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Miranda's journey to Health

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PURRS Needed for Baby!

September 12th 2014 7:52 pm
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A sick little 4 week old baby came to mom and dad this week. We calling her Madeline. She been bottle fed with formula and dilute AD because she would not eat. This afternoon Dad was feeding her and she bit off the nipple and swallowed it before he could stop her. Mom called the vet and they say to watch her. So far she doing okay, but Mom thinking she wishes the vet had made her vomit. Reading a lot of stories of this on internet. Some say that 95% kittens pass. Some are very scary stories. Going to the vet in the morning, but mom is very concerned. This little baby is sick already, now this!


Ricky and Thomas Rescued!

September 2nd 2014 6:25 pm
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I talked about this on my FB page. Mom has two new fosters after a girl (maybe about 12 years old) rescued them. Two boys a tossed them on the railroad tracks before an approaching train! The girl ran out and grabbed them. Her mom called our mom to ask when to do. First mom talked to the girl's mom: "please tell me that train was at least 50 yards away!" Never got that answer. But.... we have Thomas (named for Thomas the Train) and Ricky (named for RJ Corman a local railroad tycoon). First three days Thomas wasn't doing well, but today he turned the corner and is eating everything in sight. They are snowshoe lynx siamese and sooo cute! They are about 4 weeks old and we hope to finish weaning them off their bottles in another day or two.


Yippie!! DDP for ME!

July 25th 2014 1:53 pm
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Thank you, Catster! And we is proud to report that the two feral kitties let Stephamie hold them today! All the other little fosters getting primped and cleaned up to go to Petsmart tomorrow. Pretty sit in the window and sun day.


10 Kittens!!!

July 24th 2014 7:03 pm
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Yes, there really be 10 kittens here. Don't know what happened to being done with all that. Mom still saying it gonna happen, but...Tuesday three little kittens were cornered by a big dog. The dog's owner came to the rescue just in time. The little orange kitten, Oscar, was bravely trying to protect his little sisters, Thumbalina and Gabby. All three are now with us. Can't let dogs eat babies! Then yesterday there be these two little beautiful long-haired babies at the TNR. Only 10 weeks old! Steph and mom brought them home, too! We already had Jules and Button, Addy, Oliver and Dodger. Hopefully someone get a home at Petsmart this weekend.


Anybody here?

July 19th 2014 9:14 pm
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Hoping my diary works. Heard there still be some fleas, but I wanted to give it a try. Our Bad Mojo has continued. I FB some of it. The little unborn human kitten not to be right now. Much sadness in that, but a better day will be coming. Stephanie had her paws crossed about the greatest job ever. That did not work out either. And brother Linus has been sick a lot. Mom doesn't usually get too stressed about stuff, but this all gettin' to her. I keep remindin' her that as long as the food bowl is full, life is never all bad. Hopin' our furrends are all here somewhere.


This Looks like Where we Are

June 18th 2014 1:46 pm
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Mom asked me to let everyone know that wez sorry not be here as much as we want. Something about this year is really stressful to the kitties and the humanz. Some are good things, but funny, they still be stressful. There be nine little fosters here now and three of them are in i-zzol-a-shun cause they have serious liquid poo. Mom just finished getting a bunch for feral kitties set up in a colony where Dad built the world's best raccoon-proof feeder. Siobhan and Jonny just bought their very own farm but - boy - does it ever need LOTS of work. And Siobhan is gonna hava a kitten, but peeplz apparently take their time doing that. And the Dr says there may be a problem with her kitten, so there is lots of stress there, too.

We luvs to come here amongst our purrring fuurends, so please don't think we have forgotten you all. No way!!!!


I Be DDP Today!

June 6th 2014 7:45 pm
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What fun! Me, the purrincess be a DDP!! Yippity do da! Thank you, all my furrends!! I been doing the babysitting for our 4 little fosters today. What a wonderful surprise!


Checking In

May 28th 2014 6:23 am
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Mom and Dad be out of town on a va-cat-shion visiting all the family. They saw Tobi and Wiskers whose human is Dad's sister. They now visiting Ashe, Pepper, and Sparky whose human is Mom's sister. (They actually have Catster pages). Next they go see Roxie and Elfie who live at my other mom's sister's. Elfie was one of the nine kittens from last fall, so they really lookin' forward to seein' her. I guess seein' the humanz is okay, too.

Meantime, back at the ranch -- we have four very cute little black 5 week old kittens. They got took to Dr. Stacey yesterday and are doing great. 3 girls and a boy. They tied little collars on them so they can tell them apart! Mom gonna put their picture on Little Sweetie's page.

Anyone else having trouble with images not showing up on Catster? Wondering if we just has slow internet.


Catster Be Back!!!!!

April 28th 2014 1:42 pm
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Three cheers for the courageous flea fighters of Catster! We so glad to be back. Need to have a purrrty.


New Baby Sister Ziva!!!

April 16th 2014 7:56 pm
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Everyone go say hi to my new little sister, Ziva!!!! She is a real playful one and lots of fun!

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