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Wanting to take my Lacey out to Dinner

February 14th 2013 7:49 pm
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Lacey, I have a lovely place for dinner where they make yummy shimp scampi just for you! We can eat at Keeneland and watch the ponies run around in circles. Some catnip wine to sip on the side (always goes well with seafood). Sweet headbonks and kitty hugs!


Mom got an iCat!!

January 25th 2013 6:09 pm
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This little bag came in the mail today. Good things come in small packages - big packages, too, but that is another story. Inside was the cutest little iCat. An iCat is the little tiny kitty that fits into the earjack port on your iPhone. And the one Mom got looks just like me!!! Gray and white!!! I am so honored - and so is that iphone cause it's carrying a little copy of me!


Do cats Hibernate?

January 24th 2013 4:21 am
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There a lot to be said fr peace in da house. No trauma to write about, no sick kitties, almost no sick humanz, just the normal life we most never seez. It be super cold outside and that makes snuggling down in my blanket even more special (my sweet Lacey needs to come snuggle right here, too!). All we cats are just sleepin' the cold winter away like we is refining the fine art of hibernation. What a big word!!!
(Linus yawns and stretches). Maybe it be time to think about Valentine's Day.


Christmas Happenin's

December 26th 2012 11:45 am
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Sorry we be too quiet. Mom and Dad has lots o peeplz at the house - cousins, and aunt and uncles, and granddad and grandmom, and the lady who saved Miranda on road two years ago - like 19 peeplz! And they all laughed and ate and did silly things. They teared up all the paper that wez gots in trouble for touching last week!! Bob, he just sat on the perch and observed all the silly peeplz. I jumped right in there, jumping into bows and ribbons, wrappings and having a good time. Nobody saw Miranda or Phoeniz all day. Lucy mom sat on the window perch and Milo slept all day in the back bedroom. Phoenix she went to the arti-ficial tree, pulled off the decorations and curled up with them like she was gonna hatch them! Didn't none of them hatch and the peeplz all though she was cute. Then there be turkey and ham a plenty fallin' from the table around the little peeplz and the ancient ones. I had a good yummy day! Hope all my friends had blessed Catmus days, too!

O yeah, mom got a new puter from her sister. She messin' with getting everything started on it. Sooooo, hopefully all goes well.


Mom's Greatest Birthday Cake Ever!!!

November 23rd 2012 12:02 pm
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Peeplz have birthdays just like cats! Mom's was yesterday. And Siobhan made her the very best birthday cake ever!!! It looks like a bed - and all of us were on it!!! So fun!!!


My most special day!!

November 18th 2012 12:38 pm
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My most special day. Mom remembers it every day of the year! We both never forget the moment. I remember the sound of her voice in the distance and running like I never have in my life. Seeing her in the dark (cause we see better than our humanz). She remembers scooping me up in her arms, my soft fur, my loud purr. We both thinking just one thing: I FOUND YOU!!! Never was there a more happy reunion after such fear and sadness. A gotcha day to be sure!!!! And to all our catster furrends who kept Mom going through the dark days and weeks - this is a very very warm thank you and purrs to you as well. One year ago today. Never to be forgotten.


It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!!! PAWTY ON!!

October 30th 2012 5:03 pm
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Before we pawty, take a moment to give purrrs to our fuuurends in the bad weather areas that they will be safe, dry and warm. My cousins Ashes, Tilly, Pepper, and Sparky live near Asbury Park, New Jersey, be in the dark but safe. I know there are many, many others.

Strike up that ghost band! Call the neighborhood zombies! Call all kitties and pawty on!! How about some pumpkin peeps!!!

Pumpkin Peeps

Put these little guys in your microwave and watch what happens!!!!

Corn Candy!!!

And don't forget the KITKATS!!!!

We can also carve up some



Halloween be Next Week! Pawty Time!

October 24th 2012 5:46 pm
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Making a list, checking it twice .... oops, wrong holiday. Gonna go get some of the bestest yummy treats for Halloween. Milk Dudds, Kitkats, MILKy Ways. Get those costumes ready!


One Year Ago Today

October 12th 2012 10:31 am
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Yes, it really has been a year. Sometimes, in the evening, mom sits on the couch and I come up close beside her and nudge her arm for pet. Then I curl up into a little (BIG!) ball and we just sit there looking at each other. There are times we feel like it never really was just a very, very terrible dream. One thankfully, we awakened from. Yes, one year ago today I went missing. Eventually found on November 18 through what Mom calls a "divine appointment." My catster page has always retained pieces of that time and always will in tribute to the families and kitties who have not be so fortunate. Spend some time today remembering our sweet friends like Mr. Z who have not had the wonderful blessings of returning home. And spend some time with your furbabies today and be thankful for them.


Halloween Pawty Invite!

October 6th 2012 8:39 pm
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Hey, ever-body!! I wants to have a Halloween pawty. Mom hasn't done a good job at this pawty thing, but she remember how last Halloween I was missin'
and takin' a que from Mr.D's mom, she dressed up like a cat and handed out missing flyers along with Halloween candy. So this year I will be home for Halloween and we wanna have a pawty! Everyone dress up like your favorite action hero!!!

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