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Miranda's journey to Health

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Sore Mouth

January 18th 2012 4:05 pm
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Ouchy! I seem to have a sore on my lower lip. It is a little swollen and red. I wiggle so much it is hard for mom to get a good look. Still eatin' my food but shying away from lettin' peeplz near my head, so mom figures it hurts. Guess we gonna go see Dr. Scott, but may not be able to get there till Friday. Hope I do not have a bad tooth. Mom thinks I am a little young for that.


Beware Recliners!

January 13th 2012 5:23 pm
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OMC! Ma is always watching the recliner and worries about us getting caught inside. Don't know how I got in there, I was just foolin' 'round, but suddenly somebody started to sit on da chair an' suddenly I was bein smooshed!!! Boy, did I yell! And de peeplz jumped up yellin!!! Everybody was yellin!! I come flyin' outta da back of the chair. Then da peeplz are tryin' ta grab me. Boy, I was really scared - my furr up an' everything. Ain't nobody ever seen me puffed up before! Mom caught me and I kept wigglin' and wigglin' but dey finally figured I was okay. Boy, was we all scared! Kitties and families - everybody remember to be careful around recliner chairs! They looks like fun places, but dey can be dangerous!


Snowing at Last!!!

January 12th 2012 7:49 pm
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Yippie!!! The little flakes are falling from the sky! I loves to watch em go past the window. Da ground and street's getting all white like. Mom says those little flakes are cold, but they look like fun!


DDP! I'm gonna beat Linus!!!

January 9th 2012 2:11 pm
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Wow, Mom's kinda wishin' she be keepin' track better on all deez DDPs! She thinks I'm gonna beat Linus' number real soon!! Thank you all me fabuloso-furry-family-o-felines!!!!!

Hey - anybody got SNOW???? Our weather is real boring!!!


Busy Weekend!

January 8th 2012 11:50 am
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Mom wanted to let everyone know that the furrend she mentioned in the car accident is pretty badly hurt, but not going to die. He had both his legs broken pretty badly, so Mom's tellin' me it's my turn to be his inspiration to get better. He's gonna be in the hospital a long time, but everyone is thanking God he's gonna make it.

As far as us kitties go, Mom was so surprised that all five us were in the same room sleepin' yesterday evening. Usually somebody's hissing at somebody (usually Lottie and Lucy). Maybe our filaway is finally workin'!


My Gotcha Day!!!!!

January 2nd 2012 5:09 am
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Iz is sooo excited! One year ago today I came to my family! The day before, Susan was bringing her mule to the farm and found me along the road. She was soo wonderful to stop even though hauling a horse trailer! I was trying to run but had two broken front legs from being shot! The rest is history! Dr. Lisa and my family worked with me for months, lots of times thinkin' I might lose a leg, but finally on April 17th I was free (I probably celebrate that date, too!!). A year that started so scary where even though a baby (12 weeks old) I knew I was dying that turned out so wonderful with so many many furrrends! To all my fuuuurennnds on Caster who helped mom through the dark days when we wondered what would happen! I joined Catster February 16, on one of the darkest days when mom and dad were being told things might not work out and they were being told to put me down because it would be mean to keep me alive with two legs. Less than 15 minutes after mom's first post, we heard from Ginger the very first cat to ever talk to me on Catster!!! Then came
Zach Frost
Eva 4 Ever
Natalie Nat Cat
Da Tabbies o Trout Towne

And my guardian angel Luna

And my inspiration in life - Roo. When mom met his family dad and she cried and hugged each other and me and all my other family!!! We knew no matter what I would live a long and happy cat life!!! This is my gotcha day, but it is a tribute to all the kitties of Catster who helped us get here!



December 30th 2011 6:35 pm
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Wow, more peeplz! Dey sleepin' in da beds, sleepin' on da couches, even my couch come out and make a bed! What fun, peeplz sleepin' in MY bed with me! Milo not too happy 'bout dis but I think it is wonfurrrful!!! Did not like da man who came yesterday and played with da pipes in da basement. He scared me and I actually hissed at him. Never hissed at no peeplz before.


