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Musings from the Granny kit-tahj!

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Being carted back to the Vet today....

April 18th 2012 8:23 am
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I am being taken there today by Daddy.
I do not wish to go.
Mommy told Daddy that I have to be seen.
I've had trouble with constipation and Mommy is concerned that it might be 'something more'.
Mommy is worried that I have been very vocal and needy lately and she is worried because my belly seems 'hard' to her.

Please purr that I am constipated but naught else.

Just what I need, hey?

Natalie the Natcat


Spring is here and I'm enjoying it

April 10th 2012 9:12 am
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Hello Kit-tahs,
It's a lovely Spring, isn't it? It is when you are me. I got that Bella out of my room. Sadly, occasionally, that rude young black and white clown kitten comes in here and so does that large Orange Ruffy. Ruffy is insulting. He uses My box, then sometimes joins me on the bed. Who asked him? Not I! But he comes in here anyyway. So does the CK! He can be very annoying.
Mommy has taken to putting a screen in the window when it's warm. She says its to give me some fresh air. Daddy's been home, so I get to boss him around and I so enjoy that. Especially at 4am. Of course, sometimes Mom gets up too.
I'm doing well. I'm due for a nail trim and a vet exam-not looking forward to that, but thats when Daddy is back to work.
Well, all, I'm enjoying an early afternoon snooze. Back to napping.

love all,
Natalie the Natcat, Tiny Face, Tiny Paws, Wallaby legs


Whats wrong with me? Bella is in here, thats what!

April 3rd 2012 10:06 am
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Hello Kit-tahs.
How is everyone? I hope that everyone is keeping their people in line. They sometimes decide that they 'own' us, not the other way around. Sometimes one must explain the facts of life to their people.
Lately there has been Bella in MY ROOM. She is in a cage, but she watches me. The other day....she....she.....she....JUMPED ON MY BED!
I hissed. She hissed. She hisses funny. She looks like a white and grey long haired possum when she hisses.
I hissed. I growled. I laid back my ears. I said 'WAAAAHHHHH'.
Daddy said 'Be quiet, Cranky Puss'. I read his lips. I know.
I got up and went and used the box. I then sat in the corner, looking sad, ruffled and dejected. I said 'Mew?' in my tinycat whisper.
Mommy said 'Oh, Honey, Pick her up! She's upset!'
She did not do so. She was petting the Chewbacca like anorexic grey and white cat.
I'm hoping that Bella will soon be restored to the living room. I'm tired of having room mates.
I have to wake Daddy early to remind him that I'M THE BOSS!
Do they ever learn?

love and pleasant Spring to all,
Natalie the Natcat


Angels In Pink

March 23rd 2012 6:59 am
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Angels in Pink

We come from different places,
We mostly wear fur
Our eyes are different colors
We like to purr
We are your sisters your daughters yourselves
Filled with quiet courage in the midst of hell
For we got the diagnosis, it's scary its true
It could be your best friend, someone close to you

And we're Angels in Pink,
In all different shades
Ah the sister hood of miracles made!
Some of us live here, we're everywhere you know
Some of us already have crossed the rainbow

And we're Angels in Pink
I trot to your side
I'm never giving up, and I'll never hide
That I wear pink proudly
To honor us all
For we're Angels in Pink
Here to answer a call

We are so many, and we're lovely too
Angels in Pink who never get blue
We roll on our backs and we love to play
Angels in Pink chasing butterflies today!

My Guardian Angel, Inspiration Queen T
Little Tallulah who was all she could be,
And she stands before us, leading us still
An Angel we love, and always will
We play chasing butterflies,
back and forth T can roam
She lives at the Bridge, but still goes home
To talk with her Momcat and inspire her too
You see Angels in Pink can do that to you!

And We're Angels in Pink
We've many names, some without people
And some of us with fame
But we're saving each other, standing side by side
For we're all feline sisters, with our Angel Guides

So I call to you all, cat and human alike
For the resarch done for us could save a life
We need the same medicine, and knowlege is blessed
And we're Angels in Pink who'll stand up to the test

Now all you kitties, and you boycats too,
We, your cat family are asking of you
To stand shoulder to shoulder
With us Angels in Pink,
Gathering round us and forming a link
to join with us in love, wear pink just to show
Support for Angels in Pink and their Magickal Glow!

Dedicated to Queen Tallulah and my Sisfur Bella, and
all of the kitties Wearing Pink Proudly for the Cause!


