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Miranda's journey to Health

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Purrs for Cousin Family

June 27th 2013 7:23 pm
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Mom had just gone on 'puter to update when her sister emailed to say a terrible tragedy had happened. My cousin-kitty Tilly died in a terrible accident at home tonight. Somehow she got on top of the open garage door and died when it was lowered. Everyone very very sad! Poor little Tilly!

Tilly's catster page:


Mom at it Again!

June 22nd 2013 1:49 pm
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Yesterday Dad set up the dreaded CAGE. Haven't seen that since Bob came last fall. He put it in the corner of the big room since there be college kid livin' in the kitten room this summer. I went and sniffed it. I did not ever use the cage. I lived in a stupid dog crate (but that be another time). Phoenix came around and wanted to get INTO it!! She lived there a long time when she was little. I teased her and told her Daddy was going to replace her cause she wasn't little and cute anymore. My bad. She started crawling all over Daddy while he still setting it up! He gave her hugs and pets, then let her suck on his arm. Won' that little one ever grow up! Then it happened....

.....Mom came in the door with our little kitten carrier. Uh-ho. They shooed us all out of the big room and closed the door. I could hear some noises. I think I smelled a kitten. Linus knows there be a kitten cause Mama Lucy has suddenly gone on guard watching the door. Full mama mode! Haven't seen anything yet, but I hear Little Sweetie has pictures on her page. Pretty sure it be a little kitten and rumor is she is a kitten with a bad leg. Guess I'd be showing this one how the world works!


We're Back!

April 12th 2013 7:14 pm
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Thanks, everyone, for understanding and bein' there for us. Mom's human dad crossed the bridge on April 2. It been tough for us kitties because there been lots of humanz in the house. They all like kitties and there were so many peeplz to choose to sleep with for the brave kitties like Bob and Linus and the silly kitties like Phoenix. But me - I afraid of lots of walking around peeplz and I be hiding for the whole last long week's time. At last it be quiet - sort of. I crept up the stairs today and lay in the warm sunspot on the rug. Ahhhhhhh.


Is da Pope Cat-o-lick??

March 13th 2013 5:17 pm
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So mom said there be a big deal about a humanz becoming a Pope and he be cat-o-lick. Hummmmm. I do lots and lots o licking. Maybe I should be pope. Interesting place this humanz world.


I Heard from TAO!!!

March 5th 2013 8:25 pm
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Mom not too good with my facebook page. They keep changing it too much. But we went there yesterday and discovered that Tao had come to my page last week! He plays with the rainbow bridge kitties and is happy there, but checks on Sissy and her family. It was a very very happy moment! Me hopin' that he will come back to catster.


I be DDP!!!!!!

February 28th 2013 7:22 pm
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Yippity-do-dah! I be DDP today! Seems I should find something exciting to say...... How about ...... I be DDP!!! Tomorrow it won't be February anymore. That means it should become spring time. I feel so happy to be DDP. Thank you everyone!!


Food Stamps for Pets

February 26th 2013 7:43 pm
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Wow! Mom just found out about this program to help peeplz who have no money to feed their pets! It started in NY but is nationwide. Putting the link here and hope it works. The website is sometimes overwhelmed. ml

There is also a place to donate to help others.


More Weddings!

February 3rd 2013 6:43 pm
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There gonna be another gettin' married thingie! Sean gettin' married in July. The peeplz be happy, but I like Sean and I don't want him to go away. Mom tellin' me it be okay and he still come round sometimes.


I Be DDP Hurray!!!

January 13th 2013 2:28 pm
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No doubt my totally pawsome horse booty -- er boot! -- video be something everyone should see! Yippie! I havin' a special day. I showed Bob how to push out ceiling tiles today. I am sure Dad just loves the game cause he puts 'em back up so we can push them down again. Dad be just so special!


See my New Video!

January 12th 2013 5:51 pm
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Heee heeee! Mom took a video of me and posted it on my catster page! I usually love to rub on peeplz boots when dez come in from the barn. Tonight Steph brought home a horse boot! I did not know that horses wore boots! This one was lost in the field for awhile and got lots of horsie smells!!! Ooooooo, I love that boot!!!!

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