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My Sweet Gift from Tao!

February 29th 2012 4:02 pm
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I got the sweetest red heart in the mail today! I been jumpin' round and playin' with it so much that mom can't get a picture yet, but will in a little bit.


Welcome my Cousins to Catster!!

February 24th 2012 5:39 pm
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My cousin kitties are on Catster!!! Everyone go say "Hi!" and make
them your friends.



February 16th 2012 4:40 pm
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I been a catster cat for one year today!!! Thank you to all my pawsome friends and their families. Mom remembers where we were a year ago and how scared we were. How great things are now!! And our friends helped us get there! Tao I love yews so much!!!!


Valentine Music for Tao!!!

February 14th 2012 6:23 am
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For my puuuurfect love, Tao, I have dedicated my song!!! Want everybody to know his is my fuurrrever love!!!


AAAAuuugghhh! Outta Zealies!!

February 10th 2012 9:42 am
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Stupid Milo used our last Zealie tryin' to impress Skits!!! Wez gots no more until Feb 14. Such a bummer. I wanted to send kissies to my Tao!!!! He didn' ask me or nothin'. (Miranda walks away pouting).


Kinda been Absent

January 28th 2012 4:11 pm
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Sorry for not bein' around. Mom's been bizzy with grandpa in da hospital and peeplz daughter Suzanne hurt her hand at work (not real bad). But, finally grandpa is home, doin' better and things are a little more normal 'round here. Ifn I could tappity tap this ol' puter without mom, I'd a been talkin' especially with Tao being made a dreamboat in training!!!!!

So, it's time for Tabbies to cover their ears. Get this: Mom tryin' ta figger out where all da birds have gone. She even bought a new buuurd feeder. We likes to watch 'em from da window - but no buuurds. She things da gone to da buuurdie party in La Grange. Birds of la grange

Reminds mom of a movie from long ago!


Sore Mouth

January 18th 2012 4:05 pm
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Ouchy! I seem to have a sore on my lower lip. It is a little swollen and red. I wiggle so much it is hard for mom to get a good look. Still eatin' my food but shying away from lettin' peeplz near my head, so mom figures it hurts. Guess we gonna go see Dr. Scott, but may not be able to get there till Friday. Hope I do not have a bad tooth. Mom thinks I am a little young for that.


Beware Recliners!

January 13th 2012 5:23 pm
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OMC! Ma is always watching the recliner and worries about us getting caught inside. Don't know how I got in there, I was just foolin' 'round, but suddenly somebody started to sit on da chair an' suddenly I was bein smooshed!!! Boy, did I yell! And de peeplz jumped up yellin!!! Everybody was yellin!! I come flyin' outta da back of the chair. Then da peeplz are tryin' ta grab me. Boy, I was really scared - my furr up an' everything. Ain't nobody ever seen me puffed up before! Mom caught me and I kept wigglin' and wigglin' but dey finally figured I was okay. Boy, was we all scared! Kitties and families - everybody remember to be careful around recliner chairs! They looks like fun places, but dey can be dangerous!


Snowing at Last!!!

January 12th 2012 7:49 pm
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Yippie!!! The little flakes are falling from the sky! I loves to watch em go past the window. Da ground and street's getting all white like. Mom says those little flakes are cold, but they look like fun!


DDP! I'm gonna beat Linus!!!

January 9th 2012 2:11 pm
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Wow, Mom's kinda wishin' she be keepin' track better on all deez DDPs! She thinks I'm gonna beat Linus' number real soon!! Thank you all me fabuloso-furry-family-o-felines!!!!!

Hey - anybody got SNOW???? Our weather is real boring!!!

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