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Josie's Feliway works

January 20th 2016 10:28 pm
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So there I was, quietly minding my own business, when I got a massive whack from Josie and a "tag- you're it!"

I engaged mt Ninja-mode reflexes and had her grabbed before she could make good her escape. A lively tussle followed but she managed to wriggle free and off she went, me in hot pursuit.

"Josie definitely started that one," commented my mum. "She is not stressed."

Then, after a little thought, "Actually I don't think she is licking so much."

Later mum had a good look at Josie's hind quarters and yes, the official verdict is that Josie is much furrier. So the Feliway is doing the trick. Mum didn't think it was but then she was expecting the fur to grow back overnight and cats don't work like that.

So that's good. As long as Josie doesn't get too confident. I'm top cat around here and I won't let her forget it.


Now we're being starved

January 19th 2016 10:38 pm
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Josie has been sick again so we are on tiny portions. Mum reckons we get the same amount just in installments but my tummy isn't sure.

Mum reckons Josie wouldn't eat quite so fast if I didn't keep trying to steal her food before she finishes. It's not stealing - it's sharing!


Mum locked us in

January 18th 2016 10:31 pm
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She came home from work (late I might add) and after we had our supper Josie wanted to go out. Mum went to open the door and realised her terrible mistake.

"I forgot to unlock your door this morning. I am so sorry," she said, unlocking it and letting Josie sniff the air and conclude that it was a bit too chilly for the actual going out. Even so locking us in was a bit much.

Mum said something about stress at work this week but to truly know stress you must be locked in a small flat with a crazy tortie for a day. That's stress!

Josie was right. Outdoors is for strictly small portions at the moment. It even snowed on Sunday and I did wonder if we would ever get out again but mum said she thought "a dusting of snow" would be the correct description and it wasn't going to stop anybody doing anything.

Better safe than sorry and Josie and I have been keeping mostly cosy.


Time with mum

January 17th 2016 10:31 pm
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This can be hard to come by. She comes and goes too often. She remembers what to do as it is all written down in her diary, open in the hall.

I had an idea and talked to Josie about it.

"You're good with pens. Write our names in mum's diary so she knows she must spend the weekend with us."

Josie looked uncomfortable. Turns out - if you want a pen knocked off a table, Josie is your cat. She's great at that. But she's not so good at the whole writing thing.

Luckily I am a resourceful cat and it had been a damp day.

"Paw prints! We'll muddy our paws and make good clear signatures on the page."

So we did. She couldn't miss that we had booked her weekend out.

When she saw what we had done she laughed, "Is that a hint?"

"It's an appointment," I told her.

So we had a lovely weekend. There were games and Josie got to sleep on mum's lap and it was all rather marvelous.


Josie the literary critic

January 14th 2016 10:19 pm
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My mum was reading a stupid soppy romantic novel so Josie barfed on it. Now my mum will never find out if the the hero got to enfold the heroine in his manly embrace.

Spoiler alert: I am pretty sure he did. They always do

Not that us cats disapprove of reading. Mum sitting quietly, probably with Josie on her lap, it's all good. We just don't want her getting ideas about men with square jaws, steely eyes and rippling muscles. We don't need one of them. We just need mum and us cats!


That's my seat

January 13th 2016 10:35 pm
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It's definitely getting colder now. Josie in particular feels the cold and will do anything to stay warm. She loves to use mum's warm so when my mum stands up, Josie takes her place.

Only last night she couldn't wait. Mum was just sitting there and sitting there and Josie was cold so she took direct action. She started by poking mum with a paw and then moved on to trying to push with her head.

"Hey!" said my mum, "leave me be."

I was fascinated to see how this battle of wills would play out. Cats usually win of course but mum was using her size to her advantage - and the fact she was already in the seat.

It looked like mum had won but lucky for Josie mum was going out so Josie did get her nicely warmed up cushion and was a very contented cat. She doesn't ask much really; just that mum plans her life around that tortie's whims.

Which is crazy. My whims are so much more important!


Cats Rule; Dogs drool!

January 12th 2016 10:18 pm
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It was raining when my mum came home from work last night, rainy and cold. She gave us our supper and made herself a bowl of pasta and we all settled down on the sofa to be cosy.

"This is the way to spend a winter's evening," she declared, and we could not disagree.

Turns out she was chatting with a friend at work as they were leaving. The friend has a dog. The friend was saying she would go home and her dog would be delighted to see her and run and fetch his lead. He loves his walks so out into the rain she would have to go.

Mum was quite contented to think that we would be happy to stay indoors. Don't worry - we got our exercise. Nothing like a good game of tag to get the system going and that can all be enjoyed indoors. Us cats are just awesome!


Thank you SureFlap

January 11th 2016 10:26 pm
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It was a couple of months ago I was heading out when I heard something of a clatter behind me. I thought nothing of it but Josie told me that my mum went rushing through to see "what has the boy broken this time?"

Turns out I had kicked the lock out of our magic door. Awesome! I could come and go as I pleased. No more being shut in at night nonsense.

But mum fitted it back in. So I kicked it out again. And she fitted it back. So I kicked it out...

Anyway she reckons if I kick the lock out then any old cat could come wandering in. So she contacted SureFlap who made the door.

Right away they have sent her a new lock and they didn't even ask for any money for it which is kind. Given how many cats live round here we need a door that keeps them out. Now if I could just work out a way to keep Josie out...!!


You can't fool a cat

January 10th 2016 10:26 pm
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When mum came home on Friday she was very tired. I think she forgot how to work a whole five days over Christmas and New Year and work had been a bit different so the whole thing was rather a shock to her system.

She had been to the soupmarket on the way home and she put her fridge stuff in the fridge and her freezer stuff in the freezer and a pizza in the over and she slumped on the sofa.

"I am soooo tired," she told me.

But I wasn't listening. For she had left the rest of the shopping bags on the floor to put away later and unless my nose deceived me there was something for me in there. And my nose never deceives me.

I went and had a good sniff. Ham. Definitely ham. I like ham. I wondered if I could scratch my way through the fabric of the bag and had a good go. Mum came out. "What are you doing?" she asked, although I would have thought that was obvious. "There's nothing in there for you."

"Oh yes there is." More scratching. Then I tried a new tack. Get to the opening, unfold everything, paw in, rootle, rootle, rootle, ah Success!!

This is when mum came out again and saw what I had got.

"Oh the ham. I had forgotten that. It is for you."

I knew that. She gave us some and it was delicious. I even let Josie have some even though it was me that found it.

So an excellent start to our weekend.


Normal for cats

January 7th 2016 10:24 pm
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Working in pet insurance naturally most of the people mum works with love cats (and some even love dogs) and they mostly have pets. But they do other products too so there are a few people there who don't.

One of these came to my mum this week.

"I have a kitten," she announced. "Now, you know I don't like cats, but this one is special."

Mum just smiled. All cats are special. But the conversation went on for mum's friend never lived with a cat before.

"Is this OK? Sometimes she just pounces on something that isn't even there and runs around. I don't know if that's normal."

Josie and I nodded as mum was telling us this. Puny human eyes miss so much. Belle, for that is the kitten's name, is probably playing tag with a former occupant of the house.

"And she chases her own tail."

Josie nodded. "Yes, absolutely normal and hours of simple fun." I looked at her. "No, not normal. That's your own tail, you freak!"

Anyway mum was quick to reassure her friend that Belle sounds like a very happy, healthy kitten and they are all set for lots of love and laughter in the coming years.

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