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Ethan's Efforts

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DDP Again!

July 22nd 2011 10:22 am
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Wow I sure am happy to be picked for a Daily Diary Pick again today. Thank you Diary Gal. It is always fun to be honored. :)

We have been having pretty good chipmunk and bird watching of late. I did notice that is mainly in the early morning. I think it gets so hot after that that the wild critters just hide out in some cool shade all afternoon. We had the hawk circling and doing that high-pitched screech of theirs. I told Tristan to watch out as he might have been being sized up for a hawk breakfast! I am too big but he is not. Yikes!

Off to take a nice nap now.



Daily Diary Pick!

July 16th 2011 7:34 am
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Yesterday my lil brother Tristan was a DDP and today it is my turn. This is pretty exciting for us. Thanks so much Catster Diary Picker. I am indeed honored.

I am doing pretty well. I continue to throw up every so often. My mom noticed me drinking a lot more water so she is worried. If it gets any worse then we will get my bloodwork done a bit earlier than scheduled. I do feel good though and play with Tristan a lot. Much more exercise than before he arrived. I've had to bop him on the noggin pretty hard a few times to get him to calm down. He is a kitten after all. MOL! I was never that wild. *Tries to put on an innocent face*

Looks to be another hot day today. I will nap in the air-conditioning and enjoy a cool house.



Things Are Going Pretty Well

July 8th 2011 10:37 am
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I thought it was about time for an update on me. I am still doing pretty well overall. I had a couple of days where I did not want to eat. But my mom did get me going again. I go back to my cardiologist about October for an ultrasound.

I am having lots of fun with Tristan. Sometimes he gets a bit rough for an older guy like me but mostly I can hold my own. We play chase a lot & wrestle. Mom plays a lot with us too with wand toys etc. So my activity level is sure up from before. I didn't want to play much after Louis left.

I hope all of you are having a good Summer. It sure seems to be going by really fast! I don't know why that always happens.



Cold As Ice

June 24th 2011 1:59 pm
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Hi friends! I am doing pretty well. One day my pawrents came home to find me ice cold, not wanting to move or be touched. My mom talked to my cardiologist. She did not feel it was due to my heart but most likely the aspirin. I was just that sick from it. Mom was going to take me to the ER but she felt I was too cold & first thing was to get me warm. It was 96 that day so she put me in the sunroom. Slowly I warmed up. Then I started to feel much better. The cardiologist said to just watch me & to bring me in if I locked bad again. I never did though & am off the baby aspirin.

I like my new brother. Admittedly sometimes he can get too rough for an older guy like me but we pretty much get along. I still miss Louis but it is nice to have a kitty pal again here too. He sure is growing fast so I think he's gonna be another big boy.

I go back for my check-ups in a bit so we shall see how my kidney numbers & heart ultrasound look. I do feel good at least.I even started back with gifting my mom with the red boa!



DDP and Update

May 18th 2011 7:25 am
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Wow my first ever time of being a DDP! Thank you Catster! It is very nice to be chosen. I will have to see if I can get some extra cherry Jello for a reward. Or maybe some yogurt since I am kinda liking that better these days. Thanks for the pmail, comments & rosettes- you guys are so thoughtful.

I've been feeling pretty good. No problems from the new heart medication. I did throw up one day but that seems to be the way it is gonna be for me. No sign of my heart fur growing back yet. That's what I call the small spot over my heart that was shaved for the echo the cardiologist did. Anyway I have been watching birds more again. I saw a huge Great Blue Heron come to eat our fish again the other day. He got scared off before he got his lunch. Now we have the pond netted.

I continue to bring my mom gifts. The red boa (from our costume stuff) is my favorite. Every time Mom goes out I place the red boa on her shoes. She always laughs when she comes home and sees it. When she is home the red boa gets dropped at her feet. Sometimes I pick a toy mouse or this one shiny toy instead. I do love my mom!



Results Of My Heart Tests

May 10th 2011 9:36 am
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I really like the cardiologist. She's so nice & VERY intelligent. She could hear my heart murmur but not the galloping that my regular vet heard on my last visit to him. She said the galloping can sometimes be transient.

The results were that I have a normal BP of 140. The echo showed I also have Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy. (Which is a thickening of the heart walls.) My left ventricle is the most thickened. It has an extra bulge between the front & back muscles. That's why it is more thickened there. It could have been there since birth. My heart murmur is a Grade 3 just as my vet had said.

