum had taken a day off work on account of having holiday to use up and she was writing more Christmas cards and having a happy day. Josie curled up on the sofa next to her and was soo asleep.

She looked so content I wanted to be that content too. I jumped down from the chair I was on and jumped up next to Josie, had a good sniff (she didn't even stir) and I settled myself down right next to her. Then I had a thought and yes, Josie makes a great pillow. My head rested on her soft fur and soon I was deeply asleep.

The last thing I remember was my mum saying, "You two are so cute together."

Mum says she hopes that's a sign of things to come. There's no picture as she was so happy we were snuggled she didn't want to move and wake us. (Actually my mum fell asleep too so we were a sofa of dreamers for a while.)

Winter days can be nice and cosy.


We had visitors

December 14th 2014 10:52 pm
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They came for lunch on Sunday. I was polite and let them all admire me. It is true - I do have a sleek and handsome coat and a particularly fine tail. Josie was shy but did join us in the end. All my mum's friends like cats (I think that's how she chooses them) so there's never any need to be shy.

Mum wanted to be sure that everyone would have a comfy seat so she brought my chair in from the bedroom. It's a large, well-upholstered beast of a chair and the doorways are narrow. Luckily for my mum, as she strained and tugged and heaved, Josie joined in to supervise. Mum wasn't as grateful as you might expect seeming to think the prescence of a cat, winding her way between wall and chair, might actually make things harder.

Despite this ingratitude Josie did the same helpful task when it went back.

Mum put a blanket over it as she said otherwise anyone sitting on it would get a layer of fur on them. I did think people would rather like that. They did admire my fur on me and I don't mind sharing.


Sometimes it's easy to be good

December 11th 2014 10:52 pm
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It was all dark and cold when I came in and I was wet and I saw my mum in her chair and she said "Hello Tiger" and I jumped up and thought how wonderful it is to be loved and warm and dry and I purred and purred and gave my mum the best head rubs in the world.

"I love you too Toby" she said and gave me lots of snuggles.

After I had a sleep mum produced Da Bird. We haven't played with that in ages and it was awesome. When I have Da Bird to chase I don't need to pounce on Josie.

Being good is really easy when my mum does her job properly!! She must be here and she must entertain me and Sandy Paws will find no more well-behaved cat.


I am a good cat. Really.

December 10th 2014 10:41 pm
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This is for Sandy Claws benefit in case he gets confused.

Josie is naughty. Last night my mum got up to answer the phone and that cheeky cat was right in there, stealing her warm seat. By the time my mum had finished talking Josie was curled up as if she had been there all night.

My mum is naughty as she was writing Christmas cards and not paying me any attention.

I am nice. Last night I was just bored. It's too cold to go out and I couldn't think what to do. So I pounced on Josie. Many times and made her squeal.

Mum said I am very naughty and she will tell Sandy Claws and no presents for me. But I have put a good line on today's blog - which I'm sure he reads and on Christmas Eve I'll stay awake until he comes and give him my best purrs and headrubs and I'm sure he'll have me on his Nice Cats List.


Josie likes to be cosy

December 9th 2014 10:53 pm
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Yesterday we had an emergency. When we woke up the flat was all cold. My mum muttered and went to check the boiler. Happily she got it lit again and the magic was restored, everything warmed up. But it was not as warm as it usually is as normally they are making us toasty warm before we even wake up.

My mum was in the bedroom with Josie and she said to Josie that the worst part was taking off her warm, fluffy dressing gown to put on her cold work clothes.

Josie purred as her favourite thing is when my mum takes off her cosy warm dressing gown and throws it on the bed. Then it becomes Josie's cosy warm dressing gown as she snuggles herself down in it. Mum sighed and said she wishes she was a cat. Doesn't everyone?

The warm has worked since which is good. Josie has been spending as much time perched on my mum as she can as really hates the cold and my mum is warm. At night she's been under the duvet with my mum. I imagine it's warm there but my mum does roll around so I prefer my chair.

I hope all my Catster friends are keeping warm.

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