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Time Out

June 27th 2012 8:09 pm
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So, our first experiment with raw diet did not last very long. Mom having really mucho stress at work and with the old ones right now. She usually do okay with that, but now every single one of us kitties is hissing and snarling and meal time. Did not know new food would create so much angst amongst us! She and Dad fixin' to take a week away, so she gonna stop the raw food, go back to special diet and start over when she get back.


What's This Stuff? - Yuck!

June 22nd 2012 9:05 pm
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Well mom never thought she'd see a food I don't like. No offense, Mom. Nice that you thot of me, took the time to go out and buy a meat grinder and all. Made that - whateveritis - but, well, sorry, I don't like it. Where's my grub. What do you mean "that's dinner." No. Where's my yummy dry food? My yummy special diet canned stuff? You can give this stuff to Phoenix-Naomi, she'll eat anything. Yep, she likes it. Maybe I'll wait for breakfast.


Not a Happy Day

June 8th 2012 8:15 pm
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Well, first thing is about three weeks ago "something" happened to my tail. Sean admitted that he stepped on it, but not sure that the cause. Anyway, today I have an abscess. And my mood was absolutely terrible. I snarled, spat, hissed, swiped and everybody - the vet, mom, Stephanie - so bad that they covered me with a towel to check me out. Got a big shot. To top it off, I weigh 20 pounds. Mom all worked up now about finding me a safe way to lose weight. Some bad news for little Phoenix-Naomi, too. That be on her page.


Gosh Mom!

June 6th 2012 10:00 am
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I cannot believe I am lettin' my mom put this here. So embarrassing! Here is the deal. Before I did my vanishing act last year, I weighed in at about 18 pounds. Mom wanted me to lose weight, but if I did not get munchies at home, I'd eat out. She found out during my missing time that two other families were feeding me! That is like 6 meals a day (heaven!). So, I come home 3 pounds lighter. Now I am inside only so no more other families feedin' me. You think I get slim (or at least stay the same). No way. She hasn't weighed me, but knows I am at least back to my 18 pounds and probably more. She ration my food, try to keep me outta the other guys food. If left to my devices, I will steal their food (especially Miranda and Lottie). So, Mom try to keep me to my own, but weight still comin' on. So, maybe it be a lack of exercise. I lay around all day. Since she heard about the poor 39 pound kitty, she startin' to worry. My diet is 1/3 cup Royal Canin 30 for kitties with crystals in their pee, with 1/8 cup Friskies Special Diet wet added, cause she heard kitties on dry food get more fat.I get that two times a day. So, anybody got ideas? I am four and she worried at the rate we goin' I won't live to be six cause of weight. Good grief, ma, this is soooo embarrassing!



June 5th 2012 7:38 pm
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Awe, so what happened to da playlist? No more music on our pages. That be sad! Hope some smart kitty can find an alternative cause pages with no music just be not right.


Buildin' Stuff with Dad

May 13th 2012 6:59 am
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Yep, Sweetie's baby in here! Dad built a drop box to capture Little Sweetie and I had to try it out for him. What fun! What they won't invent next!!!


We Found Jack!

March 20th 2012 4:21 pm
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Jack was trapped in the basement of the spooky house! The realtor called him and he came running! His mommy is really happy - so is he! Happy ending. Here is his picture. He has really cool markings!

Jack is Home


My neighbor Jack Missin!

March 19th 2012 5:52 pm
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Purrs need for my neighbor cat, Jack. We found out tonight heez been missin' a week. His mom and dad need lots of purrrs and prayers!


Day o da Green!!!!

March 17th 2012 1:18 pm
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Party time!!! St. Paddy's Day!!! So I decided not to worry 'bout da pictures takin' us out to somewhere else, and just go for it! Who knows, maybe the luck of the Irish be with me and it'll work. So it is the day of da Green!
All things Green:


(thank you Chicago)
Yep - Green Starbucks!
(but I think he is a fake)
(he doesn't look very happy)
(okay, so I turned Milo green, no big deal, right?
And of course: Greenbacks

Not to mention: Greenbay

Okay come on everyone - add your green things!!!



March 16th 2012 6:45 pm
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I been slammin' and bangin' to this mean ol' puter all day and can' get it to do what I wants!!! Tryin' with start off a really fun St. Patrick's Day party with some cool pix, but cannot get them to show in my diary without takin' my friends outside of my message. SOOOOO furrrrsstrating cause I knows somebody showed my silly mom how to do this for Tao's party and now she can't get it to work again. Silly humanzzz. Hiiissssss. Me is NOT a happy kitty.

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