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Being fair

April 21st 2014 11:24 pm
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Yesterday I had finished my breakfast and Josie was eating hers. She looked all smug and happy so I gave her the whacky-paw on her head. I had failed to allow for the fact that mum could see me do that.

"Oy Toby!" she called. "Leave your poor sisfur alone."

Now why could mum possibly object to my giving Josie a friendly tap on the face while she ate her breakfast? I gave this one some thought and then worked it out. Mum was jealous of the attention. Well, that was easily put right.

I waited until my mum was eating her breakfast and then - bam! - a firm whack on the cheek.

"What the...?" said my mum but I was hovering out of reach, just in case.

"What has got into you?" mum asked me. I think it's the joys of Spring actually. I'm feeling all sort of bouncy and happy these days, even when it's raining. Mum says she will tap me on the head next time I'm eating so I can see if I like it but I'm pretty sure she won't.


We had a Happy Easter

April 20th 2014 10:55 pm
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The Easter Bunny came and we played tag with him and mum watched us and laughed and said we are crazy cats. She doesn't always see our companions and often says we're crazy but we're not.

In the afternoon it rained and rained. I love to be out in the rain and then come in and have my mum dry me with snuggles and then all three of us snoozed on the sofa and my mum watched an old film and ate chocklit egg and I'm not sure life gets much better than that.

Mum did fit our new door which was exciting only she looked at it and said, "Ah - that's not going to work" and unfitted it. The hole in the back door is too large, even with the special adaptor so it left a large gap where air would come in. We would think that a small price to pay but apparently my mum doesn't agree. I'm not sure what she will do now.


Happy to be a cat

April 17th 2014 10:33 pm
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Mum had the hoover out again yesterday.

"Watch out for our toys," I reminded her, "Remember what happened last time."

She sighed and went round scooping up all our balls and mice.

"You could tidy up after yourselves you know," she muttered.

I ran to the mirror. Pointy ears? Check. Dainty nose? Check. Elegant tail? Check. Yup - still definitely a cat and cats don't do. Cats are and that's enough. Mum's been watching those dog programmes again where the dogs run round to please their humans every whim. So happy I'm a cat!!

Mum wore her bunny ears to her dance class yesterday. Luckily for her Josie and I are highly intelligent and weren't fooled into thinking she was a rabbit.

But the bunny ears were for Easter and that makes us all happy. Mum is home today so can spend some time running around attending to our every whim.


Another way mum spoils Josie

April 16th 2014 10:30 pm
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Every week she takes her freshest, cleanest clothes and she piles them up in a bed for Josie. Not only that but she smooths them all down so they are comfy and gently warms them through.

To be fair to that cat Josie is suitably appreciative and nestles herself down quickly and purrs.

They were doing this last night and my mum said, "Josie! My ironing! Every time!"

And Josie smiled sleepily and snuggled herself a but more snuggily and luckily mum knows the importance of never waking a sleeping cat.

This morning there is nothing sleepy about Josie; she has gone crazy and is playing tag. She hasn't noticed that I'm helping mum with my diary and Josie is looking like a loon running around playing tag all by herself.


Loving my mum

April 15th 2014 10:38 pm
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I woke up in the night and looked up. Ah! There was my mum, peacefully sleeping in her own bed, where she belongs. I had missed her when she was away and felt all happy to see her. I jumped across and looked down at her and thought how much I love her.

I reached across and gave her a gentle stroke on the cheek like she strokes me. It felt good so I did it again only with a tad of claw action so she would really know I was there.

She did. I got some strokes back. Every now and then she would think I had enough and bury her face in the pillow but I was good for more affection and luckily have paws that wiggle under pillows to find the face I want to touch.

Then I thought I would try what Josie does and perch on my mum while she slept. I can recommend sleeping on people. She's all warm and she breathes very nicely so you get gently rocked to sleep. For once none of us were quite ready when the clock went.

It looks like being another glorious sunny day though so worth waking up for so we can find sunbeams and do more sleepings.