Twas the Night Before Catmus

December 24th 2011 6:50 pm
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Miranda: Mama Lucy, will you tell me the Catmus Poem?

Lucy: You get all settled down in your little blanket nest. It’s Catmus eve and little kitties need to get to sleep so Santy Paws can come. Now, if you are ready I’ll tell you the poem.

Linus: Mom, I wanna hear too!

Lucy: Then you get all tucked in, too. Okay then,

Twas the night before Catmus and all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.

Milo: Mouse? Someone see a mouse? Where?

Lucy: It’s the Catmus poem, Milo.

Milo: Oh. O, yeah, I knew that.

The kittens were nestled all snug in their pillow beds
While visions of trout and shimp danced in their heads

Miranda: This is a poem about the Tabbies?

Linus: Shhhhh

Lucy: Lottie in her snugglie and I had my nippy-cat
Had just settled down for a much needed nap!
When out on the lawn there rose such a clatter
I sprang up, my tail fluffed, o what is the matter!!!
Away to the window I flew in a flash
Clawed up the couch and ripped up the sash

Linus: Ma, you tore up a curtain?

Lucy: It’s a poem, Linus, be still now.

What to my cat-keen eyes should appear
But a miniature sleigh and eight tiny reindeer.

Miranda: I bet those were really doxies. Weiner dogs.

Linus: They anything like John Deeres?

Lucy: I’m gonna smackety paw you both. Now hush.
With a little old driver so lively and quick
I knew right away that it must be St. Nick
More rapid that eagles his horses they came

Miranda: Are dey flyin’ horses?

Linus: What happened to the John Deere?

Miranda: Do da Tabbies know deres’ buuuurds in this catmus poem?

Lucy: Hush, or Santy Paws won’t come to either of you.

He whistles and shouted and call them by name

Linus: This oughta be good.

Lucy: "Now Blizzard! now, Tigger! now, Zoey and Zach!
On, Lacey! On, Tink! on Jezebel and Alex!
To the top of the porch! to the top of the wall!
Now dash away! Dash away! Dash away all!

Miranda: Hey, I know those names!

Lucy: And then, in a twinkling, I heard on the roof
The prancing and pawing of each little hoof.
As I drew in my head, and was turning around,
Down the chimney Santy Paws came with a bound.

He spoke not a word from his bags pulled things nice,
Leaving catnip and feather toys, balls and mice.
And laying his finger aside of his nose,
And giving a nod, up the chimney he rose!

He sprang to his sleigh, to his team gave a whistle,
And away they all flew like the down of a thistle.
But I heard him exclaim, ‘ere he drove out of sight,
"Happy Catmus to all, and to all a good-night!"

And now, my little ones, it is time for you to go to sleep. Catmus is almost here.

Sweet dreams, Linus. Sweet dreams, Miranda.

Linus: Good night, Ma.

Miranda: Merry Catmus, Mama Lucy.

Lucy: Merry Catmus to one and all!


As Good as it Gets!

December 17th 2011 6:48 pm
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Well, over my very vocal objections, my mom took me to the horse vet place for my xrays today. I was really afraid because it smells like horses there and I could hear them calling to each other. But, it did not hurt to get my x-rays taken. Mom has put a picture of my x-ray here for all the curious kitties and their humanz. My lower left leg still has only one good bone and it will be that way forever. My right leg apparently both ends of the bone sealed, so it looks like one bone, but if you look carefully, you can see what looks like a crack across the middle - where the two bones touch. Actually everyone was really happy about this. Mom has my earlier x-rays in my photo album and is going to move them to the top for just a day or two.


Missing - but not really

December 16th 2011 8:16 pm
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We had lots of humanz over tonight for Suzanne's birthday. I went and hid in the ceiling tiles in the basement and no one could find me for a while. Mom got a little worried cause Dad had taken an old dresser out the basement door and she was afraid I had gotten out. Silly Mom! Iz don't wanna go out - ever! I guess I was missin' all of 20 minutes, but Mom was thinkin' about when Linus was gone. Anyway, I fell out of the ceiling tiles while she was lookin' for me. That didn't feel too good. Maybe a good thing I'm going for my xrays tomorrow.

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