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September 12th 2011 6:04 am
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Sleeper and Samhain stared at each other, panting slightly as if they had just been for a run.
“I was back at the kitten mill, running down the corridor looking for Father,” Sleeper said hoarsely. (SEE SAMHAIN’S PAGE, DIARY ENTRIES: COMING OF AGE – PARTS I-VI)
“That awful place!” Samhain shuddered.
“I was almost there. I knew he was waiting, but I couldn’t see him…”
“Well, I saw him!” Samhain exclaimed.
“I was dreaming I was on the back of a giant animal racing through a jungle,” she said.
“I was terrified, but it was…exhilarating! Suddenly we burst out into something like a courtyard. It was the most amazing place! There was a huge temple that, well…it was full of light! And when I looked up, Shri* Sidd – I mean, Siddhartha – was walking towards me,” Samhain ended with a blush. She felt a little breathless.
“Did he say anything to you?” Sleeper asked seriously.
“No!” Samhain wailed unhappily. “I woke up too soon.”
“What else do you remember?” her sister pressed.
“Uh, it was evening…or dusk, I guess. I remember I felt there was something really urgent that I needed to do, but…I don’t know…what…” her voice trailed off as she concentrated on the image in her mind.
“Wait! The animal – it was huge! It had these big flappy ears, and it reminded me of something…” Her eyes got very wide, and she jumped up.
“I know! I know what it was!” From under their bedding she pulled the medallion of the elephant-headed Ganesha* that Captain Dread Zaxery Drake had brought her after hearing of the girls’ encounter with Siddhartha. It was meant to be a symbol she could wear to remind her of Siddhartha’s gift, a rare talisman of great beauty and wealth, and possibly…of power?
Samhain had buried the talisman to keep it safe.
“I’ve got to see…” she muttered vaguely, and tumbled out the catdoor into the cattery. She crouched in the corner against the wall and started digging. There was a sudden blast of light and Samhain recoiled, throwing her paw up in front of her face.
Lying face up in the hole, was the jade statuette, glowing with a green light, it’s jeweled crown sparkling in the morning light, untouched by the dirt which had covered it but moments before.

To be Continued…

shri (shree) - an honorific denoting respect; used in front of a name.

Ganesha (Guh-nay'-shuh) - literally "Lord of the Multitudes" ("gana" referring to Shiva's multitude of attendants); the elephant-headed God of knowledge, wisdom, compassion, the remover of obstacles, the lord of the dance. He is traditionally worshiped first in all pujas, to remove obstacles to devotion. It is also said on a spiritual level that "ga" means knowledge and "na" means salvation - thus Ganesha is also the Lord of Knowledge and Salvation.



September 11th 2011 8:14 am
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SNOOZE ALERT!!! We're back again with a new story.........

Sleeper was dreaming. In the dream she was hurrying down a darkened hallway, doors to the left and right of her, looking for something, but she couldn’t remember what it was.

All was silent and still; yet there was a feeling of urgency and impending danger pressing in on her. “Where…?” she thought anxiously. As often happens in dreams, the faster she tried to run forward, the slower she seemed to move; the hallway lengthening and receding into the distance. Despair and fear grew in her and she whimpered in her sleep; her paws moving in synchrony with her fevered dream search.

Then, there was a sense of light and a fragrant breeze brushed her fur. Sleeper looked up and saw a door opening slowly, and a voice which was no voice echoed in her mind: “HERE…” Sleeper’s heart leaped with joy; now she knew where she was and what she sought…

Samhain was having a nightmare. She was clinging desperately to the back of a great beast which was charging through dense jungle. She didn’t know how long they had been crashing through the undergrowth, but she felt her strength waning; she wasn’t sure how much longer she could hold on.

Suddenly the animal reared up, letting loose with an ear-splitting trumpeting call as they burst through the bush into a clearing. A temple stood close by, shining in the sun with opalescent colors. And walking towards her was someone she knew very well.

“Siddhartha!” and “Father!” Samhain and Sleeper cried simultaneously as they both woke, wild-eyed…

To be Continued…



July 29th 2011 5:20 am
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New game by AKA Pharaoh Princess! My friend
Moma Ivey asked me to play. So, here's my family:

1. the Mama –hardly remember my real mother since I was only with her about a week, so the Mama REALLY is my mama. She works with the Papa selling books for a living. She was really torn about bringing me into the house when she found me. Ha! To say she ‘found me’ makes it sound like she took an active part in searching for me, when the truth is she didn’t have to do a thing – I did it all by laying underneath her kitchen window where my other mother left me, and crying at the decibel level of a landing jet! Kinda hard to ignore! Of course, now she can’t imagine life without me and Samhain – MOL!

2. the Papa – even more my real Papa since I certainly never met the other one. He loves us SO much (we DO know, Blizzard, that Cat-Daddies can be just as loving as Cat-Mamas!). He likes to cradle me like a little baby and kiss my head, and I LOVE it! The Mama has never posted it on my page, but I do have nicknames the Papa and Mama gave me: The Big Sleep – like the Raymond Chandler book, or sometimes the Little Sleep, and when I started to put on some weight: The Not-So-Little Sleep – MOL!

