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Attitude change

June 26th 2011 5:05 am
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Last night, daddy noticed a huge attitude change in me!! Slept the whole night on his bed next to him, gave him MANY kitty kisses, snuggled, ( Which I've NEVER done before), didn't hiss at any other furs on the bed!! This morning, I'm like velcro on him!!! Right on him!! Not NEXT to, ON him!!!What does this mean??? Is it time??? ( Daddy read somewhere that some cats get really affectionate right before delivery)!! Any ideas, furriends??
Purrs from Panda


This is crazy!!

June 22nd 2011 3:42 pm
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I am beginning to wonder if these kits are ever comming!!! We were soo sure it would have been last weekend, and surely by now!!! Daddy, I have a feeling either you will wake up to or come home to kittens!!! Just wish they'd get here!!! Hard to walk, hard to bend over to eat or drink, and very uncomfortable lying down!!! Hurry, Kittens, Hurry!!


Tonite might be it!!!

June 18th 2011 3:13 pm
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Tonight MAY be the night!! I've really been looking for a "spot"!! Been in every box, scratching, in every corner, scratching, under everything, scratching!! Daddy called the vet and he says it looks like it will be in the next 24-48 hours!!! I have to go look some more!!!
More later
Purrs from Panda


Not yet

June 17th 2011 5:43 pm
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We're still waiting!!! Sorry Lacey, looks like no kittens for your birthday!!! Maybe fathers day!!! ( Hey daddy, you'll be a grandpa then!!! MOL!!) I am really getting big!! Can't jump much, just like to sprawl out and chill!!! That is, until daddy goes in the kitchen!!! Then i follow, looking for somehing to eat!!! MOL!!! I will keep you informed, but we know we're close!!!
Purrs from Panda


Still waiting

June 14th 2011 4:03 pm
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We're STILL waiting on me to drop the kittens!!! My ultrasound was purrfect, the vet says if I drop them tomorrow they will be ok!!! Well, I hope they come soon!!! Daddy's working on a page for them when they do come. We'll keep you posted!!
Can someone PAWLEASE give Kringle a chill pill??? That cat is NUTSO!!! I'm eating dinner, and he runs right oner top of me!!! How RUDE!!! So far tonite, just since daddy got home, he's managed to knock over the trash can TWIVE, annoy me, Blizzard, Gypsy And Tigger!!! Even got daddy annoyed!!! Tried to climb the shower curtain.....while daddy was in the shower!!!! And unplugged the electric shaver while daddy was shaving!!! That cat is CRAZY!!!
More later,
Purrs from Panda



June 13th 2011 3:55 pm
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Wow, a DDP!!! Thank you!! And thank you to all the furrs who sent messages and gifties!!!
Today has just plain been wierd!!! I CAN'T STAND TIGGER!!! I don't know why, maybe I know he's got FeLV, and don't want him around, or maybe he reminds me of a cat I used to know...IDK!!! If he comes within 5 ft of me, off I go, Hissing and Trying to swat him!!! Suggestions???
Daddy found out his not feral feral cat is a lovebug, and very trusting!!! I watched him rub on daddy, heard him purr, and he rolled over and let daddy rub his belly!!! And last night, he slept in front of our door!!!! Daddy went out to go to work, he ran down the steps to daddy's car, and sat there meowing till he got lovings!!! CAT, Show some feline dignity!!! And NO,DADDY!!!!1 DO NOT BRING HIM/HER IN!!!!
I Need a drink! Kittens may be here in time for Lacey's Birthday!!! OMC I hope so!!!
More later
Purrs from Panda!!



June 12th 2011 4:56 pm
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Daddy swears i'm going to be early!!1 I'm now 13 1/2 lbs!!! Daddy spoke with the vet, and he said that yes, I might have them by the end of the week, or early next week!!! He erred on a later date when he said the 27th!! Told daddy his gut feeling was more like the 17th-20th!!! I go for another ultrasound tomorrow, ( Actually, he's comming here!!!) Just to be sure, but from what daddy's told him, I will be fine a little earlier!!! Boy will I be glad to finally have these kittens!!! Getting hard to walk!!! I LOOK like a pregnant Panda!!! MOL!!!
More later,
Purrs from Panda



June 9th 2011 4:04 pm
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The Vet visit went ok, I guess!!! He and daddy were talking bout me MAYBE being a week or so EARLY!!! Says that i am doing great!!! I now weigh 12 lbs!!! Definately 4....maybe 5 kittens!!! He moved my due date to june 27th!! He is very happy with my progress, says i'm soo much calmer and that I seem happier and more relaxed!!! ( Except when he tries to take my temperature!!! Tig, i agree, that does NOT go there!!!) Daddy told the vet about his plan and the bathroom, he said thats a good idea!!! So far, so good!!! I;m home, just polished off my dinner, and what everyone else didn't eat!!! ( Except Tigger and Kringle...they don't leave anything!!! No wonder Tig's so fat!! MOL!!)
More later, Panda



June 8th 2011 4:28 pm
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As if being thought of as a 4-legged vacuum isn't bad enough, he said today that I have Radar Ears!!! EXCUSE ME??? My ears are fine, thank you!!! He says everytime he goes into the kitchen, for anything, here I come, meowing for food!!! ( Well, what do you expect...i'm eating for 5!!!) Daddy, be nice!!! Radar Ears indeed!!1 Don't like it, not one bit!!!
More later, Panda
P.S. My vet visit has been changed to tomorrow due to a death in the vet's family!! So I'll know how it's going tomorrow, and will let you know!!



June 6th 2011 4:27 pm
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I think daddy thinks i'm a for egged garbage disposal!!! I eat, eat, eat, sleep, and eat more!!! He says I keep it up, he's going to need a 2nd job just to feed me!!! I'm 10 lbs now!!! He swears he felt a kitten move this afternoon!!! Silly daddy!!! I also now have to be within 2 ft of him at all times!!! Last night, I slept right next to his head!!! And he told me I snore!!!! How undignified!!! Daddy...I DO NOT SNORE!!! Ladies don't snore!!! Anyway, I go back to the vet friday, my final check-up before my due date!!! Sure hope everything is ok!!!
Hope every fur has a great day
Purrs from Panda

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