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Miranda's journey to Health

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It's About Being Thankful!!

November 28th 2013 10:05 am
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We looking forward to the yummies - not so much all the peeplz feet. That is scary. But mom very much annoyed about all the stores opening up this evening! And now Sean cannot come to Thanksgiving because of it. It is about be thankful, not greedy! How can the store peeplz turn the one day left that wasn't about buy buy buy into grab stuff before someone else can. And be mean to the poor work peeplz. Hope nobody goes to those stores (but we know they will). Everybody BOYCOTT the stores that opened today like Target. Nobody should buy from them ever. Okay, mom, I said my piece. May I have my turkey ---- pleeze?


The White Stuff!!!

November 12th 2013 5:18 pm
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Woah! I been doing a lot more roaming the house since Vicy and Miah went to their new home. I even jump up onto the window by the kitchen sink. This morning I jump up and ----- WHAT IS THAT???? The cold white stuff. Is it Christmas? We don't usually see the white stuff in November around here! Totally amazing. Last week it was warm and mom was drinking iced tea on the porch. Today she bundled up in a heavy coat to go to work. I sure glad I am an inside kitty today!


Mom Frustrated

October 25th 2013 5:11 pm
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Peeplz be jerks. I already knew that. Coulda told mom. It be hard to find good furrever homes for kitties and when you have as many as we do (12) well, peeplz are stupid. First a lady wanted Bob - made mom's heart really full of hope. Then no. Then there be three peeplz who wanted baby kittens, now they all say no. There be peeplz three times who wanted Vicky and Miah, then never showed up. It be enough to make a grown kitty meow! I am not crazy about all these kittens, but they really a very cute. Mom pretty bummed about stupid peeplz.



October 2nd 2013 7:14 pm
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Today be my birthday! To celebrate, my closest cat fuurend in the family, Linus, came home from the cat hospital tonight! But enough of him - today is about ME!! Miranda the Puurrrincess! I spent the day sunning on my tower watching the bugs on the screen and the leaves that are starting to fall outside. Absolutely no desire to go out there! Today be my day my fuurrends!!!


Me Be DDP!!! Yippie!

September 26th 2013 7:29 pm
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What a wonderful surprise! I be DDP! Tonight Mom be handing out treats. I am really lucky cause I get a treat just for watching! Linus still getting way too many pills and mom gives him a treat after his medicine. I just come and sit and watch - great entertainment by the way -- and I get one, too!! Tonight I did my two-legged kitty dance. Mom was so happy cause I haven't done that in a long time. She gave me an extra treat! I seem to have her well trained.


OMC! Did We MISS Pirate Day?????

September 20th 2013 5:37 pm
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Maaaaaaaaammmmmm! Stupid little baby kitties! Seems they are forever gettin' fed! Some silly human always walkin' round with a kitten and a bottle. Now we went and missed Talk Like a Pirate Day!!!!! Thank you to all our fuuurend wonderful Fuuurends for our bootiful pirate flag zealies.


Vicky Havin' a Tough Time

July 13th 2013 6:13 am
[ Leave A Comment | 2 people already have ] be back. The dreaded dog crate! I remember that thing. I hate that thing. Little Vicky come home from Dr. Stacy and her back leg be in a cast. I remember those days. It make me afraid when I see that crate and I don't want to come out of the basement. Mom tells be it will be okay and Vicky isn't going through anything like I did. No terrible infections in bones or anything. Just her leg need to rest. Mom say I can help Vicky. I want to help her, but right now I am too scared of the crate. Bad bad memories. Hoping little Vicky get well very quickly. Mom and Dad looking for a kitty-sitter since they are supposed to Sean's wedding in two weeks. Vicky's update on Little Sweetie's page.


Me Be DDP!!! Clap da Paws!!

July 7th 2013 5:18 am
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Yippity dee! I be DDP. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Ma gettin' so busy with kittens I feelin' a little left out. And it be rainin' for forty days and forty nights (dad say he gonna build an ark). Now we got another baby kitty comin'! This little boy be rescued by a barn guy (yes, there are guys as well as gals!) who was delivering a horse in western Kentucky. The place also breeds dogs. While he was there, a little kitten (no bigger than Miah) came up to him. He went to hand the baby to the lady who runs the farm and she took the kitten and say she gonna give it to her mean dog! He grabbed the kitten back and took it away with him. But then he have a problem with no place to keep this baby boy in his dorm room. So he be comin' here on Monday till he find a home. A terrible story with a happy ending. I cannot help but think of the terrible humanz who shot me. Why are there just bad humanz in dis world?


DDP! And Thnk you All!!

June 29th 2013 5:14 am
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Wow! I be DDP today! Mom so encouraged by all the great advice and resources out there. She read them sitting in the car at 6:00 in the morning on a Saturday (!) waiting to trap Vicky and Miah's last sibling. Still haven't caught that little one. Maybe she need advice on feral kitten behavior! She had a talk with Frances who runs Caring Hearts yesterday and urged her to wait (which she did). Kitty still at the vet, so mom going to talk with Frances and the sub-vet (Dr. Stacy is away) this morning.


Help! Wisdom Needed!

June 28th 2013 8:00 am
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Mom posted this on Little Sweetie's page, but knows more people see my page, so she's putting it here, too. It is about a stray mama kitty (we have two of her kittens right now).

Mama kitty went to the vet to get "fixed" today. But her test came back positive for FIV. Now we fighting for her life. Mom knows it had to happen someday that someone would test positive. Feelings of dread and "now what do we do?" Mom doesn't really even know what this means. All the kittens have been negative. Could momcat's test be an error? The barn home for her has disappeared. The outside home she came from also won't take her back. Vet's office (Dr. Stacy is out of town) wants mom to decide if she should be put down. Need to know if there are helpful words of wisdom out there.

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