Dear Natalie the Natcat Entries...or, being an Elderwise- Wise Cat

March 12th 2012 9:45 am
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Hello Kit-tahs,
I've had a delightful breakfast. That big orange lug Ruffy just slunk outo f the room. I gave him a hiss and a growl and sent him back out front, and just as well, for I am at my correspondance this morning, Kit-tahs!

I recieved this from a Kit-tah....

Dear Natalie,

I'm a young girl cat who has a very big crush on a very handsome and very popular cat here at Catster! The only this is this....I'm under a year old and my Momcat doesn't think I should be romatically involved with an older boy cat! What shall I do? Oh, and he has a girlcat friend! How should I handle that?

Young, sweet, and in love with a 15 year old!

Dear Young and Sweet,

Humph. You're under a year old and seem to have some pretty high ambitions! Said Cat has a 'girlcatfriend' and there is a reason human furs without fur girls are called 'catty'. I would step gingerly little one, in terms of messing with another gals guycat! Now if she doesn't mind sharing, that's one thing! But if it's simply a crush that is the sorta kitten love thing that all young kits feel, and you simply want to write an annoymous little love letter or send him some pressies- then enjoy my dear! Spring is in the air, after all!

Dear Natalie the Natcat,

I'm a Guycat who is has never been popular with girlcats and I don't know why. I have very popular Fursibs who get all the attention. I don't know why? I mean, I cant' see it myself. But what can I do to be more popular?

Dear Smokieboo,

If you were't rude to your Elderwise Elders you might find out-popular is as popular does!


Dear Natalie the Natcat,

I don't know what to do and it worries me! My human people are debating about neutering me. I am not a purebred cat and I have heard that we cats behave like Mr. Spock when he got all weirded out in that Episode of Star Trek when he wanted to Mate when we don't get neutered! I don't want to feel out of control to my instincts! Help!

A feline Trekie Quickly Approaching My First Heat!

Dear Quickly's Human,

Neutering will save you a great deal of stress and give your sweet kitty a much healthier future. The sad truth is that cats that aren't neutered are more prone to phyisical and behavior problems. I, myself, developed breast cancer because a former owner did not spay me-I was spayed by my rescuer and at the time I was at least 10 years old. Please understand that neutering is a simple surgery that has benefits for you and your feline companion. Just Do It.


Dear Natalie the Natcat,

I don't know what I did last human family left me and I got sent to a Shelter. A lady came and took me to her house and there is another cat here. The other cat seems to want to be friends, but I'm afraid. ....what if he hurts me? And how can I let this person near me? How do I know if I can trust them?

Confused With It All,

Dear Confused,

Sweet Fur, you did nothing wrong. Sometimes humans just have problems that have nothing to do with being a wonderful cat! I know you're afraid and everything in your new home is so new and scary to you! Please don't be afraid-just give your new home time! I'm sure the Cat is looking forward to meeting you and getting to know you and what fun you will have! This new person is somoene who wants to know you and help, because they took you advice, remember to take a deep breath...and take a chance on love and trust again. It will come with time.

A Fur who Did,
Natalie the Natcat

Well, send me your Dear Natalie letters...and I will do my best to answer them....

Natalie the Natcat, Tiny Face, Tiny Paws, Wallaby legs


Saying Hail and Farewell to a Friend...Sissy, we will- remember you always.

March 2nd 2012 10:46 am
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Dear Kit-tahs,
If you're a Member of 'Olde Furts' you should know our beloved and extremely beautiful Sissy leapt over the Rainbow to the Bridge today.

Sissy's Page:

Sissy wrote a column I read daily with breakfast. It kept me up on the happenings around. Sissy preferred life as an only cat, but also had a multi cat household.

Sissy leaves with us a legancy....she's lovely, graciouss, smart, and can show all you youngsters a thing or two about deportment.

She was.....she IS...and elderwise kitty in the best sense of the word.


somewhere back in the sands of time a girl reaches out a finger, and strokes the softest tortie fur....

'but she's not a kitten, want a kitten."

and the girl, looking back over her shoulder, locks eyes with the feline, who reaches out with her paw...and with magick, the connection is made....

the next day, the little tortie, wrapped in a blanket and love is held warmly in the girls arms....

and the future...

somehwere, a little cat waits, her paws stretching out to touch that person that will be her soul friend, her destiny....

we love you Sissy. Thank you for Sharing all you did with so many of us, for your gift of love and Magick.

Safe journey my friend, til we too reach the Rainbow's End.

Natalie, Bella, and the 'Junior' members of the Kew Gardens Cats


Help Needed For Our Julie and family-San Luis- Obisbo-Elderwise and special kits need help as well as their- Human!

