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Another Sad Saturday

September 17th 2011 1:14 pm
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I'm really beginning to dislike Saturdays!!! Last saturday, Novi left, Today, Snow!!! Momma Panda sad and upset. No like!! Not one bit!!!
Purrs from a very sad and upset Panda.

( Snow went to live with Tink this morning, so everyone is a little bent out of shape right now. We all miss him)



September 10th 2011 9:55 am
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I'm sad today. I'm going all over the apartment, Mewing. Novi is gone. This lady came and when she lef, Novi was gone!!! I miss my little boy! I know he has a home, and a family, but still... Not a happy Panda today.

*from Daddy*
Novi left this morning with Jen, and is on his way to Michigan to live with Ingen. We all miss him. But we are happy he's going to grow up loved!!



August 15th 2011 2:22 pm
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OK! September is almost here!!! Novi has a home with Ingen, and Snow has a home with Tink. But Forrest G. Sweetie and Spot are still in need of a loving furrever home!! Please help! We want them to have a family of their own!!!
Thank you!!
Purrs from Panda


You have spoken

August 3rd 2011 3:27 pm
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My fellow catsters have spoken, so now EACH baby has thier own page. When we get furrever homes for them, if they do catster, the pages will be transferred


A Question

August 2nd 2011 1:40 pm
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As you know, my sweethearts will be ready for their furrever homes 9/1!! Should I tell daddy to make them each a seperate page???



July 24th 2011 12:26 pm
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My food is being ROBBED!!! I beg for more and more everyday, and daddy couldn't figure out why....until today!! He walked by the bathroom, and there I was, with a mournful look on my face. Snow was eating my whiskas!!! Novi had knocked over the bowl with my kitten chow, and him and Forrest were eating it!!!Daddy got me another whiskas, but dang, kids!! You aren't even 4 weeks yet!!! Don't steal momma's dinner!!!


DDP, and i've been bad

July 5th 2011 5:09 pm
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Wow, another DDP!!! Thanks everyfur!!! Daddy may be awhile getting the thank yous out for me and Blizz!!! Please bear with us!!
On another note, I've been BAD today!! Moved the kits fromthe box to under the couch!! Daddy was furry mad with me!! Now we're all in the bathroom, with a screen blocking the door!!! When he came in to feed me, I GROWLED at him! ( Hangs head in shame) I don't know what mage me do it!! A few minutes later, I wanted loves, and I did get them, but in the bathroom!! Why did I make daddy mad?? ( and he was steamed!!) What made me do it??? I really need to be nice, I know!! Any ideas???
Very upset purrs from Panda



July 3rd 2011 3:11 pm
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The kittens are really growing!!! Moving around a lot more in the box, eating and sleeping!! The torti is a girl!! So we have 4 boys, 1 girl!!! Everyone is doing great!!
Last night, the kits got their first taste of bad weather!! We had a wicked storm, about 3AM!!! The thunder and lightning went on for over an hour!!! Loud, with heavy rain!! Daddy said 4.12 in of rain last night/this morning!!! Glad i'm an inside kitty!!
Thank everyfur for the well wishes and gifts for my DDP, and for the kittens!!! You all are really what catster is all about, the way you supported me, and followed me through the whole pregnancy!!! Bless each and every one of you!!!
Purrs from Panda!!


Phew!!! and thank you!!

June 30th 2011 4:05 pm
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Phew!! What a hectic 24 hours this has been!!! All 5 are doing ok, though the white one may have a small cold. However, he was eating just fine a little while ago!! #6 is doing just fine!!!
I really want to thank each and every fur here, the love you have shown to them is unbelieveable!!! It really makes me happy that my babies are sooo well loved!!! We should know the sex soon, as daddy doesn't want to disturb them just yet!!!
Teddy, if you ARE interested, daddy checked, and sending one to you is doable!!
Many grateful purrs from Panda!!



June 29th 2011 3:16 pm
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OK, We have MEWS!!!! 5 Kittens!!! 1 stillborn tuxie, 2 live tuxies, 1 90% white, 1 pure white!!! Don't know the sex yet, but we have KITTENS!!! Born this guess, around 8 or 9 am!!!!! Hooray!!! That part of the ordeal is over!!! Pics tomorrow!!!
UPDATE!!! #6 was found about 20 minutes ago under the couch!!! That one is grey!! We have to watch it closely!!! Daddy had to cut the cord and sack to free it!! Bled some, not too much, but how long was it there!! Need to watch that one closely!!!

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