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14 Days and all is Well!!

October 17th 2013 6:25 am
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Finished the last of my millions of meds yesterday. I still be peeing!!! Mom real happy. Seems like a silly thing to be happy about. Bob gives lots of pee, too - but not in the right places. She not to happy about that.

Anyway - I am happy and not hurting! Just don't like the Royal Canin SO food. Think mom gonna start researching natural alternatives. Maybe go back to the raw food diet I used to have.


Awful Terrible Weekend!

October 6th 2013 3:44 pm
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So, Mom and Dad got out their going away bags on Friday. I decided to trick 'em. I climbed on toppa Mom's bag like I be part of the bag. I thought it would work. Mom came and talked really sweet and nice to me. Being sick must have it's advantages! They put stuff in their bags. I climbed back on top. Then, the cat carrier came out! I be going? Yes! I be going! They got me into the carrier, put all my IVs and meds on top. Ha, to all my bruffers and sisters. I be goin' with the mom and dad and you all stayin' home. We drove away in the car. This gonna be good. The car stop.......AUUGGGGGHHHH! We be at the terrible vet place! Mom and dad go away for the weekend and I have to stay at the vet!!!!!!! Grrrrrrr!
It now be Sunday and Mom and Dad just got home - but they cannot pick me up till tomorrow. I be real bummed. Not the weekend I had in mind.


Home again for now!

October 2nd 2013 7:29 pm
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Mom came and rescued me from the kitty doctor place late this afternoon. I very glad and purred all the way home. I have too many medicines! Three liquid ones, four pills and mom has to stick me with a needle and give me a bunch of fluid under my skin every day for 10 days! She a bit nervous about that one. Starts tomorrow morning. Guess she gonna be late for work for a while. She told me I have to go back to the vet for the weekend cause she and dad gonna be away. Not real happy about that. I don't like it there. Guess I'll worry about that when it happens. Purr for mom cause she is anxious about the needle in the skin thing. Guess years of sticking needles in peeplz isn't the same as sticking needles in your kitty babies.



October 1st 2013 1:49 pm
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I back in the cat hospital. This morning I was feeling terrible. Mom dosed me on kitty pain med (she had from the last time!) and did not call to make me an appointment. We just went. I felt too bad to complain like I usually do in the car. My pain med working by the time we got to Dr. Stacey's. And I was completely blocked again! I just finished course of 3 antibiotics for 14 days. Everybody stunned. So, I am stuck here with a catheter in my peepee hole feeling just so sorry for myself. And Mom very concerned. She needs to go away for three days on Friday and cannot cancel. I may be the first kitty ever in our family to be kenneled at the vet's on a weekend cause of travel.


Finished my Meds! But wait......

September 30th 2013 8:22 pm
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Whew! Took my last pill this morning. Life supposed to go back to normal, but wait..... tonight I started acting like my peer hurts again. Mom not sure what going on. Having just finished three different antibiotics over 14 days, it hard to believe that I am still sick! Mom gave me a dose of prednisone and some pain med tonight and locking me in the back room with some special litter that doesn't absorb so she can collect a pee sample for the morning. If there be no pee - well that will tell us something, too! Really really hoping this is a false alarm!


DDP on Talk Like a Pirate DAY!!!!

September 20th 2013 5:32 pm
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Aurggghhhhh!!! What a wonderful day! I be a great swashbuckling pirate, too! Ready to sweep my bootiful Lacey off her feet and carry her away to some wonderful tropical island where the buurds and fish move quite slowly and the sun is just puuurrrfect all day long!!



September 18th 2013 3:32 pm
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Mom really needs to check her gmail account more often!!!! She was checking for a cat carrier she was buying from Craigslist and found a message from AUGUST 4 (while she and dad were in DC). I was their cat of the day. Here is the link (hope it works)


Urine Culture back

September 17th 2013 6:39 pm
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Bad news on the urine culture. My pee growing THREE different kinds of bacteria! No antibiotic gets them all, so I have to take three different antibiotics! So many pills! Probiotics to keep my poor guts calm. One thing for sure --- either mom gonna get really good at givin' pills or I'll get good at spittin' 'em out!


My burfffday!!!

September 15th 2013 8:23 pm
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Except for getting them yucky pills and boootiful burrfday at home. Laying in the sun -- playing patty paws with my mom! Thanks everyone was sharing with me!


Home to My House!

September 13th 2013 7:20 pm
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So good to be home. Mom brought me home this afternoon. All the smells of my house, the noises, the other kitties. So good to be home. Still watching my pee-ability and taking----ugh!----lots of pills again. But tonight I am laying on the carpet by my mom and dad and giving myself a bath!

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