3. Samhain (it’s pronounced Sow – in, like a mother pig and the word ‘in’) is my real sister, separated from me when we were a week old. Our mother took her but left me. A month later Mother brought Samhain back to the same spot, injured and sick. Did she do it because she hoped we’d take my sister in, too? We don’t know. This was even harder for the Mama than when they brought me in. She had bonded so strongly with me, and was afraid to expose me to any sickness. The pawrents kept Samhain segregated for six whole days while on two kinds of antibiotics. It all worked out so much better having Samhain here to be my playmate. Kittens do like to play! Oh, and she has nicknames, too: the Papa calls her Black-as-no-Light, and the Mama came up with the name ‘The Samhain-ator’!

4. Maya – the sisfur we never knew. The pawrents weren’t expecting her either, but she was just as insistent as I was! Back then the pawrents had never had any indoor cats, and Maya had been living as a feral since birth as far as they knew. Since they were traveling more back then doing volunteer work downstate, they put in cat doors for Maya, and let her be an indoor/outdoor cat. She had a happy but short life; life in the country can have as many dangers as life in the city. She is missed, but the Mama made her a page when she put us on Catster, so now she is remembered by many.

Everyfur is welcome to play so please tell us about your family, you gotta love em.
Now I am tagging:

the Tabbies , specifically Miz Daisy



July 21st 2011 11:00 am
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The Papa started telling us the day before that the Mama would be coming home; he thinks we understood what he was saying...well, of course we did!

We were very good kitties, BTW, while the Mama was gone visiting relatives down south. Even Samhain behaved herself...most of the time! The Mama was more concerned about Samhain because she is so attached to her. Like I'm NOT?! But we didn't go on any hunger strikes, or start pooping in the closet (as far as she knows...), and we DID continue to poop regularly, which we all know is very important. Why else would it be such a common topic of conversation here on Catster? - MOL!!!

The day the Mama returned, the Papa said goodbye to us at the cattery gate, promising us he'd be bringing her back with him. And he did, though it was sometime after midnight.

She was very tired, but not too tired to dig in her suitcase and pull out the two big catnip bunny-kickers she'd brought back to us from Texas! YE-HAHHHH!!!

She was so tired that she didn't even notice when we crept onto the bed and snuggled next to her. The Papa told her the next morning when she was remarking that we must have outgrown the need to sleep with her. Hee hee! Now everything is back to normal the way it should be.



June 25th 2011 11:55 am
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Some sweet fur sent Samhain and me anonymous hugs - thank you! Big hugs back at ya!

We are doing well. Samhain wrote how the pawrents filled in our sandpit. The nerve!!! Just 'cause we'd started using it as a litterbox, the Mama said it stunk! It did NOT, or not much...yet. And I don't know how she could tell anyway with that puny little excuse for a nose!

Our other news is that both our real cat mama and Samhain's "maybe-father" have been eating our leftovers plus the dry food the Papa bought for them since they seemed to be hanging around alot. Samhain's Papa (we called him Shadow in our make-believe story) especially comes to visit us when we're out in the pen. The now-Papa came in the other morning to tell the Mama how he'd seen a curious thing by the pen. Shadow was walking the outside perimeter of the pen, and we were following him, the two of us shoulder to shoulder, all around the inside of the fence. He said it was as smooth as if it was choreographed! And, no, there are no plans to expand our household. The pawrents aren't ready to take on anymore than us at this time. I think Samhain was relieved; she always seems more nervous than me about them being out there.



June 12th 2011 5:42 am
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I just thought I would vent for a moment here. It's COLD!!! What's THAT about?! I thought we were going to have some warm weather now. The Mama PROMISED me!!! I know I have a fur coat and all, but it's no fun playing out in the cattery when it's wet and chilly, and the Mama and Papa said, "We are NOT building a fire - it's the middle of June! If it doesn't warm up soon, the Mama said they may have to, though.

In the meantime, I'm back to sleeping on my fur bed, and Samhain, when she isn't sleeping beside the Mama or ON the Mama, is hidden in her kitchen kitty fort which had been dismantled, but got built up again when this yucky cold set in.

I'm done now.



June 4th 2011 5:02 am
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The Mama dug us a sandpit day before yesterday - it's not too big - just a little bigger than a litter box and a little deeper, but she thought maybe we'd enjoy it. She wasn't sure if we'd use it as a litter box or what, but it felt right to add it. I LOVE IT! The first thing I did was dig, dig, dig and throw sand way-y-y up in the air! It was great! So, no outside litter box for us - this is a play sandbox! Well, without the 'box' part. She's still got a bag and a half of play sand, so when the top part gets scattered or too dirty, she can just add some more to it.
Also, the wheat grass and other things she planted are growing! She wasn't sure how well that was gonna work either, but the grass seems to be taking hold. There will probably always be bare spots in places, but it looks like we will at least have some cool hidey holes in the areas where it's starting to get taller. Now when she walks by the pen, I crouch down in the grass and pretend I'm a wild tiger, waiting to spring. Sometimes she crouches down, too, and pretends to stalk me! MOL! She's gonna post some pics of the cattery as it looks now.



