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Not Feeling Well

December 9th 2010 8:01 am
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I have been throwing up on and off for awhile now. My mom thought it was probably from hair since it would stop. Then I started to have diarrhea too. I have had a lot of trouble getting used to Louis not being here. At first I looked for him a lot. But I never found him so I gave up looking. I became a different cat. I am now quiet and very clingy to my mom. I play some but not the wild ways of my past.

I went to the vet to get some tests run. Both the kidney values came back high so I am now considered to be early Chronic Renal Failure. Most days I do not feel well but my mom thinks it is too early for the CRF to be bothering me. She is still thinking I am missing Louis. I just seem troubled. We got the throwing up to stop and the diarrhea but the sadness is still there.

Some do not feel that a cat can morn this long for another but I was very close to my brother. I was always the kitten no matter my age. Suddenly now I am the adult. It all confuses me. I know that there are a number of sick kitties needing purrs on Catster so the purrs sure are in demand lately. But if you can find a small purr somewhere in yourself, maybe you could send it my way. My mom needs to find the strength to fight another serious illness already (my CRF) much like she did for Louis and the cancer. Thanks dear friends.



I Want Louis

October 14th 2010 8:22 am
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I keep looking for my brother Louis in the house. I cannot find him. I tried sniffing his forks to see if he had used them lately but they gave me no clue. I need my brother. He is my best buddy. So if any of you have seen him, please direct me to him. I want to lick the top of his head like he likes and just be near him. I am sure snuggling up to Mom & Dad because I feel lonely without Louis. Please let me know where you are, Louis. I miss you.



Butterflies, Foxes and Frogs

July 30th 2010 8:06 am
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I have not updated my diary in some time. I guess not a lot to talk about. I just do cat stuff & you are all doing the same things. I did have a bout with diarrhea. My mom had to give plain yogurt to both Louis and me for a bit. It seems like there is one food I like to eat that just does not agree with me any longer. I am sure going to miss it.

I hope you noticed my new froggy page design! It was done for me by Sissel's talented mom. I sure do like it a lot. Thank you so much lovely Sissel & family. I also had a bit of tweaking of my page by Scooter and a big thanks to her for that. My mom just hasn't been in a very creative frame of mind to do any of our pages of late. Too many other things for her to be worried about with Louis.

Louis told you about our fox. Well now it is foxes. We have seen several. One is pretty big & the others smaller. They sure do visit our pond a lot but are very easily frightened. Also near the pond for my viewing pleasure are countless butterflies. They come after the cone flowers mostly. They are so pretty and tasty, er, dainty looking. Then we also have dragonflies, chipmunks and the usual array of frogs etc. Grumpy Frog3 is still there but stays more quiet with the foxes around. I hope he does not become a fox lunch. :(

I guess that's about it for now. I hope you are all having a nice Summer or Winter depending on which side of the equator you live.



Today Is My Gotcha Day

April 5th 2010 11:21 am
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Today is a great celebration for me as it is the day I came here to live. I found my forever home on this day 8 years ago. It was a very sad time at my new house because my mom's brother had just made his journey to Rainbow Bridge the day before. She almost did not go to see me when the shelter called because she was so sad about her brother. But she did go and brought me home. I have been one happy cat ever since too. Love ya Mom & Dad and thank you.



It's Been Awhile

February 19th 2010 7:55 am
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Sorry to not be doing very well with my diary. I'm just enjoying watching the birds at the feeder, mischief-making and watching over my brother Louis. With only so many hours in a day that about wraps it up for me. Oh and getting a few naps in too. I actually did some pretty good mischief the other day. My mom had the treat package out and had given us a few. Well it was my lucky day as she left them on the floor and forgot to put them away. I proceeded to carry them around the house, out into the sunroom and back again. The treats kept falling from the package so I would stop and eat one or maybe half of a one. I almost had the bag empty when my mom heard it crinkle and came to see what I was doing. I had made quite an impressive mess. :) I am not sure why I like carrying things in bags so much. You might recall the hamburger bun episode that was pretty messy too.

I also got this very small white mousie for a Christmas prezzie. It has become my favorite toy. I run with that in my mouth too and then drop it and bat it around then run some more. I do get my exercise and I sure love that little mousie.

