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So many wonderful Fuurrends!!!

January 15th 2014 1:23 pm
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I cannot believe I have so many wonderful furrends. Bootiful zealies and pictures for my Cat of the Week. I will be sending thank mews to everyone. But we did a boo-boo here. Everyone say it not them. I KNOW it not be me. One of us knocked mom's laptop on the floor and the screen broke so she cannot use it. Mom not mad cause she knows she left it in not good place. We gonna give lots o thank mews and hugs and headbonks as soon as she can fix her pooter.


Tickle my Toes!! I be COTW!

January 13th 2014 6:22 am
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Well never in my whole kitty life did I think I would be honored in such a way!!! Soooooo thankful to the catster kitties!!!! All my bruffers and sisters gonna have to give me the honor and respect this puurince is due!! I should be first one to the food bowls all week! I should get my favorite plaid blanket and the sunny spot on the kitty tower!!!!



January 4th 2014 3:42 pm
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Take care of the outside kitties and ferals cause it gonna be cold! We tryin' to find special waterproof blankets for the horses but so far we cannot find any to borrow. Snow doesn't bother them, but cold rain before dropping temperature really does! That's what the weatherman saying. Gonna rain hard, then drop to zero (!) tomorrow. There only be 25 stalls and 11 blankets, but there be 70+ horses at the barn. Choosing the one who need most and trying to make temporary stalls in the indoor arena. Meanwhile, giving extra food and straw to the barn kitties and the feral colony. Hopin' the feral babies all hunker down deep in the straw.


Come Dance on my Gotcha Day!!!

January 2nd 2014 5:42 pm
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Everybody come and dance. Do the two-legged kitty dance or the four-legged waltz. There be the soft-step and the tappity-tap. But everyone come and dance tonight and celebrate my Gotcha Day!!!!


Tomorrow Be my Gotcha Day!!!

January 1st 2014 7:23 pm
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That means today is the day that Susan, Black Jack the mule's owner found me. Special blessings on her that she saw me! Extra special blessings that she stopped her horse trailer! I was so bad off I hardly knew I was in the cab of a humanz truck. Miracle that a horse vet just happened to be at the barn or I would not have survived the night. I remember him gently wrapping my shattered legs with little sticks and vet wrap. The wrap was pink - he knew I was a purrincess. He helped me eat some warmed food and put me in a nice box in the heated tack room. And all the barn peeplz were surprised that although I was in terrible pain I started purring. The next day Steph and Siobhan brought me to mom and I was gotted!


Dear Santy Claws

December 13th 2013 6:59 pm
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Dear Santy Claws,

I have been a very good kitty. Not as good as Phoenix who thinks she is perfect in every way, a puuurfect like a purincess that I am. And I have put up with those nine (NINE Santy!) little kittens that no one else would play with. They all has their Catmus presents, every one of them has a fantastic fuurever home!

Now, Santy, about my bruffer Linus. Please give him yummy food that is good for him. He doesn't like his special food anymore and grumbles a lot.

And give Bob some happy pills so he doesn't pick on me.

Give Lottie and other home (kidding!) Give her a nice place to hide from Lucy.

And give Lucy and Milo's mom (our mom's human daughter) a job.

Give Mom some $$ so she can pay Linus' vet bill.

As for me, I'd like whirled peas. Not sure what that is but they talked about it on TV and it sounds good.

And please give all our Catster fuuurends a safe and warm holiday!


It's About Being Thankful!!

November 28th 2013 10:05 am
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We looking forward to the yummies - not so much all the peeplz feet. That is scary. But mom very much annoyed about all the stores opening up this evening! And now Sean cannot come to Thanksgiving because of it. It is about be thankful, not greedy! How can the store peeplz turn the one day left that wasn't about buy buy buy into grab stuff before someone else can. And be mean to the poor work peeplz. Hope nobody goes to those stores (but we know they will). Everybody BOYCOTT the stores that opened today like Target. Nobody should buy from them ever. Okay, mom, I said my piece. May I have my turkey ---- pleeze?


The White Stuff!!!

November 12th 2013 5:18 pm
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Woah! I been doing a lot more roaming the house since Vicy and Miah went to their new home. I even jump up onto the window by the kitchen sink. This morning I jump up and ----- WHAT IS THAT???? The cold white stuff. Is it Christmas? We don't usually see the white stuff in November around here! Totally amazing. Last week it was warm and mom was drinking iced tea on the porch. Today she bundled up in a heavy coat to go to work. I sure glad I am an inside kitty today!


Mom Frustrated

October 25th 2013 5:11 pm
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Peeplz be jerks. I already knew that. Coulda told mom. It be hard to find good furrever homes for kitties and when you have as many as we do (12) well, peeplz are stupid. First a lady wanted Bob - made mom's heart really full of hope. Then no. Then there be three peeplz who wanted baby kittens, now they all say no. There be peeplz three times who wanted Vicky and Miah, then never showed up. It be enough to make a grown kitty meow! I am not crazy about all these kittens, but they really a very cute. Mom pretty bummed about stupid peeplz.



October 2nd 2013 7:14 pm
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Today be my birthday! To celebrate, my closest cat fuurend in the family, Linus, came home from the cat hospital tonight! But enough of him - today is about ME!! Miranda the Puurrrincess! I spent the day sunning on my tower watching the bugs on the screen and the leaves that are starting to fall outside. Absolutely no desire to go out there! Today be my day my fuurrends!!!

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