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Miranda's journey to Health

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Very Interesting

June 22nd 2012 9:22 pm
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Well, Mom got this idea from about making our food. How Iz ses it is this: She can make me booties (like when I was a baby), she can grow us natnip, make us toys, but - Well, this one is a loser. She got this box in the mail full of vitamins and stuff. Then she went out and bought a bunch of chicken (that part not so bad) and some other stuff. Then she and dad ran all over Lexington to find a meat grinder cause her hand one just wouldn't cut it (sorry they call that a pun). Came home and did all this mixing and grinding and measuring. All the time wez cats is hungry and meowing for supper. It getting later and later, dark outside way past feeding Little Sweetie time. At last she has this big bowl stirred. She pickin' up our food bowls. Wow, dinner at last. What's this? She put it down for Lucy. She sniff it, then start eating. Milo, he do the same, sniff then eat. She put down Linus' and he just sit there. He don't even try. So now I a little anxious. She give me mine. I sniff it, give mom a rotten look and run away. I hear that Lottie did the same. Then she give a little to Phoenix. She scarf down hers, goes over and eats half of Linus'. First time something so little got his food! So, now we be hungry but not wantin' that stuff. Maybe we make a deal with Mom tomorrow.


Lazy Daz

June 13th 2012 7:18 am
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I been havin' my lazy summer daz! Spending time on my tower in da window watchin' da buuuurds and da bunnies outside. Watching crazy little Phoenix inside. Actually sniffer her one day. She not be too bad. Maybe, like Bailey, she go to a different forever home one day. But I know she more like me - with special needs that lots o humanz be afraid of. So she play on da floor and I watch from my throne above. And it be quiet sort of.

I missin' my Purrince Tao. Anybody heard from him? Hopin' he be okay.


You Should Know This!

May 30th 2012 6:50 pm
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Mom letting Angel Cookie follow the story of Naomi (gonna be renamed Phoenix!), but feelin' the need to tell everyone some serious stuff. Because what's happened to her could happen to any outside kitty in the summer. Bot flies are kinda big and they live in the country. They plant their eggs in grass and places where kitties and other animals will go by. The egg gets onto the kitty, then the larva from that egg digs through the kitty's skin into their body. They leave this hole so they can breathe. They actually move around under the skin making the kitty really sick. The hole gets all nasty and looks like an abscess. It is possible for the worm to even go into the kitty's brain. Peeplz shouldn't try to get rid of the larva themselves cause if it dies and breaks, it will release a toxin that can kill the kitty. That is what happened to our little kitten even though the vets were the ones doin' the removing. If you have a kitty or pup showing up with what looks like an abscess, get 'em to the vet. We got the little kitten to the vet as fast as possible and she still almost died.


Humpf. A bit Jealous

May 15th 2012 5:25 am
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I don't think I like Mom and Dad givin' so much attention to Viper. Who invited him anyway? Spent yesterday sitting on top of my tower looking kinda like a vulture glaring at him while dem visitn' folk pawed all over him instead of me. An' mom been feeding him outta her hand. He in MY place on Dad's lap. Mom put him in a his box later and came round and luvved on me, pettin' me, but I gave her a cold shoulder. Tryin' ta kiss up to me, huh? She told me it only for a week or two and I'm still da purrincess. I should look at Viper as a loyal subject. I don't like it when my life changes.


Me da Purincess!

April 29th 2012 1:44 pm
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I kept tellin' mom dat I am da purincess to my handsome Purince Tao and she finally added it to my name. 'Bout time. Okay, do I get a ring now? Cause I wants my peeplz to kiss it. I likes my royal role!


Well Thought We Had Answer

April 28th 2012 5:58 pm
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Mom went to Petsmart today and met with Friends of Animals, Caring Hearts, and humane society all in da same place! Had pow-wow about da barn kitties. Humane Society admitted that they don't stand much of a chance if they go there. F of A said they full up. One volunteer has 40 cats at her house! But then....Caring Hearts gave contact for TNR place 30 minutes away and said they'd help with traps. F of A gave the phone number of a place to give the barn food for da kitties (which was supposed to be the big issue). Mom real happy. She came home and emailed da director person. They said: "Plans already in motion." (Whatever da means!) "You come get dem offa da property. Free food is always appreciated." What da hey???


How DOES Mom Get into these things????

April 24th 2012 2:05 pm
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Very urgent situation. Out of da blue, the barn director decided he wanted to "get rid" of all but four of the barn cats. There are 13 there not counting the feral who just had kittens (This is not Little Sweetie). He told some peeplz that he'd pay $25 for every feral they took away. Course da ferals are too smart to get caught, but the domestic barn cats walk right up and say hi -- three got taken to the humane society last week. Stephanie just found out last night! Mom was at HS when they opened this morning and claimed back one (named Kenny). One of them was adopted already (good for him!), the third is not fixed and they won't return him. Mom doesn't have $100 to give them for him (they would then fix and chip him) without a family to adopt him. She rescued Kenny (who is, at this moment) in our bathroom! Kenny cannot go back to the barn, there is no family for him. We don't know what to do. He can't just live in the bathroom! Meantime, she tried to explain to the barn director that if they take away the good tame cats, more feral ones will come cause they keep putting out enough food for an army of cats. He won't listen (to be fair he is having a lot of stress right now, his motherinlaw is dying).

Mom so frustrated cause getting Little Sweetie and her babies is not going well, now there is Kenny (not to mention Sweetie's bruffers, Boomer and Tawny!). She feels like all of a sudden this has just exploded in her face with no one to help.


I Be DDP!!!

April 14th 2012 3:58 pm
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Thanks to da caster kitties!! I be DDP! I been sulking 2 day cause mom out runnin' round buying food - (yum) and Dad been outside playin' wiff his tools all day. I wanna play wiff da tools, tool. An' Sean's girlfuuuurend is here - I like her - but dey went away for da day after she done got here!!! Do being DDP makes dis day very very good!!


Thought I was Helping Mom

April 13th 2012 5:24 pm
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Sorry, Mom, thought I was doin' yews a favor. Wez all know hows I luvs to play with the phone when it's making noises! Well, it was makin' awful noises and it was scaring Lottie, so I thought I'd help. If any of the moms or dad has ever waited on hold for turbotax yews knows how awful Awful AWFUL!!!! that hold music is. And this voice says "Wait time 35 minutes....." Mom put it on speaker and went off to make a sandwich. "Wait time 20 minutes....." Lottie gettin' real grumpy. She told me to do it. Really... "Wait time 15 minutes....." Mom came back and signed on Catster to check everybody and show me whatz my fuurrrends up to. "Wait time 12 minutes....." CLICK. I stepped on da phone. At least that terrible awful noise went away. Mom not happy though. Not sure why. An' she call dem back!!!! "Wait time 38 minutes....." MORE AWFUL NOISE!


I am DDP!!!!

April 5th 2012 8:20 pm
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Thank you my wunderful, handsom Tao for my pawsome egg! I like to play with easter eggs, they wobble so funny! I almost missed my DDP cause mom was runnin' around instead of playin' with us today!

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