Dr. H (cardiologist) talked to my pawrents for quite awhile & so while this all sounds bad, I should do well with my new heart medication (Atenolol). Dr H decreased the baby aspirin to 1/4 of an 81mg tablet every 3 days. Then I have to go back in 4-6 months for re-evaluation. She said when I starts fluids on down the road (for the renal failure) that we will have a balancing act to give those plus watch to not overload my heart. She didn't think I would ever have sudden death from this (a concern of my mom's). So that was good news.

As for the throwing up (only occasional these days) she does feel I has a mild form of a digestive disease like IBD or something. We aren't going to check too much into that since I am doing so well now.

My mom asked her how I behaved for my tests & she said I was so wonderful! She said I was so easy to work with and a great cat. :) No wonder I like Dr H.


From my mom-
So now we know exactly what we are dealing with. I am glad that Ethan didn't have worse results for sure. By that I mean worse degrees of everything. I hope he can live a long time with closely watching his heart & kidneys.


Big Day Tomorrow

May 8th 2011 11:14 am
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We have been waiting 3 weeks and finally tomorrow is the day. I have an appointment with a cardiologist. My mom said we need to find out exactly what is going on with my heart and hopefully can do something to help it.We also have kidney failure as part of it all. I guess we will be there quite awhile as they run tests and then go over the results. Purrs might really help me for a good result.

Mom is also worried because she has not been to this specialty hospital since Louis went to Rainbow Bridge in this very place. She's afraid of feeling very sad once she walks in the door. Plus being worried about my diagnosis. :(

I've been feeling a lot better of late. Not much throwing up at all. I've also been playing a lot. I seem happier.

A big thanks to all for those cute kitty heart gifties that you put on our pages. We love them.

Happy Mother's Day to all moms. Mom, I love you and you are my best pal.



Things Are Not Too Good

April 10th 2011 8:06 am
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I wanted to update you sooner but it is hard for my mom to type this news. I went to the vet & had my kidney function tested again. It has gotten a bit worse despite our efforts. Although at least it is not too bad yet. The worst news was my heart. I have always had a heart murmur. I guess now it is not functioning as well as before. I got the standard dose of 2 baby aspirin a week. The vet said I will most likely form a blood clot one day. It will travel to my heart and I will not survive. Now everyone is so worried about me here. Actually my mom has been for some time. I am not the same cat I used to be. They thought it was because I missed Louis. It also could be from my medical problems. Or both!

I do still miss Louis. The other day my mom saw me pick out an orange & black Halloween collar from the shelf. It belonged to Louis & some of his stuff is folded up on the shelf. I sniffed the collar quite a bit. Then I licked it a little. Then I gathered it up with my front paws & pulled it to my chest. It really made my mom cry. She's not sure if I was just playing or truly was missing my Louis. I then fell asleep on the collar.

If you could please spare me a few purrs that I do well for awhile more, I would really appreciate it. I know there have been a lot of kitties going to the Bridge or being sick of late on Catster. That makes for lots of us needing purrs so those purrs are very precious! Thanks dear friends.



Another Gotcha Day

April 5th 2011 4:30 pm
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Today is my Gotcha Day. I guess my mom brought me home as a little kitten the day after her brother died in 2002. She had a call into my rescue place & they called back to say I was available. So despite being very sad about her brother, she came to get me. I know I helped cheer her up & we've been close always. Well she was a bit closer with Louis but I understood that as he was here first.

Thanks to all my friends who helped me celebrate this special day with pmails, rosettes and your friendship. We still owe thanks for many wonderful things you did for us of late. We have so many birthdays, Gotcha Days & even Bridge days this time of year. We won't ever catch up with thanks but please know we love you all for your kindness, support and being there for us.

I have more news but will save it for another day. Today I just want to think about my Gotcha Day.



Update On Me

January 14th 2011 10:54 am
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I have been doing pretty good with the physical problems like throwing up and diarrhea. The Big D did come back on Tuesday & Wednesday but I got more plain yogurt (yum!) and so have not had anymore since. I really do like the yogurt so don't mind it one bit. But the personality changes I have had since Louis crossed the Bridge are still with me. I am quiet, clingy to my mom and very low key. I think this is the new me. I had to grow up a lot after Louis left. I am head of the house now and no longer the little brother.

I miss Louis all the time. I idolized him. I have many of the same habits he did like crossing my paws when I lay down or sleeping in the beds that he liked best. I also have started carrying a red boa around and singing to it much like Louis did his forks. If I hear my mom crying then I take the boa and put it by her feet as a gift to cheer her up.

Well not much else to write about right now. Winter is here in full form and snow every day.


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