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Checking In

May 28th 2014 6:23 am
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Mom and Dad be out of town on a va-cat-shion visiting all the family. They saw Tobi and Wiskers whose human is Dad's sister. They now visiting Ashe, Pepper, and Sparky whose human is Mom's sister. (They actually have Catster pages). Next they go see Roxie and Elfie who live at my other mom's sister's. Elfie was one of the nine kittens from last fall, so they really lookin' forward to seein' her. I guess seein' the humanz is okay, too.

Meantime, back at the ranch -- we have four very cute little black 5 week old kittens. They got took to Dr. Stacey yesterday and are doing great. 3 girls and a boy. They tied little collars on them so they can tell them apart! Mom gonna put their picture on Little Sweetie's page.

Anyone else having trouble with images not showing up on Catster? Wondering if we just has slow internet.


Catster Be Back!!!!!

April 28th 2014 1:42 pm
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Three cheers for the courageous flea fighters of Catster! We so glad to be back. Need to have a purrrty.


New Baby Sister Ziva!!!

April 16th 2014 7:56 pm
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Everyone go say hi to my new little sister, Ziva!!!! She is a real playful one and lots of fun!



Happy Days are Here Again!

February 12th 2014 8:22 pm
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Let the good time roll!! Mom is kind of skeptical, but I gonna rejoice about the salvation of Catster. We have happy things goin' on. 1) Bruffer Linus is getting married Friday to his sweet Lacey on Friday. 2) Little Sweetie has come home. She one of our outside feral kitties. After being gone over a year, she is back. We so happy. Mom bought her some special food to enjoy. 3)Ancient grandmom coming to live with us on Saturday. We will have someone to cuddle with and sleep with all the time. She and Lucy are really tight. I know that Lucy gonna be one very happy kitty. And grandmom be one happy human.


Cat o da Week AGAIN!!

January 23rd 2014 4:35 pm
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Wow, I just realized that I be Cat of the Week for two weeks in a row!!! How special. Hope some of my furrends are still here to celebrate with me! We still have a month to party.



January 18th 2014 1:57 pm
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I went to Catbugger to join yesterday and did, but cannot find anybody there. Did anyone else join? I do not know how to find my furrends. It would be sad for someone to join who does not know anyone, it seems very empty. Mom is probably just not knowing how these things work.


Times of Change

January 17th 2014 2:47 pm
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So glad to be CotW, but such a hard week to have the honor! Still, very glad to have this honor for all we loved about Catster goes away. Mom started the slow process of copying diaries, but her puter at home is busted and she doesn't have time at work, so it is hard. She couldn't get the PDF converter program to work, so she just doing them one at a time. Started with me first since I have the most exciting diary. After all, I AM the princess! Hoping we all can get together again for a party before Catster goes away and that my wonderful fuurrends don't go before they have to. I know that some are going to cathugger and we tryin' to, but sometimes I think mom is a bit challenged. Hopin' through all this we don't lose our fuurends, may find some new ones through facebook and cathugger. Maybe reunite with old furrends, too. Anyone else remember Tabbies of Trout Town?


So many wonderful Fuurrends!!!

January 15th 2014 1:23 pm
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I cannot believe I have so many wonderful furrends. Bootiful zealies and pictures for my Cat of the Week. I will be sending thank mews to everyone. But we did a boo-boo here. Everyone say it not them. I KNOW it not be me. One of us knocked mom's laptop on the floor and the screen broke so she cannot use it. Mom not mad cause she knows she left it in not good place. We gonna give lots o thank mews and hugs and headbonks as soon as she can fix her pooter.


Tickle my Toes!! I be COTW!

January 13th 2014 6:22 am
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Well never in my whole kitty life did I think I would be honored in such a way!!! Soooooo thankful to the catster kitties!!!! All my bruffers and sisters gonna have to give me the honor and respect this puurince is due!! I should be first one to the food bowls all week! I should get my favorite plaid blanket and the sunny spot on the kitty tower!!!!



January 4th 2014 3:42 pm
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Take care of the outside kitties and ferals cause it gonna be cold! We tryin' to find special waterproof blankets for the horses but so far we cannot find any to borrow. Snow doesn't bother them, but cold rain before dropping temperature really does! That's what the weatherman saying. Gonna rain hard, then drop to zero (!) tomorrow. There only be 25 stalls and 11 blankets, but there be 70+ horses at the barn. Choosing the one who need most and trying to make temporary stalls in the indoor arena. Meanwhile, giving extra food and straw to the barn kitties and the feral colony. Hopin' the feral babies all hunker down deep in the straw.

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