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My Birthday!!!

October 2nd 2011 7:01 am
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To day is my very first birthday! I am one year old! Mom remembers a time when we did not think I would see this day! But here I am, running, playing, little miss fiesty! I have a burrthday present coming in the mail tomorrow -- can't wait to see what it is! My burrthday wish is for Ingen to be found and get home safe and sound!!!



September 26th 2011 1:38 pm
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Why do these things always happen at night? Well, almost night. 6:00am - that's pretty much night, still dark outside! This morning was not like other mornings. Mom got up cause her cell phone called her. It only calls for one reason (cept with peeplz callin'). Tornado! Sure 'nuff. She goes bangin' on the doors to bedrooms, wakin' up the folk an' we kitties hear bad rain and wind comin'. Guess I'm old enough now, cause I headed for the basement just as Steph picked up mama Lucy. Mom opened the window to the porch and Lottie comes flin' in - I mean really flyin' like I never seen a cat fly! We just get downstairs an' Mom gets a real phone call. Jonny (Siobhan's almost hubby) livin' across the street gots no cellar or fraidy-hole. Mom runs back up and opens the front door. Seconds later she comes back down, Jonny comes down - an' then wez all smell it. DOG! Lottie got all blowed up like a porcupine. Tanna, Jonny's german shepherd follows him down into the basement. Now cats is runnin' everywhere! Lottie ran back upstairs, don't know where Lucy and Milo went cause I was climbin' into da ceiling. Linus just sat there and glared at Tanna. Guess he scared her cause Tanna promptly relieved herself on the floor. Guess dogs don't use litter boxes much. After a while the rain and the wind all go away an' life goes back to normal. Mom picked me up and rubbed my head cause I was still scared. She told me that Tanna's gonna be family soon an' that she won't hurt me. Says someday we may be friends. Hummmmm, don't think so, but I purred for Mom anyway.


Mom (Covering Miranda's Ears)

September 24th 2011 5:01 pm
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Mom talking: Miranda has her first birthday next week. I'd like to get something fun and also useful. Miranda likes to climb, the higher the better. The problem is some of the places she climbs to aren't safe for a kitty with weak front legs to jump from. I have been thinking that if I got her a climbing tower maybe she'd climb there instead. But pricing them right now we can't afford one. Does anyone know of someone wanting to sell one at a good price?



September 16th 2011 6:18 pm
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I gots a music page goin' now! My "theme song" of course and some cool pirate stuff! Argghh!! Argghh! I practiced stealin' stuff and stole Lottie's new birthday mouse. Mom took it away and gave it book. Pooh.


Tribute to Dr. Lisa

September 12th 2011 9:47 am
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My most favorite vet, Dr. Lisa, has moved away. She believed in me when other docs told mom to put me down cause of my busted legs last January. She said: "No way! This sweet kitten wants to live!" And she encouraged mom and my family, she let us come to her in the middle of the night. She made house calls on me! She invented my traction splints and taught my family what to do to help me get strong. And she did not want to be paid for her care, just for medicine. My care that should have been thousands was just a couple hundred dollars. Without Dr. Lisa, I would not be here. I cannot think of not seeing her! The other vets at her office are nice and they are tellin' mom they will care for me, but they aren't my doctor Lisa! Dr. Lisa and her husband moved to Belize last week. I do not know when I will see her again. I is soooo sad! I love my Dr. Lisa!


Peeplz Back!

September 7th 2011 12:20 pm
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Mom and dad got back on Sunday nite! I was soooo happy I rolled around on the floor, waved my feet in the air! Only bad part is while mom and dad were gone, Stephanie and Sean were both feeding us, not knowing that each other was - now I have a cute little round belly and mom said "no more double meals for you!" Maybe not so funny is mom left her laptop in New York by accident, so she has to wait for it to be mailed to her before she can get us back on catster a bunch.


Eleven Months Old Today!

September 2nd 2011 6:52 pm
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I am another month older today!! Mom and dad won't be home till Sunday night, so we gonna party then. But meantime, I really am ELEVEN months old today!!


Mom Checked In!

September 1st 2011 7:30 am
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Mom and Dad have had an interesting week! Flooding where they went has caused all kinds of scary things for peeplz. They had trouble getting to where they needed to be and had no electricity from Sunday until this mornin'. Lots of peeplz up here lost their houses to flooding but many beautiful folks is takin' in kitties and puppies till they can get matched up with their families. Mom says there is one thing a bit different. All the kitties and pups needs to be kept inside because there is a bear comin' round at night. Guess he didn' like the water either. Mom says there is lots of humming birds. She gonna take a picture of 'em. Mom and dad will be home on Monday! I can't wait to see dem and know the bear didn' eat 'em!


Iz not Happy!

August 28th 2011 6:37 pm
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Mom and dad were tryin' to leave today and I did a bad thing. I ran out the door right through mom's legs, down the steps and across the lawn. Boy, did my people freak! I just wanted to go with 'em. I didn' wanna get caught, but it only took a moment for them to grab me. Mom was upset, Dad was upset. They knew I didn't want them to go. They brought me back inside and mom talked quiet to me for a few minutes. Then Jonny came and gave me hugs and pets. He stayed with me while mom and dad left. He promised to come and spend time with me every day. But I sure miss Mom and dad. Mom and dad will be going to Albany, not NYC. They got as far as Erie, PA and are in a hotel tonight. She doesn't think she'll have internet after tonight. Good news that Mom's sister's family and kitties are all safe after Irene.


Where dey Going?

August 26th 2011 7:46 pm
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This doesn't look good. Dad and mom got out their traveling bags today and have started puttin' stuff into them. Mom went away once, but dad was here. This time dey's both puttin' stuff into bags. That cannot be good. Aunt Janice is here from New Jersey. Dez all doin' lots of TV watchin' with the big red dot and Aunt Jan is on the phone with her humanz sons a lot. Mom played with me a little tonight and says they have to go away for a couple of days and I can't come. None of us kitties can come. She says Lucy will be here for me, but I don't want to be alone! Mom says they are going to New York on Sunday. She won't be able to keep my diary for a couple of days. I don't think I like this very much.

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