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Eleven Months Old Today!

September 2nd 2011 6:52 pm
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I am another month older today!! Mom and dad won't be home till Sunday night, so we gonna party then. But meantime, I really am ELEVEN months old today!!


Mom Checked In!

September 1st 2011 7:30 am
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Mom and Dad have had an interesting week! Flooding where they went has caused all kinds of scary things for peeplz. They had trouble getting to where they needed to be and had no electricity from Sunday until this mornin'. Lots of peeplz up here lost their houses to flooding but many beautiful folks is takin' in kitties and puppies till they can get matched up with their families. Mom says there is one thing a bit different. All the kitties and pups needs to be kept inside because there is a bear comin' round at night. Guess he didn' like the water either. Mom says there is lots of humming birds. She gonna take a picture of 'em. Mom and dad will be home on Monday! I can't wait to see dem and know the bear didn' eat 'em!


Iz not Happy!

August 28th 2011 6:37 pm
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Mom and dad were tryin' to leave today and I did a bad thing. I ran out the door right through mom's legs, down the steps and across the lawn. Boy, did my people freak! I just wanted to go with 'em. I didn' wanna get caught, but it only took a moment for them to grab me. Mom was upset, Dad was upset. They knew I didn't want them to go. They brought me back inside and mom talked quiet to me for a few minutes. Then Jonny came and gave me hugs and pets. He stayed with me while mom and dad left. He promised to come and spend time with me every day. But I sure miss Mom and dad. Mom and dad will be going to Albany, not NYC. They got as far as Erie, PA and are in a hotel tonight. She doesn't think she'll have internet after tonight. Good news that Mom's sister's family and kitties are all safe after Irene.


Where dey Going?

August 26th 2011 7:46 pm
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This doesn't look good. Dad and mom got out their traveling bags today and have started puttin' stuff into them. Mom went away once, but dad was here. This time dey's both puttin' stuff into bags. That cannot be good. Aunt Janice is here from New Jersey. Dez all doin' lots of TV watchin' with the big red dot and Aunt Jan is on the phone with her humanz sons a lot. Mom played with me a little tonight and says they have to go away for a couple of days and I can't come. None of us kitties can come. She says Lucy will be here for me, but I don't want to be alone! Mom says they are going to New York on Sunday. She won't be able to keep my diary for a couple of days. I don't think I like this very much.


Just Wanna Have Fun

August 24th 2011 8:52 pm
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We kitties just wanna have fun...... Mom was all excited for Lucy and Milo gettin' picks today. And I was happy for dem, too. Just that -- well, I wanted some play time, but mom was on that ol' computer typin' away. She didn' even notice till Sean (her humanz son) come and told her. I ran through the ceiling downstairs and popped out almost all of the ceiling tiles. An' I gots into trouble. But, I just wanted ta play..... .



August 22nd 2011 6:12 pm
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Mom calls me miracle kitty, so I have been chosen to share this boootiful story of Tiger from Greenbay. He was in the RV with his family when they were in an auto accident in Berea, Kentucky (about an hour away from us). After the accident they looked and looked for him, but could not find him. Two week later, he was found alive and well! He was finally reunited with his family this past weekend. I am putting the link to the story here. Hope it works!

http://www.fox11online.com/dpp/news/gb-family-reun ited-with-pet-cat


Kitty Game!

August 20th 2011 7:29 pm
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On my DDP I decided to play Blizzard's Kitty Game
Here are some questions I saw in Blizzard's diary. Any kitty can play!

1. Do you wear a collar? If so, what color?
Nope, but I used to wear a harness. It was green.

2. What kind of food do you like?
I likes both wet and dry. I also like Cheerios and Lucky Charms.

3. What are your favorite treats?
I don't like any kitty treats. Mom has tried quiet a few. I turn up my nose and walk away.

4. Do you have a Valentine or a significant other?
Not yet!

5. Do you get table scraps
Nope, but I lick yogurt outta mom's bowl from time to time.

6. What is your favorite toy
I like the feather toy best, but also a little leather mouse. My tail makes a great toy, too.

7. When is your Birthday?
October 2,2010, but that is a guess. My gotcha date is Jan 1, 2011.

8. How many times a day do you eat?
Mom feeds us in the morning and at night, but I snack on bugs and spiders all day long.

9. Do you have a favorite color?
Green for all the growing things I look at outside my window.

10. Do you have any siblings? If so, do you like them?
I have Lottie - who stay away all the time, Linus who I play with, Milo - who hisses at me, and Lucy - who is my adopted kitty mom.



August 20th 2011 10:29 am
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I is sooo happy. Gotta go get a new lei! I is diary pick o da day!!! Mom was busy, so I am really glad Patches made this buuutiful picture and sent it to me!!!!


Feistest Score 24 Points!!

