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Great Mews

May 4th 2011 2:33 pm
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Daddy's taken Adoptable off my page!!! This IS my home, and he IS my daddy!!! ( Yea, and they are my siblings now,but it's a small price to pay!!) I'm here to STAY!!!


Bad Mews

May 3rd 2011 2:44 pm
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Well, I went back to the vet for the scheduled check-up ( hissing all the way) and the vet says that i have miscarried. there was 1 kitten, apparently it had died 3 weeks ago. sooooo, he induced lasbor, and out it came! It would have been a little girl, appears that it MAY have been a torti. I am soo sad today. I should be happy, being DDP and all, and daddy must be really thinking of letting me stay, I have another vet visit scheduled for late may, so I won't have any kittens!!
I am hiding now, I'm too upset to even hiss at Kringle.
Very sad purrs, Panda



May 3rd 2011 1:48 am
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WOW!!! Again, I am so honored!!! A DDP today!!! Thank mew miss diary person!!
This morning, I surprized daddy!! Kringle came over, and was bothering me, so I hissed, but he didn't stop. Soooo I ..... Chased him under the bed!!! Yes i was growling alittle, and my tail was all floofed out, but I actually took up for myself!! Is this a good, or bad sign in my adjustment here???Daddy's not sure!!
Have a great day, everyfur!!!


DOTD and a name

May 2nd 2011 2:26 pm
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WOW!!! I'm DOTD!! And i've only been here 10 days!!! Thanks everyfur!! And I have a name!! You have spoken!! My new name is.....Panda!!! My own name!!! I yhink I had one before, but I don't remember it!! But I think I can learn to like it!!! Now, if we could just solve my adjustment problem, it would be great!!! Well, we'll keep working on it!!
Thank you to all for the well wishes!!! Daddy will thank you all as soon as he gets a chance!!
Purrs, Panda!!


A little better

May 1st 2011 4:05 pm
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It's getting a little better!! I still don't like them, but I am beginning to think MAYBE they aren't too bad. MAYBE!!! Still hiss, but not as much!! ( See now daddy, I'm TRYING to be good!!!) Please be my forever daddy!!!
Hopeful purrs, Little Girl
p.s. he's thinking about calling me Panda, cause of my coloring!!! Not sure about that!! What do you think???


A Daddy's Girl???

April 30th 2011 12:07 pm
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Am I a daddy's girl??? Last night, I snuck into his bed and curled up right by his chest!!! today, he was watching the ball game, and I hopped right up on his lap, curled up, and went to sleep!!! Surprized him both times!!!


I'm not amused!!

April 29th 2011 1:40 pm
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I'm NOT amused!! Now daddy put a COLLAR on me!!! No like it...not 1 bit!! He says it's a " Calming Collar". For what??? I'm calm, as long as those other felines don't get too close!!! But, I'll try it, for him. He also bought this stuff called feliway, and plugged it in the wall!!! WTC is that for??? Oh well, guess it's just part of being here!! Does this mean i'm staying??? A fur can hope!!!


I hpoe!!

April 28th 2011 3:16 pm
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I really think now daddy wants to be always daddy!! The only problem is i'm scared of every other fur here!! They seem nice, but I hiss and growl if they get too close!! Anyfur have any ideas to help me with this problem??? ( I'm sure if I can get along with these furs, this will be my home.)



April 26th 2011 4:41 pm
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I think my cuteness is slowly breaking down now daddy. I actually let him put me in the chair in the living room. There was some hissing when the others came around, but NO GROWLING!!! Right now, Gypsy, ( I think that's what he called her ), is sleeping no more than 3 ft from me, and i'm ignoring her!!! Maybe he'll let me stay??? A fur can hope!!!



April 25th 2011 3:45 pm
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I went to this place called the VET!!! Don't like it one cat...not 1one bit! They did all sorts of tests on me, and found out acouple of things.
#1- I AM pregnant, but WAY too skinny!!! The Vet thinks they'res at least a 70% chance I may miscarry, and he does believe this is my first!
#2- I am FeLV and FIV negative!!!
#3- They think I'm not much over a year old!!
Daddy will be taking me BACK next week, To see how the babies are.
I really need a home now, because daddy says he can't have me around Tigger, because he's FeLV Pos. and I'm pregnant!! Sooo, if I'm out, Tigger has to be in the bedroom. If tiggers out, I'm stuck in the bathroom, but it's not too bad, I feel safe there!!!
More as it develops, Purrs, Little Girl
P.S. Now daddy, would you give me a good name pawlease!!!...Any suggestions???

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