February 29th 2012 7:39 am
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We're very distressed. The BUB is crying....well....she's been in her spot on the cat tree,head between fuzzy paws.

Julie, our California person in San Luis Obisbo's situation has become very bad.

I am copying the link to Art Blakley's diary... ng_to_the_beat_of_my_own_drum/

Julie's landlord is in foreclosure. She has no where to go. She's been valiently finding places for her 10 cats, but has so far found no apartment/housing for herself and her remaining cats.

Julie is on disability and a fixed income.

We don't know California. We do know that large urban areas and areas that are big tourtist destinations don't do too well with affordable 'pet friendly' rentals.

Julie really needs a shoulder. We, in NY, are appealing to any earth angel in the Cali area to reach out to her.

Julie has taken in the neediest of the needy. Now she herself is in need.

We are asking all to please reach out to Julie if at all possible! Perhaps you live not to far away and could help? Perhaps you know real estate and can help? Perhaps you have friends/family/ or know someone that can reach out for Julie and her cats?

Her cats are sweet and wonderful...and it's breaking her heart to do this...

Would there be someone with a big heart willing to help her out?

there is a saying that mommy's heard some of her clients use 'I Met God with Skin'. It means that a person experienced someone who did a very divine, blessed thing....

We as cats do this by nature. Can we reach out...and all purr in unison...send power of the paw...and those nearby....perhaps shine your light on this little family?

Thank you,
Natalie the Natcat, Tiny Face, Tiny Paws, Wallaby legs


Taking the air...

February 26th 2012 7:31 am
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Dear Kit-tahs,
As we speak, I am atop a large box in the bedroom. The window is open, screened. I'm laying by it watching mommy type and occasionally commenting. You see, she's going to change the bed linens and then I will have to help. Mommy is 'cleaning', but I have only so far seen her do her work for us...doing our diaries.

Mommy knows her priorities around here.

Mommy said that we are very cherished cats and very lucky.

And yes, we are...

But then, she's lucky to have us!

love to all of you there,

Have a lazy, wonderful Sunday.

Natalie the Natcat, Tiny Face, Tiny Paws, Wallaby legs.


Delilah has a home! I have my room back! and some other- things...

February 19th 2012 5:20 am
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Dear All,
I wanted to let everyone know that Delilah got adopted on Friday night. Mommy spoke to a friend of Lynne and Cheryl and as of Saturday everyone was doing ok. Delilah is renamed Zoe because her original name sounded too close to their othr kitty who had passed.
We believe, and Mommy told them, that their kitty at rainbow bridge led them to Delilah. Cheryl petted me when she was here and it was obvious she is a kind cat person.

Mommy and Daddy miss Delilah. I don't. It's nice to have my space back, except, ye gads, they have let that CK sleep in here twice now. They 'feel bad' for him.

I am feeling sad for my Roo and his family. We are sending purrs and Mom bought a special candle. Mommy is having a hard time processing it....she keeps saying 'you don't go in for knee replacement and go to the bridge.'

I am comforting Mommy. I know that Roo loved his mom very much. I know he'll watch our for his dad and his sister, and she will keep her eye on everyone from the Bridge.

I don't say things as Ruffy does...but we're resilliant as cats. We miss and grieve, yes...but life goes on, and is full of love and light from heaven, love from your people still with you on this plane, your other cat family, and above all, cheetoes!

We love you Roo, Scout, Ruby Jane, Xena...we are here if you need us.

We would also like to mention that Tiny Dancer's Mom is in a desperate situation. Plase read Art Blakley's diary to see what we mean. She's being evicted through no fault of her own, and needs a new home for herself and her cats, and a home for some very sweet and special needs cats.

I am wondering...would us here taking up a collection help? We don't have much, but Mommy said 'there but for the grace of God...' and we will do whatever we can. If anyone is up for this, we're in.

Natalie the Natcat


Time to Say Goodbye.....our Foster may have a home.

February 16th 2012 8:51 am
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Mommy's going to see their home today.
They are friends of her catsitter's friend.
their last cat lived to be 21. they have an apartment in the city, and a house in Vermont.
The Foster will be an indoor only cat.

Mommy is sad, but believes this is best.
I will have my room back. But eek...she's talking of fostering again!

Does it never end?

Mommy is worried about CK. Well, he can play in the front room, and leave my room to me again.

I may miss Delilah.

Just kidding!

Natalie the Natcat Tiny Face, Tiny Paws, Wallaby legs

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