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What Josie and mum want from Sandy Claws

December 10th 2015 11:49 pm
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I found them admiring it on mum's puter. It's a onesie for mum, all snug and cosy, with a pouch in it for Josie, all snug and cosy.

Josie loves to sleep under things to be warm and on mum to be warm. This way she would be able to do both.

I have rarely seen them both so excited. They pretty much saw themselves wrapped up like this until Spring.

"And look, I could walk around with you in it," said my mum.

And that's where the dream vanished. My mum is pretty clumsy - well, who wouldn't be trying to balance on just two legs all the time? Josie isn't sure she even likes to be picked up by mum, let alone carried in a pouch.

So the plan is back to individual Christmas gift requests and that's probably for the best. Mum's work might not be too impressed if she turned up in a Mewgaroo, with a naughty tortie tucked in the pouch.


Mum hissed at me

December 9th 2015 10:24 pm
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I scuttled away.

"That is really bad manners," I said.

"So is biting my arm," she replied, for that is indeed what I had been doing. But she deserved it. She told me off for biting Josie. Which is Josie's fault because she squealed and she shouldn't do that. I would have gotten away with it though but my denial was a bit fuzzy as it's hard to speak clearly with a mouthful of another cat's fur.

I am so bored of winter and ready for it to be Spring again. I want to play outdoors but it's too cold and soggy most of the time.

So really the whole thing is mum's fault because she should stay home and play with us and then I wouldn't get bored, so I wouldn't bite Josie, so mum wouldn't tell me off, so I wouldn't bite her.

It was really bad manners on her part!


Josie has been naughty - Again!

December 8th 2015 10:26 pm
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We now have presents under our tree. Josie jumped straight up to examine them.

"No...Not this one....Nope....Ah Hah!!" and she started trying to open it.

My mum went over and took it from her. She looked at the label. "It is indeed for you but not until Christmas Day! It's meant to be a surprise then."

Josie twitched her nose. "I enjoyed the surprise now but I know it's treats so can I have it?"

The cats' enviable ability to smell out good stuff through packaging and wrapping to know exactly what is inside. Peoples don't smell so well - I've seen my mum holding and shaking a wrapped gift to work out what was inside, but never sniffing it.

Anyway mum says Sandy Claws has Josie very much on the border between naughty and nice so she had better be very careful these next few weeks.

She looked at me, sitting all good, paws tucked neatly away. "When did you become the good one?"


Being careful

December 7th 2015 10:35 pm
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A cat cannot be too careful as I see it. Always err on the side of caution.

So it is not funny when I am all snuggled and cosy with my mum but hear a cat sharpening their claws on my scratching post. Naturally I leapt up to see who this intruder was.

It was Josie.

"Of course it's Josie. It's always Josie if it isn't you," said my mum, rather unsympathetically. She would have felt a complete fool if it had been some other cat.

Having a sisfur is a mixed blessing but we played a brilliant game of tag last night so I think I like her, sort of.


Our Christmas tree

December 6th 2015 11:08 pm
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Sandy Claws must be on his way! At the weekend mum and Josie decorated the Christmas tree. They have quite different views on decoration.

Mum likes lots of colour, lashings of tinsel, fairy lights twinkling, baubles on every twig and danglies wherever they can be fitted. By the end you can only tell there's a tree under there by the shape.

Josie takes a more minimalist approach.

So mum was putting things on and Josie was taking them off; even knocking some under the table so they wouldn't go back on.

But they seemed happy enough so I left them to it.

Then mum had lunch with friends and came back with parcels to put under it. Josie was straight in there, sniffing out ours. For indeed there is one for us. Josie is good at smelling out any trace of pet shop! She did try and open it but mum told her off.

Luckily we have all day today to have another go while she's at work. I love Christmas!!


Disciplining my mum

December 3rd 2015 10:25 pm
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If my mum is out and about and meets a friendly cat or dog she pets them. I really don't get the dog thing but she likes them. As long as she never brings one home we'll be fine.

Anyway she seems to find being away from us too hard so has to pet other animals to keep her going until she comes back to us.

She was on a walk when a fluffy ginger cat emerged from a garden, very keen to have a word. She stopped and they chatted, mostly about how handsome he was, and she was scritching his head and stroking his back in a way that he seemed to find agreeable.

But things to do, cats to get back to, my mum said her farewell and turned to go.

Smack! Whacky-paw right across the back of her leg. She had not been given permission to leave. He wasn't done petting yet.

Mum said it didn't hurt but did take her by surprise. I don't mind other cats disciplining my mum. Sometimes she needs a firm paw.


Is this normal? Of course it is!

December 2nd 2015 10:25 pm
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So it was breakfast time and my mum was putting our food in our bowls under my patient instruction.

Once that was done I walked off and jumped up on our tower.

"You want your breakfast there today?" asked my mum.

Of course, that was why I was there. Josie was waiting in the hall. No-one wants their breakfast in the kitchen on those cold tiles.

Mum gave us our bowls then commented, "I am pretty sure that normal cats eat where they are fed. I have to be the only one who trots after her cats while they decide."

Maybe these other cats - that I don't believe exist - have warm floors in their kitchens. Our ability to get our food bowls placed just where we like them is a great testimony to our skills at people training!


Josie surprised us all

November 30th 2015 10:48 pm
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She had been sleeping on mum's legs, curled up and toasty warm, exactly as she likes to be. But selfishly my mum said she had to get up and get on so moved Josie.

There was a pause as Josie looked around the room for the next warmest spot and settled on.....mine!

She walked over, nudged me and said she would have my warm. I was so surprised I jumped up and vacated my snuggly cushion.

There was a moment's silence while we all considered the implications of Josie getting me to move. It's meant to be the other way around. If this continued anarchy would reign.

I turned on her and made my views known and she went. But it was an interesting moment. She never did that before. Shows how desperate that cat is to be warm!


I had visitors

November 29th 2015 11:37 pm
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On the whole I am not a fan of guests. You never know if they might ask to get the ironing board out or to see the hoover in action and I steer well clear of these things. My mum says that guests never do housework and like to see me but better safe than sorry.

But yesterday's guests had a trick up their sleeves. I was making good my escape when I heard a sound I like. I stopped in my tracks.

"Rustle it again," said my mum. "He's listening."

The sound came again and I had to go and see. Yes, my ears never let me down. Kitty treats. Yum.

If only all guests came with rations. Anyway after that I knew they were my friends. Even Josie got brave enough to come and say hello and have some treats. Best of all - they left the bag when they went. And two Christmas stockings - one each for me and Josie. Some visitors are OK actually!


Mum had a shock

November 26th 2015 10:32 pm
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What I love is an evening when my mum doesn't have anywhere to go and is tired so we all snuggle down on the sofa and enjoy being together.

Yesterday evening was even better as my mum brushed me. Being brushed is one of my top favourite things. I love how the bristles feel in my fur; I love having my mum's undivided attention; I love how sleek and handsome I look after. Then my mum says "Swallow!" because I forget to do that and dribble a bit.

Anyway I had a thorough brushing and was all blissed out and content. My mum pulled all my fur out of the brush and rolled it into a ball. There was loads, the ball was about the size of a large mouse.

Which is why the next set of events happened.

My mum forgot it when she went to bed and that cheeky cat Josie saw it, noted its mouse-like qualities and went into action.

This morning it was lying in shreds on the floor. My mum saw it and said, "What the heck?" and then realised. Much to her relief. Just fur. And her own fault of course.

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