May 13th 2011 7:04 am
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After months of cold or rainy weather, we had a lovely day of mostly sun and 70's weather. It was WONDERFUL!!! Samhain and I both spent most of our time out in the new pen. When the Mama and Papa got home from work we were lazing around in the last of the sun. I rolled over and did my most alluring pose inviting a belly rub. We met the folks inside for a brief moment, but I wasn't interested in eating my dinner again - I wanted to go back outside! Mama worried (big surprise- MOL!) about my not eating anything but snatches of dry food, but Samhain made her feel better by trying to down a few bites of Fancy Feast. Mama insisted on weighing us later, just to keep track of our progress, she said. I'm an ounce or so down from my 10 lbs, but Samhain is right at 9 lbs. Truth is that I could stand to lose a little bit of the fat I'd put on since before they put the pen in, I was sleeping most of the day away - except when I was eating!

Come night time we were still outside, but later in the early morning hours I woke the Mama wanting to come snuggle beside her to warm up. As soon as she moved, though, I was outta there!
I think Samhain came in once to snuggle, too, but she's a lot more stealthy about it. The Mama said she felt a warm furry body beside her that seemed a little less wiggly, so she assumed it wasn't me! MOL



April 25th 2011 6:33 pm
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WOW!!!!! We went outside today! It was AMAZING…We went all the way to the driveway. Well, OK – Samhain did; I only went a little ways from the door, ‘cause it was REALLY SCARY OUT THERE.

The way it happened was this. Mama had ordered us two harnesses and leashes from Puppia Company. They kinda look like the one Toki wears in his pictures, but a little skinnier. I’ll have to get Mama to take pictures the next time we go out. Anyways, she had been getting us used to them by letting us smell them and rubbing them on us, and sometimes slipping them over our heads. Then yesterday, she put them on and buckled them. We didn’t like it much, but we didn’t freak out either.

So today, she looked out the window and saw the sun was shining finally, and suddenly thought “Why not?” She got Samhain’s harness first and put it on her and took her out the door. I was wondering “What the hey?!” In a little bit she was back, having handed Samhain off to the Papa as I found out, and she buckled me into my harness.

There are two doors to go through to get outside; the kitchen door that leads into the entryway, and then the front door. Mama took me to the front door and opened it and waited for me to decide to go out. I wasn’t sure I wanted to at first, but then I slinked out.

There was green grass EVERYWHERE, and the wind was blowing, and there were birds! Samhain and the Papa were a little ways away; Papa sitting in a lawn chair and Samhain under it. She looked very pretty in her red harness; I wondered how my pink one looked?

Mama kept trying to get me to go closer to them, but I wouldn’t. She picked me up a couple of times, but I tensed up and wiggled a little frantically in her arms, so she put me back down. I decided I’d had enough, so I was headed back to the door when the Papa said, calmly enough, “She’s loose.” A backward glance told me he meant Samhain.

The rest of this story I had to get from Samhain, ‘cause I didn’t see it. Mama hustled me back into the house and took my leash and harness off, then was back out the door. Samhain had maneuvered herself under the car enough to where the Papa was having trouble grabbing her to pull her back out. Then she back-peddled herself right out of that harness! Mama said she had been warned about that possibility.

It wasn’t a wild chase, but Samhain said she just wanted to walk around a bit without that stupid harness on, and so she did!!! She kept dodging the Mama and the Papa as they tried to corner her. Neither of them were too concerned yet, as she didn’t seem to want to run far, and she didn’t try to go up any of the trees. Within a few minutes, she’d worked her way over to the door, and Mama said “OK, now go on in,” and Samhain let her give her some little nudges through the door. She tells me now that maybe she gave in too soon; maybe next time she’ll give them a little more of a run for their money! Mama says: not if SHE can help it!

I just know that I think I’d like to try it AGAIN.



April 14th 2011 8:34 am
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This morning I was really on my best behavior. The Papa had trimmed Samhain’s claws a few days ago, but had put off doing mine, because I’m usually such a pain in the a…uh, that is, I usually am a little less cooperative! :)
This morning, though, I was the uber-good, super-dooper good, you-deserve-mega-treats-good kitty! Before I’d even meowed once, he was finished with my front paws. And with only a few meows and squirms, he had the bad paws done, too!!! The Mama was so shocked, she said: “What – is she drugged or something?!” MOL. She was just kidding, though, ‘cause she knows that ‘nip has very little effect on me, and besides, I hadn’t had any this morning.
So, see? I AM the good kitty!

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