Another classic Josie barf

April 14th 2014 10:35 pm
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If anyone wonders which is the superior cat of me and Josie I don't think they have to wonder too hard. From my compact build to my excellent hunting skills I beat Josie in pretty much everything. There is just one area where I cannot compete - the barf.

Frequency, volume, inconvenient location - she gets all that so right.

Last night, for example, was brilliant. Over the arm of the sofa onto the magazine rack, plenty to spoil there! What made it particularly fine was that she gave a few warning retches, impeccably timed to give mum enough time to run over but not enough time to move anything so all mum could do was watch helplessly as papers and magazines received the barf.

Josie, I salute you!!

(Mum didn't but to be fair to Josie most things got thrown out so mum can't have wanted them that much anyway.)


Mum went away

April 13th 2014 10:36 pm
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The weekends are kitty time, time for mum to enjoy our company, entertain us, admire us and generally just be there for us. When big bag appears we know that just isn't going to happen. And it didn't.

Next door get to come and feed us but that's not the same as having your own person to run around after you.

She came back yesterday evening and I demanded all the tummy rubs I had missed. This took quite a while as you will know. Mum said she had things to be getting on with but nothing as urgent as my poor sad unrubbed tummy.
(She didn't actually say that last bit but I knew it was true!)

And Josie had missed mum too. She did her crazy running around thing and then snuggled under mum's duvet at night so she could feel mum breathing and know she was really back with us. Uncool Josie, it was only one night!


Defending our property

April 10th 2014 10:50 pm
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I have mentioned Smudge in the past, the mean boy who lives next door. Now the weather is warmer he has peeled himself away from the heater and come back to menace us. Rule with Smudge - Run. Fast as you can. He carries the scars of other fights and is scared of no cat.

But he has an apprentice - young Leo who also lives next door. He's been bringing him round and teaching him the menacing stare. Yesterday Leo came in our garden on his own.

We'll see about that! I don't think he's naturally a bully. I made myself look big and set off to sort him out.

It's funny how quickly a certainty can evaporate. I got half-way out of the door and was looking at him and he was looking at me and neither of us knew quite what to do.

Mum came in the kitchen and saw me there and she looked out and saw Leo.

"I reckon you could take him," she said, "Go on Toby!"

"In a momemt," I replied. I was going to and all of that. I was just building up the atmosphere.

Mum sighed, "OK. I'll do it."

She fetched the keys and put them in the lock and off Leo ran. I did move then. Our special cat door is in the main door and you don't want to be half way in and half way out when that opens.

I would have seen him off. I really would. Mum is just too impatient.


Normal service has been resumed

April 9th 2014 10:41 pm
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My tummy is definitely back to normal. I was doing the important work of chivvying my mum as she made our breakfast this morning. She looked down at me and smiled. "Crazy how much I missed that," she said.

This did not please me as it delayed breakfast and so I told her.

Our upstairs neighbour came to see mum yesterday to say she was very sorry about the noise at the weekend, she hadn't realised how loud they were, and she brought my mum some flowers. Mum said she shouldn't have and that was right; she should have brought kitty treats.

But mum was happy with her flowers and happy that things are good with her neighbour.


Who am I?

April 8th 2014 10:46 pm
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Normally mum wakes up in the morning and I leap into action. She needs plenty of instructions to remember what she has to do i.e. go in the kitchen and dish up our breakfast before anything else. Even when she has bowls and sachet in hands I keep up a stream of encouragement.

This morning I stayed on my chair. My tummy just felt odd for some reason. Josie and mum trotted out happily enough but I stayed put. Mum put her head round the door a moment or so later. She waved a sachet, "Toby! Breakfast!" she called and went away again.

No thank you I sighed.

I could hear Josie chomping away but even the thought that she would have her pick of the bowls wasn't enough to move me.

Mum came in again. "Poor Tobes," she said, "You're not yourself this morning."

But if I'm not myself, who am I? Am I Monster? Timo-Katse? Little Banjo? I looked at my paws. Still sleek and black. Pretty sure I am still Toby actually, whatever mum says.

I was fine last night - more nip, some chasey games, supper - so mum says maybe I have a little bug. I'll have a look for that as I don't want it.

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