Today is sunny but we sure have had a snowy Winter. Mostly the month of February where we got snow almost daily. It's rough living in an area that gets lake effect snow. It comes from Lake Erie. It can also come from Lake Michigan and Lake Superior too and maybe even a little from Lake Huron. We love our Great Lakes though but maybe not so much in the Winter. MOL!

So I just wanted to post an update. I'm doing fine and will try to write to you more often.



I'm A Finalist!!

November 19th 2009 12:21 pm
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What a cool surprise to look through the Catster World's Coolest Dog and Cat Show finalists and see my photo there! I am in the "Captivated Cat" category. The competition is tough though so I am just going to enjoy being a finalist. It sure made our day. Thanks furiends for the votes!



Firegirl Is An Angel

June 22nd 2009 3:46 pm
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I am heartbroken as my sweet love, my girl, Firegirl , has gone to Rainbow Bridge along with her brother, Bumper. I just can't type anymore right now.



He Gets Third Place

June 2nd 2009 11:46 am
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I was sure shocked to meet the new cat in the house today. I had smelled him around but had not been face to face with him. He raised his paw to smack me after I hissed at him once but my dad petted him and told him it was OK and he put his paw back down. I think maybe we can be furriends one day. I just have to be sure he knows he is third place in this house. Then we can have some fun.


PS. I wanted to say that Kirby is indeed that cat that was missing in my diary entry before this one. He was called Kitty Boy then.


Kitty Boy

May 7th 2009 9:12 am
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Today I am going to write about Kitty Boy. He's a stray cat who just suddenly showed up at our door. He was a dark tabby cat with 4 cream mittens on his paws. We weren't sure if he belonged to anyone or not at first but after he started to look skinny, my mom decided to feed him. I really liked him through the glass door. Louis did not. He was around here about three weeks. Two of those weeks we did not see him at all so thought he was wandering. My mom tried to get him in a shelter that uses foster homes but none were taking in any new animals due to having so many with the bad economy. She kept checking and hoped he'd be OK outside. We have no place 100% safe here to keep a cat who could be around Louis or me. She did not want him going to a shelter that would just cage him as he was a happy and free spirit outside. Mom kept trying to not get attached but she started to lose that battle. Kitty Boy came to eat on April 24th and took a nap on our deck. He left sometime between 8:10pm and 8:30pm and was never seen again. My mom is heart-broken as she sure wanted to get him off the street. We have so much traffic here with the highway and all that she knew it was not good for him to be here. My dad rides his bike or walks each morning at 5am when he gets home from work and doesn't believe that Kitty Boy was hit by a car since he never saw any sign of him. Mom is worried. He's been gone too long. She came so close to locking him in our barn that last night but had no litterbox for him to use. The next day she went out and bought him one plus a new bed and some other things. But he never came back. She was going to try him in the basement if she could get him into our vet to be checked pretty quick. She didn't think he could stay here with Louis. Louis has FLUTD and gets very stressed around cats other than me. It once took my mom MONTHS to get him stable when he first got FLUTD so she does not want to risk that again. She thought she might try a little and see how it went though. Then Kitty Boy vanished. So please send him some purrs to find his way back to us and somehow we will help him. It would be very sad if such a sweet and handsome boy has gone to the Rainbow Bridge.


Today Is My Gotcha Day

April 5th 2009 6:30 am
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Today is the day I was brought home to live with my mom, dad & Louis. It was 7 years ago. I don't remember much about that day. I guess I was in a cage at the shelter with my sister and 2 brothers. My mom had called the shelter to see if they had a brown tabby. For some reason she had made up her mind that was what she wanted at the time. They called her and said they had me- a brown tabby!?! She came in and held me for awhile and then my dad took me to hold and my mom was looking at my siblings. My one brother had 2 dark gray eyebrows and was very unique looking. My other brother was gray and white. My sister was an all black kitten. My cat mom wasn't there as she had been spayed and gone back to her home. The shelter had named me Malachai. Dad said only one of us could go home with them and my mom chose me since I was the one they caller her about. Yippee!! It was a very sad time for my mom as her brother had unexpectedly died the day before. But the shelter called and she went as she had been waiting for the call for a brown tabby for some time. I do have a little brown almost hidden in my stripes so I guess they weren't all wrong. MOL! I am so glad to be in the home that I have. I sure ended up being one lucky cat. I am celebrating today!


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