August 10th 2011 1:59 pm
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Charlie Chocolate Paws Scales of Feistiness

Mom saved me for last. She thinks I am the queen of feisty! Maybe cause I got tough early in life, maybe cause the whole world is like a big party to me! I make ev’rybody round me smile (except Lottie). I have humanz that come to mom’s house just to visit me. It’s all good!

1. Do you make demands of your human? (If you answered Yes, give yourself 1 point.).Yes, an’ all I gots to do is my little back slither thing. Got ‘em wrapped round my paw! 1
2. If you make demands by doing any of the following, give yourself 1 point for each:
Persistent meowing. Yes, when I am lonely, pretty much whenever nobody’s around. 1
Biting . Nope, not me. 0
Smacky Paws. I love to play this with Linus! 1
Relentless staring. Yeah, makes my peeplz give me stuff. 1
Inappropriate behaviors (i.e., chewing on furniture, electrical cords, the oven) Well, I did some peeing in the wrong place a couple times, but we thinks we solved that. 1
3. If you make demands by doing any of the following, subtract 1 point:
Headbonking - Yeah, one of my trademarks -1
Rubbing and purring on your human – Yeah, theyz so much fun to love on! -1

4. If you let your humans rub your belly, subtract 2 points. I really love this! -2

5. If you let anyone kiss your belly, subtract 5 points. Nobody ever tried. 0

6. Are you Head of your Household (HOH)? (1 point if you consider yourself HOH) Well, here’s da thing. All the kitties at our place think they are the head (ifn ya read their entries) but I think the peeplz think I am cause they all pay me homage. 1

7. If you have kitty (or other animal) siblings, do you:
(Give yourself 1 point for each Yes)
Eat their food? I think I’m supposed to eat their stuff. It’s my right as the sweetest. 1
Demand that they groom you? Lucy just loves to groom me. 1
Chase them? O yes, my funnest game is to chase. Can I get one point for each? 1
Stare at them relentlessly? Yep – because I am so cute. 1
Stalk them? Yes, especially fun to stalk Linus. 1
Pounce on them? Lucy loves me pouncing on her, at least I think so. 1
Make them meow? Yeah, I think they are singing to me. 1
Steal their (well, *your*) toys? All toy have been given to me. I have chewed up about 6 little balls and a million live spiders. 1
Make them growl? Isn’t growling just their way to say hi? 1
Make their ears go backwards? Yeah, kinda sorta 1
Pretend to be grooming (or staring at the wall, ceiling, etc.) Not this one.
8. Have you ever destroyed household items? Can’t think of any o pt.
(1 point for each yes)
Furniture? Lots of clawing on the arm of the couch, but it feelzzz zoooo good 1
Clothing or shoes? 0
Kitty Toys? Ripped up some kitty balls and foam rubber stuff, mostly tore it apart with my teeth. 1

9. Please list any other crazy things you do that are ridiculously feisty (1 point per).
Climb inside ceiling and knock down the ceiling tiles 1
Play in the drinking fountain!!!! Yeah!!!! 1
Knock all the towels offa the shelf 1
Knocked a shelf offa the wall – twice 1
Climb da curtains 1
Scared poor Tippsey da fish to death 1
My famous two-legged kitty dance 1
My equally famous back slither 1
Miranda – 24 points
(I beat Linus!!)
Total Score (Place your score/name in your Diary Title):

0-5 LAIDBACK LOVEBUG: You are a lovebug. You are sweet (and probably floofy) and you go with the flow. Nothing *really* bothers you and you like everybody. You don’t even mind having a feisty sibling! You are a laidback lovebug!

6-15 COOL CAT: You are one cool cat. Smooth with a touch of mischief. You’ve got a bit of feisty in you and a bit of lovebug. Balance is good; you know how to have a good time by chasing and pouncing AND you know how to have a good time by being a mellow kitty and just hanging out. You are a cool cat!

16+ CRAZY FEISTY: You are a nut. A cheeky little monkey! Crazy, feisty, the talk of the town! Chasing kitty sisters, demanding your human feed you NOW, eating your mom’s favorite pair of shoes, turning on the oven with your freakishly strong teeth just because you can! The world is your playground and you’ll try anything once (or twice). If your human can handle the shenanigans of a CRAZY FEISTY kitty cat, all is good! If your human cannot handle the shenanigans, wait until she leaves for work to get crazy and then blame it on your sistercat when your human comes home! You are crazy feisty (and a whole lot of mischievous fun!)!


Brother Linus Posted!!!

August 8th 2011 1:49 pm
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Ha! Is it over! The long silence of darkness - has it passed us by??? Can I tell everyone how I made all my brothers and sisters afraid of the water fountain, then this morning took a bath in it? Had water all over the place. I found out I like getting wet!!! Just need some fishies in that fountain.

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